A Road to Nowhere

A Road to Nowhere ( episode 18)

© Oby Chinyere
Oscar checked his new apartment, there was the master bedroom and then the normal room just in case he has a visitor,
he has wanted something smaller but decided to go for this, just to have enough space, and breath in fine, the house is facing the city mall which was more reason why he took it, he can open his window and see lots of activities around, it was bigger than the previous, the city looks cool unlike where he came from, life looks okay around here, everyone went about their business, he knows with this he will be able to move on fast,
is being almost two years Melinda got married and he has double mind relocating at first, he was indecisive in the beginning but finally made up his mind, the more he stayed the more everything around him reminds him of his defeat, he still say hello to Melinda over the phone and always extends his greeting to her husband, she gave birth to a baby girl three months ago, before he leaves, he has gone to a baby shop and decided to get things For the baby, the shop attendant has first congratulated him, thinking he was the father the child he came to buy things for, at first he wanted to accept the compliments and claim the blessing but all he said was
” is for a friend, I’m not married yet” I want beautiful things for a baby girl, I can’t pick by myself, don’t even know how to shop for baby things… Since I’m yet to have mine, just pick different things and I will select,
“Yes sir, we will give you beautiful things and don’t worry your own child is on the way,
Oscar smiled in reply to the cheerfully sales girl, he doesn’t even have a woman yet how will his own be on the way, he was still trying to recover from his lost and he is getting use to being alone, the thinking was not much like before but he knows he was always reminded of everything he has lost pain and was mostly lonely, everyday after work, he make food which he hærdly eat much and he recline to his television, watching comedies and meme, he also watch movies but try as much as possible to avoid a rom-ntic movies which will only take him on a sad memory lane that he dreaded most
After getting the things from the shop, he has drove down to Melinda and the doctor’s big house and gave them the gifts, she was very grateful and even allowed him to hold the cute baby for sometime, her husband who love his wife so well was also happy for the gifts, they have begged him to stay for dinner but he he said no with the excuse of having something to attend to, Doctor Philip and his Wife walked him down to his car and ask him to come around sometime, Melinda has said
“Oscar, life is a process, I know you will be fine, the woman for you is just by the corner I know destiny will make your path to cross with her, come around any time you feel bored, Phil likes soccer he will be glad to teach you some of the games..
” yea, Oscar please try and come around or call me I Will come and get you if you are free, will like to have a partner I can always play video games with, Melinda is not into that is sometime boring playing all by myself…
“Alright, i Will come around during the weekend…thanks.
Oscar has gone only once on a weekend and saw the way the couples play, Phil even pause from the game to change the baby’s nappy, he watched how he did it while Melinda made food in the kitchen, he danced and joke with his wife, their love was strong, Oscar was trying to concentrate on the soccer game but he started wishing For a family of his own,
where he can assist his wife like Phil does, and make her laugh so hærd, hold her like she was all that matters and make her want to fall in love all over again, have a child of his own who he can call his, he will like to dress up for, change nappy like Phil does for his daughter and crack funny jokes with, he wished for so many things as he watched Phil and Melinda bundle up in love,
After that day he became very serious on relocating and when he finally did he was happy, as he planned starting life all over again and be happy with himself, he knows he was not a failure, life just happened in the way it did, he has left all that saddened and reminds him of heart breaks, and how unlucky he was in finding real love, he wants a happy family like Doctor Philip and Melinda and he knows he will have it, no matter how Long it takes, he will get there,
He has cleaned up the wh0le house and decorated it with beautiful arts work he bought from the mall across the road, he wants his house to smell of life, he wants everything around him to be lively, he picked Sharp colors and use a wh0le weekend to paint both in,side and out, after the wh0le work he was proud of himself, everything was indeed lively and lovely just as he wanted it, he went to the mall and got food stuff and juice, he stuck up his fridge, his kitchen was looking like he was a family man, a man with wife and children, he laugh out loud as he thought of it, for the first time he laugh all by himself without watching a comedy. He was already feeling good with himself as he look around his house,
In no time he was able to secure a good job far better off than his previous, life was beginning to really smell and look good,
He got few friends who wants to become close but he kept everyone at a distance, he also started having female admirers which seem normal, he sees the opposite s€× starring at him sometimes, his female colleagues act nice around him,
some look at his ring finger to ascertain if he was single or married, but none has the courage to walk up to him and ask if he was married or not, he wasn’t attracted to any of them,
one of them, called Sandra was persistent, she kept coming around, showing care, she will come and ask
“Oscar, I’m going out, do you care for anything..
” no, thanks I’m fine.
Or she will ask
“Hi Oscar, is time for lunch break, c’mon let’s go for lunch…
” thanks, i had mine already,
“What did you take for lunch..
” I had snacks with soft drink..
“Aaah yummy, you didn’t even invite me, that’s not fair
“Uuuh, I’m sorry, will do that next time…
” okay, instead of lunch why don’t we hook up this weekend, I can come over to your place, and we do lunch together or I bring over For you…that’s if you don’t mind…
“Uhmmm, is not a bad idea but I Will be busy during the weekend…maybe another time..
” you don’t really like people visiting you at your place I guess, I have being wanting to ask…are you married, like all this fine married men that don’t wear rings, on a serious note are you married Oscar…
Oscar tried to dodge the question, if he says he wasn’t married she Will want to do anything to come over, and he doesn’t want to lie and say he was married so he has to say
“Not yet, but very soon, hopefully…
” which means you have a woman already, anyway, hope you will invite me when the time comes, I still don’t mind coming over, I guess you live very close to the mall, so I Will be going to the mall this coming Saturday and then stop by to say hello, there’s no harm in your friend or better still colleague coming to check up on you…
“Alright Sandra, you can stop by and say hello..
” yeah, I’m happy now, expect me this weekend…
Oscar gave a sigh of relief as Sandra who was tall and beautiful, cat walk away from his office
Early morning on Saturday Oscar heard the door Bell and it was Sandra
“I know I’m way too early, I wanted to visit first before going to the mall, wow, your house is so lovely, Oscar you have a taste for good things, just like me, this is really lovely, you live here all alone, in this fine spacious house, mennnnhhh…I envy your taste if style… So beautiful
” thank you, what can I offer you Sandra..
“Breakfast, I can make for two of us if you don’t mind…
” oookay, go right ahead, the kitchen is by your left, everything you need is in there, just make for yourself, i don’t want to eat breakfast now, still too early for me..
Sandra kept shouting wow as she entered Oscar’s kitchen, she was perplexed by it’s surrounding, everything was clean and well kept,
Oscar got refreshed and came out looking cool in his Jean short and a Polo, Sandra couldn’t take her eyes off as she moved closer to him with her toast bread, scrambled egg and pineapple juice which was in a tray, Oscar stood and went to his fridge, he took apple from the fridge and return back to his chair, he put on a comedy show while still trying to distance himself from Sandra who was acting like she wanted to enter his body,
they started watching the show and kept laughing, Oscar later stand up and went to the kitchen to make something to eat,
despite Sandra insisted on doing it, he told her to sit and watch the television show but she followed him to the kitchen,
it was already mid day, he Will make lunch instead,
As he got into the kitchen, Sandra messed up the wh0le kitchen when she was making breakfast for herself, Oscar has to Wash the plates and cups she used in eating and clean up the wh0le place while she stood and watch, gisting him about one of the comedy shows she once watched, Oscar was happy to have a company, he was almost getting use to being by himself, Oscar made a delicious lunch for him and Sandra, and she kept praising his cooking,
evening was coming and Sandra refused to go still feeling at home,
she moved very close to Oscar and placed her manicured soft hand on his lap, she rom-nced his legs Oscar gently removed her hand,
Sandra was tall and beautiful, she can pass for a model and with the wh0le sign she was giving Oscar, some men would have taking advantage of that and have s€× with her, just as Sandra wanted but not Oscar, he was discipline and does not jump on every woman Who comes around him, as Ryan was once doing before he was dealt with,
Sandra bent over and k-ss Oscar’s neck and ear, he touched his chest and squeezed his n-pples, Oscar shudder, his body was beginning to respond to the wh0le touch, he sat up and breathed hærd, he has not being with a woman for almost two years, since Melinda left him, it was a good opportunity for him, he was human too and has hot blood flowing in his vein, he was tempted but he resisted, he tried not to fall,
instead he took Sandra’s hand into his and faced her, he has to make her understand that he is not like every guy out there that may want to jump at this offer, he has to correct her in love so that she won’t feel humiliated
“You are so beautiful Sandra, and you are every man’s dream, we could go down together, have some dirty fun, make out in bed and nobody will question us because we are both adults, but I don’t want to lead you along to a road that leads to nowhere, I respect you and I respect your body and I also respect myself and know that this… If we start this… it will lead us to nowhere and one of us may get hurt in the process, let’s not just live like nothing matters, care free live, no, everything and everyone matters in life and I don’t want to take anything or anyone for granted, hold yourself together if we are meant to be time will tell, we have to first of all understand ourselves and allow love to settle between us and not rush things because the opportunity calls, no Sandra, this isn’t right, I’m too old with life experience to allow any woman to be hurt because of me, I know what it feels like to be hurt, if I want to have fun I Will go to a basket ball cot or go and play snooker, your body is too precious to be used for fun sweetheart, don’t allow any man to play with it, you are too beautiful and smart to settle for less…we can’t do this Sandra because is not okay…hope you understand….
” hmmm, yeah, I do, I was almost thinking you are g-y, you are a good man Oscar, you are the first man that have ever said no to me, and you said it in a beautiful way, holding my hands and trying to talk some sense into me instead of being harsh, I’m sorry for… Trying to make you break your principles, you were just too hærd for me to resist, looking at you alone is tempting, your woman will be so lucky to have you, she is a lucky woman, I wish I’m the one anyway…
Sandra laughed and Oscar joined in, and after sometime she stood and said she was going, it was night already, Oscar decided to go and drop her close to her side before driving back home, this was one of the hærdest temptation he has to overcome.
They act cool in the office, since Sandra knows the kind of man Oscar is she warns others who seem interested off, they some time have lunch together and laugh over some funny things, they kept there friendsh¡p cordial.
Sandra later started dating somebody and she told Oscar about it and he was very happy for her, she introduce her man friend to Oscar and they all became friends,
Oscar drove down to the mall one day, after picking everything he came for, just after paying for his stuffs and walking back to his car, he almost bump into someone, a Lady, things fell off her hand and Oscar bent over and picked them up,
A young woman with her little boy, he quickly apologized and when he looked at her he was puzzled, the Lady who seemed to be in shock to see him too, was holding a little boy of about two years plus who looks so much like him,
and it was Sarah,
Sarah was the person Oscar ran into at the mall, she has a boy who was like his carbon copy when he was little.
They both stood in shock staring at each other.
Could it be what he was thinking, a lot of things was going through his mind as he kept on staring at Sarah and the two to three years cute little boy in her arm.
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