A Road to Nowhere

A Road to Nowhere (episode 20 – The End)

© Oby Chinyere
Clara checked the first customer’s hair and nodded to the girl beside her, she greeted another one seated and they exchange pleasantry, a hair stylist was working on another customer’s hair and the lady was complaining about something
“Please what is the problem…
The customer spoke first.
“I asked for a centre parting and she is giving me side part… this parting is not on the centre…I kept correcting her but she’s doing same mistake…
“is alright, calm down ma, I will do the hair for you instead, I will give you exactly what you want…I’m sorry for the mistake, she’s just an apprentice, and she is a fast learner too, she probably didn’t understand you well, I apologise again ma…
Clara collected the comb from the hair stylist and ask her to go and do something else, as she left, Clara did exactly what the customer wanted and the lady was satisfied.
Clara finished the hair in no time and the customer was happy, Clara was glad that she was able to handle different situation that arises in her salon, she owns the Clara’s beauty salon, which she opened a year ago, and because she was a good stylist that learnt from a capable hand she was able to open her own in no time, she has being getting different customers, and was glad that they always leave satisfied which is her joy,
Ever since after the incident with Ryan and Becca, she decided to get herself useful, she learnt that she can have more peace and rest of mind if she make her own money in a legal way, after Becca gave her the bundle of cash, which was enough to get things done, she has sat down and planned on what to do, so that she will not end up as a beggar in the street, since she has little experience on hair making she decided to go and learn more so that she can become professional at it and she eventually did and the result has being great as she has stylist learning and working for her now, her salon is gradually growing and she felt fulfilled with her self,
What she did to Becca, stabbing her behind was her biggest mistake which she still regret, and she still have a scar on her forehead that serves as a reminder, more reason she want to work hærd and become her own boss, so that she won’t feel jealous with other people’s things but satisfied with what she got.
She hurt Ryan and also Becca and got dealt with, she wish someday they will find it in their heart to forgive her, she was just foolish and wanted more, she was jealous of Becca and wanted what she has and it didn’t end well with her, but now she is wise and she is trying to be better than she was before.


Ryan walked round the house, everything was in place, he checked the kitchen again, and it looks okay, he has made Becca’s favorite dish as usual and he knows she enjoys his cooking alot, he brought out the tiny box that contains the ring, and held his breath, he knew it was time, time to change status, time to be serious, time to start something beautiful with the woman he loves, Becca , he knows what he was getting into, Becca is not the kind of girl he can toil with, she can love with her wh0le heart, she can be an angel in a minute and can turn to be devil himself if she is taking for granted or crossed, he knows Becca was a very strong Lady and can change to a warrior, he knows better not to cross her, and Becca is very understanding too, and respectful now more she was before, he knows she was the one, he need a strong woman by his side and he prayed that Becca will agree to his request.
Ryan set the dining up, he decorated the table with different things, and walk back to the room, he walked round, looking for nothing in particular, he was just tense and was praying silently that his plan will become reality, he looked at the cabinet where he use to hide Becca’s things whenever Sarah comes around, and the second one was where he put Sarah’s things when Becca comes, the both cabinet was just open, staring back at him, he frowned, remembering the kind of life he use to live, a life that would have sent him to the grave, a life that would have bring poverty, a life of disgrace and shame, now he is a better man, he has regrets, a wh0le lot of regrets, which if he has known better he would have done things differently, but he has being giving another chance to be better, to make amend, he may not be able to have his friend, Oscar back, but he felt more at peace living a life Oscar would have been proud of if he was here, Sarah was his way of escape and she has loved him despite it all, he took her and everyone for granted, he knows she has moved on and was living her life, he wish she will find it in her heart someday to forgive him for everything he did, he was selfish, he was greedy by wanting three women at same time, and they almost send him to his early grave, he thank God he was still breathing, now is the time to make it right, and he was going to keep living a life of nobility, a life he will look back and be proud of.
There was a knock on the door and he rushed to the door and it was Becca,


Becca, has come to love the new Ryan, they have kicked up as friends after the incident, he calls to check up on her always as they begin their friendsh¡p, they hang out and talk about everything, after which he will go and drop her at her place before driving back to his place, she visit’s him now without informing him first before coming unlike before he will always warn her to tell him first, she feel more at peace with the new Ryan, and this time his love seem genuine, she has planned never to have anything to do with him before but she just found herself loving the changed man, some people deserve second chance, while some don’t, Clara may not be her friend again but she wish her well wherever she is, and hope she will find her own real happiness and be satisfied with what she has, she has learn to leave the past where it belong and move right ahead, whatever is meant to be will be, she was wiser now than before, starting over again with Ryan has opened her eyes to certain things in life, whatever the future holds for them she was ready to embrace it.
As she got in,side, Ryan was just filled with smile, everywhere smells so fine, the dining was well set, and decorated with red roses, and she knew it wasn’t her birthday non Ryan’s, why so much decoration in the house, she opened the food and it was just so perfect, chicken sauce and pasta, with other delicious looking dishes around the table, she started smiling too, as she turn to ask Ryan what he was celebrating she was shock to see him on one knee, and a ring in his hand,


“please marry me Becca, you are the woman for me, you brought out the real man in me, i love you, and you complete me baby, all I ask on my knee is for you not to count my past sins against me but to look to the future for memorable moment which will count, I beg you to be my friend forever, to be…my beautiful wife and the mother of my kids when God decides to bless us with one or two, with you by my side I will have more reason to smile, I know…I know you can be crazy…
Becca laughed out loud, and Ryan laughed too before he continued..
“I will try to trade safe, I don’t want to bring out the craziness in you rather I will be glad to bring out the loving, kind and accommodating woman in you…please say yes…
Becca smiled and nodded before saying yes, and Ryan happily slide the ring into her finger, before standing up, they hugged and sealed it up with a k-ss before returning to the dining table to feast and celebrate.
Sarah sat in the room as she put a button to Oscar’s shirt, the baby moved again and she held her stomach and smiled, she was 7 months gone, she can hear Oscar and their little prince playing in the sitting room, she was so blessed to have the two most important men in her life and very soon there will be another addition to the family, she can’t wait to welcome her second child with her husband and her friend, she and Oscar have gotten married after three months of meeting again, Oscar didn’t want to wait or delay any further and she wanted to be his forever, she doesn’t deserve him and yet he chose her over all the women out there, he forgave her and still count her worthy to be his wife, she was not worthy of Oscar in truth, Oscar was a good man, and she was so lucky to have him, and also to have a son for him and another on the way, God did not only gave her a good man he also gave her a friend and a supportive partner, who put her first before his own needs, her heart was filled with thanksgiving as she thought how blessed she was, Oscar was one in a million for her and she respect and cherish him, she have come to love him more than her own life, he makes living looks easy and beautiful, everyday and every moment with him was forever cherished. She can’t trade Oscar for anything or anyone, he was everything in one. How lucky and bless she will always be to have such a man by her side.
Oscar put a children show for his son and left him in the sitting room to check Sarah, who has being in the room for a while, he wondered what she was doing this time, she was always doing one thing or the other.
He needed to check up on her, he went in and saw her sewing button to his shirt, he complained of loosing a button yesterday but he never took it serious,
Sarah was just the woman he dreamt of spending his life with, she was great in setting a home and making her husband swell with pride, when she loves, she loves with her soul and wh0le being, and she has loved him withholding nothing, she cares for him as if he is still a child , if he complains of small headache she runs up and down bringing different things, and will not rest until the headache was gone, her stomach was shooting out, and in few month from now they will be welcoming another baby together this time, he love his wife and will always do, marrying her was his biggest dream that came true, now Sarah was his and nobody will ever take that away from him.
Oscar smile as he joined his wife, he took the needle and shirt from her, and kept it aside, he k-ssed her forehead and bent over and k-ssed her stomach before saying


“you have being up since doing one thing or the other, this is not important for now, I have other shirts to wear, you need to rest, I will make you something and join you in bed after, just relax your back, you need all the rest that you can get now, because time to push out the baby is in few months from now, so you have to be energize because I will be there, beside you, encouraging and holding your hands and together we will bring forth our baby, I love you and I will forever do.
“I love you more, till my last breath.
Oscar helped her to the bed, he m-ssaged her leg and her shoulder before going to the kitchen to make something for her.
Sarah smiled and breathed deeply, she shot her eyes and muttered a silent thank you to invisible God who gave her a thousand reasons to smile through one man he sent to her even in her
She knows the future will be so glorious with Oscar in it with her.



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