A Road to Nowhere

A Road to Nowhere (episode 3)

© Oby Chinyere

Sarah scattered everything in the room while searching for the key to the other cabinet and after a Long while of searching she finally saw where Ryan kept all the keys for different locks. She started trying them one after the other, hoping that one of them will open the cabinet and after another long try the cabinet was open,

Sarah held her chest with her hand and opened her mouth wide as she saw the different female item which doesn’t belong to her,
which means Ryan had her own cabinet open anytime she’s around, and lock it whenever she’s not while he opens this for whoever it belongs to, she thought within herself
Her body shakes, she was almost scre-ming out in terror and she imagine different thing,
At that moment Ryan who has being in the living room watching TV with Oscar decided to check on Sarah who has being in his room for over an hour without coming out,
As he got in,side he was shock as he saw Becca’s cabinet open and Sarah was sitting on the ground crying helplessly, he didn’t know if he should run back or what exactly to say to Sarah
He wondered how Sarah got to know of the cabinet and how she got the key to it,


he quickly thought of what to say as a smart guy, he knows he can easily convince Sarah who loved him deeply,
He went to her and try to hold her but she slap off his hand
“Why are you acting this way baby, you are very wrong by snooping round my things, is totally wrong, just give me one good reason why you are crying now, because you opened my sister’s cabinet who usually come around with my mom, yes, Those female stuff belong to my kid sister, I’m sorry if I haven’t told you before but she sometimes comes around and she doesn’t like taking all her things so I have to get a cabinet for her stuffs, and lock it up, I only unlock it if she’s around… Is that why you are crying your eyes out…
” you mean all this stuffs belong to your sister…I thought…you were cheating on me, I saw a pink p-nt under the bed so I became suspicious, thinking maybe a female friend visited you and you lay with her…so is all your sister’s… Are you sure..
“Yes..yes baby, do you ever think I will cheat on you, that’s not possible my love, I love you so much and there’s nothing again that can interest me in other girls, what do they have that you don’t have, you are my kind if woman, I cherish you Sarah, you alone is all I want, I love you with my life and can never hurt you, I can swear to you or even call my sister right now despite she maybe at work and wouldn’t like to be disturb, I can call her if that will convince you..why will you even doubt me baby…
” ooh… I love you too Ryan, it Will hurt me so much if you cheat on me, I know you can’t cheat on me but on seeing that undies under the bed… I… I needed to clear my conscience, I’m sorry for going through your things and doubting your love for me…
Ryan smiled as Sarah came into his arm and he held her, he knows he can easily convince Sarah, he gave a sigh of relief, and breathed down heavily, he almost got caught but he was so happy he was smart enough to convince Sarah.
After sometime he left Sarah to arranged back the things she scattered in the room when she was searching for the cabinet key
He returned back to the living room, and started talking in whisper to Oscar so that Sarah will not hear them,
he told Oscar what happened and how his smartness saved him, he was laughing at the drama while gisting Oscar who just smiled and shakes his head in pity,


Oscar like Sarah because she was very humble and respectful unlike Becca, he silently wish Sarah can leave Ryan because he doesn’t deserve her, Ryan is confuse and doesn’t know which among the two women to keep, and he is not even ready to change his life style,
Sarah loves Ryan and takes whatever Ryan tells her, she has being played severally, Ryan doesn’t really regard her because of her calm nature, Ryan prefers Becca because she got action and bad attitude, but still hate it when she acts like she owns him and can detect for him,
Ryan still like Sarah because of the way she cooks, clean and wash for him, he didn’t want to loose any of them because they both got disadvantage and advantage for him


Oscar likes Sarah and sometimes wish she was his, but he dares not show or act that way to avoid having problem with Ryan, and Sarah is not ready to love another Man except Ryan who was playing with her heart,
Ryan was still talking with pride about what happened and how smart he was when they heard a knock on the door,
Oscar was sitting close to the door so he went to open it,
He was shock on seeing Becca and her friend


“Why are you standing there and staring at us as if you have seen a ghost, is my man in, please leave the way…
Oscar stood not knowing what to do, Clara was already gushing over Oscar, she couldn’t help but say it out
” wow, Becca… You never told me that Ryan’s friend is this cute, I like him already, he is so juicy, handsome… You are not a good friend Becca, why didn’t you hook me up with him since, you have not even introduced us..
Oscar ignored Clara as she kept looking at him from head to toe.
Becca was getting irritated with the way her friend gush over Oscar, she knows Oscar was good looking but what is the use when he was still squatting with Ryan, fine boy without money is a waste of finest she thought within herself.
“Clara, be careful if what you wish for, not every fine thing is a good package, some come well wrapped up but empty and poor in,side, you wouldn’t want to end up with this one I assure you, I can’t introduce you to some body that still borrows everything from my boyfriend, he is not good for you, doesn’t have a car or a house, how do you want to cope, upon all his fine boy he still can’t get a girlfriend, who will want to date a man with an empty pocket, definitely not me and not my girl friend either, if you still want him count me off but he is not a good package, trust me when I say that. Anyway Oscar leave the way I want to go in,side my boyfriend’s house, I’m here to surprise him…leave the door
Ryan was hearing voices at the door and shouted, asking Oscar who was at the door, he was still talking when Becca pushed Oscar aside and came in with her friend,
Ryan on seeing Becca and her beautiful girlfriend Clara, stood in shock, his heart beart doubled up, he became uncomfortable and confuse,
while Becca thought it was the surprise visit that was making Ryan uncomfortable not knowing there was another woman in,side,
She was holding and k-ssing Ryan Who was speechless and tries to gently push her away,
Oscar stood, he knew every hidden secret will be exposed today,
Oscar was more worried about how Sarah Will take the wh0le heart break, he wish he can disappear with Sarah to avoid her getting hurt from Ryan who she loves so much, he wish Sarah can even love him half of how she loves Ryan,


Oscar watch as Ryan gave him signal to do something, but he didn’t understand what he meant and it was already too late because Sarah was just coming out of Ryan’s room
Clara was still staring at Oscar who wasn’t paying her attention,
Ryan wish the ground can open and swallow him at that moment, after he had succeeded in convincing Sarah then Becca came unexpectedly without informing him first like she normally do before coming over
Sarah stood and watch in shock as the strange girl k-ss Ryan, she knew that she can’t just be a sister, there’s more to it, her fear was coming alive, her heart started beating again, h-rder this time.
Becca on seeing Sarah coming from her boyfriend’s room, was surprise, she gave Ryan a questioning look, “of who’s this”
Ryan tries to open his mouth but words failed him, he was speechless as he looked from Sarah to Becca who was already charging up for a fight.
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