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A Road to Nowhere (episode 4)

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© Oby Chinyere

Ryan stood like a sad confused man, he couldn’t utter a word, he has never imagined that this day will come, he has always played a smart clean game, but has never thought of getting caught, Oscar do warned him but he never listened because he though he was king in his kingdom and can control things,

He was shocked how the two ladies got to meet their selves, He was still in deep thought when he received a hot slap from Becca,


“you bastard, so this is it…this is the low life prostitute you are cheating on me with Ryan, is that it…so you have being cheating on me Ryan, you foolish he goat, I came here to pay you a surprised visit but you surprised me instead…oh my gosh…this is unbelievable… hahahaha…Ryan you are messing with the wrong girl, I will show you today that you just stepped on python tail, I will so deal with you that if you see any girl you will be running away, I was loving this bastard not knowing he has being unfaithful to me, you think you can cheat on me and get away with it…oh no, you can’t get away with this…you are doom…Ryan mark my word you are doom….
Becca slapped Ryan again, she started hitting him with everything she lays her hand on, while Ryan tries to dodge most of the weapon she throws at him, she started destroying things around the sitting room, despite her friend Clara was trying to hold her but she was acting crazy already and didn’t want anybody to hold her, Becca threw things at anybody without giving a care whoever that got injured, everywhere was messed up, nobody could hold her, after that Becca charged towards Sarah
who was still standing at same spot, trying to blink back tears that clouded her eyes, she has being a real fool to have believed Ryan, how can Ryan lie so easily, how can he play with people’s feelings like football, despite she gave him all herself, and loved him with all her heart how could he do this to her and still lie to her face after catching him few minutes ago, he said the things in the cabinet belong to his sister who always visit with his mother, and she believed everything he said to her because she was blindly in love with him, not knowing everything was all a lie. Becca rushed to Sarah and slapped her across the face calling her names as she kick and hit her, Sarah didn’t bother fighting her back, she just used her hand to shield from Becca’s blow, Oscar rushed and forcefully pushed Becca out from Sarah,
Oscar needed to saved Sarah from getting physically hurt from a Violent Becca, he knows that Sarah’s heart is shattered already, and he can’t do anything about that now but he will protect her from getting further hurt, he knew Ryan is still in shock how he was caught, he is speechless and can’t find his energy again, he wish some magic can happen for him to get away from this mess he created for himself, Oscar was ready to do anything he can to protect Sarah who he has taking likeness to,
“Becca, hit her one more time and I will throw you out of here, does this place look like a psychiatric hospital, you have displayed all your madness already, and we have seen how crazy you can be, but do not come close to this one…she’s…she’s mine…my….my girlfriend, she just came visiting and wanted to help Ryan clean his room…
Everyone was surprise even Sarah still couldn’t utter a word, as Oscar lied, Becca became calm as she realized that Sarah was not really for Ryan’s
“you mean that…she…she’s your girlfriend, I thought Ryan was cheating on me when I saw her dressed like that coming out from Ryan’s room, why didn’t Ryan say a word and why did he look so much guilty, I hit him severally and yet he didn’t retaliate or try to stop me, I destroyed all this things and yet he didn’t say or do anything, he just stood there like he was caught in the act, like a statue…why didn’t he say anything and why didn’t she say a word either…I don’t believe you Oscar…is Ryan dumb why couldn’t he say the girl was for you…
“we just wanted to see all your madness, now that you have displayed it all you can leave with your friend…
“who are you to tell me to leave my boyfriend’s house…you and your whore should be the one to leave… she was the one that got me confuse, because I know my Ryan can’t possibly cheat on me with a low life like this, I know she must be yours but I was confuse as I see her coming out of his room, don’t ever tell me to leave…this is my boyfriend’s house and I’m not stepping an inch until all this things are cleared…I need to be sure…
Becca went back to Ryan and begin to pet him, Ryan was seated now as the air was getting calm, he can’t wait for this drama to be over, he need to act like he was angry so that Becca can leave, because if she goes into the room she will have evidence to nail him, Sarah’s cabinet was open and her things are everywhere in his room, Becca will find out the truth if she goes in, he was grateful to Oscar for creating room enough for him to get his confidence back, and for Sarah who didn’t say anything all through the drama, he hope and wish Sarah will forgive him, he knows that will not be difficult thing,
Oscar took Sarah to his room, and when Sarah was alone with Oscar she started crying, all the held back tears came pouring like a river, Oscar’s was so sad watching Sarah cry like a baby in his arm, he wish he was able to prevent all this from happening and also to stop her from seeing the whole drama, Sarah cried uncontrollably, Oscar was try to calm her down but she wasn’t ready to be calm, Oscar still wonder how Sarah managed to keep calm without uttering a word in all the drama, as she sob in her arm he wanted to comfort and make her stop crying, he wiped her tears with the back of his hand, held her like she belongs to him,
yet Sarah was not calm, she was heart broken, she loved Ryan so much, she love him and couldn’t expose him further, she knew that Ryan was cheating on her with the crazy lady but she couldn’t escalate things and expose Ryan to further danger, all she feel like doing it to leave this place but she was thinking of how to go pick up her things and go and see if she can live without Ryan, to put Ryan behind her, she wish to do that but her heart was in confusion, as she sobbed in Oscar’s arm, she knew it was Oscar that came up with the idea of claiming her as his girlfriend, just to stop the crazy girl, he wish Ryan has said something or even chose her over that crazy girl, she hate Ryan right now for hurting her and boldly lying to her, she also hate Oscar for always covering up for Ryan, knowing well he has being unfaithful to her but all she could was to cry her eyes out.
Ryan fumes angry as he ask Becca to leave with her friend, Becca who was calm now and tries to apologise to Ryan but was not getting anywhere with that,
Ryan insisted that she leaves because she has destroyed things in the house, hit him severally because of what she wasn’t sure off, Becca pleaded even her friend pleaded but Ryan was fuming, acting all angry all of a sudden, he told them he needed time to think they should leave first so that he can think of what to do, Clara later took Becca outside and they left,


When Ryan was sure that they have left, he came to Oscar’s room, and saw Sarah sobbing in his arm as Oscar was trying to console her, he felt so bad for everything he did, he didn’t plan to make Sarah cry but he still couldn’t have known that Becca was coming over uninvited,
Oscar stood up and step out leaving Ryan and Sarah alone, Ryan knelt down and was begging Sarah but all Sarah wanted to do was to leave, so she stormed out and went into Ryan’s room, picked up her things, every of her things, packed it up and try to leave but Ryan stopped her still begging and explaining everything he can think off, she pushed Ryan hard and storms out,


Oscar didn’t bother stopping her, he wish she will never come back to Ryan again because Ryan will never change, she wish Sarah’s mind was made up on leaving Ryan for good.
Sarah left with a broken heart and a confused mind, she thought how humiliating it was for her to receive all that insult from Becca, and Ryan took her weakness for granted because he knew she love him, she was done with Ryan the cheat and will never come back to him
Becca sent messages to Ryan and also called, apologising for not trusting him, when Ryan still didn’t want to see her, Clara suggested that she go and see Ryan and plead on Becca’s behalf,
Becca agreed and sent Clara to go and beg him on her behalf, and if she can even seduce Oscar so that he can convince Ryan to forgive her, because Oscar is the only one right now that can convince Ryan,
Clara quickly agreed, that’s what she has always wanted, on getting to Ryan’s house, Oscar was out to work that day, Ryan was home playing his afrobeat music,
on seeing Clara he was happy as he asked her to come in and they sat beside each other, Clara started fleeting with Ryan, she touches him inappropriately and Ryan who has being eyeing Clara for a long time was loving the whole thing, as they play around with each other,


“you know my friend can be crazy…I’m not saying you should dumb her for not trusting you, because is not all men that will be so calm to tolerate such madness from their woman, but she blew her chance with you, even if you are having another woman is that the way she suppose to react, you are a fine man and you are well to do, women will always rush you, me I don’t mind my man having other women outside as far as he is giving me all that I want…if you want to dump her you can go ahead, she is always full of herself…
“I’m not dumping her Clara, I still love Becca, and I’m only giving her chance to change for good, but do you know I have my eyes on you for a very long time now, and I have being looking for different means to get to you, I’m so glad you came, you are so beautiful, and I like your sense of reasoning, since you don’t mind sharing with Becca I will like to keep you as mine, because you are so different from Becca, and you are going to taste so sweet, I can tell from the way you look, she doesn’t have to know about us…this is between us, I can’t dump her, I still love her and I don’t want her to find out that we both have a thing together, you know her in and out, you will always inform me anytime she’s upto something, and in return, you will always have me all to yourself…what do you think…I’m serious Clara
Clara smiled, she has hope this will happen and it just did, they laugh drink, danced and spend the night together, Oscar came back and was so shock to see Clara wearing Ryan’s cloth and in Ryan’s arm, which means is Ryan and Clara with Becca now, he was so angry that Ryan, who was not even remorseful for what he did to Sarah, Ryan only said Sarah will come around when she’s ready, Oscar wish Sarah will never come back to Ryan again, Oscar stepped outside to call Sarah,
Sarah has already stayed for some weeks, her heart was stuck with Ryan, it was difficult for her to move on like she has wanted to do, and she couldn’t love another man like she loved Ryan, and was already loosing her tightened grip, Ryan has pleaded and knelt down, asking to be forgiven and she was ready to forgive him only if he promise not to cheat or lie to her again she was about to call Ryan to tell him that she has forgiven him then her phone rang and it was Oscar, she silently prayed that nothing has happened to Ryan this one Oscar was calling her.
“How are you doing Sarah…
“I’m fine…how’s Ryan hope he is alright…is Ryan okay?
Oscar paused for sometime, just wondering why Sarah was still into Ryan, who will never love her like she want, she will be heart broken again if she returns back to Ryan, he will try all he could to stop her.
“Ryan is fine, why are you still into him after what he did to you, I… just don’t want to see you get hurt again, I know he is my friend and I don’t suppose to be doing this but I can’t bear to see you hurt…I want you to be happy Sarah..
“what do you mean Oscar, Ryan is my happiness, he is very sorry for what he did, and has apologise severally and I have chosen to forgive him, why are you even condemning him, he is your friend and you all are birds of same feather, you knew all the while that he was cheating on me and yet you pretend and covered him up, so what makes you different from him, and why are you sounding as if you care so much, I belong to your friend and I appreciate your concerns for me, I’m fine and I know Ryan will never hurt me deliberately and just as he has promise I know he will not cheat on me again, thanks anyway for the call I have to go now..
Sarah ended the call, she will call Ryan later, and she can’t allow anybody to spoil her mind on where Ryan is. She loves him so much.
Oscar was disappointed and shakes his head, he can’t deny the fact that he love Sarah but Sarah is not ready to love another, she will get heart broken again if care is not taken because now Clara has join the queue of women in Ryan’s life, Ryan’s life style was becoming disgusting to Oscar, and Sarah called him ‘birds of same feather just because he covers Ryan up,
he just can’t bear watching Ryan live the way he is living or to see Sarah get hurt again but right now there’s nothing he can do to stop the lover girl from getting hurt, he has enough money now to get his own place and move out of Ryan’s house, and he was also going to get his car fixed,
but before he leaves he must give Ryan a piece of his mind, he will do that for Sarah’s sake, he can’t bear the thought of Sarah going back to Ryan after all she witnessed, he wish Sarah can see that he loves her more than she can imagine, even more than Ryan will ever do, despite it was a dangerous road for him to thread, loving his friend’s girlfriend, but he was ready to do anything to keep Sarah away from Ryan, but if she insisted on going back to Ryan then he will just bear his own hurt by himself, there’s nothing he can do about that but he was willing to convince her that Ryan is not a man for her, he silently prayed that Sarah will have a change of heart.

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