A Road to Nowhere

A Road to Nowhere (episode 5)

© Oby Chinyere

Sarah went back to Ryan and they continued their relationsh¡p, Becca also reconcile with Ryan and he continued with her, Clara and Ryan also continued their hidden thing, Becca still visit and sometime Ryan visits her, same with Sarah, Ryan was always timing his movement and his women so that they don’t meet their selves again like before, he was trying to be more careful now than before so that things don’t get out of hand again.

Oscar has fixed his car and has already gotten his own place without telling Ryan, he was waiting for the appropriate time to tell him and move out,
He was home alone one day when Clara came looking for Ryan, who went out with Sarah, Clara met Oscar alone in the house and inquires of Ryan,


“He is not at home, as you can see, either you wait for him to come back or you leave, stop asking me about him, I’m not his body guard.
“why are you sounding so bitter, I wanted you, I liked you from the first time I saw you, and I boldly showed you my interest but you were looking at me like I don’t exist, now you are sounding so bitter…why the hate, I’m with your friend now…you could have had me all you want but you turned away…
“aren’t you ashamed of yourself, how can you talk like this without shame, you are jezebel personified, I also wanted to ask you, do Becca knows that you are sneaking around with her man, do she…? I thought she’s your friend, you are a terrible friend, with all her smartness she couldn’t detect the kind of person you are…well I don’t even blame you, Is Ryan who never gets tired of women…I just hope Becca finds out someday the kind of friend you…I’m glad I never picked interest in you, maybe because I saw through you, and I don’t move with any kind woman that shows interest in me, I chose my type, and you are never my type… stop this thing you are doing, is very wrong and your are betraying your friend… Ryan will only use you and dump you, he has no plan for you…or interest in you, he is only doing this for the fun of it,
“guess you are jealous of Ryan as Becca will say, Ryan can never use me and dump me, I will dump him instead, in fact I got plan for him, I’m not the kind of girl he will use and dump, I got a plan Oscar and is non of your business, so mind your business, stop being bitter because it will do you no good, I go for what I want so why should I be ashamed of that, I like you and you don’t want me, I go for Ryan and you are here sounding like a preacher, Becca can go to hell for all I care, she will never know that I;m with her man because I’m smarter than she can imagin, except if you want to go and tell her, she will still not believe you because she doesn’t like you, if I want something I go for it, I like Ryan and I went for him and he likes me too, so why don’t you go check what your own problem is because I’m not your problem, but I will leave Ryan on one condition, if you tell me now that you want me, if you show interest in me then I will dump Ryan and move with you…but if not then pocket your advice, I’m not interested.
Oscar ignored her and walk out leaving only Clara in the house, he can’t stand being under same roof with her kind of person,
after some days Becca came over to the house, as Ryan was busy with her, Oscar was so fed up with Ryan dirty lifestyle and decided to visit Sarah, to still try if he can convince her one more time,
On getting there, Sarah was home and didn’t really look happy on seeing Oscar


“is Ryan okay, did anything happen to him, is he alright…why are you here…what of my Ryan…is he okay
“hmmm, yeah, ,Ryan is fine, I just came to see you, I need to talk to you, you are a nice girl, and I know you love Ryan very much, I’m not disputing that but what is the assurance that Ryan will not hurt you again…i..
“hey..is enough…is this why you drove all the way down here…just to tell me that Ryan will hurt me again, why are you not happy that I’m with Ryan, no…I’m beginning to reason different things with all this your care and advice, do you want me…do you want me to leave Ryan to date you…
“hmmm…Sarah…yes…yes I do want you, I love you Sarah, Ryan doesn’t deserve somebody like you, he is only playing with your feeling and very unrepentant about it…is not just because i want you and i have being disturbing you all this while to look in my direction, is not because of that, is more because you deserve the best and Ryan is far from that…
“and you are the best for me, wait a second, I thought Ryan is your friend, why are you coming behind his back to claim what belongs to him, I use to hear of back stabbers but I have never seeing any before, now one is standing right in front of me, portraying himself as Mr good adviser, please leave my house Oscar and don’t call my line again or come to my house to talk trash, it can never happen, nothing will ever happen between us, I can never leave Ryan, cheat on him or even double date, I can’t do that, he has repented and will never cheat on me again so that is the fact, Ryan will never cheat on me again, he has promised it severally and i trust him, do you understand Oscar, leave my house please and do not come back.
Oscar left more sad and went back home,
After a week as he just drove in from work, Ryan was angrily waiting for him, immediately he stepped in he received a hærd blow to the face, and several punch, it was Ryan, and Oscar managed to punch him back before Ryan could raise another hand on him again, there was no woman at home just both of them,
“How dare you…how dare you Oscar, you went to my woman and was telling her that I’m not good for her, and you are the only one that is good for her, look at you…Oscar, dammit, so you can do such a thing, how dare you, i thought you are my friend, I accommodated you when you had a problem, I asked you to move in…i
“You did nothing for me Ryan, don’t even go there, I had better option of going to somewhere else.. you asked me to move in so that I can be covering up your dirty secrets, and I also paid bills in this house, I paid my own part of the rent, we split the rent and agreed on a certain amount to pay and I have being paying without you asking me, don’t make it look like you are doing me a favour I think is the opposite, I did what I have to do by going to Sarah, she deserve to be treated better, she is a good girl yet you mess around with her and her feeling, you can not even differentiate good and bad, I hate to see her in the centre of all this mess, but of course she love you and will never look at any man except you…I just pity her because she doesn’t know the kind of man you are yet, you are….
“shhhshhhhhh…don’t say anything that I don’t know, come up with something better, I already know myself Oscar, yes, I’m a player, and I’m proud of that, you can hate all you want but that remains the fact. you don’t have sense, going to Sarah to preach love for her and to condemn me in return, she will never believe you anyway, she’s mine Oscar, go get your own woman, Sarah loves me and will never be unfaithful to me, she told me every damm thing you said to her, how you have being pestering her life, you are such a fool Oscar, so you have started eyeing one of the women in my life, listen I love my girls and I hate men like you going close to them…do not ever go close to any of my woman or you will have me to contend with, you picked Sarah because you thought she was weak and can easily fall, that was why you picked her, why not go to Becca and watch her whoop your ass, you are scared of Becca, weak man, betrayer, don’t you dare mess around with any of my women again…
“you know I have being waiting for this opportunity to tell you that what you are doing with those ladies feeling is not smartness but stupidity, raise another hand on me and i will show you what a weak man can do, I will so beat you Ryan up that non of your so called woman will ever recognize you again, I will spoil this your finest that’s making you feel you can play with women’s heart and get away with it, nonsense..
“Leave my house…Oscar, I don’t want to see you here again…leave, you are not a good friend… I will never ask you for any help since you thought you were doing me a big favour, just leave and go get your own place…
“don’t rush it, my bags are all packed up, I was just waiting for a good time to tell you that you are foolish, can’t you see I have fixed my car, I have also gotten my own personal place, yes, I have gotten my own place and will be moving in once I’m done with you, you open your mouth to call me a Betrayal, but you sleep with Clara and Becca, two friends, you encouraged Clara to watch out for Becca, and know her in and out, what can I use to qualify you Ryan, Clara betrays her friend because of you and you are cool with that, no conscience, you sleep well at night knowing how wicked you are, you are so evil to be toiling with peoples lives, and I feel so stupid to have covered you up all this while, do not worry, at the right time nemesis will catch up with you, those ladies will still find out the truth and by then I will not be here to help you, I pray you don’t get thorn apart by angry women. Keep on with your life style a day of reckoning is at hand. Player my foot.
Oscar went in,side and packed his things into his car and drove out, and no one hærd of him again. He moved on with his life,
he had a female colleague, who was more of a nurse than a pharmacist, Melinda was her name, she always visits him once in a while, they were cool pals doing lots of things together.
After three months Ryan called, sounding like he was running a marathon race,


“Guy…please forget about the past quarrel we had, you are my only friend and I seriously need your help, please I beg you Oscar, don’t turn me down…
“what happened Ryan…
“is Clara, she is pregnant and said she will not abort it, I have begged and pleaded and even gave her enough money but she said she was keeping the baby, and I’m not ready for that…I don’t want the child, she is two months gone, I don’t want Becca to find out this and also Sarah, Clara needs to terminate the pregnancy, you are a pharmacist, please I want to drug her, I want to put something in her food or drink that after she takes it she will sleep off and the pregnancy will come down, it will seem like she miscarried or something…please recommend something for me, or should I drive down to your place…I need this or I’m doom, please don’t turn your friend down…I really need your help Oscar..
“hmmm, you want me to help you commit murder…even if the baby in Clara’s womb right now is a foetus, is still a child, why do you want to commit such sin to add up with your piled up sins, is her body and you have no right to tamper with it, if she said she doesn’t want to terminate then let her be, I thought you have changed from this your self centred, crazy life style, please Ryan don’t call me again if you don’t have better thing to say, you are so pathetic, I have always told you this your life style will not get you anywhere, live your life the way you want I’m not there to advice or to stop you but do not call me for such a thing, and don’t do what you have in mind, is an offence, if Clara finds out, she can sue you, but whatever you like do, but never you call me again.
Oscar cut the call angrily, he thought Ryan has changed but he is getting worse, Oscar shakes his head as usual in self pity for his friend, after all this while Ryan is still thinking he is smart, Clara already said he got plan for him and maybe this is the plan, she is going to tire him down with her pregnancy, and very soon Becca and Sarah will come to know the kind or man they have, he wish Sarah had listened to him.
Oscar went about his day, trying not to think of Ryan or how Sarah will feel if she finds out that Ryan pregnant another woman.
After one month he got another call and it was Sarah, she wanted to see him, she was crying over the phone, crying heavily, Oscar was very busy at work and couldn’t see her immediately, he wish to but she was very far from him and he can’t drive down because he still got things to finish up at work, and he was going to the movie with Melinda the following day which was weekend, he will cancel his outing plan and see Sarah instead,
So Oscar asked Sarah to come over the following day, as he sent her his address and Sarah quickly agreed to come and see him the next day.
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