A Road to Nowhere

A Road to Nowhere (episode 8)

© Oby Chinyere

Sarah was at her place making food when her Phone started vibrating in her pocket, she has forgotten to change her phone to normal ringing tone, she usually put it on vibration anytime she’s with Oscar and Ryan maybe calling her and Oscar wouldn’t want that, because she also lied and told Oscar that she has deleted Ryan’s phone number and blocked him from reaching her,

she checked the caller and it was Ryan, she wanted to pick the call since she’s alone in her place but ignored instead, Ryan kept calling but she still ignored, she really wanted to pick and hear his voice again but thinking of the terrible thing he did to her was unforgivable,
what Ryan did was still very fresh in her mind, she will never forgive him for humiliating her and watching his crazy girlfriend beat her up and also tore her cloth, Ryan didn’t stop her, he just stood and watch her do all that, she hates him so much for cheating on her and lying to her, she loved him with everything in her, she gave him her heart and body and yet he still took her love for granted, even though is being months now, since she moved on with Oscar, Oscar who was every lady’s man, so loving and caring.


Even though she’s with Oscar she still can’t stop thinking about Ryan, Ryan occupies her everyday thought, even when she mistake Oscar’s name and call him Ryan, he doesn’t get mad, he has tried his best to make her to stop thinking about Ryan or putting Ryan in every if her conversations with him yet she still can’t stop, she can’t deny the fact that she still love him, Ryan hurt her deeply and Oscar is helping her to heal, she easily gets angry with Oscar when she remember what Ryan did to her, she was mostly arguing with him over Melinda then before Melinda disappeared like thin air and nobody heard of her again, Oscar has proven his love in different ways and yet she really can’t get Ryan off her head, maybe some day she will,
Her phone rang again and she picked the call without looking at the caller, she was so angry that Ryan chose another Woman over her, she need to give him the insult of his life for treating her like thrash,
“You are very stupid for calling me after everything you did to me, why are you disturbing me, do not call me again. Don’t you dare call my Line, I have gotten over you and happy where I am, don’t yo..
” Sarah.. Sarah..is me, what is going on, please what happened, you didn’t check your caller before picking…don’t tell me that Ryan is calling you again… I was calling to check up on you my love, do Ryan still calls you, thought you told me you have blocked and deleted his number..
Oh Ry…Oscar, not really, I have deleted his number since, i saw a miss call on my phone so I thought he was using another Line to call…but he can’t even call me, he dares not, because I have put him behind me, I’m with you now Oscar and nobody Will come in between our love, I assure you not even if Ryan rolls from east to west or stand upside down pleading, I will never give him a second look no matter what…
After the call with Oscar, Sarah breathed deeply, she was almost caught, she has not deleted Ryan’s number or block him, she only remove his name since she knows his number of hand so it was not difficult for her to know when Ryan calls,
After another hour passed, Sarah hærd a knock and went to the door and it was Ryan, he was looking like a child beaten by his mother, on seeing him her heart began to double beat, she wish she can go into his arm and allow him to k-ss her the way he use to, she has really missed him, just him appearing again and pulling down all the walls she built around herself, all her hate and pain was quickly pulled down with just seeing him again at her door, after several months, she wondered if she Will ever stop loving him or get over him, but she was still very angry with him and doesn’t want to hear whatever explanation he has,
Ryan knelt down and started pleading, acting like he wanted to cry, Sarah ignored him and tried to close back the door but Ryan held her leg, still begging continuously, Sarah who was not sure again of what she want was confuse as she stood watching him cry and beg, her heart was already soften but she still want to appear tough to Ryan, Ryan later stood, he walked in,side and closed the door behind them, he drew Sarah into his arm and started k-ssing her, Sarah mawn, she tried to resist but couldn’t, she has missed everything about Ryan, she went deeply in to him and allow Ryan car-ss her body, she k-ssed him fiercely and they both landed on the sitting room floor,
her phone started ringing, she quickly realized what she was about to do with Ryan all of a sudden and stopped, if not that the the phone rang Ryan whom she thought she Will never forgive was almost having s€× with her in her sitting room floor,
She wanted to pick the call but Ryan was seriously on her as he was still k-ssing her neck every part of her body, she pushed him away and stood up from the ground, adjusting her self and p-nting so hærd, the Phone rang again she quickly check and it was Oscar, her heart started beating she held her breath, she breathed in and out trying to stop her heart from beating so fast


“My love, I was about coming down to pick you up, are you free let’s go and see a movie together, is weekend let’s go and have some fun, are you free, I’m driving down to pick you, what should I buy for you, why are you breathing so hærd, is echoing in my ears, what are you doing…
” I was..trying to do some exercise…I’m using my skipping rope…skipping…that’s why I’m breathing this way, Oscar I don’t feel like going for a movie today, and don’t bother buying anything I’m fine, please don’t come over Oscar, my sister just called me to come over to her place, so I’m going over to see her now, I won’t be back today…
“Your sister… Why didn’t you tell me before now, I have already gotten two movie ticket for both of us, i thought we will be together this weekend, anyway, is fine, you could have called me to come take you yo your sister’s place, please take good Care of yourself, and call me when you get there, I love you.
Sarah dropped the call and went to Ryan who was sitting down now and looking at her.
” you need to leave, because I still haven’t understand the reason you came,what of your pregnant girlfriend, what exactly are you looking for Ryan, I almost fell for your tricks again…I have a good thing going for me, a good man who loves and cherished me, who’s name is Oscar, yea, Oscar your friend, he is the sweet man in my life, are you jealous, and he is helping me to heal from the heart break I sustained from you Ryan, I have a good man now, and my relationsh¡p with him is beautiful, I don’t want to ruin it, I watch him dismiss his close female friend after i asked him to do that, but yours beat me up without you saying or doing anything to stop her, there’s no more room in my heart for you to occupy, Oscar has occupied everything,
“I don’t Care who you are with Sarah, all that matters is that I love you and i Know you still love me, I miss you as much as you miss me, I can tell from the k-ss we just had, Oscar can never love you like the way I do, and you can’t love him like you love me, it was too quick of you to enter another relationsh¡p just because you want to get over me, I know how that works, you don’t really love Oscar, I’m the one you love, I know I cheated on you and watch Clara beat you up, I’m sorry, I’m also a victim, Clara is a witch, I have tried to get her out of my life, but nothing is working, do you want me to die, because that witch called Clara will kill me, you may see my obituary one day and you will regret not hearing me out, do you know that witch gave me just two hours to do what i want to do outside, and my time is running so fast, I was on house arrest that’s why I have not being able to come and see you, want to let you know how sorry I am Sarah, sorry is not enough to tell you how I feel, I love you Sarah and I need you to save me from that witch, please, is only you that can help me, permit me to always come over to be with you otherwise my life maybe cut Short by Clara…
Ryan kept pleading, and went on his knees again, Sarah insisted that he should leave so that she can think, Ryan later left,
Sarah couldn’t stay without Ryan, she can’t watch him get hurt, or Clara treating him like her boy, she needed to do something
when Ryan came after some days, Sarah couldn’t say no to his touch and they lay together,


She started finding lies to give to Oscar to avoid him coming over,
She was deeply in love with Ryan and she can’t say no to him,
Sarah told Ryan to be parking his car at a far distance from her house so that it won’t be easily noticed or seen by their enemies, so Ryan always parked his car a little far from Sarah’s house and walk down. Sarah was happy she was back to the man she truly love, she will not allow Oscar to know if it, Oscar will be shattered into pieces and she doesn’t want him to be hurt because he is a nice guy, but Ryan was everything to her


Oscar was beginning to notice some changes in Sarah, he sense something was wrong as Sarah kept on avoiding him, even when they happen to be together she doesn’t want him to touch her, she kept acting strange but he can’t tell what the exact problem is.
He loves Sarah very much and silently pray she doesn’t hurt him.
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