A Road to Nowhere

A Road to Nowhere (episode 9)

© Oby Chinyere
Oscar was just watching Sarah as she chat with her phone, smiling to herself, she totally ignored his existence, she was acting as if he was invisible, even if he tries to Start a conversation she won’t respond, he was worried over her sudden change of behaviour, it bothers him and he wish he can know the person keeping her glued to her phone,
“Sarah, what’s going on, who are you chatting with since, you kept hiding your phone, and kept a distance from me just because of the chat, you don’t have time for me any more, what did I do wrong, tell me because this your new attitude is uncall for, is giving me sleepless night, who’s that you are chatting with…
” Ry…Oscar what kind of question is that, when do you start this, asking me who I’m chatting with, it seems you don’t trust me anymore, why are monitoring me, can’t I have time for myself again, this suppose to be a relationsh¡p not a prison, who do you think I’m chatting with…please leave me alone, you pleaded for me to come over and now I’m here you have started getting on my nerves… Is a relationsh¡p not marriage, you are not my husband stop ovEr×¢ting,
“Then marry me, I’m serious, just agree to marry me and become mine forever, Sarah want to be your man, your husband, whatever you want…
Oscar knelt down with one knee while pleading to Sarah with an invisible ring, Sarah was not finding the act funny
” Oscar stop this madness, I can’t marry you, now that you have gotten the word out if my mouth you can stand up and stop embarrassing me please..
Oscar stood and sat back on the chair, he was quiet as he kept looking at Sarah who was busy with her phone, he walked his hand through his hair, and breathed deeply, he moved from the sit where he sat to where Sarah sat, she tried to stand up but he held her, Sarah put back her phone into her pocket, Oscar tried to draw her close to himself but she resisted at first before relaxing on him, Oscar took her hands into his and k-ss them, he pulled back the strands of hair dangling on her face, he tried to k-ss her but she turned away, he tried again she turned away and wanted to get up but Oscar held her, her phone was vibrating, she didn’t bother to bring it out because she already know who Will be calling, she was chatting with Ryan and stopped as Oscar came to sit with her, she likes Oscar, but she loves Ryan very much, she doesn’t know how to dismiss Oscar because that will break him into pieces, so she has decided to act cool, since Ryan came back to her life she has being resisting Oscar’s touch, which is always cold to her, and Ryan’s touch is so warm,
She will still try to keep it together with Oscar until she summoned courage to tell him the truth, she needed to get away from Oscar right now because she’s not Comfortable with him being so close to her,


Sarah told Oscar she wants to use the toilet and he allowed her to go, as Sarah stood her phone slipped out of her pocket into the chair without her knowing, Oscar saw it but didn’t call her attention to it, he allowed her to go before he picked up the phone, he tried opening the Phone but it was passworded, Sarah locked it and he doesn’t know her password, he wonder when Sarah start passwording her phone, just at that moment the phone vibrate, signaling a new passage, which part of the message was on the phone screen display, he was able to read two lines before it disappeared, he read the first two line, “the witch just stepped out, I’m still missing you, I wish you are here with me, I will kis….”
Oscar was already getting mad on seeing the message which he knows was from a man, as a call came into Sarah’s phone, he just suddenly noticed that her phone was vibrating and it was a number with no name, the number looks familiar, he quickly copied the number and tried it on his phone and he almost threw the phone to the wall on discovering that it was Ryan, just then Sarah noticed her Phone was not with her and rushed back to get it, her heart skipped as she saw Oscar with it,
“So this is it, Sarah so this is it, this is why you have being acting strange, hiding your Phone, putting lock on it all if a sudden and don’t want me close to you, this is the reason why my touch has suddenly started disgusting you, you lied to me, you told me you deleted and blocked your ex. Oh my God, Sarah how could you be doing this, the same person that cheated and humiliated you, you ran to me crying, of all people in this fine world you went back to Ryan, do you ever learn, so tell me how long have this being going on, how long have you two been seeing each other, answer me Sarah
Oscar shouted and Sarah flinched in fear, she can see that he’s very angry, she has never seen him this angry before
” I’m sorry Oscar but I don’t have any thing with Ryan, he is the one disturbing me, if i ever lie to you is only because i love you and I don’t want to hurt you, I just recently passworded my phone because…because, Oscar please calm down I have nothing with Ryan, I have already told him that I’m with you now, but he kept calling everyday…
Oscar pace the room, he was breathing too hærd, he thought of what he will to Ryan if he catches him close to Sarah,
“I love you too Sarah, don’t ever lie to me again, you could have told me from the moment Ryan started disturbing you again, you don’t hide such thing, except you still have feeling for him, which i know you don’t, not after what he did to you, I trust you Sarah stop doing things that raises suspiciousness, I’m begging you, make it clear enough for him that you are in a new relationsh¡p and act like it, stop creating room for unnecessary chat, I’m always here for you and I hate it when you are sad or when I’m angry with you, like now, cut off every tires with him, he had his chance but blew it away, Sarah I’m begging you, please don’t hurt me, your cold Withdrawer, your change of behavior frightens me, please don’t hurt me.
Oscar went to a frightened Sarah and held her still apologising For frightening her with his shout, Sarah didn’t resist him like before as they both entangled together.
Becca was beginning to keep a close watch on Ryan, she started tracing him secretly without telling even Clara, she has caught Ryan driving and parking in a hidden place before walking a long distance in to a house, she has watched him do that three times, and has also seen who lives there, she recognized the girl, the girl he met at Ryan’s house but Oscar said she was his girlfriend, she has being watching Ryan for two weeks, she became confused as she also saw Oscar like twice, there was also a day that Ryan ran back immediately he sighted Oscars car, he waited until Oscar left before going in to see the girl, she knew something fishy is going on, is either Ryan is having affair with Oscar’s woman, she will find out soon,
She planned to call Clara Who doesn’t have time for her anymore always with her new soon to be baby Daddy that she has not met, but Clara is always calling her on phone and telling her not go over to Ryan’s house invited it will really make Ryan angry, she has listened to everything that Clara told her until she made up her mind to investigate Ryan, she only wonder why Ryan does not invite the girl over to his place, why was he always visiting her at her place, while Oscar takes her out sometimes but Ryan doesn’t.
Becca Will use another week to investigate things before she attack the girl, she need to to teach that girl a bitter lesson,


Ryan who couldn’t see Sarah for a wh0le week was so eager to be with after getting free from Clara as usual,
Immediately Sarah opened the door for him he pounced on her and they forgot to lock the door as the went on with their rom-nce spree, Ryan carried Sarah to her room and their cloths were scattered everywhere as they both pulled off hurriedly, they were on each other in no time on the bed


Oscar drove down to see Sarah, he bought some of Sarah’s favorite, and came excitedly, he was surprise as he was about to knock and saw the door open, he quietly went in,side, wondering why Sarah will leave her door open, he saw cloths littered on the floor and was hearing sound coming from Sarah’s bedroom, he didn’t know what to expect so he dropped the things he bought for Sarah in the parlour and started walking towards the room where the noise was coming from, he saw a Man’s shoe and cloths on the floor and he also saw Sarah’s cloths, his head started spinning, as goose bomb covers up his body, he wanted to shout Sarah’s name but stopped as he walk to the room,
He held the door knob from falling, his leg was shaking as he stood in shock watching Ryan make out with Sarah, the two love birds were so much in to each other that they didn’t notice Oscar standing by the door and watching them.
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