A tale of music Episode 27 – 28




By; Cinderella A.🥀

**✿❀ ❀✿**

✰[Drama, drama, drama!!!…]✰


Back in the kitchen, gracious was preparing lunch for the others, though she noticed, her mind was clearly in the clouds.

How was she going to explain everything to november?….

She took a deep breath, and mentally smacked herself, maybe she was just over- reacting.

This was a virtual stranger, a guy, on an unknown mission.

She’d better deal with it now, and suffered the consequences later, when she was herself again.

“Urghhh, i can’t do this!!”she jammed her hand into the apron, and brought out an android phone.

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She connected an earpiece to it, before scrolling through the “music“ selections, and clicked on one of her favourites.

♪ It’s not that easy with you here, but i know i want you to stay ♪

♪ See, this could be us in a few years, but just tell me you like to play ♪

♪ It’s like everyday, i’m kicking rocks i could fly away but you got me at a complete stop, how do you manage to keep me going? ♪

♪ But somehow you keep me from going ♪

♪ See, you distract me, but i’m distracted without you i don’t know how to focus, baby, teach me how to ’cause i’m standing still again ♪

♪ But if you love me just like the way that i love you, i wouldn’t mind a little comforting from you ♪

♪ Why do i let you in my head?, and i gotta go sometimes, but you’re always on my mind ♪

♪ You’re not helping me, you’re not helping me ♪

♪ You’re not helping me, you’re not helping me, you’re not helping me ♪

♪ But i helplessly fall for you– ♪

She tapped her earpiece, listened intently, and sang along, with the most charming voice ever.

She resumed stirring her oatmeal, to keep it from burning, before she started on the eggs.

Turning around she looked to the egg carton she had taken out, which she knew had not been opened, and yet it was now sitting open, and, one egg was missing.

She took off her earpiece…

Gracious puzzled a moment, looking for a tear in the carton, and an egg on the floor in case it had fallen out.

There was no evidence of it…

Thinking a moment, she denied that riri and summer could have gotten it while she was standing right there.

Gracious heard a startled cry, then a shriek of, “bit*h!!!”, and gracious closed her eyes as she realized immediately what had happened.

Quickly she threw out the meat packaging, and closed the egg carton, keeping a hand on it to close it.

“Drama, drama, drama!!!“gracious muttered to herself.

It took a little longer than gracious expected, but eventually, she watched november hobble into the kitchen slowly, but furious.

Slamming the kitchen door behind her, november cursed under her breath, in a very soft/indistinct voice, such that gracious was unable to understand her clearly.

She was interrupted by a sudden bang on the door, and before she knew it, amber stormed in.

She supported most of her weight meant for her left leg onto a crutch, and walked very slowly with a limp.

That’s as a result of the “great“ fall from yesterday, lol!

Amber glared at gracious, with runny egg yolk dripping down her nose.

They had matter’s to tend to later on, but now, she needed to teach a certain “someone“ a huge lesson.

She inched closer to november in pretence of resting on the table, and caught her off guard, pulling her hair roughly.

“Let go of me bit*h, wasn’t the humiliation more than enough, i guess you’re begging for more.”gracious held amber’s waist, and pulled them apart, more carefully this time.

November opened her mouth to speak, but gracious cut her off.

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“What did you do to piss off november this time?!”she shrieked into amber’s face, amber scoffed.

“This telekinetic bit*hy brat just threw an egg at me!”amber yelled, as she quickly supported herself on the counter, in the middle of the kitchen.

Gracious was used to this by now, and she poised a hand on her hip.

“I wouldn’t have done that if you were more sensible, how dare you insult my parents cruelly?. Not everyone’s like your dad, so rude and quack!”amber lost it completely, no thoughts applied, she acted on impulse.

She reached for a knife on the shelf, and before she could do as planned, gracious stepped in.

“Oucch!”she groaned, as it penetrated into her stomach, blood gushed out instantly.

She placed a hand on her belly to deduce the hurried flow, her vision was blurry, she fell.

Amber shuddered, the knife slipped off her hands…

“Gracious!, gracious!”november cried out, crutching to her level, gracious hands fell roughly, and her eyes closed shut.




Spread out over the vibrant green grass, sat contentedly on checkered covers, families enjoyed a picnic.

It consisted of ham and cheese, sandwiches with pickles, and bottles of homemade lemonade.

After having finished their satisfying meal, the busy parents took time to chase their mischievous children in a game of catch me.

Near the rocky road, a plump vendor with a silly oversized hat sold refreshing ice cream to passers-by.

One particularly tanned girl handed over money receiving vanilla cream in a bright purple cone.

She smacked her lips in anticipation of that delicious sweet taste melting on her tongue.

On the other side of the road, boys lined up in a lengthy queue to take their turn at the zip-line.

A patient supervisor made sure no one was skipping the queue.

Nearby multiple creaking swings were occupied by a bunch of toddlers pushed by their caring parents.

They screamed in delight as they whizzed through the cool spring air.

Slightly older children were playing with soft sand building castles, with the aid of colorful plastic tools.

A dark-haired boy wearing round glasses tripped over such a construction, falling face down onto the airy sand swallowing a mouthful of it.

He started crying loudly signaling his “talkative“ mother to come over, and comfort him.

The scent of blooming flowers wafted throughout the peaceful place. It originated from a group of tall sturdy trees, under which a family read worn, adored books, leaning against the comforting, uneven surface of the bark.

The sound of water dripping from a statue’s mouth at the center of a glistening white fountain pleased the parents chatting away their worries while inattentively watching over the infants playing in the clear luscious liquid.

“This place soothes my spirit, i feel so calm, and my brain just pauses in time. A walk in the park, ways away from a town that i call home, i often find my problems fading away!!”he smiled broadly, using a finger to pick out a few hair, glued to her face.

He’s never going to stop loving her, she’s the best thing that has happened to him, then their children.

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Talk of children, on the opposite direction of them, there are a few benches on the central grassy land

A young guy is seen, just sitting there, earphones deep in his ears, and completely lost in the music.

His hair is all messy as a result of the wind, some dropped to his face, making him look more s*xy.

Ladies drooled, and mumbled to themselves…

👥 Gosh, his he human?, or an alien sent from space to find me!!!.

👥 If beauty were to be a crime, he’d be in prison right now, serving a “life“ sentence.

👥 Uhhh, those lips, they must be so juicy!!.

He had a mood swing, when he received a call, huh?.

“Am on my way ok, please take care of her”he rose to his feet, and hurried to his parents spot, fidgeting.

“Something terrible happened at the restaurant, gracious is in the hospital right now, fighting for her life!”they rose to their feet at the same time, a tear slipped down mrs lee’s face.

The poor girl is in “critical“ condition…

“There’s no time to waste, let’s go, please!!”he snatched the car keys from his dad, and rushed towards his vehicle.

They entered afterwards, and shut the door securely behind them, ji-ho drove off in an hurry.




It was raining hard, the streets were void of people, cars were honking.

In the blink of an eye, a lady dressed in disguise, rushed out of a clinic.

Her head was throbbing, vision blurry, but that didn’t stop her from moving.

In her hurry to get into an uncompleted apartment, she didn’t notice the black car parked across the road.

She realized something was wrong, when she could see someone hovering around the car.

She wasn’t sure if it was safe to go to the car to investigate, but her instincts dragged her from the gate of the building, to across the road, and next to the car.

She could see a guy pacing up and down, drenched and injured.

At first when she saw him, he looked inebriated, as he was losing his balance now and then.

But as she went near him, she was sure it was the injury, and not any substance that was causing him to trip.

“Excuse me!, can i help you?”she asked him, clutching her clothes tightly to herself, she was freezing.

He seemed to be in a state of shock, she tried calling out to him but he just stared expressionlessly.

Something about him seemed familiar, she tried to recall were she’d seen him, but it was effortless.

“Amanda!!, you’re alive?, how’s that possible?”