A tale of music Episode 31 – 32




By; Cinderella A.πŸ₯€


✰[My mind is clouded!!!…]✰


“It still feels like a dream, i can’t believe am seeing two gracious?”november took in her bottom lip, dawn shrugged, and gracious just stared into space.

She suppose, she was suffering from a mutant, possibly incurable form of spring fever, which consisted of feeling bored, restless, and dumbstruck from humanity at large.

She was still in a state of shock, fear gripped her soul entirely.

Ji-ho cleared his throat, and rose to his feet, before making his way out of there.

He had no business being there, it’s personal stuff, that doesn’t matter to him.

Once he was gone, gracious dipped her hands into her cloth, and brought out a golden locket.

She opened it up, to reveal a picture of her mother, and studied it at length.

The picture had been taken several years back, she hadn’t even been born.

The background was out of focus, but she and her sister were standing on a wooden porch with railings.

By squinting, one could make out a group op people standing to one side, all holding gift bags.

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The young men wore tuxedos, and the girls were decked out in long white dresses, similar to the one her mom wore.

“How did you find me?, who are you?, and why do we look so much alike?”dawn face turned up to hers with a look of unexpected delight, she could almost feel how hugging her twin would be.

Dawn made herself comfy on a line of chairs, crossed her legs tightly, and stared emotionlessly.

Words couldn’t explain how she felt, who would have thought she’d one day meet her twin, that’s if she even thought of having one.

November cleared her throat, having been excluded from the conversation too long to suit her.

“What an awkward situation, this is a lot to handle, i think i’ll leave you girls to talk”gracious’s impulse was to decline, but dawn seemed to spark to the idea.

November shrugged her assent, and then checked for gracious response.

“Sure, i don’t mind, thanks bestie”november smiled faintly, and turned towards the door, stepping out afterwards.

“Now can you explain to me what’s going on?, my mind is clouded”she folded her hands, each below her pits.

“It’s all so confusing to me too, the only person that has answers is my dad. He needs to explain all this to us, am sure it’s not just mere coincidence”gracious eyes widened, she bit her bottom lip, huh?.

She blinked continuously, clutching the pillows to herself.

“Did you just say your dad?, you have a dad?”dawn nodded in response, and gestured to the room after hers.

“He’s even here right now, i walked into yours by mistake, cause i heard he was being admitted into this clinic!”gracious unplugged the tubes connected to her body, dawn tried to stop her, but her pleas fell on deaf ears.

Once she was done, she sluggishly rose to her feet, and in no time she was in front of the door.

“Take me to him right now, there’s no hesitations, am clearing up my doubts tonight”dawn gulped hard at nothing, did her twin really take after her, gracious trailed behind her as she led the way.




Devon picked amanda up at 11:00pm, in his black mercedes benz, ji-hu right beside her.

She’d been discharged, and he strictly offered to give them shelter, till the whole commotion had been settled.

He did an expert parallel parking job, and got out of the car.

He wore a dark blue sweatshirt, and a pair of branded blue jeans.

The exterior of the benz was classy, by night, she could see that the once black paint shined brightly.

She managed to open the door by any means, once seated, she hauled trying to get it to shut again.

Ji-hu circled the car, shoved the door shut, and secured the lock by bumping it with his fingers.

“Thanks”he took a quick glance at her through the rearview mirror, and sighed, before taking his gaze off.

The questions that hunted down his brain were so much, was she actually sick, or just faking it as usual, just to gain his attention.

Devon’s hiking boots were muddy, and waffle-shaped droppings littered the floor mat on his side.

“You want to sit up here?”she shook her head in response, and stared at the seats, before saying.

“Am better off where i am, i’m never quite sure when i’m going to need to lie down”ji-hu rolled his eyes at devon’s offer, why was he being so nice to her, it’s not like she knew him or something.

He rested his head on the couch more comfortably, and shut his eyes, a few smudges beneath his pale brows, made him appear too recede.

Amanda tugged at her seatbelt, which was hung up somewhere.

She spent an inordinate amount of time trying to get the mechanism to release a sufficient length of belt, so she could clip it into one place.

Meanwhile, devon put the car in gear…

The engine coughed, and died twice, but finally sputtered back to life, and they were under away.

The road began to climb, and the car labored upward, finally rounding a bend.

Amanda’s seat belt slipped off at the great impact, she almost hit her head on the front seat, but was caught in time.

His hands were around her waist, her breath hitched, the feeling was just too familiar.

She felt a tingle of uneasiness run down her spine, as his warm palm stroked her sides, her heartbeat rate moved from a total β€œ30β€œ to a β€œ100β€œ

She found herself averting her gaze to him, and once she did, their faces were inches away.

“Are you al–” before he could complete his statement, she pulled him closer by the elm of his shirt, and slammed her lips on his, hungrily.

His eyes widened….