A tale of music Episode 33 – 34




By; Cinderella A.🥀

**✿❀ ❀✿**

✰[Damsel in distress…]✰

Ji-hu took a deep breath, and mentally slapped himself around.

He was being ridiculous, what sort of thought was that.

He took a quick glance at amanda, she had already fallen asleep, her head laying on the door.

A huge mansion came into view, clearly, the structure was amazing.

The house itself was a three-storey white frames, a bit of gold for the finishing touches.

A porch wrapped around the house at the front, with a second porch stacked on top.

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“Welcome to my aboard!”he pulled into the driveway, and parked the vehicle in the garage.

Amanda leaned forward, with sleepy eyes, and laid her head on ji-hu’s shoulder.

“Hehehe, comfy pillow all for me”ji-hu smiled, lol, even in her sleep she did crazy things.

Devon killed the engine, before he turned, and frowned at the sight.

“Don’t worry about her, it’s fine, i’ll take her in myself!!”he opened up the doors, and stepped out, hurriedly reaching for amanda.

Ji-hu was clinging to the vehicle for stability, wincing in pain from his injured leg, trying to get his other leg out.

Dolan picked amanda up in a bridal style, and helped ji-hu step out completely, before shutting the door.

“You guys can go in, i’ll like to make a quick call, my friends must be worried”devon nodded briefly, and walked away, with amanda using his muscles as a pillow.




Dawn waved at the doors, scarcely slowing her speed.

Clearly, they had gotten to their destination, which left hearts palpitating, and fists balled.

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The room had been outfitted with items of superior quality, compared to furniture typically found in homes, it had a number of distinctive characteristics.

Every room had a set of iron beds available for guests, but that of “his“ room was unique.

The room was very tidy, and organized, if one could look out the windows, they’d be in time to see a garden filled with beautiful roses.

It enhanced the overall aesthetic of the medical facility, the ward had been meticulously tidied up.

His eyes were closed, and he had a goofy smile on his face, his color had improved.

His shoes were off, and the toe of one sock was pulled out to form a little cap, which made him look like a kid.

Gracious gave it a quick thought, and made a decision, before easing a sigh.

“Dad there’s someone here, and she’d like to see you!”they both strode into the room, and stared at the aged man who was laying on the bed, his back slightly bent.

Gracious lost her voice, she grew totally speechless, insanely dumbfounded.

Was this some sort of joke…

“You?, how?”ramon pinched his left brows, and made to speak, but gracious beat him to it.

“You lied to me, how could you toy with my feelings. Aren’t you supposed to my uncle?, i trusted you, why did you have to do this to me?”he roused himself, and placed his head on the wall, trying to take a peek at her face.

He was still on oxygen, attached to a bank of machines that monitored his vital signs.

“Please listen to me dear, there’s a reasonable explanation for this, just give me a few minutes to bail myself out”gracious scoffed, and ruffled her hair, the tears were already prickling her eyes, she blinked them away.

Her whole life is a total lie, everything, was her name even “gracious“.

“I have nothing to say or hear from you ok, you’re a rapist, you raped mum, and made her suffer. Are you really human, that thing in your chest is made of metal am sure”ramon couldn’t utter a single word, everything she said was true, but did she just say rape.

His brows got scrunched up instantly…

“What do you mean by rape honey?, who told you such nonsense?, your mother and i mated on our own will, nothing was forced”gracious chuckled wickedly, out of the corner of her eyes, she saw a woman in scrubs approaching the room with a manila folder in her hand.

“He needs rest children, were you guys arguing?”dawn pegged her in her forties, a physician obviously.

She was small, with short pale brown hair, a broad forehead, thin lips, and deep lines on her face.

Her nose was a raw pink, as though she’d blown it a few times, since she’d applied her make-up.

“How long will he be in?”gracious crossed her hands, each below her pits.

“That depends on his progress, not as long as you’d think, his bones are weak as a result of his sickness”dawn’s eyes widened.

“Sickness?, what sickness?”she checked his chart, looking through the folders in her hand.

“Osteoporosis!!”dawn made a face, she was a bit confused.

The physician caught a hint of discomfort, and decided to explain further, without even being asked to.

“Its condition in which bones become weak and brittle.The body constantly absorbs and replaces bone tissue, but with osteoporosis, new bone creation doesn’t keep up with old bone removal”dawn placed a hand on her lip, to prevent a yell from escaping her lips.

“Treatments can help, but this condition can’t be cured”she added, which worsened the whole situation, he’d just been ratted out.

“Dad when were you planning on telling me uhnn?, aren’t i trustworthy enough?, am your daughter for fu**’s sake!”gracious stared at him once more, with resentment in her eyes, before making her way out of there.

She’s totally broken…

“I didn’t want you to be worried about me, you could have just gotten hurt, and i didn’t want that!”.

“That’s no excuse to hiding things from me, are you really who i think you are?, no, i can’t digest this”she stomped her feet on the floor, and shot him a quick glare, before making her way out too.

He stared at her faded figure, a tear streamed down his face.

“Please don’t leave me, you’re the only family i have, please!”he broke into tears, which was a rear thing for someone his “age“ to do.




“Yeah harder baby..”

“Please don’t have mercy…”

“F**k, you’re large, i love it baby…”

“I want to go to heaven, take me there!!!..”

Chelsea moaned, as she was being drilled from behind, his b*lls slapping her a** cheeks.

He pulled out, and sat on the closed toilet seats, gesturing for her to move closer.

She did as commanded, moved closer to him, and grabbed his d**k.

Without thinking twice, she buried it in her throat, sucking it like it was some sort of candy.

Billy gro*ned, and pushed her head deeper, he was already getting to climax.

“Urgh!!, suck the living day out of it, f**k”she increased her pace, and used her tongue to play with it in her mouth.

So delish…

“F**k”he gro*ned, as he bursted into her mouth, she swallowed it all in a go.

“You’re a–“the washroom doors were suddenly yanked open, and a loud thud was heard, as books came crashing to the ground.

“Gracious come back here!”shouted billy as gracious stormed out of the room in a furious rage.

Blinded with fury, and cursing underneath her breath, she didn’t see the figure walking towards her path.

“What was i thinking?, i can’t believe this!”she muttered, and bit her bottom lip, tears were already streaming down her face.

She did not look up until she collided with him, she was almost hitting the ground when strong arms caught her in time.

“I’m sorry”she whispered softly, trying to pick up the notebooks that flew off his hands, as a result of the great impact.

Simultaneously, ji-ho also bent to help her pick the books one after the other, and also apologized.

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A tear dripped on his hand, he paused, and realized she was sobbing.

“Gracious please listen to me!”they heard billy yell from behind, she quickly stood up, and looked into the eyes of the humorous humble frame.

The shocks came right back, she bowed shortly, and took to her heels.

Ji-ho didn’t understand what got him that way, he was a little worried, and was eager to find out the reason behind her tears.

He left his books behind, and went after her, she led him to her favourite spot in the garden.

By the looks of it, she’s…pretty hurt, like a damsel in distress.

She’s not smiling, her hands are shaking, her hair is disheveled

He decided to go cheer her up, before a teacher hears her, and she gets in trouble for skipping classes.

When he approached her, she started sobbing even louder.

Did he do something wrong?, he’s pretty sure that j**k was responsible.

He hadn’t really spoken to her, after the scene at the hospital.

She obviously didn’t look alright, but he wasn’t sure of what to say, so he asked.

“Are you okay?”she looked up at him, as if he’d asked a silly question.

Well, he guessed it was, but it was meant to be rhetorical, he didn’t want to push her into saying things she didn’t want to, or moving boundaries to pry for personal comfort.

“I should have listened to you, am sorry for not doing so, am sorry!”she buried her head on his chest, and cried her eyes out, he stretched his hands towards her, and patted her head.

He felt some sort of calmness, her company made him blissful.

“What they h**l is going on here?”gracious lifted her head, they both turned to see a fuming girlie.