A tale of music Episode 35 – 36




By; Cinderella A.πŸ₯€



Ji-ho rolled his eyes at her, they both rose to their feet, and stood, gazing intensely at her.

Subconsciously, gracious entwined her hands with ji-ho’s, there was a sudden warmth, it sent sparks to her spine.

His heat, and scent were starting to mess with her, at such a distance.

Amber frowned at the sight before her, and shot gracious a ki*ler glare, that made her shiver in fear.

“Why are you here, all alone with my boyfriend?, don’t you have manners or something?”ji-ho scoffed, then gently disentangled his arms from gracious’s, and gripped her waist, pulling her close.

Gracious froze in her spot, his cologne invaded her nostrils, it hit her so hard.

Amber’s thyroid was radiated, and she got the whole bulging eye thing, and had massive reconstruction on her eyes.

“The f**k is going on here?, what’s going on between you two?”gracious swallowed past the lump in her throat, her heart was pounding hard in her chest, was this finally the end of her.

Ji-ho twirled her around, and firmly pulled her body against his, holding her waist for support.

Without much thoughts, he claimed her lips, as if he were laying claim to her body, soul, and every part of her.

He savoured every bit of those sweet, stimulating lips, could got his lips all nectared.

She felt astounded, that she could get a teleportation device, and nobody would’ve known about it.

What was that feeling?, it was all so familiar, the tremendous sensation, like she’d done that before.

Meanwhile, a look of great bitterness swept across amber’s face.

Anger curled hot, and unstoppable in her gut, like a blazing inferno that wanted to burn her from the inside.

No!, this is impossible!…

Eventually, ji-ho broke the kiss after a while, he just couldn’t have enough of her lips.

Gracious’s mind was still in battles, and her hands were shaking, that happens when she’s nervous.

Amber made to pounce on her, but ji-ho stepped in in time, crossing his arms tightly, each under his pits.

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“Wasn’t that enough to prove to you how close we are?, she’s my girlfriend get it?. If you try messing with her again, just know you’re messing with me too!”amber swallowed hard, she’s never seen him in such a cruel state, what has the b*tch done to him.

“And me too, just scurry off out here, scram!!”they watched as november got a hold of amber’s hair, and pulled it forcefully.

Amber groaned in pain, and tried to fight her way out, but it was all in vain.

“Please just let her be, she’s learnt her lesson!”november rolled her eyes at her, and pulled amber’s hair a little bit more, before using her feet to push her to the ground.

She fell, and swallowed a bit of dirt…

“That’s were you belong b*tch, the dumpster!”amber bursted into tears, the shame was too much to handle, she stood up and ran out of there.

As soon as she left, both november and gracious bursted into a audible laughter.

Ji-ho stared at them with scrunched eye brows…

“Thanks for standing up for my friend, i really appreciate it!”gracious tried her possible best to not meet gazes with him, november stared at him l**tfully, he’s so adorable.

The air was getting thinner, and so uncomfortable, ji-ho cleared his throat to ease it.

“OMG, i nearly forgot the main reason why am here, ouch!! my bad!. We’re to assemble in the grand hall by 1pm this afternoon, the seniors from college will be joining us too. For the first time in forever, we’ll be meeting with the founder(proprietor) of hidden~ville”november squealed, she’s so excited, her whole shaky eyeballs proved it all.

November led the way holding gracious hand, while ji-ho had his hands sunk in the pockets of his cardie.

β˜† β˜… β˜†

They reached the hall half an hour before the scheduled time.

There were a few groups formed in the corridor…

πŸ‘₯OMG!, you’re looking fetching ji-ho oppa!

πŸ‘₯ He’s finally here, i can’t believe this!!

πŸ‘₯ Please have me right now, my pu**y is all for you!.

πŸ‘₯ Just give me a single night, that’s enough to unfold my thoughts.

πŸ‘₯ Urghh!!!, those lips, my legs are shaky at the thought of it on mine!.

One looked so very nervous, and tensed, like it was a matter of life and death for her.

The ringing of the bell that indicated that they should now enter the hall, is one of the most alarming noises that a student hears.

It sounds like a d*ath bell, ringing incessantly before we all surrender their selves.

The moment the bell rang, they all scurried into the hall, knowing that that was it, what they’ve been poundering on, their whole life.

Often, students sit on the chairs that line the walls while waiting for a class to start, but for now the hallway is nearly empty, and waiting for the ambush of students.

Three people strolled casually out of the room, and walked on the one foot by one foot.

The moment ji-ho stepped in, november and gracious by his side, it turned to a whole ruckus.

πŸ‘₯ This is hidden ville, not ugly ville, stay away from our ji-ho!.

πŸ‘₯ Who the h**l does she think she is, pfffft!

πŸ‘₯ Urghhh, the mere sight of her pisses me off, how can someone be so ugly?!.

πŸ‘₯ Please get better clothes next time, you look just like the beggar i came across with in the streets, maybe you guys are related!.

Gracious covered her face in total embarrasment, her face was all crinkled, and puckered like a withered apple.

“Is that the right words to describe a person like you?, you’ll should be ashamed of yourselves!”everyone gasped, they blinked continuously, was this some sort of dream.

A young girl strode in through the door that was left ajar, with her mates behind her, their mouths went slack.

She had brown hair about two inches long, and had it styled in a casual ponytail.

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Her facial features were well formed, having a strong line about her jaw, and thick eyebrows.

The air was filled with a sweet aroma, as the seniors walked in.

The perfume was strong, and people choked and turned their heads when they walked past them.

πŸ‘₯ Who is who?, am confused right now!

πŸ‘₯ There are two of her?, OMG, double trouble!

πŸ‘₯ Someone should please pinch me, i think am hallucinating, i am right?.

πŸ‘₯ Huh?, she’s got a twin?, and she’s a senior?.

πŸ‘₯ Holy crap, this is so not good!.

Murmurs, mumbles, chattering, filled the whole room entirely….

November wasn’t used to it, so she fainted once again, but this time around, it was just an act.

She loves drama…

Ji-ho stood with crossed hands, more and more secrets were about to get revealed.

The sound of noisy boots, coming down the hallway alerts the whole student.

Girls leaning against the walls, and sitting in the chairs in the hallway, stare at the door as four men walked in.

They all took their seats instantly, the seniors, november and gracious were no exemptions.

Very soon, the chaos-filled room turned completely silent, but the chaos in their minds still remained.

Both the principal, the proprietor, and his body guards walked in all dressed in black.

They went up on stage, but the bodyguards stayed behind, leaning on the wall.

“Ugh, ugh, uh, uh”the principal cleared his throat in his usual manner, then he began.

“Am sure most of you will be wondering why we had to hold this little get together, well wait no longer, the answer to your questions is right here, before your eyes!!”he scooted away from the microphone, and the proprietor took his spot.

He removed his plain bifocal pair of glasses, and looked straight in the direction of the twins, as if he was trying to be sure who they were.

Gracious eyes widened, all her questions needed to be answered, else she’d have gone nu*s.

“Good afternoon students, i’ll start by introducing myself, cause y’all look dumbfounded. My name is Ramon Williams, and am the founder of this great establishment!”both dawn and gracious shook in their seats, they didn’t understand what had gotten over their dad, why the secrets.

πŸ‘₯ Wow he’s so young!

πŸ‘₯ This is the best day of my life, i wonder if he has kids!.

Some lecturers even joined in, in the almost uncontrollable murmurings…

“Quiet down kids, am not done speaking!. Am here to clerify all the murmurs that has been flooding on the net. Throw a question to me, and i’ll answer instantly.”he paused, and scanned the room once more, like a machine.

“Do you have kids?”a brunette asked, and the murmurs increased.

He cleared his throat…

“Yes, two to be precise!.They are both here right now, dawn and gracious williams!”gracious frowned deeply, amber nearly had an he*rt attack.

No!, this is so no happening, the total nobody is a somebody?.

“Quiet down kids, that’s not all, there’s a single thing left!. There’s going to be a talent show in two weeks, students with special talents(singing, dancing,etc.), must sign in for it. The winners(a male and female) will be taken on tour, and we’ll further their career!”november smiled brightly, her friend was so going to win this, that’s a fact!.

“That’s all for now, thanks for your time!”he gave his children a quick glance, before walking out of the room, in company of his bodyguards, and the principal.




“Ouch!!”she fell to the ground, placing a hand on her throbbing head.

Her vision was getting blurry, and she found it hard to see.

Images, of people, appeared in her head, her mind was in battles.

“Devon!, please help!”her bedroom door flew open instantly, he crouched, and picked her up in a bridal style.

He placed her on the bed, and rushed into the washroom, to get a towel soaked in warm water.

“What happened?, are you hurt?”she shook her head, and took in her bottom lip, tears were streaming down her face.

He placed a hand on her temples, she was really heating up.

“Am..b..e..r!, w.h..o’s s..h..e..?”she stammered, and his brows got scrunched up.

He’s never heard that name before, maybe she was a relative of something!.

“Thanks for getting here in time, thanks!”he stared down at her lips, then mentally slapped himself, before staring back at her face.

She looked so innocent, watching her suffer made his heart ache so badly.

“You’ll never leave me right?, you’ll be my super man!”he chuckled, and stroked her chubby cheeks, she was just so perfect.

Her ocean eyes, well fixed nose, blood colored lips, everything about her deserved compliments.

“Is something wrong?, you seem lost!”he faked a smile, and looked in the direction of the door, her eyes make him say silly things.

“Am fine, just wanna get back to what am doing, but worried that something might happen in my absence!”she placed her tiny hands on his, he flinched at her innocent touch.

“Please look at me, are you m*d at me or something?”he eased exasperatedly, and shifted his gaze to her direction.

He stared at her keenly, almost getting lost in her eyes.

“Am trying to fight back how i feel, please don’t make things worse!”with that, he placed a light kiss on her temples, and walked out of the room, shutting it behind him.

“Huh?”amanda rubbed her cheeks, and stared at the door, she’s so confused.




“Lemme guess, you’re here to have dinner like last night!”november face turned tomatoes, gracious gestured her to go in, and she shut the door behind her.

She’d just returned from the restaurant, still trying to get her things together, when she got interrupted by a knock.

“You’ll help with the cooking this time around ok, don’t you dare oblige!”gracious smiled briefly, picking up her backpack from the couch.

She’d placed it there as soon as she arrived back home!…

November cursed under her breath, pouting like a little kid.

If there’s anything she detests, it’s helping out in the kitchen, that’s the help work, not hers.

“Once you’re done grumbling, can you come meet me upstairs, silly!”gracious chuckled loudly, teasing her lazy friend intentionally.

She’d just reached the first stair, when she heard a knock at the door.

“Hehehe, seems everyone’s here to have dinner, am i that popular?”november opened the door, and came face to face with a β€œmailβ€œ man.

“Are you gracious sany-ulu-?”november bursted into laughter, everyone found it hard to pronounce her first name.

“Who’s it?”gracious stood, with hands akimbo.

He gestured to a few files, she placed her signature, and he handed her a white envelope.

She stared at it in confusion….

“Hmmmmmn, i think you’ve got a secret admirer, read it!, read it!”gracious rolled her eyes at her, and did as told.

She recognized the hand writing on the sheets instantly, she read it all, her eyes widened.

November stared intently at her, and asked what the matter was.

“My mum’s d*ad!, she’s gone!!”she bursted into tears, the paper slipped off her hands.