A Tale Of Music

A tale of music Episode 37 – 38




By; Cinderella A.🥀

**✿❀ ❀✿**

✰[Goodbye’s the saddest word!!!…]✰

“››My dearest, the first thing i want you to know is this, i will always, always, love you. A world where you exist, and my love no longer would, is an oxymoron. It’s impossible. I love you too much. Whatever d£ath turns out to be, i don’t accept that it would mean that i would no longer love you. You must be hurt now, i know it’s hard to lose someone you love. I wish i could make it easier for you, but that’s what love does to you, it makes you vulnerable. It makes you lose a part of yourself when someone whom you love dies, and the hard part is that you just have to live through it. The good part is that you are stronger than you know. You will be all right, i have no doubt of that. Not immediately, maybe not for a while, but believe me: you will. Don’t feel ashamed of sharing your sorrows with a good friend, they are the ones who often make life worthwhile even at the darkest moments. What am about to tell you will sound strange to your hears, but firstly you’ll have to promise to not be mad at me, please grace. I lied ok, your dad never rap£d me, it wasn’t his intention to abandon you, it was all his parents fault. They forced him into marrying someone else, and to make things fair, we had to split you guys. Am sure you must have met your replica, your other half, please love her so much. Am sorry for hiding such a serious thing from you, i was hurt, devasted that my first love would be getting married to someone else. And about my d£ath, i’ve been battling with breast cancer for the past two years, there was no solution to my problem cause it had erupted. Don’t hesitate to admit what you don’t know. Being vulnerable is often your contact surface to what’s most precious in life.Try to trust in people, in life, in yourself, and especially your father, he’s innocent of everything. Take the time to do things that make you happy.Always add enough saffron to the Christmas bun, no less than one gram per half a litre of milk, and always use real butter to make a paskha, lol. And remember that I will live on in you.You have my eyes, you have my smile, and when you look at the world you see treasures and glimmering things, just like I did. You have music in your fingertips and wind in your steps, and you know how to love and how to be loved. What could be more important?. Thank you, my child, for making my life so full, so true, and so beautiful.There’s so much i’d like to say about that that no words can possibly convey what i feel. I hope i have managed to express how amazing you are, along the way, during all those years that we had together.You made me more happy than i could have ever asked., i will love you always. Always, goodbye my greatest joy, i’ll be watching you from above!!‹‹”those were the words the letter read, gracious heart got shattered completely, it felt like her whole world was tumbling right before her eyes.

“There’s something else, i think it’s a necklace!”november pulled it out of the paper bag, and handed it over to gracious almost immediately.

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She stared at it for a while…

A short note was boldly written on the side, “ as long as you have this on, i’ll always be in your heart!!“.

Gracious put it on instantly, and bursted into tears, something she does always!.

“Everything is going to be okay, please don’t cry!”november tried consoling her, but her sobs grew louder for her to contain.

The sound of her ringing phone tore through the air, november accepted the call immediately, without even taking a look at the callers ID.

“This isn’t a good time, you’ll have to call back later!”there was a bit of silence at the other end, before a whiskey soaked voice was heard.

“Gracious it’s me, we really need to talk, am sure you received a letter from your mum too.”gracious snatched the phone at the sound of that, and eased a sigh, before placing it on her ears.

He cleared his throat…

“You must be hurt right now, i know it’s hard to believe, but it’s the whole truth. Please don’t push me away, am your father, i need to be closer to you. I’ll help with everything, her body will be sent to the states today, and we can hold the funeral tomorrow, around 3pm!”she sniffed in her tears, she could do that, she could handle it.

“Thanks”she replied plainly, before hanging up.

She picked up her backpack, and ran upstairs, leaving november to herself.

“Hey, wait up!”she ran after her too, just to make sure she doesn’t do anything ¢razy.



👥 What the h**k?

👥 Someone should tell me am dreaming, oppa why?.

👥 Ji-yoo!, you’re–, sob!

👥 Totally gross, it’s making me sick!.

👥 Gosh, aren’t they even ashamed of themselves?.

Murmurs filled the school compound, as ji-yoo and aiden stepped out of their vehicle, holding hands and smooching too.

People had suspected a thing or two, but they never imagined it could be that awful.

“OMG, i can’t believe my ears, my brother is gay?”gracious turned to her with scrunched eye brows, she never knew she had a brother in the institution.

Beautiful wednesday morning, the sky is clear and the summer rays have begun to warm up the day.

Their everyday morning walk to school began with the aroma of fresh cut grass, and the sound of birds chirping.

Their walk to the high school, they always see the same familiar faces.

It was always filled with laughter, and gossip and weekend plans.

November had been always so witty, which made their walk a bit more entertaining.

The high school was at least 10 blocks away, there were a few landmarks that they went by tastee freeze, which was really popular and always full of people doing different activities.

“Tastee Freeze“ was a small place that school desserts and food, it was also a known hangout for high school kids.

But today it was totally different, november was devastated, and really hurt.

“Hey sissy!”he caught up to them, and decided to share the good news, but november’s hurtful gaze murd£red his courage.

She folded her hands, each below her pits…

“When were you planning on telling me uhnnn?, the family, everyone believed you had a girlfriend”aiden pinched his brows, and ruffled her hair playfully, he so loves doing that.

November slapped his hands off, and frowned…

“Am being serious right now, tell me!”she gripped the elm of his shirt, and pulled him closer to her, so close she could feel his breath fan her face.

Aiden wiggled her hands off, and faked a smile.

“Well, now you know, you happy?”he entwined his hands with ji-yoo’s, who had been standing mute the whole time.

“Bye, see you in class!”they walked away, november stumped her feet on the floor.

She detests lies, and secrets, it makes her have the urge to puke.




The funeral was sweet sorrow, for in those moments of raw pain, when it feels as if the loving self screams in silent anguish, there are the memories of loved ones.

Everything felt different, and nothing felt remotely real.

Preparing a funeral for someone you thought would always be around is insanely eerie.

Seeing everyone dressed in black was actually pretty daunting and depressing, but that was the most appropriate attire for the occasion.

During the ceremony, gracious was inexpressive.

As this was her first fun*ral, she did not want to overdo it, so she opted to not show any sentiments, despite the sadness of the occasion she had no idea what would take place at a fun*ral.

She could vividly hear dawn, and her dad continuously let out cries in the distance, which only made the environment even more overwhelming.

She refused to allow any tears to be released from her eyes onto her cheeks.

A few mates from school, had special seats in the first three rows, from oldest to the youngest.

They were all invited to the ceremony, no one declined, cause they knew of the proprietors presence.

Sadly, amber was only there because of ji-ho, she still had hope of getting in back.

The seating arrangement began with ji-ho, ji-hu, ji-yoo, amber, galaxy, november, and was completed with gracious.

She was unaware of the typical duration of funerals, but she assumed it was normal for funerals to go on and on, especially in this case.

However, she could easily tell either dawn, nor her dad wanted the service to end, as that was the last time they would ever lay eyes on their mother.

Songs that usually lasted three minutes, took about ten minutes to complete.

Everyone wanted the opportunity to say their last words, and express their love and gratitude for gracious’s mother, even though they’d never met her when she was alive.

Before the service concluded, the Priest emphasized how it is natural to feel down at a time like that, how one’s heart could be throbbing in pain.

Placing of the body of the d£ceased in the grave was something really painful to watch, they had completed the whole thing before she could even open her eyes.

She rose to her feet, november watched but decided not to go with, she knew it was time to say her final goodbyes.

Gracious knelt before her mother’s grave, and noticed something right in front of her.

What here came her to see…. the casket…

Good grief it was an open casket….

Apparently she would be able to see her mother one last time.

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On each side of the casket, sat two large candles, lit brightly.

Both were, of course, red in color….

Above the casket were the roses brought from the house.

She closed her eyes, and before she knew it, she was in the music realm.

🎼 Mamma you gave life to me, turned a baby into a lady.

🎼 And, mamma all you had to offer was the promise of a lifetime of love.

🎼 Now i know, there is no other Love like a mother’s love for her child.

🎼 And i know a love so complete someday must leave, must say, “goodbye“.

🎼 Goodbye’s the saddest word i’ll ever hear, goodbye’s the last time i will hold you near.

🎼 Someday you’ll say that word, and i will cry, it’ll break my heart to hear you say, “goodbye“.

🎼 Mamma you gave love to me, turned a young one into a woman.

🎼 And, mamma all i ever needed was a guarantee of you loving me.

🎼 ‘Cause I know, there is no other Love like a mother’s love for her child.

🎼 And it hurts so that something so strong, someday will be gone, must say “goodbye“.

🎼 Goodbye’s the saddest word i’ll ever hear, goodbye’s the last time i will hold you near.

🎼 Someday you’ll say that word, and i will cry it’ll break my heart to hear you say, “goodbye“.

🎼 But the love you gave will always live, you’ll always be there every time i fall.

🎼 You are to me the greatest love of all, you take my weakness, and you make me strong.

🎼 And i will always love you till forever comes, and when you need me i’ll be there for you, always i’ll be there, your whole life through i’ll be there, this i promise you.

🎼 Mamma i’ll be your beacon through the darkest nights, i’ll be the wings that guide your broken flight, i’ll be your shelter through the raging storm.

🎼 And I will love you till forever comes.

🎼 Goodbye’s the saddest word i’ll ever hear, goodbye’s the last time i will hold you near.

🎼 Someday you’ll say that word, and i will cry, it’ll break my heart to hear you say, “goodbye“.

🎼 Till we meet again, until then “Goodbye“.

An instance of enthusiastic applause, and cheering by the audience member, filled the air.

👥 Gracious has such a beautiful voice!.

👥 OMG, that was so emotional, am literally shedding tears!.

👥 I never wish to be in her shoes, this is so painful!

👥 I think we’ve got ourselves a “winner“, gracious!, gracious!.

Amber scoffed…

“Hey, am sorry for arriving late!”A guy’s voice said.

Ji-ho looked up to see who it was, and immediately furry boiled over inside him.

“You!”ji-ho shouted, attacking the guy, and pinning him down on the ground.

“Help! Help!”the guy shouted, trying to escape ji-ho’s hold.

“Why are you even here?, you’ve got the nerves you know, to show your st*pid face here!”he kicked his belly with his boot, and let him go, he crashed to the ground yet again.

“Get out!”billy wasted no time, he scurried off, like the c*ward he was.

“Please no fig*ting, i beg of you!”without thinking, he pulled her into a tight embrace, everyone presence gasped.

Amber almost lost it, but she managed to keep her cool, she wouldn’t want to make another mistake.

“Am here for you ok!”she nodded, and tightened the hug.




With a gentle breeze blowing through her hair, with complete silence around her, gracious munched on a bowl of popcorn, as she stared at the necklace her mother gifted to her.

It had only been a week, but it felt like yesterday, her whole life suddenly changed.

“I knew i’d find you here!”he took a spot beside her on the wooden bench, and flickered his gaze to the clear cloud, the moment was serene.

Gracious switched her gaze to him, and when their eyes met, she looked away, her cheeks burning red.

Ji-ho took in deep breaths, and mentally encouraged himself, before making to speak up.

“Gracious?”she turned to him with raised brows, he looked “too“ serious.

“Huh?”he cupped her cheek in his hands, and stroked it slowly, reminiscing about their first encounter.

“There’s something have been meaning to tell you ok, it might sound cr*zy, but please don’t get mad at me!”she chuckled, and stared down at her feet, before giving him the go ahead.

“So we’ve been hanging out for a little while, and i’m starting to have feelings for you. Would you like to be my girlfriend?”she widened her eyes, then narrowed them in an attempt to focus.


TWO more chapters to GO..🥺

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