A Walk Into The Past

A walk into the past episode 10 – 11



Thank you!!” He suddenly mustered to say his face looked all greasy and oily.

His eyes were all blood red, but within he felt so light and relived, he couldn’t just remember the last time he felt light within. A problem shared throughly is half solved.

He looked at her with an unhidden gratefulness and felt uncomfortable on how to address her, since he barely was the type to show his emotions . Noticing how uneasy he was, Sharon smiled and pulled gently pulled away from him.

“Seems I was a little careless.” He said looking away.

” No actually it’s nothing. Don’t say that, everyone has their weak moments and you are no different. Have you seen me cry? I cry like a baby, like I’m literally a cry baby. So it’s very normal dear.”

Richard nodded at her but didn’t say anything to reply her. They both exchanged contacts and went their different ways. And actually that was a new start to whole new world for Richard.

As he tried to keep positive and not allow what he felt he was to worry him. Sharon also was of help, she bought him motivational books and also supported him fully, she was literally always there for him.

They both spoke at length on phone and discussed quite frequently in class. He started finding a new meaning to life. Also was his new found friends, since they stayed at the boys hostel the three of them always hanged out almost evening. Their friendship deepened as the days progressed.

Richard sat in his room lost in thought. He would turn from time to time looking at his phone, he was expecting Sharon’s call.

“This new way of life actually is so blissful. I hope this feeling would last for life. No worries and all. Sharon really is a nice girl. She really is a Godsend. But why actually is she helping me out? Why? I have almost become so lazy to cook because she brings food constantly for me. Omo!”

He said looking at the roof, his eyes reflecting and quite bright. Just then his phone rang and he made haste to pick the call up.


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He said looking at the roof, his eyes reflecting and quite bright. Just then his phone rang and he made haste to pick the call up.

A smile could be seen ached across his face when he saw who the caller really was. He couldn’t help but be a little bit excited. May he be buttered and sugared for consumption if it wasn’t Sharon. Their closeness had been on for three months now and they really were very good.


dear, how are you doing?”
He asked her.

” I’m doing fine just a bit tired. I have been so stressed! Omo! They want to kill somebody’s daughter in this school.”

She said quite pitifully and sounding stressed out.

“Sorry Dear, so that means we won’t be seeing today right?”
He said looking disappointed. And he didn’t bother to hide the annoyance, Sharon could be heard giggling and chuckling through the phone, as he made known his annoyance.


we can see, unless you would come over to my place, because I’m tired, I can’t enter school now to be honest.”

” Ehhh! Your lodge?”
Richard said, as if he didn’t hear her, acting clearly shocked.”

” My lodge of course, or is there anything wrong with you coming?”
She said sounding surprised, by his reaction. Richard who’s mind had already gone places in just a breath of time, immediately realized that he was over reacting.

“Ermmm! Noom.. actually no… Nothing is wrong with that, ok how do I get there?”

He asked and she gave him the description, and he started getting ready.

Richard who was dressed in a black denim Jean trouser and a blue polo, with Snickers to match, could be seen walking towards Sharon’s lodge. On his way his mind was just whirling round filled with myriads of thoughts. He had never stayed alone with a female in a room, since he started having an idea of the relationship between a boy and a girl. And he really was nervous. What if something happens as we are inside there? What if she starts something funny would he resist her? And this was something he couldn’t answer, he couldn’t tell what his reaction would be if something creeps up. He would only know if it starts..

Richard on his own wasn’t a fan of s£x after marriage, he believes he would have to know if they really are s£xually compatible before any step to marriage can really be taken, since his s£xual life really matters to him. Marriage is a life time commitment, and ons wrong move can make it all go wrong. Like marrying someone who really has this lukewarm attitude to s£x and hardly responds to s£x, more like a log of wood.


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