Through My Eyes

A wife for my son episode 28



✍️✍️ Sharon obasi ✍️✍️

*Three days gone*

“David can I come with you?”Diana asked walking towards his car.

“No baby, I will be fine,I will take care of this”he replied taking her hand,he planted a k-ss on her palm and smiled at her.

It’s late on Saturday evening when he received an emergency call about the lady who drugged him and took his files.

“I know but… I…. you sure you will be fine?”she asked as her eyes watered,she placed her head on his chest.

“I promise”he said burying his face on her hair,it felt good to just feel and breath in the delicious sweet smell.

She freed herself from him and moved towards the gate.

“I will open the gate for you”she laughed and added”that’s the importance of Peter!”

He smiled at her and got into his car.
He drove out when the gates where widely open,she waved at him and closed the gates.

She went back inside and not knowing what to do to pass time,she decided to clean the house.


“What could have killed her?”David asked still shocked at the pale white skinned lady he’s looking at,if not that he recognized her face,he wouldn’t believe that it’s the lady he spent a half day with,full fleshed and smily faced pretty lady,too different to be the lady he’s looking at but the face is just the same though he can’t say it’s smily,dead body doesn’t smile.

“What could have happened to her?”David sighed and covered the lady’s corpse.

He followed the doctor to his office,the doctor replied when he’s certain they are settled down.

“She wasn’t shot as it’s meant to look like, she’s killed through strangulation and the shot happened afterwards,that’s to say they tried playing smart,they dumped her body on a bad corner to make it look like some bad guys probably criminals shot her.

“How did you know that?”David questioned looking intently at the doctor.

“I ran an autopsy on her body, and there was no finger prints found anywhere around her body or the place her corpse was found,… to speak, whosoever murdered her is a professional”the doctor explained.

“This… kind of looks like someone I know”David said thoughtfully.

“Or a business rival”the doctor added tapping the tip of a pen rhythmically on his office desk.

“And I think she was used”

“And murdered when they found out that the cops are after her with the use of her finger prints especially,so she won’t be traced to them”the doctor said standing up.

David stood as well.
“Well… thanks for your help doctor Fred,I owe you alot …I mean how would I go about all this findings if not for you, thank you very much”he appreciated the doctor.

“You are always welcome,I’m the one who really owes you”doctor Fred said as they shook hands.

David managed a heavy smile as he took his leave.

David smiled when he hitted his car horn,Diana is his source of happiness and joy.
He can’t wait to take her into his arms again and feel her shiver in pleasure,that’s what he’s sure only him can do to her.
He could remember vividly well what she did to him on the pool just three days ago .
They have made love everywhere around his compound,he loved every bit of it.

All he wants now is to visit the family that raised his darling.
She doesn’t seem to talk anything about her family to him and Maggie had only told him that she will take him to see Diana’s parents when he’s ready .
Now, he’s ready, even if he looses the company and every other thing,he won’t loose her for any reason.
She’s his life, and she’s the best woman any man with common sense won’t let go.
She’s his super woman.very strong.very brave.

He will pull the trigger at her command and fight for her, he’s ready to go against the world just to be with her.

He drove in slowly when the gate opened.

He was surprised to see Peter at the gate.
He came down and walked towards him.

“Welcome sir”Peter said.

“How are you?”David asked.

“Am fine sir”

“When did you come back? and why?”

“I’m done at home…. I mean, I have seen my wife and new born baby they are very healthy thanks to God,they are been taken care of by my Mom and I gave them enough money that will serve them until the next time I visit them so I don’t see any reason why I should stay with them for too long”Peter explained.

David listened patiently then replied when he’s done talking.

“Wow!… I actually thought you would stay with them for a long time, anyways am glad you are here,if you are sure they will be alright,then”he shrugged and turned to go inside.

“Thank you sir!”Peter said to him and went into his quarter.

David left his fingers hanging when he thought of what to do.
Diana had thought she wouldn’t come back early right?
He’s going to surprise her.
All he has to do is open the door if it’s open and walk quietly to wherever she is and scare the leaving hell out of her,then take her lips and k-ss her breathless.

“Nice idea”he whispered to himself and thought again,she must have heard his car drive in and his voice outside.

He shaked it off and turned the door knob,the door opened slowly and he went quietly inside.

He didn’t see her in the living room, neither was she in the kitchen,he heard no noise in the bathroom so he went upstairs quietly to her room.

He moved closer to her bathroom and stopped when he heard her voice.
He wanted to open the door but stopped when he got a glimpse of what she was saying.

“See…Mel,you chose to be with her and even hid it from me,why are you calling me?!!”her voice was heavy with anger as it traveled past him.

She went dead silent and David felt that it’s probably not what he’s thinking, the voice from the other end is a male voice though he can’t quite single out any word he’s saying,so he waited.

“Melvin listen!… I never loved you!,what we shared was nothing,it means nothing to me!!,we f-cked countless times,it holds no barge on me,and you better not think of doing anything stupid to David,he knows nothing about this!….and I am not in anyway married to him,all these is going to end this holiday,just leave him out of this,it’s between us!!!”Diana’s voice was harsh as she shouted her commands to whoever is across the line.

David couldn’t believe what he’s hearing,he thought it was all a dream,he will probably wake up very soon, maybe sooner than he thinks.

He stumped backwards as he lost his temper.
He kicked the bathroom door with all his strength and it fell loosely open,Diana stood frozen with eyes wide open,her phone fell off her already shaking hand.

She shaked her head mindlessly in effort to stop his mind from wandering.

“Tell me it’s not what am thinking”his voice choked,his eyes turned red.

Diana had thought she had seen David angry before,but today…right that moment,she saw an angry tiger, talking became hard for her,tears ran down her cheeks as she went down on her knees.

“Talk to me now!!”he barked pointing hard at her face,she could only shake her head like a lizard.

“David….it’s not what you think,I…. I will explain”she didn’t know what or where to start explaining the situation to his angry face.

David turned and hitted the wall violently shaking the bathroom door.
Diana sprang up and walked backwards till her back went against the wall.She covered her mouth with her hands and choked in air.

“What do you know that am thinking?!…huh!..tell me!!… talk!!!”he grabbed her blouse and jerked her hard against the wall,she shrieked

“D…. David,you are hurting me!”she couldn’t help shouting as his nail digged a h0le on her neck.

“What do I care!”he shouted and released her sharply.

He lunged towards the door and slammed the door behind him.
Diana fell limbly on the bathroom floor and wept her soul out.

She have been meaning to tell him,she had said she would tell him when it’s due so he won’t feel hurted and she won’t feel too guilty,she never imagined that he would find out this way,and she believes he didn’t hear it all which means he will definitely think it another way,he will surely get the worst impression from her words.
Gosh!,Diana what have you done?!

“I shouldn’t have accepted to do this”she lamented as tears flowed down her cheeks.

Well,it’s over,she knows but she needs to explain everything to him to avoid misunderstanding and she really needs to pay someone handsomely for making her go through this pains.

It was with sheer force of will that she managed to stand up to go look for him, to tell him everything, at least so he wouldn’t blame his mother, she’s doing exactly what a mother should do to make her child happy, neither of them knew it was going to get this long,nor did they know that it will turn out the way it is now.

If Diana should turn back the little hands of time,she wouldn’t have gotten herself into this mess.
He is nowhere around the house,she met Peter standing outside his quarter with hands on his wa-ist as he looked at the gate,it is widely open.

“Why did you open the gate for him?!”she shouted at the innocent man,he seemed surprised as he threw his hands up helplessly.

“I… I wasn’t the one that opened it,I mean… I heard noises and came out to see that he already opened it and drove out with the kind of speed any normal person would to God knows where,Is there anything wrong with him or is it about his stolen files again?!”Peter tried finding out.

Diana wanted to ignore the question but she couldn’t help asking him;
“How did you know about the missing file?”
A second mind told her that David might have talked to him about it but if she knows David well,he isn’t the kind that will tell just anyone about his problem.

He scratched his head and lowered his gaze.
“I heard it when you guys were talking inside”

Something is wrong somewhere,Diana noticed,why would he be eavesdropping on his boss or any of their private conversation,now she thought of how many of their discussion that’s just between her and David,she will find out soon,this very one is not going to fade or slid off,she won’t allow that.

“Well,it’s fine, I will go and look for him”she said avoiding telling him if it’s about the file or not that he’s behaving like that.

“Ah… you know that’s not possible,how can you go out this late in the night to look for him?,I mean he’s a man, and remember he will hold me responsible if anything should happen to you!”Peter said already going to close the gate.

If only you know what I did to him,you wouldn’t say that he will hold you responsible,she thought.
“If you think so,then let’s go together”she managed walking past him,he didn’t know what else to say,he simply closed the gates quickly and rushed after her.

“Where do you think he will be?,is it not ……”

“He’s going to his family house,am sure of that”
She jumped in.

“Okay….then….let’s use one of his cars ”

Diana gave him a side look.
“Do you know where he keeps the keys?”

She saw the surprise look on his face and knew what he will say next.

“No, but I thought you should know…I mean you are his…..”

“Don’t worry, I have got money,and am sure there’s still taxi by this time,it’s not all that late”she said simply.
He only knodded as they stood on the road side to pick a cab.

“Mom!…how could you?!!”David shouted at his mother, Maggie was perplexed at her son’s behavior,she haven’t seen that face since she gave birth to him,not until now as he threw his car key on the chair she’s sitted beside the pool,her legs crossed as she enjoyed the cool night air with a glass of white wine.

“What’s wrong son?”She asked standing up to go hold him but he brushed her hands away.

She had been smiling when he’s driving in, happy that David is coming to check on them probably with Diana,too glad to notice his angry moves towards her until now.

“Don’t you dare ask me what’s wrong!, You know what the f-ck is wrong!!”he fused pointing at her face, Maggie pushed his finger away from her face getting angry at how he’s throwing words at her without remorse, she’s still confused.

“Don’t you dare talk to me like that!…if not for anything I am your mother and I deserve some respect!!”

“You know I don’t freaking care what you think right now!!…”
Maggie gave him a hot slap on his left cheek,he looked at her with devious eyes.

“Now I hope you will calm down and talk to me or get lost!”she pointed towards the gate.

“David?…Mom?..what’s going on here?!”Tricia came in puzzled behind Maggie.


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