A Wish

A wish episode 20

🌼A Wish🌼
Written by Divine Peter

Chapter 20

“Um Xavier.” I knocked on the hard wooden door. “May i come in?”

“Yes princess, you dont need to ask me.” I opened the door and stepped inside, closing it behind me. Xavier was seated on his study table that was beside his bed. He had his glasses on and his eyes were fixed on a notebook. Three other books were beside the notebook he’s been reading.

I dropped down on his bed, turning to stare at him. “Studying for exams?”

“Yes.” He sighed. I took a closer look at him, his eyes were slenderly red, face tightened, stress lines on his forehead. He looked exhausted.

“You need to stop stressing yourself out Xavier.” I told him. “Just because exams are around the corner, doesn’t mean you should over work yourself.”

Xavier took in a deep breath and released it. “I’m not stressing myself out Brielle, i just want to study.” Is he really serious? If someone cant take a closer look at him, they’ll think that he’s a workalholic.

“That’s what am trying to say!” I insisted. “You barely have enough sleep! You only eat breakfast and lunch! And i dont always see you out of your room. The only place i see you is either in your room or the library!”

Xavier rubbed his forehead, his eyes tightly shut together. “Please dont shout Brielle, you’re giving me a headache.”

“And what do you think is the cause of that headache.” I snapped. “Its you! You’re overworking yourself.”

“Brielle.” Xavier tone was stern. “I’m studying for the exams. Dont you think you should also be studying instead of coming her to bother me?”

My eyes widened at his words. “Did you just say that am bothering you?”

“Yes Brielle.” He said, pinching the bridge of his nose. “I’m trying to study really hard so that my grades will be excellent. I need good grades to get into college, that’s why am studying and your blabbing isn’t helping me one bit.”

I looked away so that he wont see the tears brimming my eyes. “I’ll be in my room and let you study in peace cause i dont want to be a bother.”

I heard him let out a cheesed off sigh. “I’m not saying you’re a bother Brielle, i just want to study and i think you should also be doing the same.”

“I’m also studying.” I said in a subdued tone. “But am not overworking myself because of it.”

“Look Brielle.” I blinked back my tears and used my sleeve to wipe remaining drops of tears off my eyes, turning to face Xavier. “You’re still in junior year so please dont talk like its going to be a random exam. This exam will determine whether i will be going to college, so i need excellent grades to achieve it.”

“If you say so.” I stood up, refusing to look at Xavier when i felt his intense gaze on me. “I’m just worried about you health but clearly you’re too stubborn to adhere.” I walked out of his room before he could say anything else, rounding the corner to my room and opening the door before i stepped inside the room. I slipped in my phone in my pocket jeans and grabbed my denim jacket, putting it on.

I went downstairs to the living room and opened the front door. I jogged to the gate and carefully opened it before stepping outside. As i walked down to the road i recalled mine and Xavier’s earlier conversation. I had my first k-ss with Xavier, he’s my first boyfriend and now i just had my first fight with him. It really hurt me when he said i was bothering him. I’m just worried about him cause i hate seeing him so worked out all because he want to study for the exams. We barely even sit down to cuddle while watching netflix or go on a date, all because he wants to study. I might sound a little selfish and bratty but i just miss Xavier and am also worried about him cause he hardly eat food and get enough sleep. I’ve read stories about most couples first fight and sometimes it doesn’t end well. They might end up breaking up or just stay away from each other for some time. What if Xavier thinks am a distraction to his studies and just break up with me? I dont think i can handle it cause i love Xavier. I’m in love with Xavier and am really scared of that. What do i know about love? Sure, i’ve read love stories and have always wished to find a love of my own. But is it okay for a 16-17 girl to fall in love? Do i really love Xavier? What if Xavier isn’t the type that believes in love? Well i guess for now, i’ll just stick to the ‘i like you’ stage even when i love Xavier. I dont know if i really love Xavier or if i dont. What did i see in him? Was it his handsomeness? Or was it his strong-willed self?

I admired the way he cares about Damon and Alex and will do anything for them. Xavier was the boy who saved me from my bullies and stepdad, he saved me when i was almost s€×ually assaulted, he was the one who believed and understood me, he saw me as a survivor despite my horrible past, he didn’t look at me with disgust or pity. He looked at me with nothing but admiration, he didn’t made me feel uncomfortable or insecure, he protected me and i always feel safe when am around him.

When i realised i was falling for Xavier, the simple gestures from him was enough to pull out my heartstrings. His smile, his laugh, his hugs, his k-sses and so much more. I cant believe this, am in love with Xavier Hill.

Back in Liam’s house, my plan for the future was to gather or save enough money, leave the city and search for my real parents. I had told myself that if my real parents were dead, i will get a job, attend a public school, then after highschool i will apply for college. What i had thought and imagined was that i will maybe see a boy who will love and protect me. My plans was to focus on my studies and maybe start a YouTube channel cause i love singing, that way i will open an account and save enough money to pursue my career. I never told Xavier, Damon, Ava and Alex that i love singing. Xavier must have thought it was just a random thing that i do to stay calm when i had sang for him on our date. But no, the first time i started singing was when i was nine. I sang for Liam and he told me that i sounded like a dying frog. Of course that had brought tear to my naive nine year old self. A lady who was passing by in the park heard me singing and told me that i have a beautiful and angelic voice. After that i never gave up on singing.

I stepped over a medium pit h0le filled with dirt and grasses and continue to walk forward. I dont even know where i should go but i didn’t stop walking. Right now i just need to be alone in a quiet place and the park is definitely not quiet when little kids are shouting, running and playing around. I stopped right in front of an old monolithic building. I rounded the side of the building and saw a metallic ladder that is joint to the building. The ladder was rough-textured when i grazed it with my finger, it had little dust and dirt’s on it but it was still strong enough to hold more than my weight. The ladder didn’t make any creaky noises when i mounted up on the first step. I looked up and my eyes immediately widened. The ladder was really high but thank God that am not acrophobia.

Breathing out, i climbed up the ladder without even sneaking a peek down till i finally attain at the roof of the building. It was really high up here and beautiful. I could see most if the building and headlights in the city. I glanced down at my watch and saw that is was 7:30 pm. I left the house when it was six so am sure that no one will be searching for me. I sat down on a small bench after i dusted it clean with my handkerchief. I stargazed up at the sky and smiled when i saw the thousand stars sparkle beautifully in the night sky.

I remember when i was six, i tried to count the stars and even though its impossible, six year old me thought that the stars can be counted.

The stars looks so close up here even though its really far up in the sky. I wonder how it feels like to be up in space. It will cost millions though. If i ever see an astronaut, i will ask him/her what the stars looks like in space.

I dont know how long i stayed up on the roof but when i saw it was already really dark. I casually climbed down, gracefully landing on my feet when i got to the last step. If Xavier were to see me now, he would freak out, scold me and never let me out of his sight. I glanced down at my watch and my eyes went wide. It is already 8:30! Oh my gosh, the guys are gonna freak out, especially Xavier. I reached for my phone and switched it on. I think that my phone should be taken away from me for some days cause i dont always switch it on. When am not in need of my phone i switch it off. Right now, i really wish i had switched on my phone. I have 10 missed calls from Ava, 15 from Alex, 30 from Damon and 40 from Xavier. The 100 messages in our group chat nearly had me over the edge. Alex texts sounded like he was really worried and scared, Damon’s own were a little threatening but still sounds worried at the same time. I gulped at Ava’s texts, she was threatening to lock me up in the basement if i dont pick up my phone. I felt a little guilty when i saw Xavier privates texts to me. He sounded so worried, scared and angry.

I dialed Ava’s number and brought the phone close to my ear.

“Brielle so help me God if i get my hands on you!” I winced at her loud tone.

“H-hi Ava.” I stuttered, nervously chuckling.

“Where the hell are you?!” She exclaimed angrily. “Do you know how worried me and the boys are? Xavier is going crazy and looked like he was going to tear this city apart just to find you!”

“Wait are you guys on the road searching for me?”

“No!” She snapped. “Xavier, Damon and Alex have all gone out with their cars, trying to search for you and they told me to wait at the mansion incase you come hone.”

“I’m sorry, i lost track of time.” I kept on walking, my phone still close to my ear as i glanced around the road before i crossed over to the other side.

“Just get home fast before the boys arrive.” He tone still sounds angry even when she’s trying to stay calm.

“Okay.” I hung up and called for a taxi before getting inside and telling the driver the street where am headed to. When the driver pulled over beside the gate, i just shoved a $10 bill in his hand and spranged up from my seat, opening the door and rushing outside to the gate.

“Miss, your change!” The taxi yelled.

“Keep the change good sir!” I yelled back, opening the gate and walking inside the compound before i closed it.

“Thank you miss!” I just waved at him in response, running towards the front door. I opened the door and stepped inside, gulping when i saw three pairs of angry eyes glaring at me. I glanced at my boyfriend to see all sort of emotions swirling in his eyes. Relief, sadness, anger and guilt?

“Hey guys, where’s Ava? She told me she was here when i called her.” I trued to keep my tone casual.

“She had to go home because its already pass her curfew.” Damon responded in a gruff tone. I peeked at the wall clock to see its already 9:15. Wow, time does run fast. If only it runs fast when am in school.

“Okay.” I said. “I’ll be in my room now.” I tried to quickly walk pass them but Alex blocked my way. When did he grow three inches taller than me?!

“Hold it right there young lady.” Alex has always been the quiet type and doesn’t like to talk much unless he’s angry. I’ve never seen him like this before, eyes dark, face red. He looks furious! Hey, but an angry Alex night not be that bad. Right?

“Where have you been?!” He hollered.

“At the park?” That came out as a question rather than a statement.

“Dont lie to me Brielle!” I flinched at his loud voice, nervously glancing at Xavier and Damon to see if one of them will intervene. They just stood there, staring at us with blank expressions.

“I went for a walk.” I said quietly.

“For a walk?” Alex laughter made me take a step back. “You went out for four hours Brielle! Four hours! You didn’t leave a voicemail or message! We were so worried about you cause your f-cking phone kept on saying its switched off. Xavier almost called the cops, thinking that you went missing! And Damon was worried sick cause he thought something had happened to you.”

I stepped backwards again, trying to put some distance between us cause he was scaring me. “I dont really see the reason why you’re overreacting, i was jus-” i was interrupted by Xavier who now stood in front of me.

“Do you really think we’re overreacting?” I avoided eye contact with him as he spoke. “I was really worried, knowing my girlfriend is nowhere to be seen with no single trace of her.”

“Wow Xavier clap for yourself.” I said sarcastically. “The reason i went out for a walk is because of you! You told me that you needed to study and i was bothering you. So i just decided to go out and cool off. It really hurt me when you said i was giving you a headache. I was just concerned about you but clearly you’re too stubborn to listen.” His eyes were wide, same goes for Damon and Alex. But i was not done, i still had more to say.

“Oh and Alex.” I turned to face him. “Why should leave a message if i want to go out? Or do i now need you guys permission before i can go somewhere? I was gone for only four hours Alex. Four hours! If i dont show up after 24 hours, that’s when you guys can go crazy and report to the police! I’m sick of you and Damon acting like parents. I grew without the love of parents and i can still take care of myself.” They all had the same expression on their faces, guilt, they still looked shocked but Xavier face held remorse.

“Look Brielle, we didn’t mean to m-” i raised my hand up to silence Damon.

“I dont want to listen to you Damon.” After saying that i huffed and stomped up to my room, making sure to slam the door really hard so they’ll know how angry i am at them, especially my boyfriend!

When Damon came up to call me for dinner, i told him i wasn’t hungry. He pleaded bit i just ignored him. Alex also came up to my room abd begged me to come down for dinner, that he is really sorry. I still refused to and just told him to leave me alone.

I heard a knock on my door and i sighed, sitting up straight. “Who is it this time around?”

“Its me princess, please can i come in?”

“I dont know Xavier, can you?”

I heard him curse under his breath. “I’m sorry, may i come in? Please i need to talk to you.” I always hated it when Xavier pleads but this time around i refuse to give in.

“No.” I said firmly, lying back down on the bed. It looks like Xavier is determined to get me to talk to him.

“Please Brielle.” He begged. “I’m sorry about what i said to you, i was a big time jerk and i snapped at you.” I got down from the bed and dragged my feet to the door, unlocking it.

“Come inside.” I said quietly. Xavier walked inside my room and closed the door. I dropped down on my bed, staring blankly at Xavier as he awkwardly made his way to sit down beside me. There was a thick silence in the room until Xavier broke it. “Brielle.” He took one of my hands and placed it in his warm ones, his thumb gently car-ssing my fingers. The simple touch from him was enough to make me feel relaxed.

“I’m sorry, i just wanted to study hard for these exams and it took a toll on me, i know you were just worried about me yet i was a jerky boyfriend to you.” He apologized, guilt morphing his features.

“Then don’t.” I stated firmly. “Dont strain yourself all in the name of exam, dont skip food and please get enough sleep cause i hate seeing you look like a zombie.”

Xavier pouted and gave my arm a light punch. “I’m more handsome than a zombie, how can you say that to your perfect, structured and handsome boyfriend.”

“I gotta admit.” I winked at him. “Zombies are hot.”

Xavier gagged. “They are definitely not hot, they are far from hot, instead they are ugly, creepy and scary.” I laughed for some seconds before i smiled at Xavier and buried my face in his chest. He placed a k-ss on the top of my head and wrapped his arms around me.

“You still need to talk to Damon and Alex.” He mumbled, his face buried in my hair.

“Okay.” I pulled away from him and proceeded to stand up but Xavier held my hand, pulling me back down. I turned to him with raised eyebrows. He just had a large creepy grin plastered on his lips.

“You’re forgetting something.”

“What?” I asked confused. Xavier just rolled his eyes at me and brought his hands to the back of my neck, pressing his lips on mine.

My cheeks were flushed when he pulled back. “Now let’s go have dinner.” We stood up and Xavier arms encircled my shoulder as we walked downstairs to the dining room.

“Hey guys.” Damon and Alex looked up from their plates and gave me small hesitant smiles. I sat down beside Xavier and looked down at the plate filled with spaghetti and meatballs. The spaghetti was really delicious and the meatballs were really mouthwatering tasty. I wasted no time in finishing the food till my plates had no single trace of spaghetti in it.

A chuckle from someone made me look up, to see Alex and Damon quietly snickering. I stared at Xavier questioningly and he smiled at me then reached out to pick up a serviette, bringing it close to my mouth.

“You have some sauce at the edge of your lips.” I blushed as Xavier wiped the red sauce off my lips.

“Brielle.” Alex started. “I’m really sorry for yelling at you, you were right when you said that we should stop treating you like a little girl.”

I smiled. “I’m sorry too, i know it must be hard for you guys to take care of a rebellious teenager.”

Xavier nodded. “You are a little rebellious.” I smacked him on the head when he said that and he playfully glared at me, rubbing the spot were i had hit him.

“Why did you hit me?” He whined.

I rolled my eyes. “Because, you’re suppose to back me up and say ‘Dont talk like that Brielle, you’re the best girlfriend in the world.’

“Aww babe, you’re the best girlfriend in the world, whose the best girlfriend in the world, yes you are.” He pinched my already already red cheeks.

“I’m not a little kid.” I grumbled. Xavier laughed and blew me an imaginary k-ss which i caught and threw it to Damon. He caught it and slapped it on his cheeks.

“Thanks for the k-ss Xavier!” Damon exclaimed. Alex and i laughed at the death glare Xavier was giving Damon who was either oblivious or just choose to ignore it.

“It wasn’t for you stupid.” Xavier grunted.

Damon grinned widely, a mischievous glint in his eyes. “I know you’re just saying that to make me angry but i got something that will make you really happy.”

Xavier arched a brow. “And what is it?”

“This.” Damon picked up a hand full of spaghetti filled with sauce and threw it at Xavier shirt.

“Damon.” I hissed. He just grinned at me in response and faced a red, angry Xavier.

“H-hey Xavier, it was just an innocent joke, no need to get mad.” Damon stuttered nervously when he saw Xavier stand up from his chair and slowly stalked towards him.

Xavier grinned creepily Damon gulped. “Oh its just an innocent joke dear brother.” Before Damon could reply, Xavier picked up a plate filled with banana puree and dumped it on Damon’s hair.”

“Ooh burn.” Alex said, excitedly staring at Damon’s shocked face.

“You did not just mess with my hair Xavier!” Damon stood up and glared at Xavier. One thing i know about Damon is that he really loves his hair. He can spend thirty minutes just to make his hair perfect.

“Oh i just did, Damon.” Xavier mocked making me gawk at him.

“That’s it.” Damon picked up a pie and slapped in on Xavier’s face.

“Food fight!” Alex yelled. All the boys soon started throwing food at each other.

“Guys!” I stood up from the chair. “You guys are behaving like little kids! Stop it right n-” my sentence was cut short when a burger was thrown on my face.

I glared at my boyfriend who was smirking, holding whipped cream and strawberries in his hand. “You did not just throw a burger at me Xavier!”

“Loosen up babe.” He flashed me a flirty wink making my cheeks flush but i was still angry.

“Oh its on.” I mumbled and grabbed a jar filled with mustard before i quickly mixed it with ketchup. I added some white pasta inside and grabbed a handful of it, throwing it at Xavier, Damon and Alex. Our dinner which was suppose to be filled with small talks ended up as a messy and wasted food fight. Smears of white, yellow, red and pink were on the floor and dining table. Our clothes were also stained badly.

“That was fun.” I breathed out, slumping on a chair.

“Couldn’t agree more.” Alex added.

“So fun’s over, now lets clean this place up.” Xavier ordered making me, Alex and Damon simultaneously gro-n.

“Why do you always have to be a joy killer?” Damon whined. Xavier chuckled and went inside the kitchen, returning back with four mops and broomsticks. He handed each of us the mopping stick and we all started cleaning up the dining room. It was hard but we still managed to get all the stains off.

After cleaning up, i walked up to my bedroom and took off my clothes before having a nice and long shower. I wore my pajamas and jumped on my bed, pulling the covers over my body. Before i could drift off into the black abyss, my bedroom door opened and someone walked in, gently closing the door. He got close to me and placed a k-ss on my forehead.

“Night princess.”

“Good night Xavier.” I muttered, my eyes getting heavy as i fell into a deep slumber.

By Divine Peter.

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