A Wish

A wish episode 28

🌼A Wish🌼
By Divine Peter.

Chapter 28.

The silence was really thick and uncomfortable. The only thing that could be heard was the swishing sound coming from the white and gold coloured ceiling fan. With each seconds that passed, i could feel my heartbeat racing and my palms were getting sweaty as i stared at Xavier who’s l-ips were pressed together in a thin line. He seemed to be deep in thought. Felling embarrassed and ashamed, i stood up and wanted nothing more than to get out of the suffocating room, but my wrist was held back by a big and warm hand before i could even take a step. Xavier hand never left my wrist and he gently pulled me back down on the bed.

I fidgeted under his penetrating gaze. “What is your opinion about all i just said?”

“Xavier licked his l-ips and held my hand in his. The feeling of his warm hand on mine made me give his hand a gentle squeeze. ” i will support whatever choice you make, Brielle, because i want you to be happy.”

“I’m already happy with you.” I tried reasoning but i dont think Xavier is going to start a debate with me.

His hands left mine and moved upwards to my shoulders, holding me in a firm yet gentle grip. “Listen to me Brielle, Ava is right, living in a state where you’ve been abused for years is not healthy.”

“Liam cant hurt me anymore.” I told Xavier in a soft voice. “He’s locked up in jail.”

“I know and i wont ever let him come close to you or hurt you, but please listen to me when i say that Ava suggestion for you is a really good idea.”

C-can i have time to think about it?” I asked my eyes making a trip down to stare down at the tiled floor. “This is kind of a big blow to me and i need time to think.it over.”

Xavier tilts my chin up to meet his eyes, his fingers gently brushing strands of loose hair behind my ears. “I know it came out as a big shock to you and it must have been unexpected. So dont worry, you have enough time to think it over.”

It was quiet for some minutes and i subconsciously leaned away from Xavier, clasping my hands together.

“Um Xavier, we need to talk about where you’re going to be schooling for college.” I silently curse my myself for allowing my voice to crack.

Xavier l-ips tugged up. Is he really serious? This is not the time to smile. “Why should we talk about college? Dont you want me to graduate?”

“Yes.” I quickly responded. Xavier’s question really shocked me. Of course i want him to graduate, am not wishing anyone bad luck.

“If that’s the case, i dont see the reason why we should talk about where i’ll be schooling.” Xavier voice has somewhat got deeper.

“I’m just tensed about the location and state.” I gritted out, getting frustrated with his oblivious behaviours.

“Why?” Oh, that was the last straw Xavier.

“For God sake!” I got up and threw my hands up in exasperation. “Why? I’m scared Xavier! I dont want to be far away from you. I’m scared that you’ll breakup with me because of college! What if you meet another girl there? Older and more mature! Then what will happen to me? Will i be left behind?!”

Outraged, Xavier got up from the bed and stormed towards me. The impact made me quickly move backwards till i collided with the cold surface of the wall. The storm in Xavier’s eyes were evident as he stared down at me. “Zip it Brielle, just zip it!”

“Why the hell will you even think like that, huh? Do you need more convincing or words to tell you how i feel about you?” Xavier only got furious when i didn’t respond.

“Another girl? Why will you say something like that? Dont you trust me?” His voice had gone softer in the last sentence.

“I do trust you Xavier.” I answered in a shaky voice. “More than i trust anyone else.”

“Then why will you think i will cheat on you if you indeed trust me?” I dont know what makes me feel guilty, the fact that Xavier isn’t yelling at me like i thought he would or because his expression exhibits nothing but hurt.

“I just thought that when you get to college, you will lose interest in me and move on with another girl. Dont look at me like that, it may happen.” I said quietly, tightening my hands into a fist.

Xavier shook his head and sighed, stepping closer to me and taking my hands in his. “You’ve been so worked up about where am going to school, right?”

I nodded eagerly and Xavier continued talking.

“So, i sent an application to six colleges in different states and i got accepted in four. One is in San Francisco, the, the second one is in Los Angelo’s, the third is Nebraska and finally the fourth is in New York.”

I gulped, taking my bottom lip between my teeth and biting hærd on it. “Which of the state do you want to go to?”

Xavier’s hands left mine and i instantly missed the warmth that encircled my hand when he held them in his. He took a step backward but his tall frame still hovered over me.

“I choosed New York because it was more closer and i didn’t want to be far away from you.”

“I’m sorry.” I blurted out. I didn’t know what else to say but i knew that i’ve messed up big time. Apologizing like that to Xavier will only make it look like a mockery to him.

As i foretold, Xavier didn’t say anything. Without sparing me a single glance, Xavier whirled around and casually str-de out of my room, his hands shoved in,side his pockets. Immediately after he left, another door that could also be used to exit the room opened, and Ava plodded in, her eyes meeting mine. I didn’t bother to question her and just walked over to my bed, sitting down on it as i stared blankly at the floor.

“You heard all that, didn’t you?”

Ava scratched the back of her neck. “I really didn’t want to eavesdrop, i was coming from the kitchen when i heard loud voices so i hanged around and listened to you two. Also, i stayed around incase you two argument will turn into a serious fight.”

“Xavier will never hit me, Ava.”

“I know that.” Ava said, rolling her eyes. “I’m talking about a fight that usually ends up in tears.”

“We may have not fought with each other.” I sniffed. “But this argument was really intense, its not like all the previous arguments we’ve had.” I wiped a tear that slipped down from my eyes, using my sleeve.

“I messed up big time, Ava.” My l-ips quivered as i spoke. “Xavier thinks that i dont trust him and now, he probably hates my guts.”

“Oh Bestie.” Ava sat down beside me and rubbed my shoulder. “Just give him some time, and dont ever say that Xavier doesn’t love you because he does, a lot.”

“He shouldn’t.” I blew out a breath, feeling my eyes sting with unshed tears. “I doubted his love and now he’s really hurt.”


“Mhmm?” Ava rubbed my shoulder, her eyes swirling with concern and worry.

“Do you think it will be better if Xavier and i just break up?”

Ava eyes w¡dened. “Brielle! How can you say that? Dont even think about saying something like that cause you and Xavier will be heartbroken. And besides, Xavier is a strong-willed boy. He wont let you go like that.” When i didn’t respond, Ava took it as a cue to continue.

“Xavier loves you and you love him so what are you afraid of? The fact that he’s going to college? You know Xavier, Brielle. He rejected his ex girlfriend in front of you and he told her that he only loves you. So what if girls try to make a move on Xavier while he’s in college? Xavier is trust worthy abd he wont fall for their charms.”

“Do you think he will ever forgive me?” I asked quietly, my fingers tracing zig-zag lines on the sheets.

“He will.” Ava said firmly. “Tomorrow, apologize to him and if he’s still reluctant to talk to you then give him sometime.”

Sighing, i brought my knees up to my chest, mumbling a soft. “Okay.” Ava and i both talked through out the wh0le evening, her trying to lighten my mood with chats about movie stars and musicians. When it was nighttime, we changed into our pajamas and got on the big king-sized bed. I wasn’t sleepy yet so i played some games on my phone. A small yawn escaped my l-ips as my eyes were already feeling heavy. I placed my phone on the table and got comfortable on the bed, shutting my eyes close as i tried so hærd not to think about the argument Xavier and i had.


The next day. I woke up to see that it was already 8:00 am. Ava was not on the other side of the bed and i heard some rustling sounds coming from the bathroom, and the door opened. Ava walked in, her hair dripping w-t with a green towel wrapped around her chest.

“Looks like someone had an amazing bath.” I got down from the bed and stretched both my arms out, releasing a loud yawn.

Ava grinned and picked up her travelling bag, placing it on top of the bed. She zipped it open and brought out her small white towel, wrapping it around her hair. “The bathtub is amazing and dont even get me started on the soap and shampoo.”

“With your sparking eyes, i would have assumed you bathed for more than thirty minutes.”

“Actually.” Ava gave a nervous laugh. “I bathed for two hours.”

My jaw dropped. “Ava! Seriously?”

“What?” She asked, her bottom lip sticking out into a pout.”

“How can you bath for two hours!” I exclaimed. “Who even does that?”

Ava rolled her eyes. “I dont know how to answer your question, but try out the bathtub and you wouldn’t want to get out.” She happily skipped over to the walk-in closet. After Ava was done dressing up, i took off my clothes and grabbed my towel before making my way over to the bathroom. Well, this is unbelievable, Ava was actually right. The bathtub is almost like a hot tub and the best part of it was that it comes with a m-ssager.

I stepped out of the bathroom and dried myself up before shuffling through my bag in search for an outfit to wear today. Since the weather is hot today, i decided to go with a simple blue tank top and one of my favourite blue jeans shorts, paired with my white converse. My previous shoulder-length hair now reaches my back so i just decided to let it down. I ambled downstairs to the living room, already feeling my heartbeat race at the thought of seeing Xavier. Damon, Alex and Johnny were all seated on the couch, watching ‘The flash.’

“Morning.” I greeted. Damon and Alex sent me a small wave while Johnny flashed me a cute smile before he got up and wrapped his little arms around my wa-ist. I chuckled and hugged him back.

“Morning Brielle.” I ruffled his hair causing the little latter to whine and playfully glare at me.

“Dont do that to my hair.” Johnny face morphed into a small frown and he raised his hands up, trying to fix his messy hair. “I have to make sure its always styled otherwise i wont look cool.”

“And who told you that?” I asked him, leaning down to his height.

“Damon. He’s cool and he said i should look cool for pretty girls.” Johnny said proudly.

I laughed and playfully flicked his forehead. “Dont try to change your ways and style for anyone, just be yourself. Okay?”

“Okay!” He flashed me a huge grin and made his way to sit down between Alex and Damon. I dropped down on the sofa, leaning my back against it as i stared at the television.

“Xavier!” I heard Johnny exclaim happily. “Good morning!” I turned towards the side to see Xavier descending down from the stairs. I averted my eyes to the tv when he his eyes locked with mine.

“Hey there bud, how was your night?” Christ, we only argued yesterday and here i am already missing his voice.

“It was fine and i dreamt about you and Brielle!” Johnny exclaimed. Now that’s just weird.

“Really?” Xavier asked, his tone dripping with amusement and disbelief. “What’s it about!”

“Brielle was working as a maid for a cruel landlord and his wife, they had two daughters who are really mean to Brielle. They always make fun of her and make her chores hærd. They were jealous of Brielle because she’s way prettier than them. So there was a news travelling around town that the king and queen were hosting a ball for the prince to pick a bride among all the the princesses and middle class girls from different countries and cities. The landlady and his wife were rich so there were also given invitations. Brielle really wanted to go to the ball so she asked the landlord if she can also join them. He told her to finish all her chores and he also added extra chores for Brielle. Brielle finished all her chores on time and was then allowed to go to the ball. While the landlord daughters were dressed up expensive, Brielle wore a simple gown she once bought in the market. When they arrived at the castle, Brielle was ordered by the landlord wife to stay beside the food section and not intEr×¢t with anyone who is richly dressed, while the he landlord daughters were seated at a long table, chatting with other princesses. Though Brielle didn’t mind hanging around the food section because she really loves eating.” I snickered at that, now fixing my attention on Johnny who was explaining his weird dream. Even Damon and Alex had paused the tv just to listen to their seven year old cousin.

“She does love eating.” Damon said smugly. I rolled my eyes and shot him a blank stare to which he grinned at before telling Johnny to continue.

“So while Brielle was eating a strawberry cheesecake, Xavier, the prince who had been talking with ladies from different countries was wandering around, because he was so bored. The other ladies he conversed with were really annoying so he quickly left them, saying he needed to use the restroom. He was lazily walking around but stopped when he sighted a girl, who was happily eating a strawberry cheesecake. Xavier walked closer to get a good look at her. He was attracted to Brielle’s beauty and simplicity. Her make up was simple and so was her blue dress that matched the colour of her eyes. Xavier walked up to her and said hi but only got ignored.

“I said hi.” Brielle only rolled her eyes and told him ‘Hello’

When Xavier didn’t leave, Brielle sighed and tried to converse with him even though its hærd. She was shocked, because the prince of all people was standing close to her and smiling at her. Xavier was really interested in knowing more about Brielle so he tried to engage Brielle in a conversation and was happy when she didn’t give him a stiff nod. Xavier asked Brielle to dance with him and she said yes. They both danced, catching the attention of everyone in the ball. Some were happy cause they looked so cute together while some were jealous, mostly girls. After the dance was over, Xavier was asked by the Queen to pick who he wants to be his princess. When he choose Brielle, everyone were shocked even Brielle. To prove his point, he walked towards Brielle and k-ssed her in front of everyone. The Queen and King agreed because its their son’s choice. But Brielle’s landlord and his wife were furious, so were their daughters. Xavier and Brielle rode together in the castle carriage to get Brielle things before they went back to the castle and they both lived happily ever after. The end.” Johnny finished off with a smile.

“Now that was a slightly weird version of cinderella.” We all snapped our heads towards the stairs to see Emily and Ava standing in the last staircase.

“Cinderella is way better.” I said as i stood up to walk towards my room but Emily stopped me by raising up her hand.

“Hold it right there young lady, you haven’t eaten breakfast so march down right to the dining room.” She placed her hands on her h¡p, giving me a scary stern glare.

“Alright ma’am.” I said, chuckling nervously and leaning towards Alex who was the closest to me.

“Is she always like this?” I whispered.

“Only when she’s in her mama bear mode.” He whispered back.

“Dont you all like my story of Xavier and Brielle?” Johnny whined.

Xavier smirked. “So you say it is a story, i thought it was a dream.”

Johnny eyes w¡dened and he awkwardly lowered his head down, his feet bouncing back and forth. “It isn’t a dream, i made it all up because i wanted to create a story.”

Xavier chuckled and crouched down to Johnny’s height, tilting his chin up. “I understand you bud, but why did you have to use cinderella concept?”

“It inspired me.” Johnny defended

“Aw.” Ava cooed. “Little Johnny loves watching princess tales, isn’t that cute.”

Johnny cheeks flushed. “I only watched it thrice.”

“Dont worry about it bud.” Damon picked Johnny up and placed a k-ss on his forehead. “There’s nothing wrong in watching princess tales.”

“Alright Everyone, chatting time is over and now its time to have breakfast, so move it.” Emily ordered. We all walked to the dining room and sat down. The food all looks delicious and i quickly reached out for a warm sandwich. While Emily was engaged in a conversation with Damon, Ava and Alex. I stared at Xavier. His eyes looked blank and tired. He still manages to pull of a model look with his messy hair and casual polo top. He had on nike shorts and a pair of white converse. The fact that we didn’t acknowledge each other presence is really hurting me.

“What do you think about my story that features on Xavier and Brielle, Mummy?” Johnny asked Emily.

Emily smiled softly at him. “Its really wonderful, and it was nice of you to use Xavier and Brielle.”

“Yep.” Johnny popped the p. “They both really love each other.” My heartbeat hied at his words and i pushed my plate away. Love each other? How can Xavier love a girl who doesn’t fully trust him. Feeling my eyes brim with tears, i pushed my chair backwards and got up. The concerned and worried eyes from the wh0le table made me subconsciously lower my head.

“Excuse me please.” My voice cracked as i spoke softly. Not sparing them a glance, i quickly ran to the bathroom and broke down in tears. I dont know how long i was in the bathroom, crying. But when i got out Ava was seated on the large king-sized bed, a worried expression covering her features. When i stepped out of the bathroom and closed the door, Her head rose up.

“Why are you in here?” I asked as i walked towards the bed to lay down on it.

“I was concerned about you when you ran off like that so i came here to see how you were doing, but it seems like your puffy red eyes has said it all.”

“Leave me alone, Ava.” I brought my arm up and covered my eyes with it. “I want to be alone.” Instead of leaving, Ava yanked my arm from my eyes and pulled me up to a sitting position.

“I cant sit down and pretend that everything is alright when i see that my bestie is troubled.” Ava got up and pulled me up with her. “Incase you have forgotten, we only have a week to spend here so let’s make use of it while there is still time. We are going to get the boys to drive us to some places in colorado.” Before Ava could literally drag me out of the room, i held her hand.

“I dont think i’ll be able to go if Xavier is there.” I said in a subdued tone.

Ava sighed. “You cant stay up here and sulk forever, at least try to go out. You’re in another state Brielle, so why not try making the best of it and tour colorado.”

“I guess you’re right.” I mumbled wearily.

“That’s the sprit girl.” Ava said as her l-ips split up into a large grin. “Lets get the boys.” We walked out of the room, Ava holding my right hand and me shuffling behind her. Ava and i walked from one room to the other but we still couldn’t find the boys, so we decided to head over to the game room to see if they were there. The game room should actually have been the first place Ava and i could’ve check in on. Xavier, Damon and Alex were all playing video games, laughing as the teased each other. The smile that played on Xavier’s l-ips made my heart swirl with warmth. Just seeing him smile made me really happy.

“Guys.” Ava called, hitting the door to get their attention. Damon picked up a remote and paused the game before turning to face me and Ava.

“This better be important, Ava, cause we were all in the middle of something till you and Brielle decided to show up here.” Alex said as he got up and walked over to a drawer, pulling it open and placing the gamepad in,side. At the mention of my name, Xavier looked up and stared at my eyes, his piercing grey orbs boring h0les on my face and i didn’t dare to look at him. I quickly averted my gaze to a desk.

Xavier got up and walked towards us. “Is there anything you need?” He asked Ava softly. He didn’t even spare me a look.

“Brielle and i want a tour in colorado and we were hoping that you guys will take us out, to show the both of us how colorado is.”

“That’s a great idea.” Damon git up and ran in,side the walk-in closet, later returning with a pair of black converse in his hand.

“We dont have to go anywhere.” I mumbled causing Ava smile to drop and she shot me a death glare. I roll my eyes and ignore her completely. I cant believe i agreed to this because right now, i wanted nothing more than to avoid a certain grey eyed boy who was staring at me.


The heat radiating from the sun made my body feel a little hot but the orange umbrella that is above me is really helpful. We arrived at a beach after Damon had drove us to different places in colorado. Currently, am sitting on a barstool watching Ava and Damon talk with a bunch of volleyball players. Alex and Xavier were several feet away from me, talking to each other. I did see Xavier eyes flicker to me once in a while. Someone plopped down on the barstool beside mine, causing me to twist my head to the side. A drop-dead handsome boy with blond curly hair and ocean blue eyes was staring at me. He had on a black tank top paired with blue nike shorts. Confusion settled on my face when i saw that the corner of his l-ips were curled up. What is he smirking about?

As if reading my thoughts, he spoke up. “I know that am hot, babe, so you can check me out if you wanna.” He flashed me a flirty wink.

My cheeks heated up in embarrassment. “I wasn’t checking you out, jerk.”

“That’s what they all say, baby girl.”

“Can you please stop calling me baby girl?” I snapped.

He smirked. “Why? If you dont like the name baby girl, i can always call you darling.”

“I’m outta here.” I got up and tried to walk pass him. Keyword tried. The handsome jerk actually has the nerve to pull me back down. I glared daggers at him and he sighed.

“Okay, i’m sorry and i promise. No flirting.”

“So how do we do this?” The boy asked awkwardly.

I chuckled and twirled my barstool around. “You can start by introducing yourself.”

The boy smile and stretched his arms out. “Hi, i’m Jordan, Jordan Evans.”

I shook his hand. “Nice to meet you Jordan, am Brielle.”

“Brielle.” He tested my name. “Beautiful name for a very gorgeous girl.” He winked.

I crossed my arms and glared at Jordan. “I thought you promised that no flirting.”

Jordan raised his hands up in a mock surrender. “Sorry miss grumpy.”

“So tell me something.” I rested my elbows on the table.

“About what?” He asked.

“Anything.” I said, shrugging. “Family, friends, school. Your choice.”

Jordan smiled. “I have five older brothers.”

“Whoa, really?”

“Yep, Micheal, my older brother who is also my legal guardian.”

“What about your parents?” I asked him, wondering why his brother is he’s legal guardian.

“They died in a plane crash.” He said, a sad expression featuring his face.

I gave him a small smile and held his hand, squeezing it gently. “They’ll be really proud and happy seeing their son all grown up.”

“Thanks Brielle.” Jordan said with a small smile on his face.

“So how are your brothers?” I asked, changing the subject of his parents.

“Micheal, the oldest, is really strict, stern and intimidating. Elijah, the second oldest, is like the mom of the house but he can be also scary at times. Leo, the third oldest, he is a genius and is really good in computer, he is really nice. Adam, the fourth oldest, he’s cold and is always angry so i try as much to avoid him in the house. Then lastly Sam, the fifth oldest, he is Adam twin. Sam is the only one who can control Adam when he’s getting angry. Sam is really nice but can be scary if he wants to.”

“So you’re the baby.” I cooed. “How cute.”

“Its not.” Jordan grumbled. “They can be really annoying sometimes. And its not fair if i get punished for sneaking out to parties.”

“They are just bring protective.” I tell Jordan, taking a sip out of my strawberry juice.

“Overprotective is the right word in this case.” Jordan chastised. “So now that you know about my family, tell me something about you.”

I shrugged. “There is nothing really interesting about me, i live with my boyfriend and his brothers, we came here to colorado for a little vacation. My best friend is also here with us.”

“Um Brielle, your boyfriend doesn’t have dark blond hair and grey eyes. Does it?”

“He does, how did you know?”

“Because i can see a guy with all those description heading towards us and he doesn’t look very happy.” Jordan said nervously. “I dont want to die young so i’ll make a run for it, see you later Brielle!” He got up and ran towards the opposite direction before i could say anything. I sipped my juice, pretending that i couldn’t see the shadow hovering over me.

Instead of getting angry, Xavier surprised me by saying. “Can we please talk?” In a really soft voice.

By Divine Peter.

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