A Worst Nightmare


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“Welcome honey!”
I wanted to hug my husband but h£ gave me th£ shock of my life.

“Don’t hug me! Hold that your greet!ngs th£re!” h£ sh©vted and ₱u$h£d me aside.

“What is it honey? Did anyth!ng happen at work today?” I asked be!ng so confused.

“Don’t ask me that nons£nse and get my food ready?” h£ sh©vted and went to th£ room.

My h£ad was filled with so much confusion,what happen to my husband I have never seen h¡m !n that stage before what is go!ng on with h¡m,could it be that someth!ng happen !n th£ office today?
I guess I have to f!nd ©vt what th£ problem could be.

I set th£ table ready for d!nner. I went to th£ room to call h¡m for d!nner but h£ shocked me aga!n.

“My love your food is served” I said plac!ng my [email protected] on h¡s shoulder but h£ threw my [email protected] away on like h¡m.

“Don’t touch me!” h£ sh©vted and walked ©vt

“What is it my husband,why is your mood?” I asked follow!ng h¡m beh!nd but h£ snubb£d me.

I wonder what could be!ng eat!ng h¡m up.
We got to th£ d!nn!ng table,I di$h£d h¡s food and also m!ne.

“My love did anyth!ng happen !n th£ office today, why are you like th¡s?” I asked expect!ng an answer from h¡m but h£ snubb£d me aga!n.

“Talk to me am your wife,what is eat!ng you up?” I asked aga!n.

“Abi woman! Won’t you allow me to eat my food !n peace !n my own house or should I leave it for you” h£ sh©vted.

h£ never addressed me !n such manner before,someth!ng is deflently wrong somewh£re but what could be th£ problem.

I did not ask h¡m any m©r£ question until h£ f!ni$h£d h¡s food and went up to th£ room with©vt wait!ng for me to tidy up th£ kitch£n as usual.

My h£ad was filled with so much worries and confusions,th£ stage h£ is now is so bad and I want to know what happen to h¡m so that I will ch£er h¡m up.

I tidy up th£ kitch£n and went to th£ room,h£ is already !n th£ bathroom with©vt wait!ng for me,I sat at th£ b£d with my two [email protected] on my jaw wait!ng for h¡m to come ©vt.

“My husband talk to me,what happen to you? Why are you like th¡s?” I asked as soon as h£ came ©vt from th£ bathroom.
h£ did not utter any word to me,h£ dressed up and went to b£d.

I lied beside h¡m and h£ [email protected]¢k faced me,I tried to call h¡s attention.

“My love why are you keep!ng silent on me? Won’t you share your problem with me?” I asked.

“Woman what is it aga!n! Won’t you allow me to sleep or did you want me to leave th£ room for you?” h£ sh©vted.

“No my love! I j√$t want to know what is eat!ng my husband up so that I will know wh£re to h£lp h¡m ©vt?” I said.

“Don’t ask me any silly questions aga!n”
h£ sh©vted and took some pillows and walked ©vt from th£ room.

“My love please come! I will not ask you any m©r£ questions aga!n” I sh©vted to h¡s h£ar!ng.

What is wrong with Joe?
Why is h£ not shar!ng h¡s problem with me?

I thought all night with©vt [email protected]||en asleep.
!n th£ morn!ng,I prepared h¡s breakf*st wait!ng for h¡m at th£ d!nn!ng table.

“My love good morn!ng!” I greeted h¡m but no reply.
“My love am greet!ng you” I said.

“What should I do with your greet!ngs? Should I eat it or what?” h£ sh©vted.

“Won’t you have breakf*st before leav!ng?” I asked as soon as h£ was ab©vt to leave.

“I don’t need that poison you called food” h£ sh©vted and walked ©vt.

“h£ called my food poison”
That word mad me th£ most,I sat d©wΠ cry!ng and th!nk!ng what I have done to h¡m that warrant h¡m to talk to me !n a such manner.

Later !n th£ even!ng,h£ came [email protected]¢k and I served h¡s food.

“Oh my God! What is th¡s? Why too much pepper? Did you want to kill me or what?” h£ sh©vted as h£ split ©vt th£ food.

“How can you say such th!ng my love? Why should I add too much pepper wh£n I know fvlly well you don’t like pepper? Th£re’s no pepper !n it” I said tast!ng th£ food.

“So am now ly!ng abi? h£ sh©vted.

“No my love! Taste th£ food aga!n you will know that th£re’s no pepper”

“You are still call!ng me a liar?” h£ sh©vted and ₱0ured th£ soup on me.

“Why did you ₱0ured th£ soup on me,what have I done to warrant th¡s from you?” I cried ©vt.

“Next time you prepare such a food for me you will not like what I will do to you nons£nse! h£ sh©vted and walked ©vt.

“What is th¡s,What have I done to h¡m,what is go!ng on?” I cried ©vt.

I got myself cleaned,I don’t know why my husband is behav!ng th¡s way and h£ don’t want to share h¡s problem to me.


Everyth!ng ab©vt Jenny now disgust me so much,th£ thought of h£r be!ng pregnant for that rapist upset me so much and I th!nk th£ only way to stop be!ng upset with h£r is for h£r to abort that bastard.

“You called me my love?” $h£ said.

“Yes I do,have a sit” I said and $h£ sat d©wΠ.

“You know I love you so much and I have endure th£ pa!n of you be!ng raped but what I will not tolerate is my wife to give birth to a bastard, a rapist child, no it can’t be !n my house will such happen” I said.

“What are you try!ng to say to me Joe?” $h£ asked.

“What am say!ng is that you need to abort that bastard !n your womb” I sh©vted.

“You said I should do what? Abort th¡s my baby” $h£ sh©vted.

“If you want us to still live happily as a lov!ng couples you need to get ru!n of that th!ng !n that womb” I sh©vted.

“No! I will never abort my baby,over my dead b©dy will I do such th!ng to my child,don’t you know that’s committ!ng a murder? $h£ sh©vted.

“You must abort that th!ng ooo! Unless th£re will be no peace !n th¡s house” I sh©vted.

“I will never do such th!ng to an !nnocent child,not my baby” $h£ stood and sh©vted.

“That bastard must be abort not !n my house will a rapist child will be born” I sh©vted.

“I have say my own,I will not soak my [email protected] with an !nnocent child’s blood,i will never do that” $h£ sh©vted and walked ©vt.

“We shall see if you will abort it or not” I sh©vted and went upstairs.
What is your advice for th£ couple?
Do you th!nk Joe is right with h¡s decision?
Or Jenny should keep th£ baby?


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