Abducted – Episode 15

Abducted – Episode 15
© Onyinyechukwu Mbeledogu.

Over the next few days, Ibitoru did most of the cooking. As much as she despised these chores she soon got used to them. Toni on the other hand was sometimes nice to her but most of the time, he treated her with indifference but naturally they were becoming more aware of each other as individuals.

She wasn’t comfortable with the feelings she was developing towards him. She had disliked him but with that one k-ss he had set her up for, she found that she rarely gave Steve a thought. She had to force herself to remember that Toni had abducted her, depriving her of the life she was accustomed to and treating her like a servant. She found herself wodnering what he would look like he really smiled, if he didn’t try to look so intimidating. She’d bet he had a beautiful smile.

Whoa, hold on girl, she warned herself. You are treading on dangerous grounds. Start thinking of his smiles and you’ll start imagining things you have no business imagining.

And she could guess the kind of naughty thoughts that could infiltrate her mind.


Emi Davids sat in one of the sitting rooms in the Davids home in Abuja surrounded by a few persons who’d come to visit her. Her husband who shuffled between Abuja and Port Harcourt every week was in a meeting with the President at the Aso rock villa.

Emi had accepted Damiete as a son, not that she had any choice. But he was a good young man. She missed her only child Ibitoru. Ibitoru had been gone for over a month and the man who had abducted her hadn’t made his demands yet.

Why waste so much time?

He ought to have made his demands weeks ago. So why dilly-dally? Why make the family pass through this? The first time Ibitoru had called, she had said that she was okay. The man had to have realized that she’d somehow communicated with her father and seized the phones. This explained why she hadn’t called since then.

She wondered what the man was doing to her daughter. What Ibitoru was passing through. Most females who were kidnap victims had been raped. She recalled the story of some NYSC members who had been found pregnant after their release. Oh God, what was the man doing to her little gir?

The police still couldn’t come up with information about her, as though she had disappeared from the surface of the earth without a trace. Ten million naira had been set aside now from a purse that was no longer so large, just in case the abductor called. And she hoped he would call soon. It was enough that Ibitoru would be heart broken when she returned to find out that not only had the company been taken over by another company, that she also had a half brother and was no longer an heiress.

‘God is in control,’ one of the women told her. ‘You will find your daughter.’

‘The man is not even making demands,’ Emi complained. ‘That is what bothers me the most. He hasn’t called us. Not even once.’

‘I’m sure he will. They always do. But he must be so heartless to make you suffer like this.’

‘He is heartless,’ Emi agreed. ‘He probably doesn’t have a family, or he would have understood the pain this family is going through because of his selfishness.’

‘Such people have no respect, whatsoever, for family.’

‘He should leave my baby alone. She hadn’t done anything to deserve this kind of treatment. If he wants money, he should simply ask for it.’


Toni had no use for Chief Davids’ money. At the time he had planned her abduction, his intention had been to make Ibitoru’s father pay through his nose, but he’d later changed his mind. He had no use for the ransom. He had his own money.

Toni’s company, IKANEX had applied to the Securities and Exchange Commission three months earlier for a takeover of IBITRONS Limited, submitting the necessary doc-ments. IBITRONS limited had been almost rendered bankrupt by an appealing but very risky deal Chief Davids had made on behalf of the company. The dissenting shareholders had been either paid like the consenting shareholders or had their shares valued. IKANEX as the Offeror company had paid the Target company IBITRONS the amount due for the shares of its dissenting shareholders as trustee. The offer had been concluded and the necessary doc-ments filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The bid had been registered thereby making IKANEX the parent body of IBITRONS with 90% shareholding.

It hadn’t been easy being in meetings with Chief Davids knowing that he had the man’s daughter in his custody. But the bid was over and the company his. One would think that he would release IB then but he kept her with him.

He had to give up the comfort of his home to be in this house. He knew its owner and had paid him for the use of the place, bringing in some of the things he needed. Domesticating IB hadn’t been part of the initial plan but he had found himself doing that. If he didn’t think it was possible, he would have believed that he indeed cared greatly about Chief Davids’ only daughter. He told himself he was merely doing it to annoy her since she hated chores of any kind.

She was improving and that was impressive. They communicated every now and then like housemates and when she was good he let her enjoy a few minutes of the airconditioner in his room. And of course, he was always in the room when she was there, he didn’t trust her not to do something.

His mother would scre-m if she heard what he had done, he thought with a smile. But it couldn’t be helped. Chief Sotonye Davids had hurt someone he cared about many years ago and he was only giving him a taste of his own medicine. As a Governor he couldn’t be prosecuted because of the constitutional immunity he had enjoyed. So let him spend his nights wondering what he, Toni, was doing to his little girl and wondering if he was about to find himself a grandfather.

He liked Ibitoru but not enough to want to get involved with her. He wanted no part of Chief Davids.

He caught Ibitoru’s wrist as her fingers closed around the handset he had placed on the arm rest of the chair he was sprawled in.

‘I thought you were engrossed in your thoughts.’

‘Obviously. What did you intend to do with it? Sneak into your room and tell daddy I haven’t been nice to you, and have him suggest a better way to incapacitate me?’

‘Maybe. It would serve you right.’

‘I’m not a fool Ibitoru Davids. Once bitten, twice shy.’

‘You’ve kept me here against my will for several weeks but you know what? You are only postponing the evil day.’

‘Oh I’m so scared,’ he jeered. ‘I’m shaking in my boots.’

‘When the time comes, you will beg for my favour but I won’t bother helping you out. Release me now and I shall ensure that you are not persecuted.’

‘How kind of you,’ his voice dripped with sarcasm.

‘You think this is a joke? You can keep me here for a year if you wish but very soon, you’ll have cause to wish you had left Chief Davids daughter alone. And this is no idle threat.’

‘We’ll see about that.’

He stretched out his long legs on the table and crossed his muscular arms about his chest. She had learnt in the weeks she’d been here that her host was a light sleeper. He could wake up at the slightest sound. If he had been a deep sleeper, she would have prayed for him to fall asleep. It would take only a few minutes to call home and find out how her parents were doing. But it won’t be possible.

‘Don’t waste your time entertaining thoughts of escaping,’ Toni warned without looking at her. ‘It won’t work.’

‘You are enjoying this, aren’t you? Soon, you’ll start paying for my company.’ She told him. ‘It makes you feel good having a beautiful woman in your home all day, doesn’t it?’

His eyelids lifted and he gave her a meaningful look.

‘It’s not as though you are sharing my bed, so what’s so special about your company?’

IB glared at him.

‘You know how to twist my statements.’

‘Is that what I’m doing?’ he asked arching an eyebrow.

‘Yes. And you know it.’

His l-ips curved into a little smile that was quite dangerous in its beauty. ‘You said having a beautiful woman in my home all day makes me feel good and I hold a contrary opinion. Where’s the twist? Or did I hit too close to the truth?’

‘What are you insinuating?’ she demanded, affronted.

‘Look me in the eye and tell me you haven’t for once, fantasized about having blue eyed babies.’

Her jaw dropped open and she shut her mouth quickly, her eyes narrowing into tiny slits.

‘If I have such fantasies it definitely has nothing to do with you,’ she informed him.

‘And of course you have met so many blue eyed men in the past weeks.’

‘Whatever!’ She said having nothing more to say.

This time his smile increased. He was really good looking when he smiled. She stared at him feeling like butterflies were running around in her stomach. No, she had to think of Steve. She had been with Toni long enough to be having a clear case of Stockholm syndrome – a situation where a victim started falling for her abductor.

This was so not good. She was used to being in charge of her emotions especially where men were concerned. She flirted with them, drew them close and sent them parking while dashing their hopes of being with her. She had to leave this place before she found herself completely falling for the only man she had met/seen in weeks.

Toni caught her watching him but she couldn’t for the life of her imagine why she could not take her eyes off him. His smile faltered.

‘Do you mind?’ He queried, clearly feeling uncomfortable under her stare.

She looked away embarrassed. She had been staring like she had never seen a good looking man in her life. Steve was even better looking and yet… She looked at Toni once more and found him watching her curiously, his thick eyebrows arched.

‘You just smiled,’ she told him in self defense. ‘And that is what you haven’t done since I’ve been here.’

‘I must be slacking. No more smiles.’

‘You look better when you smile.’

‘You don’t say,’ he teased. ‘So just how good do I look when I smile? Good enough to …?’

‘If you want someone to stroke your ego, you are talking to the wrong person,’ she informed him.

‘Of course. And that’s why you were staring at me as though you wanted to have your wicked way with me.’

‘Such arrogance,’ she ground out.

The corner of his mouth twitched.

‘You do recall that we are alone here, right?’ he said unexpectedly. ‘So you can feel free to act out your greatest fantasies.’

He had guts, she had to give that to him. Especially when he caught her chin in his palm. She waited for his k-ss but it didn’t come. Instead, he leaned forward close enough for her to feel his warm breath against her skin and inhale his intoxicating clean male scent mixed with the cologne he wore. For a man who clearly didn’t have money, he sure used an expensive cologne, she thought. Had he bought it with the money he had made from the last person he had abducted? Had he bought it with her money? No, he hadn’t touched the money in her purse. There were so many things about this man which didn’t fit.

His l-ips hovered over hers, his eyes holding hers captive. He remained that way. An expression she couldn’t interpret, on his handsome face. It occurred to her that he was testing her, that he wanted her to initiate the k-ss. Several weeks ago, she would have pushed him away and said ‘go to hell, bloody peasant’ but this man had disrupted her carefully org-nised life and yet she couldn’t hate him. He was clearly not your average kidnapper. He hadn’t harmed her and he seemed to spend more time trying to domesticate her. Who does that? He was an enigma she couldn’t decode.

His gaze weakened her. His l-ips tempted her to k-ss them, to taste them once more. The last time she had been in a hurry but she was tempted to take her time and explore those l-ips. Kicking herself mentally for allowing herself fall for the temptation he posed, she framed his face in her hands and k-ssed him. She felt his smile against her l-ips before he parted his l-ips beneath hers. Her arm went about his neck and her fingers car-ssed his soft black hair. His right arm drew her closer until she was almost laying against the hærdness of his masculine body. The k-ss grew deeper, their tongue entangled, bodies clinging to each other. However, she broke the k-ss before it could get out of hand, saying ‘If you want more k-sses then you ha ve to work for it.’

He laughed but his flushed skin told her that the k-ss had affected him as much as it had done her.

To be continued

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