Abducted – Episode 17

Abducted – Episode 17
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‘You’re infringing on my personal space,’ Toni warned IB.

‘Are you going to lock me up in my room until I am purged of my contempt?’

‘I might just do that.’

‘What are you afraid of? That I might prove you wrong?’ she teased.

‘No such luck Ib. And I am not in the mood for your flirtatious games. I won’t be distracted.’

She grabbed his T-Shirt as he made to get away, and leaned forward so that their faces were only about an inch apart.

‘You are playing with fire, Miss Davids. I might just forget I am meant to be a gentleman and take what you are offering as an addition to what I am going to get from your father.’

The last part of his words was intended to call her to order but IB clearly wasn’t thinking about any other thing other than proving that he wasn’t immune to her. She wrapped her arms around his neck. She was now literally sitting on his laps.

‘Admit it, you’re mesmerised by my beauty.’

He placed both hands on her wa-ist to lift her off him but she clung to him laughing.

‘There is only way to get me off you.’

‘And I won’t k-ss you.’

She giggled like a naughty child and he wondered how she had been able to get away with such serious flirtations. There must have been something wrong with those men or had the fear of getting into trouble with her father called the lower parts of their anatomy to order?

He could easily lift her into his arms and carry her to his bedroom but it would be something they would both end up regretting and he wasn’t in the mood to have this on his conscience. IB was here for a purpose and s€× had nothing to do with it, although she was making it increasingly difficult for him to live by his moral code. She literally took his breath away.

She brushed her l-ips against a sensitive s₱0t behind his left ear in a gentle glide.

‘You need to stop this,’ he gro-ned out.

Her l-ips trailed down his cheek to his jaw, her intention obviously to drive him crazy. Even the thought of his anger towards her father couldn’t bail him out. He told himself that he should just push her off him, but he instead found his hands just resting on her wa-ist.

She traced his l-ips with her tongue. He held still as she k-ssed him but his l-ips soon parted beneath hers and he pulled her into his arms. If he had a steady girlfriend, he would easily have dealt with IB’s flirtations because he had made it a personal principle not to cheat on a woman he was dating, let alone the woman he intended to marry.

His l-ips were warm and tender against hers, his palm warm against the small of her back. His breathing was as ragged as her own. Ib felt the hurried beat of his heart against his chest and gloried in the effect she clearly had on him. There was no way he could look her in the face after this and deny the attraction between them.

Her sanity returned when she recalled the meatpie on fire. She dragged her l-ips from his and it took all the effort she could summon not to race for the kitchen. She extricated herself from his arms like a cat and sashayed to the kitchen. She took out the meatpie, set down the pot and put off the stove.

She leaned against the cupboard, breathing heavily, a smile on her face. She was a captive for crying out loud. What was she doing with Toni? It wasn’t as though her sed-ction had secured her his phone with which she could make a call and have his identity revealed.

Steve was completely forgotten.

As a way of effectively distracting herself, she washed the rolling board and other things in the sink, and cleaned the sink. By the time she was done, she was back to her normal self.

When she returned to the living room with the meatpies in a tray, she found Toni stretched out on the sofa, a hand flung over his face. He was beginning to lose concentration, she thought. It would be so easy to hit him with the rolling pin and this time she would have access to more than just his phone. She would be able to access her car and drive out of here. Well, the car might pose a problem. The last time she had tried to escape, she had made it to her car parked in the garage but there had been no battery. And she hadn’t seen a battery around.

‘We need to talk, Toni,’ she told him.

He looked up at her but didn’t sit up. She stood before him.

‘When do you intend to call my father?’

‘After the stunt you pulled a few minutes ago, I should keep you here until the year is over.’

‘What stunt? I k-ssed you, you k-ssed me back. What’s the big deal?’

‘You can ask me that?’

‘Don’t you dare take out your frustrations at me.’ she warned him. ‘You enjoyed it immensely. You cannot deny that you felt something.’

‘Of course I felt something. I am a man and not an eunuch and you were literally gluing yourself to me. I don’t know what your game plan is but sed-ction isn’t going to get me to release you until I am ready to do so. I am not stupid!’

‘I wasn’t trying to sed-ce you.’ she told him. ‘If I had, you wouldn’t be in a position to be upset.’

‘And what do you call what you were doing? Playing kpa kpan golo ?’

‘Simply proving to you that you were not immune to my charms. And it was so easy,’ she jeered insultingly. ‘Your hands were all over me and you were breathing like you had just completed a marathon race. One k-ss and you were putty in my hands. I only let it last as long as it did to give you something to dream about tonight. You should be thanking me for helping you out especially since you obviously can’t find yourself a girlfriend.’

‘If I currently don’t have a girlfriend, it is out of choice. If I want one, I know where to find her.’

‘Yes, but not one with my pedigree. It must be really lonely in that bedroom of yours, lying on that bed, feeling the cold from the AC with nothing but your blanket and your dreams to keep you company and living with the knowledge that just next door is a beautiful woman way out of your league. I can’t say I envy you.’

‘Shut up Ibitoru.’

‘Ibitoru? Did I hit too close to the truth? I can imagine how many nights you felt the burning need to cross over to my bedroom or invite me to yours, but knowing that you won’t have what you needed most even if you begged for it.’

‘Oh really?’

‘Yes, really. I am too classy, too good for the likes of you. It is in your best interest to let me go and we can just pretend I changed the desitination of my vacation. Keeping me here is only going to hurt you in the long run. Just imagine all the phases of conji you have had to deal with since you brought me here. You are bound to snap soon and I won’t be there to hold your hand to walk you through your s€×ual frustration.’

He was off the couch in a flash, grabbing her wrist and pulling her to him.

‘s€×ual frustration!’

‘Yes. Now let go of me before you bloody break my wrist.’

‘I’ll show you s€×ual frustration.’

One moment she was struggling to extricate her wrist from his vice grip, the next moment she was tossed over his shoulder fireman style, and he was marching purposefully to his bedroom. She hit him on the back as he pushed his door open and carried her into the bedroom. He tossed her on the bed and before she could escape, pinned her down there.

She struggled with him fiercely, fearing that he was angry enough to rape her and damn the consequences. He caught her hands and held them both above her head with one strong hand even as she struggled with him. His k-ss wasn’t the least bit gentle, bruising her l-ips and preventing her from crying out even as the fingers of his other hand ripped her shirt and the hook of her b-ra. She continued struggling as his pushed the trouser down her h¡ps.

Ib struggled with him, trying to buck him off her. He let go only to drag his t-shirt off his body, grabbing her once more before she could slide out of the bed and head for the safety of her bedroom or perhaps reach for something she could use as a weapon. Her scre-ms made no difference. However, when she gave up, closing her eyes to shut out the rape that would no doubt happen, she felt him roll off her body.

He flung one arm over his eyes, his breathing erratic, thinking of how closely she had come to making a rapist out of him by calling him s€×ually frustrated. Ib lay next to him breathing heavily, staring at the ceiling. He could imagine all the things going through her mind. Had he not come to his senses, he would have forcefully taken her V-rginity and he would have had to live with it because he had allowed her words lead him to that stage.

‘I’m sorry,’ he apologised.

Ib said nothing. Finally, the bed creaked as she rose from it. She pulled the torn clothes to her body. All the buttons were ripped off. Her b-ra was designed with tiny front hooks and the only surviving hook barely covered her uncladness. She dragged the trouser up and zipped it up. She held the shirt to her body as she walked out of the bedroom without a word.

She ended up in the bathroom, trembling.

She had narrowly escaped being a rape victim. It was the one thing she had feared most the first few days of her abduction before she realised that the man who had abducted her had no intention of having her body as was popular with most kidnappers. And then she had provoked him by calling him s€×ually frustrated.

She heard him locking his bedroom door. And then she heard the protector open and then the front door before both doors were locked.


Toni took a well deserved stroll to clear his head. Ibitoru had almost reduced him to a rapist like her father.

He was a young man and not an eunuch. His body was fully functional. She was a young beautiful female whose l-ips made his blood boil over. He had never been provoked to take a woman in anger. His parents had raised him right. There were boundaries he never crossed. Had he not come to his senses, the situation would have been reversed.

If he had ha lf the sense God gave a flea he would make that call and set her free as soon as her father complied.

To be continued

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