Act Of Faith 2

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Act Of Faith 2
League of Six
Secret From Act of Faith 1
In the first part of Act Of Faith, the trained spies, Gabriel, Christiana, Israel, Matt, Morg-na and Daniel who later became the betrayal tried unravelling the mystery behind sir Jude Ike wealth, their founding was a bit fruitful as they were able to discover that sir Jude Ike has death Agents scattered all over the country, their mission was to kill people and send their skulls to big labs across the globe. They were also able to fish out Daniel to be one of Sir Jude Ike’s agent, but they weren’t able to get the man himself, Jude Ike. Apparently, he is somewhere and surely hasn’t left his dirty business. The spies let him be as they hope one day, he will run into the long hands of Newriton. But somewhere around the country, people still die like chickens
Location: Newriton, Lagos State
Date: January 2018
The Jungle was still, the tall trees shielded the sun from penetrating deep on the little inhabitants of the Jungle. Birds of the air could be seen Singing as they flew from trees to trees, they had nothing to bother about. Looking below the tree level of the jungle, a sculptured mark could be seen at the centre of large buildings surrounding it, everywhere was still. In one of these buildings, is a prison yard for criminals who had been caught by Newriton. Each cell could be seen to contain individual criminal, what a comfortable way to keep them. The thick iron protector preventing each of them from the outside world was electrically operated and at such they couldn’t break through their escape. In a particular prison room, a young, fine man could be seen staring intensely at the electric protector, he seemed to be looking beyond it as he was all focused on what he was looking at. He was all in black and wore a black jacket with a black trouser, he was calm like he couldn’t hurt a fly. Suddenly, the iron protectors to all the prison room swiped open. Surely, the inhabitants of the prisons were surprised but they took chance of what just happened and ran out to sort their escape from the jungle. The man in black did a quick roll from the floor and ran out, the guards were now alerted and two could be seen coming towards him, he immediately did a flying double leg kick and the both guards were soon on the ground. He ran out of the building with the rest of the prisoners to the big open field. Alerted trained fighters could be trying to curb the prisoners with swords, knives and guns, they shot at some of the prisoners, threw knives at some and slashed some with the sword but no one could hold down the Man in black. He was too strong and fast for the fighters, he beat through the fighters and found his way to where bikes were parked but he was shocked to meet a young lady waiting there with a sword. ” Young girl, Leave the way” he shouted as he advanced towards her, ” Beat me away” she said and flung her sword across his head, he simply bent and did a forward roll to her, he did a leg sweeping kick and the girl was soon on the ground, she did a Chinese get up immediately but a back kick sent her back to the ground, she tried staggering up but couldn’t. ” If things were okay, I wouldn’t mind having you as my girl” he smiled as he hopped on one of the bikes and zoomed off dodging bullets and knives, but he wasn’t lucky as one knife caught his back, nevertheless, he never stopped driving, he escaped.
Back in the prison yard, someone in all black could be seen holding an iron electrical change over, changing it down, all the prison room closed up. ” Done ” the person seemed to smile, but the cover face cap that was worn hid the smile.
Episode 1
Title: Meet Tonia
” Gabriel!!” Adanna shouted my name from the sitting room, I know whatever she is calling me for, it isn’t something meaningful. ” Yes” I answered as I walked to her from the bedroom, she was watching a love movie. ” look at that man, see how he is holding his wife, come and hold me like that” She demanded pointing to the television, I simply hissed and made to go back to the room. ” If you go ehen” she threatened and I stopped. ” Joy, can’t you just let me rest, am busy in,side putting some things together” I shouted calling her by her English name. ” Oya, please now, come and stay with me” she begged but I stood still, then she twisted her mouth like she would always do whenever she wanted something from me, that twisting of her mouth, do actually get me. I walked and sat with her on the couch, I wrapped my hand around her wa-ist and she rested her head on my shoulders. ” I love you” she said k-ssing my cheeks and laughing at my frowned face, it got me and I laughed back, that was why she is my wife, to always disturb me. Looking back, I find it difficult to believe that this was the same Adanna back then in the village, the village girl I loved and I tried my possible best to get her. She used to play hærd to get then, not actually play hærd to get, she was hærd to get then. It actually took me a great deal of perseverance and tolerance to get her, kudos to me. ” Can’t you just for one day take me out to all this beautiful places, just like the way lovers do?” She asked bringing me out of my thought, ” sorry to disappoint you, we aren’t lovers, we are couples” I told her focusing on the movie, I wasn’t actually watching the movie. ” Big head, all couples love themselves, so they are lovers” She said hitting my chest playfully, ” Okay, have heard you” I said in a bid to stop the conversation. ” Hey, you’ve heard, does that mean you are taking me out?” She asked but I didn’t answer her, ” Then I take that as a yes” she said and placed her head on my laps, soon , she was in dreamland.
Location: Newriton, Lagos State
I am Tonia Medesh, but you call me Toni. I am a young girl of 20 years and an aspiring spy. I came into the institute about some months ago and since then, it has been trainings, trainings all through. My mom had single handedly trained me ever since my dad died, he died when I was 17 years old, 3 years ago. My mom is an illiterate but she wants the best for me, she had sold all she had to send me to school but I wasn’t really interested in school. I wanted to be a fighter, a big time crime fighter. This wasn’t actually my dream from childhood, I had wanted to be like all other kids, become a medical doctor, wear a lab coat and work in an office. But all these changed the night my dad was killed, he was killed right in front of our eyes, I and my mother. He was our backbone, with him, we had nothing to worry about. We were moderately rich then and that was okay for us. Then that night, I would never and won’t forget that night, the night when my dad was murdered. We were all in the sitting room that night when a man in black bumped in, he was all in black but his face was visible, he was a tall handsome , young man, he came with a sword, and without saying anything, he killed my dad. He beheaded my dad and took the head away, he didn’t think about us, he just left us fatherless. Although his face was visible, but if I see him again, I won’t recognize him. All I can remember about him was that he was a fine, young man. And that was all that killed my dream, ever since then, I had always wanted to be a crime fighter, not because my father was killed, but because of others to die. It had been tough all the way, very tough I must say. It had been from one trainings to the other, sir Ajan hasn’t been useful either, he just finds pleasure in being tough. I am Tonia Medesh, and all I am interested in is not Revenge.
Okay, that’s enough of me, you already know me. So to the present. ” Toni, fight George” Sir Ajan ordered staring at me, ” Sir!!” I said in shock, George is a very skillful fighter and I stand no chance against him. George is that type of guy you refer to as fast learners, very strong and fast, he shouldn’t be among the beginners like me. ” Get to the stage and fight George” He ordered pointing to the stage, I had no option than to walk slowly into the round battle ground where George was already standing. ” Dont beat me much” I begged as I took my stance, apart from the fact that he is strong, he is also a very nice guy. ” Promise ” He smiled and he also took his stance. ” fight!!” Sir Ajan ordered hitting his stick on the hærd ground, we started circulating each other. I bounced forward and threw the first kick, but he simply brushed it off with his hands, ” This guy is evil” I breathed to myself as I did a back flip before he would kick me back, unfortunately, before I landed, I was welcomed by a one leg flying kick, I fell down immediately with no hopes of getting up. ” Am sorry” I heard George say as he drew me up through my hands, ” Toni, you gat a hell of work to do” I heard sir Ajan’s rude voice before he left angrily. ” George, that was painful” I pinched his chest playfully, ” Am sorry” he begged holding my wa-ist.
” Fight” I shouted to my fiance Morg-na as we stood opposite each other, we were having our normal evening trainings. ” Jason, remember you beat me yesterday, let me beat you today” She pleaded, that is how she does everyday. “Morg-na, you are a spy, you should not be scared” I smiled, ” But you are more stronger than I am” She countered moving slowly towards me, ” As they will say, let’s die” I said in the normal Newriton culture and ran towards her, “wait, wait!!!” She shouted and I immediately stopped. ” you are my boyfriend and we shouldn’t be fighting” She said holding my wa-ist and smiling, ” We aren’t fighting, we are training” I corrected. ” okay, am not training again” She shouted and walked away, ” Meet me in,side “she shouted as I stared at her wa-ist as she swayed in,side. ” Coward” I breathed and ran after her.
” Shey I tell you say I go win you” Matt boasted as he held the tennis bat, surely, he had won me again. ” Okay, let’s go one more round” I begged as I raced the tennis ball with my bat, ” Okay, let me beat you again” He boasted and I served the ball. We played for about fifteen minutes and at the end, he won again, he is really good in the game of tennis. ” Tell me israel, what do you think about the prisoners that escaped from Newriton?” He asked me as we walked out of the sport complex, ” It’s their luck, God was happy with them that day” I replied with a smile, ” That is very unusual of Newriton, it had never happened” He shook his head, ” Everything starts in a day bro” I smiled patting his shoulder and walking ahead, ” But remember, Daniel also escaped” he reminded while I nodded my head, ” He is a born again” I shouted spreading my hands, ” Maybe” I heard Matt say as he jogged after me. Matt is my best spy friend, it used to be Gabriel, but now the idiot is a married man, I hate moving with married men, they look old for my liking. Matt happens to be a young spy like me, we both live in Lagos but in separate places not far from each other. You might mistake us for siblings if you happen to be meeting us for the first time, he is always with him and I am also always with me except of course at night, I spend the night with my girlfriend, hey dont ask me who, I have a girlfriend, Anna Ikechuckwu, a girl I met after my last successful mission, the mission I call ” The getting of Daniel”. I was the main man in the mission, I did almost all the job in getting Daniel, dont think I am lying, I threw the knife at his leg when Morg-na led him into the bush, so you see, I am the main man. So I met Ann after the mission, I actually met her in Atata, she isn’t actually an indigene of Atata, she is a civilized student of the university of Lagos, she only came for an excursion, thank God she came that period, I shouldn’t have gotten her. Ann is beautiful, shapeful, tall, fair, her skin is like, Oh my God, just like that of an Angel, glowing like the morning sun. She has that kind of smile that can send you to your grave if you aren’t careful, her touch alone can make me tell her all my life secret except the one of I am a spy, else, that evil spirit they call Sir Ajan might expel or suspend me. Anyways, to say the truth, Ann is that kind of girl every guy want, she is every man’s dream, I mean every man, even married men. She is a student of law in the university of Lagos, she is an Igbo girl from Imo state, she lives outside campus in a two room self contain, she lives comfortably because as she told me, her parents are rich and I am also there to support her. ” Israel” Matt brought me back from my thought, ” What is it?” I asked him, ” You are passing your house” He said, I turned back and truly, I was two houses after mine.
I am Christiana as you all know, a well trained spy from Newriton but as at now, I happen to be on suspension just because of a small offence, I didn’t do it on purpose, it was just out of love. I loved Gabriel and wanted him to be mine, I didn’t want him for Adanna, so as a girl, I had to spoil things between them by using a letter which later backfired, I hope it doesn’t continue to. I have forgotten about Gabriel when I met my new guy, Carlos. He showed me love beyond redemption and soon, he swept me off my feet, I fell badly in love with him. Anyways, that isn’t the problem now, all I need back is my family, my fellow secret spies, we have a lot of mysteries to unravel together, time to spend together. My beeping phone interrupted my thought,it was an unknown call. I picked the phone and placed it on my ear, ” Hello, Good evening, this a call from Newriton welfare unit, Christiana, your suspension has been called off” The voice from the other end of the phone came and the line went dead, I couldn’t believe my ears, I knew it would be called off but I never expected it this soon, time to call my family, let’s burst some brains together.
Episode 2
Title: The Kidnap
I sat on my bed that fateful morning just thinking about life, it is funny how Daniel managed to escape from Newriton, even with the security facilities there, the person who must have facilitated the escape must be an expert. I know sooner or later, Daniel might wanna take revenge on us, but before then, Newriton won’t call us. I turned to look at my sleeping wife, I wish she knew who I am, I wish she knows am a spy, I wish I could just wake her up and tell her: ” Adanna, am a spy” but I just can’t, Sir Ajan says its meant to be a secret, a big secret because you can trust no one, not even your wife. That’s how big and difficult it is to be a spy, you must tell no one about who you are, and you should prepare your mind to die at anytime without telling out who you are. ” Hello” I greeted as I picked my ringing phone on my bed, it was Christiana the betrayal, she broke one of the minor rules in Newriton, but she betrayed me. ” Gabriel I was called back two days ago” She informed me, I simply smiled. ” Hey, hope you won’t do any rubbish again?” I asked her trying hærd to be cheerful , ” No, I won’t do anything to them, am sorry” She apologized again, she has literally been apologizing ever since she was suspended. ” hey, it okay sis, welcome back to the family” I said smiling, if not for what she did then, she use to be a good girl. ” Have you told the rest about this?” I asked not allowing her say anything.. ” Yes, I have told Morg-na, israel, and Matt” she informed while I nodded, ” Have you told Alvana?” I asked, ” who is Alvana?” She asked back, ” That guy Daniel betrayed back then, during their set” I answered. ” I dont know him too well” She replied, ” He is Morg-na boyfriend” I informed, ” Then Morg-na will tell him” She said and that was all, we spoke about some irrelevant stuff and later put an end to the call. ” Hmm, Christiana” I smiled as I dropped the phone on the bed, ” Who is Christiana?” I heard Adanna’s voice behind me, ” my friend” I replied, ” Hmm Gabi , be careful o” She smiled as she hugged me from behind, ” So my good morning for today is who is Christiana?” I asked her, ” Hey I was about saying that just now” She countered, ” But you have not said it” I said smiling, ” I ain’t gonna greet you again” She said and stood up from the bed, ” Why?” I asked , ” Because you reminded me, I would have surely greeted you” She replied still standing, ” That nothing to start a fight about this morning, I dont even need the greetings before self” I said and stood up, I was going towards the sitting room, ” Good morning Gabi” She shouted after I have left the room, ” Good morning ” I shouted back,” I thought you won’t answer” She shouted again but i didn’t reply this time else we would simply keep on shouting at ourselves. ” Ogbakpo!! ” she shouted as she ran out, into the sitting room. ” Have told you to stop calling me that, I won’t warn you again” I told her sternly, Ogbakpo simply means a fool when translated to english, my late sister, Linda, may her soul rest in peace actually use to call me that name, Adanna picked it from there since she was a close friend of my sister. ” Haba, is that why you are frowning? Just because I want to play with you” She hissed and turned to go, ” Oya, sorry, come” I begged while she jumped back with a smile. ” I knew you would beg me” she smiled sitting beside me, ” So what is it?” I asked reaching for the television remote, ” Hey, ask in a polite manner” She frowned, ” Abeg talk jare” I said as she adjusted more close to me, ” You are to take me out today, remember?” She asked, ” Did I say today?” I asked , I dont even remember promising to take her out. ” yes now, have you forgotten?” She smiled, ” So where should I take you to?” I gave in, its not actually a bad idea spending some time out with my wife, I think we should actually have a good time. ” So where should we go to?” I asked her, she immediately adjusted herself on the sofa. ” Dubai” she blurted out while I stared at her in amazement and disbelief, ” Dubai, for what? How can we possibly go to Dubai today?” I asked her, ” Cabbage head, were you meant to ask me where we should go to? You are the man here, take me out” she smiled and placed her hand around my shoulders, ” Let’s go to the stadium” I smiled, she twisted her mouth in that cute manner and shook her head in pity, ” Out of the land of Israel, I have found a husband ” she lamented and backed it up with a hiss, ” Can’t you just be serious for once?” She asked adjusting more closer to me, ” The day I will break this your mouth for you ehen, you dont have respect again ” I said, ” Ah, my husband, I am sorry, forgive me” she apologized with a mockery face, ” You ehen!!” I hissed. ” Gabi now, say something , where should we go to?” She asked staring at her phone, ” Where should we go to?” I asked back. ” Can’t you just take me out to a place of your mind” she shouted twisting her mouth, ” Okay, I know the perfect solution, let’s not go anywhere again, let’s just stay at home ” I shouted back and made to go away, ” if you go ehen ” she threatened as she stood and walked to me. She stood face to face with me and stared directly into my eyes, ” You are taking me out to a place of your choice weather you like it or not ” she shouted and hit my chest before walking away angrily. ” Hey, Adanna, okay, okay I will take you out, am sorry” I shouted after her, ” Just leave me alone!!” She shouted from the bedroom.
I Sat opposite sir Ajan staring at me as I stared at him, we were in his office and definitely, it isn’t for something good. ” Tell me Toni, what else do we have to do to you?” He started as he stood up from his chair, ” How Sir? ” I asked back, ” You are asking how? You are the only one backwards in training, you aren’t improving” He lamented sitting on the table, ” Tell me, what else should we do?” He asked while I bent my head, I am trying my best. ” I dont know sir” I finally answered after some minutes of thinking, ” I think I know what to do” he said while I looked up at him immediately, he was putting on a smile. ” What sir?” I asked him also smiling, ” Why dont we just put you on a small test mission? I think that’s the perfect idea, why haven’t I thought of this all this while? ” he smiled on , ” Get prepared, you are going on a mission ” he ordered while I bent my head slowly in anger, this guy just want me dead.
I was already dressed up in a blue shirt and jean trouser, Adanna was still in the bathroom having her bath and I know she won’t be done anytime soon. She has finally decided to go to the cinema, she said she wanted to go view a trending movie , Jumaji, I wonder what sort of movie it would be. I left the room and went to the guest room, I might need to burst some brains over there. I opened an artificial, fake tile on the floor, it had the same colour and look of the other tiles, I brought out my secret briefcase and took out my gun, my official gun. I replaced the briefcase and covered it up as it was before, no one would ever know there is something hidden there, I mean no one. I hid the gun in my wa-ist region , in it belt and covered it with my singlet and then my cloth. ” Adanna!!” I shouted as I got to the bedroom, she was still bathing, ” What? ” she shouted back from the bathroom, ” Please get out of that bathroom and let’s leave here” I shouted back. ” Am almost done dear, dont worry we won’t miss the movie” She said, i’d prefer we dont go at all. She came out from the bathroom some minutes later tying a tower, exposing those her killer curves, ” I hope you won’t take much time in dressing up?” I asked as she started creaming her body, “Ah, do you want me to dress there like a mad woman?” She fired back, ” Must you shout in all things?” I asked calmly, ” Am sorry” she apologized stretching her hands for my hand. ” don’t be angry” she pecked me. ” You are putting on a blue shirt, I should also put on a blue gown” She said while I nodded, ” Not a bad idea” I said as I walked towards her wardrobe and brought out three blue gowns. ” Which of the three do you want?” I asked her , ” You pick for me now” She said , ” Okay, you have to test the three of them then” I said and she nodded. ” rom-ntic Hubby” She smiled and pecked me again .
It was like the best moment of my life, the best moment of my life is actually whenever Ann comes to spend sometimes with me, this period, I forget about my best friend, Matt, who is Matt? It took a long trial to persuade Ann to spend the three days public holiday with me,I actually know she would come, she just wanted to form expensive. ” Baby, so what plans do you have for us? I mean myself and you” Ann asked, I don’t know but it think that the best way Ann starts a conversation. ” Ann. I have told you times without number that I have plans for us, I plan getting married to you, make you my wife and have my kids with you” I replied sincerely while she blushed, she is always happy hearing that. ” I love you Honey” She k-ssed me, ” What should I cook for the afternoon?” She asked me standing up from my laps where she has been sitting all this while, ” Just cook Beans and plantain ” I smiled, that’s another good thing about her , she loves to cook. ” Okay dear, let me go fix that” She said k-ssing me again and walking towards the kitchen. ” Dont miss me much” She said and swayed away while I stared at the killer wa-ist, if Ann doesn’t kill me , who will?
• we sat in the dining eating the delicious delicacy Ann has put together, at some points, she would feed me and I will also feed her, that is the sweetness of being in a relationsh¡p, its just something good especially when you are with the right girl, like Ann. We were still in the middle of the meal when my main door suddenly bursted open to reveal three guys all in white, they wore white mask and advanced towards us. ” Who are you and what do you people want here?” I asked standing up from the chair and walking towards them ,the one who seem to be their leader slide out his sword and advanced towards me, he flung it at me , I bent down and weaved it perfectly. With one of my hand on the ground , I raised up my legs towards the air and gave him a kick with my left leg on his head. He fell down to the ground and the second one took over, he threw a back leg kick which I was fast to catch, I immediately gave him my own back leg kick still holding his leg, we both fell down. Before I could get up, the third already gave me a flying kick, the kick pushed me backwards and I hit my head on the tile wall, the remaining two on the ground immediately got up and rushed towards the weak me, I tried fighting back but I was overpowered and tied down, I watched as they walked towards Ann who was shaking in fear and swearing profusely,” Please let me go!!” She shouted as she tried to free herself from them but to no avail, they covered her mouth and two of the boys carried her outside , I was just there struggling to free myself. ” Hey, I am a good person, use this in getting yourself freed” The last one, their leader said as he dropped a small knife beside me, I crawled immediately to get it. He ran out as I started cutting off the rope, i got freed and quickly ran out but i could only hear the car zooming off , for the first time, I cried for a girl.
Episode 3
Title: Morg-na
“No!!” I shouted as I quickly ran in,side for my car keys and the next minute I was on the major road on high speed, the car was no where to be found . I parked my car in a safe s₱0t and alighted from it, I was confused as I didn’t know what to do, I had to turn to my best friend Matt, he might be of help. ” Hello matt, Ann has been kidnapped, my girlfriend has been kidnapped” I shouted as soon as Matt picked up the phone, ” By who? How? When? Where?” Matt asked, ” See, I can’t explain now, just come over and help me, please I am confused now” I told him as I loosed the first two buttons of my shirt, ” Israel, calm down, if she has been kidnapped, then they will definitely ask for ransom, they will call” Matt said calmly, ” No Matt, this people dont look like they want money, they are fighters, I mean real fighters” I explained, ” Wait Israel, do you expect Bricklayers or Barbers to come kidnap Ann? Anyone that might have kidnapped Ann must know who you are and thus they sent the right people for the job” He told me while I nodded my head in agreement, ” Then Who could that be, only Newriton knows who I am, who else? ” I asked feeling frustrated, ” Remember bro, Daniel is out” Came his voice, I went quiet immediately, Daniel is out and certainly, he is out for revenge, an evil revenge. ” Israel, Israel are you there?” I heard Matt voice over the phone, I immediately ended the call and went into my car.
” Slowly, slowly!!” Adanna shouted as I hit the high way with great speed, it is already use to me, I hate driving slowly. ” Why are you scared? Trust me” I assured her taking a sharp turn, ” Remember the last time you ask me to trust you, when you said I should allow you fry the plantains for the rice, remember we later ended up having no plantain to eat that day, you ate up everything while frying, remember back in the village when I use to trust you with my water pots, you broke them all” She reminded me, ” Hey, that is different, we are on the road here, just trust me on this ” I assured her again, she gave me that look of doubt but still gave in. ” Watch out!!” She shouted while I quickly applied the brakes, I had been taken away by the speed that I didn’t realize I was about hitting a small car driving slowly in front of me. I applied the brakes late and I ended up hitting the car from behind. The car stopped immediately, so also my car. ” Mr Man, what is the meaning of this?” The owner of the small car shouted as he got down from his car and came towards me who was already out of the car, Adanna was with me. ” Am sorry sir, it was a mistake” I apologized although I knew it was useless, Nigerians have nothing to do with your apology, pay for your damages. ” Will sorry repair the car ?” He asked in a loud voice, car owners could now be seen surrounding us, typical of Nigerians. ” Can you imagine this idiot, he was over speeding and hit my car” The man told another man who had come to witness what was happening, ” My husband is not an idiot, he barged your car and he is going to pay for it” Adanna interfered standing in front of the man and staring sternly at him, ” Then let him repair it” The man shouted and laughed a mockery laugh, other men joined him. ” Small boys of nowadays, they make small money and start feeling on top of the world” Another man from the crowd said, ” He will pay for it but you have no right to call him an idiot, idiot” Adanna cursed while the crowd shouted, words like ” This small girl” could be heard from some of those in the crowd. I drew Adanna back gently , she do over react sometimes. ” Am sorry Sir, how much for the damages?” I asked him calmly, he was still staring angrily at Adanna. ” Fifty thousand naira” he blurted out, what an hungry man. ” No, its a million naira, thief” Adanna interfered again, ” Joy!” I called and she kept quiet. ” Sir, you know this isn’t up to fifty thousand naira ” I told the man calmly, ” Young man, I am the owner of my car and I know how much everything in it is worth” he told me angrily. ” Excuse me” a man from the crowd came forward, he looked dirty. ” I am a mechanic, and I can repair this break light with 5 thousand naira” he informed, ” Okay then, dear please lend me five thousand naira ” I turned to Adanna, who simply eyed me and brought the money from her wallet. ” Sir, this mechanic will repair your car for you, and if he doesn’t do it well , you can call me” I told the man and gave him my number, I gave the money to the mechanic and walked into my car as the crowd dispersed. ” why are you always bent on disgracing me?” Adanna asked as we got back into the car, ” How?” I asked back. ” Firstly, I told you to drive carefully but you won’t listen and now you hit someone’s car. That isn’t the painful part, just look at the way you were behaving like a weakling out there, so pathetic” she shouted like she was ready to fight me, ” Joy keep shut” I instructed, I knew it was a useless instruction ” Oh, I should keep shut? Okay then ” She shouted and folded her arms in anger, but at least, she kept shut. I drove off till we got to the cinema, I looked for a good parking space and parked my car. ” Okay, am sorry” I apologized as we made to alight from the car, ” Just keep shut ” She ordered while I bursted into laughter, ” Wait, you think its funny? Do I look like a joker to you, you are taking me for a fool?” She asked angrily, ” Haba, Adanna, it isn’t up to this now, am sorry forgive me” I begged stretching my hand for hers, ” Don’t touch me!” She shouted, ” Am sorry to be the bearer of the bad news, I will” I said and held her hand. ” Leave me alone” she removed her hand away from mine. ” Adanna, am so sorry” I begged again, ” No, it was annoying, i was trying to tell you something and then the next thing was for you to ask me to keep shut ” She said , ” You weren’t telling me anything, you were yelling at me” I corrected, ” Are you correcting me?” She asked while I shook my head negatively, ” Okay, am just sorry” I apologized again. ” Hmm, you are forgiven, but you still have to be punished, I will have to punish you”she said, ” Okay, what’s the punishment? ” I asked her, ” As we go out now, let me do all the talking” She said while I nodded, ” Okay then, you are forgiven ” she said and gave me a light k-ss. ” Remember, all the talking” she reminded, ” Okay” I answered as we walked to get a ticket. ” Good morning sir” the lady greeted me but Adanna answered, ” Good morning, he is my husband and he is dumb and deaf” she told the young lady, ” Oh, sorry, what a fine man” the lady lamented, I just stood where I was unable to say a thing. ” So what movie are you viewing?” She asked Adanna, ” Jumaji, I have hopes in the movie” Adanna said happily, ” Have it, your tickets” she stretched the tickets over to Adanna who paid for it and drew me away, ” Good boy ” she whispered to my ear happily, ” I dont like this” I told her, ” Remember, your punishment” she reminded , ” wait here, let me go buy popcorn, I forgot earlier ” she ordered and ran off to get a big cup pop corns and drinks. ” Now, let’s go” she ordered as she came back and i followed. ” Okay, my love, I forgive you, now you can talk” She said as we were about to enter the movie room, I only hissed and made to pass her. ” Go and stand the chance of getting punished again or you better come hold me now” She said standing by the door to the movie room, ” Adanna you are troublesome, I won’t take you anywhere again” I said as I held her hand and led her to the movie room, it was almost filled as the movie was just about to start, I led Adanna to the uppermost section to sit. A little bit above the upper section is a small h0le where the movie was being projected from to the big white screen, trying standing in front of the h0le and you might possible see yourself on the screen, not yourself, a shadow of yourself.
” wedding party, wedding party,wedding party” Adana kept on calling , her head was on my chest again and she was helping herself with the cup of popcorn. ” Won’t you eat?” She asked me , ” No, am not eating ” I replied staring at the advert being showed on the screen, ” You are angry bah, okay am sorry, okay punish me too” She said raising her head and staring at me, ” Adanna, just be calm for once” I begged, ” No, I won’t be calm unless you eat the pop corn” She said handling the cup to me, ” Okay ” I collected it and dished a handful into my mouth. ” That’s my husband” She smiled and pecked me, ” Adanna, we are in public” i told her, ” Does that mean I can’t peck my hubby?” She asked while i kept quiet, the movie started.
Morg-na as you all know is my name, a well trained spy from Newriton, have a record of one successful mission, killed at least 10 enemies during the course of my mission and the first spy to be in love with a spy. I love Alvana so much, the reason I cant just comprehend, maybe because of his muscular nature or funny nature, maybe because of my closeness to his mother, the native nurse, Mama, or maybe because of his handsomeness, whatever it might be, I love Alvana, more than anyone can imagine, I live with him as he his my fiancée , We met in course of my first mission, the mission which was mild successful, he should be the main hero of the mission because he actually helped us in unravelling the mystery behind the serial killer Daniel, we fell in love after that mission. I was alone in the house that morning, Alvana had gone to work, he owns a poultry farm. I was alone in the house preparing to go to school, I teach biology in a small secondary school around the environs, I can’t just be idle. I wore my suit skirt and was tucking my singlet into it when I had a loud bang on my door, I opened my small drawer immediately and brought out my pistol. I walked slowly in my high heeled shoe and opened the bedroom door, the coast was clear. I advanced down the long stairs leading to the sitting room down stairs when I felt a hand grab me from behind, I held the hand immediately and threw him across my shoulders. He stood up immediately and threw a kick, I caught his leg and retaliated with a face brushing kick, he felled and rolled down the stairs. I followed him and advance down the stairs where he was struggling to get up but I was unlucky, he hadn’t come alone, another guy immediately gave me a diving kick across my face from the side, I fell down heavily and my gun fell off my hands, that was all I could remember. The next time I opened my eye, I was tied to a chair in a room with another girl, she is Ann, I know her but she doesn’t know me, Israel’s girlfriend. 
Episode 4
Title: Adana
” Alvana, my girlfriend has been kidnapped, Ann has been kidnapped!!” I shouted at the top of my voice to Alvana as I stormed into his poultry farm that morning, it was the morning of the next day after Ann was kidnapped, I had initially reported the case to the police but I know them too well, they will do nothing. ” Israel, calm down, what happened? ” Alvana smiled, the idiot is always smiling. ” Some men barged into my house yesterday and stole my girlfriend, sorry, kidnapped my girlfriend” I explained while he smiled and sighed, ” Will you stop smiling for Christ sake?” I shouted hitting his chest, ” Calm down, the sole purpose of kidnap is ransom, you are up to the task, they won’t ask up to 10 million naira” He told me , ” No, they didn’t look like they needed money, they were sent , they are trained fighters” I told him . ” were you expecting trained doctors as kidnappers? ” he asked smiling, the smile is the only annoying thing about him. ” I know Van, but by the look of things, they were sent ” I explained, ” Daniel is out” I reminded him and he immediately dropped the basket of eggs he was holding, but he still got the smile on his l-ips. ” That’s true” he murmured staring at me, ” Daniel is out” he said, ” But it can’t be that fast, he can’t just start this time, its too early” he quickly added, ” An atom of surprise, he knows we won’t expect him this soon, so he must have actually planned this ” I explained, ” Nice point, we have to look for your girl” he patted me smiling, ” Call the rest and let’s meet at Newriton, you know, sir Ajan has to know about this” he said, ” let’s leave sir Ajan out of this, I dont want to end up finding Ann in 50 years time, I don’t wanna go through the process of, •knowing the enemy, •Investigating the enemy, • watching the enemy • Getting close to the enemy • Taming the enemy • Disorg-nize the enemy and then • Catch the enemy. Van I want to just catch the enemy, that is my Ann for Christ sake” I shouted while he smiled. Forgive me, I actually dont like going through the stress of calling him Alvana , I prefer Van just like I prefer Gabi to Gabriel, I hate stress. ” Nevertheless bro, we need to meet Sir Ajan. Just calm down, we will find her” he assured me with his foolish smile, ” What if they kill her before we rescue her?” I asked him, ” What if they dont? Always think of the positive side” he said and suddenly dipped his hand into his pocket, he had a call. ” Hello” he said with a smile, I didn’t hear what the person at the other end said but when Alvana dropped the call, his smile was no where to be found. ” Morg-na has been kidnapped” he turned to me, for once, I saw van frown, ” Thank God” I said to myself, ” Now he will be serious” I thought with a smile.
” OK, Toni, your mission is quiet easy, take this” Sir Ajan handed a picture to me, it was the picture of a young beautiful girl, she had the uniform of Newriton on her, she was looking smart. ” Her name is Christiana” Sir Ajan said sitting on his arm chair, I also sat down. ” She was once a spy, she is still a spy but she broke some rules and got punished, she was suspended” he said while I stared at him in shock, ” How?” I asked him, ” I will tell you” he said, ” She betrayed her team mates, not a big type of betrayal though, not actually a betrayal, she actually did what she did because of love, and after we found out, she was suspended” Sir Ajan explained while I nodded for him to continue, ” I want you to investigate her, just check if she has anything in hiding, any evil agenda, you know, she has broken our trust and thus, we must be sure that she is clean before bringing her fully to the squad ” Sir Ajan told me and once again, I nodded. ” So, that is it, its part of your training, if you screw up on this simple mission, you will be sent out of Newriton ” He threatened, ” What if she knows me as a spy?” I asked him, ” How possible? You dont have the mark of Newriton yet” he said and dismissed me , I just pray and hope I dont screw up on my first mission.
I went out of his office with an expressionless face, i just dont know what to do, I have tried putting my best in trainings but sir Ajan just dont get satisfied, he thinks am ain’t putting any effort not knowing that he actually dosent get satisfied.
” Hey Toni, why the face? ” I heard George’s voice as I got to the field, he was there alone trying to work on his skills and techniques. ” Sir Ajan thinks am not improving, he thinks am not fit for Newriton ” I told him with tears on my face, ” Hey, wipe the tears, he is must saying that to make you become the best, he actually knows you are good” George consoled, I stared at him with doubt written all over my face. ” Yes, you are good but sir Ajan probably wants you to improve more because he has seen the light in you” he continued, ” The light in you” the word echoed.
” Wow this is rom-ntic” Adana said holding me tight , like i was going to run away. ” Adana, he proposed by mistake, there is nothing rom-ntic there” I told her calmly, she rose her head and stared at me, ” Anyways, he proposed” She said and continued with the movie. ” I thought you said you had no interest in the movie?” She asked me, ” Yes, no interest, but now am here and I have to watch the movie” I told her. ” You should have not watched now , nonsense” She hissed and continued with the movie, I made no reply as I concentrated on the movie, ” Okay am sorry” She apologized about a minute later holding my hand, ” Guilty conscience, I wasn’t even angry” I smiled, just then my phone vibrated, it was Israel. ” Hello” I whispered covering one of my ears to enable me hear him clearly. ” Gabi, Ann has been kidnapped ” he told me, ” when? How? Where?” I asked in shock as I stood up immediately and walked towards the exit of the movie room. ” Where are you going dear?” I heard Adana’s voice behind, ” Just stay here” I told her, she nodded and I went out. ” They attacked me in my home, kidnapped my girl and left with her” Israel told me. ” This is a big time f–k up, haven’t they called to ask for ransom?” I asked him, ” I dont think they are after money, someone sent them” Israel explained, ” Hmmm, just calm down, we will get her” I assured him . ” Gabi, I trust in you, please help me get Ann back” He said while I nodded and swallowed my spits, ” we will try our best” I told him and the call ended.
” we have been able to get Morg-na and Ann sir” I told my boss who sat in his office smiling at me, ” Where are they?” He asked me with a smile, ” I kept them in the warehouse” I told him, ” Fine, now go get Adana, you know how hærd Gabriel is” My boss told me while I nodded, ” I have sent boys to go get her” I explained to him and he smiled , ” Good boy, Boy you deserve a drink, follow me” He said to me as he stood up and walked towards the exit of the office, I followed him. ” You know, if you continue this way, you will continue having drinks with me” he smiled as we walked into his small bar and took a bottle of whiskey, ” Remember your trainings, drink but dont get drunk” My boss told me, I simply smiled, not because of the drink but because my boss was happy with me. Hey, sorry I didn’t introduce myself, forgive my manners. I am unknown and I am on a kidnapping mission, hahahahahah. You think am wicked? Hey am not, I am a big time good guy.
You know, I can bear anything in the world, but I can’t bear hearing my Morg-na being kidnapped. I dropped my egg basket on receiving the news of Morg-na’s kidnap that morning, israel was with me, I didn’t know what to say or do, I just stood at the s₱0t staring at my poultry and israel simultaneously, ” Van, you aren’t smiling again” Israel told me , ” You expect me to smile, my girlfriend has been kidnapped” i shouted removing my hand glove and overall. ” But you hate frowning” Israel reminded, ” Let’s leave here”I said bouncing out of my poultry, ” To where?” Israel asked me, ” let’s prepare and get to Newriton” I said, ” Mark, take care of the farm” I shouted to one of my workers, ” Yes sir” came the reply, I dont really need the reply.
I went back to the movie room with a sad face, ” What is it?” Adana asked me as I sat down, ” Nothing” I replied her coldly, ” Hey, don’t tell me nothing, you left here some minutes ago without this face, why coming back to me with this face?” She asked with an angry expression on her face, “Hey shut up, we are in public” I shunned her, ” Oh I should shut up again?” She asked angrily, ” Yes, keep shut, we are in public, we can talk about this when we get home ” I told her, ” no, let’s just forget about it, nonsense ” she hissed and continued with the movie with an angry look on her face, ” You know what? You are annoying” she said after some minutes and stood up towards the exit, ” Adana, I called silently but she didn’t look back. I stood up and followed her outside, ” Where are you going to?” I asked drawing her hand back, ” just let me go” she beat my hands off, ” Go to where?” I asked her, ” Home” she replied and walked away, ” Must you always do this?” I asked her, ” Do what? You are so annoying, you are just..” She stopped, ” Don’t let me insult you” She said and walked towards the car .” This won’t be the first time” I told her, ” please come and open the door or give me the car keys” she requested, ” Am doing none of that” I told her as I rested on the car, ” Then expect me take a public transport home” she told me, ” You are free” I smiled, I know my wife, she can’t take a public transport. ” Gabriel so you want be to take a public car home?” She asked angrily, ” You brought the idea dear” I smiled, ” You are annoying, you are an…” She stopped again, ” Say it” I smiled, ” You just want me to say something bad to you today, Gabi, don’t push me to the wall” She shouted standing beside the car, ” Hmm, Adana, ” I called silently as I started to walk back towards the cinema, ” What about the keys?” She asked me, ” Take a public transport home” I told her, ” You are an idiot!! ” she shouted, I turned back and smiled to her, ” Yeah, you got married to an idiot” I shouted back, suddenly a car sped into the cinema, the inhabitants of the cars shot sporadically into the air, I ran towards Adana and pushed her to the side of the car, ” take the key and run home ” I handed her the keys to the car, ” Gabi, am not yet done with my driving lessons, I can’t drive well yet ” She said with fear, ” Holy s–t” I whispered as I opened the car and made to escape, but the car didn’t move, my tyres have been bursted. ” Just stay here” I ordered her as I jumped out of the car, I removed my gun and took cover by the side of my car. I could see two men in white masks and overall heading towards me with their sword, i had wanted to shoot, but i couldn’t else Adanna would know the real me so i simply threw the gun under the car. I ran towards them ready for a fight. The first guy gave me a flying kick and I did a back flip to regains my balance , I retaliated with a face sweeping kick the first guy and almost immediately gave a dropping kick to the other. They both did a Chinese up and surrounded me, ” You know, we didn’t come to fight, look behind” one of them told me and I look back , A sword was placed on Adana’s neck, suddenly I felt something hit me, and I passed out, that was all I could remember.
Episode 5
Title: Tragedy.
IT is the seventh bottle, what a nice way to start your day. I stared at the bottles of alcoholic drinks which I had bought from the local market about two days before today, sorry, I actually bought 20 bottles, drank some the previous day. I live alone in a wild and dangerous jungle, I dont actually live alone, I live with my friends, brothers and enemies, the wild animals of the jungle. I love the wild cats and the wild dogs, but I hate those wolves. I fight them almost everyday. I live in a hut in the jungle, hey I didn’t build the hut, my master built it, master Okwe, may his soul rest in peace. You might be wondering how a guy like me living alone in the jungle is able to purchase 20 bottles of alcoholic drinks, its not a hærd thing , i steal money from the local market and buy from the local market. I took into drinking after master okwe died, I drink in memory of him. Master Okwe is the man I grew up to know as my father, he told me my parents died in a car accident and I had been displaced into his jungle. He use to be a karate fighter whose life got useless due to excessive drinking, I dont pray to be like him because am already like him, I live a useless life, a more useless life like that of master Okwe, he is a god in drinking. One good thing he did for me was that he taught some principles of martial art, thank you master Okwe for that. I am a young guy of 25 years, I spent 25 years of my life in the jungle drinking and fighting wolves, I live by stealing from the local market just a stone throw from the jungle, a skill I learnt from master Okwe, thanks master, you made me useless. I get my meat from the wolves I kill, there is no other source of meat for me. I have a small dirty stream behind my hut beside my small farm, at least I gat to eat. ” woooooooow” they are here, the wolves, my friends.
I stared at the mirror for the fifth time, I was looking horrible in my long British suit. I had moved away from the jungle of Newriton to a one room apartment provided for me by sir Ajan. It isn’t a well furnished room but manageable , it has a toilet and kitchen with food supplied from Newriton. One good thing about this is that, I would be the first student going on a mission without completing your six years training course, I think that is record breaking. I stared at the picture of Christiana and took a shot of it with my phone. A phone given to me in Newriton, I alone have access to the phone. I dipped it into my pocket and stared at myself one more time in the mirror, the cloth was still looking horrible on me. I opened my small drawer and brought out my small pistol, I secured somewhere in my trouser. I walked towards the door to make sure I left nothing, I then went out to the open des**ted area. ” Hey Tonia” I heard the voice from the tiny earpiece in my ear, ” Gwen” I replied, Gwen is the name of our computer operator at Newriton, I heard the previous one was a betrayal, I heard , I dont know. ” Just s₱0tted your target , she is at the local airport, a twenty minutes ride east of where you are” she told me while I nodded, ” Copied” I smiled as I jumped into the old old school car Sir Ajan big head gave me to use.
The airport wasn’t far from where I was, thank God for the tracker in the car, it gave me the direction to the airport, thanks to Gwen also. ” What is she doing at the airport? ” I asked myself, ” Gwen” I called silently, ” Yes , am still here” She replied. ” What is she doing in the airport?” I asked her, ” Last time I checked, this was your mission, I have brought you to where she is, now do the rest ” She answered and my earpiece got disconnected. ” I hate Newriton” I murmured to myself as I brought out my phone and took one more look at her picture before getting out of the old old school car. The airport was busy and I know it would take me a hell of time trying to fish her out among this crowd but nevertheless, I have to do it or I stand the chance of being sent out of Newriton. ” Hey watch where you are going to ” I heard a guy say as he hit my shoulder, ” You are the one not watching” I said to him angrily and made to move on but he drew me back. ” Hey, bold country girl” He smiled at me, a mischievous smile. ” please leave me alone” I begged, I know fighting them might bring an end to my mission, ” No, we dont leave girls alone” I heard another voice from behind , it was another guy, wearing exactly the same shirt as the first guy. ” Am sorry” I apologized , ” Guess what” one of them said to me, ” What?” I asked him, ” I hate apologies” he said and landed me a punch on my mouth, it started bleeding immediately, the second carried me from behind and threw me away backwards, I landed on the floor heavily and my phone fell off my pocket. I tried getting up but received a kick to my side, I fell back to the ground , the kick pushed me and I used that as an opportunity to pick up my phone. ” God what’s this? ” I asked myself as I tried getting up again, one of them came to me and dragged my hair. ” One thing I hate, a guy touching a woman’s hair” I heard a voice from behind, I turned and it was my target, Christiana. She immediately did a flying kick and hit the first one, he fell down heavily, without wasting time she gave a face sweeping kick to the second and he staggered backwards, she went closer and threw a punch which he weaved by bending down, he gave her a return punch to her face. ” Nice counter” she smiled and gave him a double kick which sent him heavily to the ground, ” Sweet” she smiled and walked to me, ” Hope you are fine?” She asked me and I nodded, ” Thank you” I appreciated and she also nodded and walked out towards the exit, almost immediately my earpiece got connected, it wasn’t Gwen’s voice this time , it was Sir Ajan “Does that Make things easier for you? I sent them, the boys” he said , I stared at the boys and I saw one of them smiling as he got up, he adjusted his long sleeve shirt and revealed the mark Newriton on his wrist, I smiled back. ” Thank You” I said, ” Dont thank us, run after your target” the other one said as I immediately ran out towards the exit, ” hey, you didn’t thank me” I heard sir Ajan’s voice from the earpiece, ” Thank you sir , you are the best” I smiled as I came out from the airport, Christiana just boarded a bus, I hopped into my old old school car ready to trail her.
I woke up with a slight headache, my surroundings seem strange to me and It took me no time to realize that I was in a hospital. I sat upright on the hospital bed trying to remember how I got there, I then remembered my wife has been kidnapped. I jumped down from the bed and walked out of the ward, I stumbled on the doctor outside the ward. “Wow you are awake?” She smiled, ” Yes, thank you” I said as I pushed her off and went towards the exit, ” Sir you aren’t fine yet” she shouted , I only smiled and left the hospital. I brought out my phone and saw that I had a missed calls from Alvana and israel, it was even a new day. ” Hello Alvana” I said as my call got connected, ” Gabi, where the hell did…” I interrupted him, ” Alvana, my wife have been kidnapped” I said to him, ” Dont tell me, Morg-na too is being held captive by some people I dont know” he shouted. ” Just dress up and come over, israel is here with me,he has the same problem, we are going over to Newriton” He told me. ” Okay, will be there in about two hours time” I assured him . I took a cab home, freshened up and dressed up in a black suit, I then took my hidden briefcase containing my weapons. I took the smallest of my car and rode up to Alvana’s house , I was just the replica of a gentleman.
The village of umbagu is a small village located somewhere in the south region of the country, the occupation of the people here is mostly farming and fishing, it isn’t a civilized village. Chief Calistus, the father of Matt has the most beautiful house in the village, all thanks to his son. His house is a green bungalow, the only house having a boreh0le in the entire village. He lives with his wife and his two local dogs . ” Matt just sent money” Chief calistus told his mid age wife that hot afternoon, the sun seem to be at it brightest, it shone without pity. ” Hmm, the one he sent before isn’t finished now, may God bless the work of his hand” Mrs Ngozi prayed smiling, they had never lacked anything ever since Matt went to the city about 10 years ago, he started by sending them minute amount of money, but now he sends money in millions all thanks to mama’s prayer. ” Hmm” her husband sighed, “Dont ask me what sort of work our son is doing, the last time he came home, he told you he was a bank manager” Ngozi put in before her husband would say anything, he was always bothered about where matt got his wealth from. ” Even Bank owners don’t sent this huge amount of money to their parent” Calistus said , ” Honey, count your blessings name them one by one ” his wife smiled, he only shook his head and hissed. ” Just give me the money if you don’t want to spend it, our son is doing well in the city, be happy for him” his wife clapped her hands in a mockery manner. ” Am happy he is doing well, but…” His wife interrupted him, ” No but, he is doing well” she said and he kept quiet. ” Pound yam for…” Chief calistus was saying before his door flung open, ” Who are you?” He asked the three masked men who had barged into his house, fear was obviously now visible on him,” Meehnn, this village is casted, a hidden village” one of the mask men told him, “Anyways, we came for your wife” The mask man added, ” My wife? What for?” The old man asked getting up on his feet, ” To kidnap her now, what else?” The masked man advanced forward and held Ngozi’s hand, ” My son, please don’t do this to me, she is all I have” the old man begged holding the masked man cloth ” I understand man, we just have to take her” The mask man said and pushed Ngozi to the other two masked men, ” please, leave me alone” Ngozi continued to shout, ” Take her to the car” he ordered them and they left immediately. ” Call your son” The masked man turned to crying calistus, calistus answered immediately as he brought out his phone and dialed his son’s number, ” Hello papa” Matt happy voice could be heard at the other end of the phone, the masked man dragged the phone from him immediately. ” Matt hærdy” the mask man smiled, ” Who is this?” Matt asked from the other end, ” Your Mon has been kidnapped” the masked man smiled again and put an end to the call. ” Goodnight old man” The masked man said and left Chief calistus apartment. 
Season 1 Act Of Faith 
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