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Act of Faith 2 – Batch 4


“As for killing, I have been given the privilege not to kill you guys until Sir Ajan ask me to” The Manhunter said, ” So You work for Sir Ajan?” Alvana asked him, ” Of course,

he is my faithful boss. Wait are you guys really spies, I can’t just believe how you guys fell for my story , you think I actually lost my daughter and mom? Funny” he laughed, ” Take them” he ordered the remaining two guys who had been quiet all through, ” Why don’t you just kill us” I asked him, ” Because, it won’t be painful if I kill you, what if your master, Sir Ajan does that, I think of will be more painful” He said, ” There is no more pain to go through, its enough pain already” Alvana told him , one of the guys immediately pulled me up , I didn’t resist, I staggered up as he tied me to a rope to israel and Alvana, ” Don’t worry, we will carry Matt” The manhunter, Stan said as he lifted Matt off the ground , the unconscious matt. The trio of us walked in a single file down the the down part of the hotel, it was surprising how every one who saw us in that day didn’t look scared as the Manhunter led us out, rather they stared at us with eyes filled with anger and hatred, ” Alvana, what is going on here?” I asked Alvana as we walked out the hotel, ” I don’t know” he simply answered as we were pushed into the back of a truck, ” I smell rat” I told him as we sat with our hands tied at the back of a well illuminated truck. ” Israel” I called the poor guy who was just staring at anything his eyes caught. ” He is not himself” Alvana told me, ” I see so, how do we rescue matt?” I asked him, ” He will come back, he will regain consciousness himself ” Alvana said as he rested his head at the wall of the truck, ” God please, if you save Adanna this once, I will forever serve you” I prayed with my eyes closed tight, ” Please God”

” it been about a week or more than now ” I told Daniel who was seated withe in my large , sophisticated office, ” Dont worry Sir, everything will fall into place” Dan told me while o nodded, ” Who is the strongest among them?” I asked Daniel, ” You mean the spies?” He

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asked back and I nodded, ” Alvana” he said. ” Hmm, Alvana, I know not of him, I know of Gab..” I was saying, Daniel Interrupted me, ” Alvana was the guy who helped in getting me, he is more stronger than Gabriel is” Dan explained, ” Then if so, I want you to capture him” I said to him, he raised his face and stared at me like I had said something impossible, ” Yeah, capture Alvana, I want him to work for us” I told him again, ” Sir, even if we are able to Capture him, I

doubt if Alvana will ever want to work for us, not Alvana” Daniel stressed while I smiled, ” Just capture him and watch as the old man do his thing” I smiled and he nodded, ” OK Sir Jude, your wish is my command, and Sir remember something, don’t think about her” He told me and I nodded, ” I take your words for it” I said to him and he nodded as he stood up from the arm chair and walked out, ” Alvana, it will be nice to have you in the underground world” I thought as I smiled at the same time. ” Sir Jude” Daniel called as he rushed into my office again, ” Yes boy, what is it?” I asked him, ” Why don’t you just allow me to take your business to Lagos state?” He asks while I stared at him with disbelief, ” Lagos, you know how dangerous the place is and you also know that the base of those spies is located there” I told him, ” That’s the main reason I want to go to Lagos” he said with a smile.

” please sir, forgive my husband anything he might have done to you, please ..” I tried begging the old, wicked man but the next look he gave to me was enough to shut me up. ” Sir Ajan” The n@ked Morgana called, ” You know you won’t get away alive with this, once Newriton finds out, you are done for” She told him, ” Is that a threat? ” Sir Ajan asked moving closer to Morgana and touching her cheeks, “How do you expect Newriton to find out?” He asked her, ” Newriton has a high level of trust in me and that’s why they made

me the kind of Justice” He said with a smile, ” So if you will just shut up and allow me think, I will be very pleased” he said , ” But why are you doing this, Why..” Morgana continued but he interrupted her, ” Life is about the money” he said with a broad smile, ” So you knew the Manhunter all along?” Morgana asked again , ” Not only did I know the Manhunter, I trained the Manhunter” He said walking towards me, Manhunter, Newriton and the rest, no one seemed to make sense to me.

” Alvana, you have been a good guy, if I die now, I die pleased to know you” I said to Alvana as the truck sped along the highway, ” Yes bro, its good I meant you, am sorry you foykfnt enjoy your marriage to the fullest” he told me, I smiled and nodded my head, ” At least, I was a good spy, I died in a bid to save the world” I told him and he also nodded. ” I wonder if Adanna is dead by now” I said , ” Dont wonder, ours awaits us” He told me smiling, it amazing how Alvana manages to smile even at the point of death, ” Ann!!!!!!!!!!!! ” Israel shouted hitting his head on the wall of the truck, ” Thank God, he is back” I said to Alvana, ” Take it easy bro” Alvana told him, ” I believe there is no limit to my strength ” Israel said as he struggled to free his hands from the rope it was tied with, just like magic, the rope began to give way, ” For The Love I Have For Her!!!” He shouted as he got totally freed from the rope and stood up. ” Be fast , free us ” Alvana told him and he immediately loosened us, just then, Matt woke up. ” Is Sir Ajan still alive?” He asked as Israel freed him, “Let’s Die” Alvana said as he kicked the door to the back of the truck, it was on the third trial that it feel off to the high way, we stood in the truck staring at the cars speeding along the highway. Our truck immediately stopped, and I sensed the front door open, I held the side of the truck and pepped at who it was, it wasn’t the Manhunter but one of his boys, ” One approaching” I told the rest, ” Handle him” Alvana said and I nodded , I pepped again and he was more closer to the back of the truck, “go get hold of the steering ” I said to Matt as I immediately jumped on the guy who had now closed up on us, I landed on him and we fell on the well tiled ground of the highway, now the cars plying the highway had all stopped moving.


Shocking should be considered a disrespectful an understatement to describe how Israel got himself freed from the rope, I only see such things happen in movies and not real like Israel did. Anyways, it was good we were free as we immediately set to action, we were four and from the last time I could remember, the Manhunter came with only two guys. Gabriel took down one of the guys who had come down to check on us, the funny part of it all was that everything was happening on the highway. I watched as Gabriel spread his body and jumped on the in expecting guy, they both fell down on the strong, well tiled road of Port Harcourt. ” Matt, go get the wheels” I told Matt still standing at the back of the truck not knowing what to do. We were not harmed and I am sure you know how dangerous that can be against the Manhunter. ” Gabriel, Hop in!!!” I shouted as I noticed the truck started moving, Matt wasn’t meant to do that.

We both landed on the road and I immediately carried myself up so also did my enemy. The cars on the road had stopped, some had turned back and ran away due to fear as a matter of fact, almost all the cars had turned back. Who would wait seeing a masked man in a broad daylight knowing fully about the manhunter ? The cars had started turning back and we were the only ones left on the highway. I stood face to face with the masked guy I was to fight with, by his body movement, I could tell he was scared. I had no time to waste, my wife life was in danger and I had limited time so I immediately advanced towards him to start the fight, on a normal day, I would wait for my enemy to bring the fight to me. He threw a side punch and I swiftly caught his hand, I twisted it so as to strain it and he groaned in pain, without wasting more time I gave him a straight kick to his face still holding his hands, I held the hand to prevent him from falling. I gave him another kick again still holding the hand, he tried falling down but I held him back. ” Where is my wife?” I asked him pulling him closer to me, ” I don’t know” he answered. ” I was expecting that” I smiled as I lifted him up and threw him heavily to the ground, ” Where is she?” I asked again as I bent down by him, ” Sincerely, I dont know, only George knows” he told me, ” Who is George?” I asked him, ” THE ONE YOU CALL THE MANHUNTER” He answered. ” Gabriel , Hop in!!!” I heard Alvana shout, I turned back and saw the truck already moving away, I immediately freed the masked guy and ran towards it with all the speed I could mutter, ” Jump!!!” Israel shouted and I immediately increased my speed and got ready for the big dive, ” The velocity is increasing, Gabriel, you need to jump now” Alvana shouted , ” Okay, I got this” I said to myself as I immediately lifted myself off the ground and dived towards the moving truck, I was lucky to get hold of the base of the truck and Alvana immediately drew me up, ” Thanks Man” I told him, ” Why is Matt driving the truck when he knows am down there?” I asked, ” Its not Matt driving the truck” Israel said, ” The MANHUNTER is just trying to make him lose balance” Israel explained looking by the side to the front part of the truck, I also went to take a look so also did Alvana. I could see Matt struggling as he held tight to the door leading to the driver’s section of the car, he was really struggling to maintain balance. ” Okay this is the plan, Gabriel, I know for every truck, there is a hole up there leading down, you can take them from there while myself and Israel take them from the side ” Alvana said staring at me, ” Okay ” I answered as I jumped and held the top part of the truck, swiftly , I lifted myself up, and soon I could see the whole of the highway from the top of the truck where I stood.

The high way is constructed in the manner of a bridge, it has a large mass of water body underneath it, the high way itself is about 200 metres above sea level, so high. The iron barrier built by each side of the bridge prevent cars from falling over to the sea, but anyways , for years only few number of accidents have been recorded, accidents caused by cars falling into the sea.

I held tight to the side wall of the truck, ” Matt, hold on” I shouted to Matt who was holding tight to the door of the driver sit and trying to compete the wheel with the Manhunter who was driving haphazardly on the dangerous highway. I could hear the rise and fall of Gabriel up the truck, he is probably trying to adjust to the haphazard movement of the truck. ” Why can’t the Manhunter or the other guy simply shoot down Matt?” I asked myself as I moved slowly to the front part with my chest rubbed against the wall of the truck and my legs moving in highly calculated steps. Suddenly I heard a loud thud this time, Gabriel had probably landed into the midst of the Manhunter and his guy, this was proven by the increase in acceleration and random movement of the car, I had to hold more tight to the truck to avoid getting cut off from it. ” Alvana!! Help” Matt shouted as he released one of his hands from the door to the truck and was about falling to the ground. I had to increase my speed to go get hold of him. ” Fast ” he shouted as his other hand started to lose grip on the door, ” hold on” I groaned as I released one of my hand and caught his which was at the verge of falling off. I held him tight as the degree of randomness of the truck increased , all thanks to Gabriel. ” Alvana!!” I heard israel call me from the up of the truck, I looked up and saw him stretching his hand down to us, I helped matt up and he grip Israel’s hand. Suddenly, just like a shock, the truck moved and hit the left barrier of the higher bridge, I held more tight to the truck, and out of the front part, the manhunter who probably because of the hit on the barrier lose balance and tilted the truck in a manner that it was like it was going to fall into the sea, I looked up and saw Israel holding tight to Mart, I held tight to the wall of the truck and watched as the Manhunter try to bring the truck back to normal but Gabriel kept on disturbing him. The other guy might fallen off the car as I didn’t feel his presence. The Manhunter was still trying to bring the car from the edge of the bridge but Gabriel spoilt everything by kicking him out of the truck and the Manhunter dived in a direction into the sea, ” No!!!” I shouted as I released one of my hand and held him before it was too late, ” Gabriel!! Drive the truck to safety ” I shouted to Gabriel and he expertly turned the car away from the edge of the bridge, I held tight to the truck and pulled the Manhunter back to safety, the police siren could now be heard from a distance, the patriotic Nigerians had informed them ” I have saved your life today, let this change your life” I told the Manhunter as I dropped him on the highway and pulled myself into the truck where Matt and Israel were already seated , I joined them as Gabriel drove off with speed, I turned back and looked through the window but couldn’t see the Manhunter, I could only see some policemen looking around probably for him, ” My mom is dead” Matt’s voice brought me back to reality, he cried.

TITLE: Breeze Of Hope
” Hey bro, its okay, we will take vengeance and ..” Israel was saying but he also bursted into tears, ” Guys its okay” Alvana consoled but that didn’t go anywhere. ” We didn’t take any of our things back, our laptop, our guns and even our suit” I told Alvana, ” And that could help in trailing us” Alvana added, ” But who would want to trail us?” I thought. ” Matt, why did the Manhunter not shoot you when you tried competing the wheels with him, you know either him or his boy could simply shoot you off the truck” I said , Matt nodded. ” At a point his guy brought out his gun to shoot but the Manhunter asked him not to” Matt said, ” Why? I don’t believe that ” I said staring momentarily at Matt, ” I wouldn’t believe it if you told me either but that was what happened” Matt defended. ” I got something about him” I started, ” What?” Alvana asked, ” His name is George, and there is something telling me I have come across that name sometimes recently” I told them, they all now paid attention, ” But I can’t lay my hands where” I added and they hissed . I continued my driving, we were actually driving back to Lagos in the truck, we didn’t care what might happen, we had to go back home that day. ” I didn’t expect all these turning into this” Israel said putting on the mp3 player of the truck, a Gospel music was in session. ” This will be the biggest lesson of my life as a spy, never trust anyone, not even you guys, I don’t trust you guys as at now” Alvana said, ” We dont trust you to” Israel hissed as he increased the volume of the mp3 player. ” You guys shouldn’t be talking about trust, I lost my mom, I should be the one worried about who to trust” Matt hissed with his teary eyes. ” Tragedy hit again, The Manhunter kills Two again here at Mbabo , the incident happened at the early hours of today, around 11am in the morning, as usual, the heads of the victims is no where to be found” The radio which was initially playing the gospel music gave way to the news. “Which Manhunter? 11am, the Manhunter was probably in the hotel room with us, I don’t understand this any more” Alvana said , ” I don’t know what to believe any more” Israel added, ” There are two possibilities to this, its either the Manhunter did those before coming to us or that guy that came to us wasn’t the Manhunter” Alvana said, ” I don’t just get it anymore, we just dispose the Manhunter some minutes ago and here Is the news that he has killed some people again” Matt said . ” Okay, what about if the Manhunter got magical power or if there is someone out there taking advantage of the fact that there is a Manhunter and killing people?” I asked, ” There is only one person that knows about this ” Alvana turned to us , ” Sir Ajan” Israel said and Alvana nodded, ” If I ever get to see him again, I will kill him” Matt said out of anger, ” Yeah , everyone has the motive of killing him, but before that there are some information we need to get from him, as spies, we need to save the world and get the Manhunter, to do that, we need some information from Ajan” Alvana said, ” What? You think am still gonna go back to get the Manhunter after all sir Ajan did to us, today, I denounce being a spy from Newriton” Israel shouted, ” So also do I” Matt added, ” All you guys say now are out of anger, I pray you come back to your senses and reverse your words. Sir Ajan isn’t the owner of Newriton, if we are lucky to bring sir Ajan to book, the board might promote us from just fighting spies to president escort or send us overseas or if the next training teachers of upcoming students just like sir Ajan ” Alvana said, ” I don’t want any of those, if somebody like Sir Ajan can do this, then who is there to trust again, if I can’t trust sir Ajan, I can trust none of the board members in Newriton ” Israel said, ” I know, but you can’t leave what you love doing because of just one person ” Alvana patted Israel, ” But what I love doing killed my mom” Matt shouted, ” Matt, easy” I said as I turned the truck to the left, ” God will take control” Alvana added, ” So you mean we are gonna drive to Lagos in this truck?” Matt asked, ” Yeah, that exactly what we gonna do” I said hitting more on the accelerator.

The tears I shed had dried off my face, I could cry no more, what was there to cry for again? Sir Ajan was still there with us, sitting on his armchair but this time looking worried. Adanna was there sitting on the ground and still sniffing, at interval she would beg sir Ajan to please not kill her husband , funny girl. Two of his guys were still also with us , they just stood by him also looking worried. ” Can you tell me what game George is trying to play?” Sir Ajan suddenly asked one of the boys who immediately moved backwards in fear, ” I don’t know Sir ” The guy stammered and I smiled, ” I have been trying to call his phone but he isn’t picking up” Sir Ajan shouted again, ” Maybe its your turn to get a share of your wickedness” I put in laughing, ” Slap the n@ked idiot” Sir Ajan ordered the other boy who immediately walked towards me ready to slap me, but before he got to me , Adanna had gotten up and pushed him backwards with her powerless hand, I bursted into laughter immediately . The guy raised his hand to slap Adanna but sir Ajan stopped him, ” That wasn’t who I asked you to slap” he said , the guy simply pushed her away and dealt me a good slap, ” That doesn’t still stop you from getting your own share of your wickedness” I said again laughing, ” And you, make sure I don’t ever get free from here because if I do, I will find you and kill you” I threatened the guy who had slapped me, I noticed the way he turned to Sir Ajan in fear. ” Don’t worry boy, she won’t leave here alive” Sir Ajan patted him.

Episode 19
Title: Meet Gwen.
It was exactly 3:22am when we got to my house at Lagos, I was with my guys. We didn’t sleep as there was nothing to induce the sleep . I went into my secret room and brought out a bag filled with guns, ” Pick your choice” I dropped the bag on the floor of the sitting room where Matt, Alvana and Israel were drinking. ” Nice collections” Alvana said opening the bag and looking at the guns one after the other. ” I dont wish to kill sir Ajan with a gun, I want to use my hand” Matt said dipping the bottle of whiskey in his mouth, ” we are not meant to kill him” Alvana said finally bringing out a gun, a big size gun which can be hung on the shoulders. ” I wish we would just kill him”Israel hissed. ” But guys , first thing first, How are we going to get where he is, I know for sure he won’t be at Newriton” I told them, the expressions on their faces seem to show they haven’t thought about that yet. ” That was why I took this” Alvana smiled bringing out a phone from his pocket, ” This phone belongs to the Manhunter, I took it from him that point when I saved him, before I finally let him go, I took this from his pocket and silenced it” Alvana said, ” Wow, bro you are a Don in this” Israel hailed, “Ajan had called like twenty times now but I just dismiss the call” he added, ” Why? You should have picked it now ” Israel said , ” If I had picked the call, then Sir Ajan would be prepared for our coming” Alvana smiled and we all nodded, “Your secondary school teacher did well on you” I smiled patting him, ” But how are we to get to him with that?” Matt asked, ” We can track his last call” Alvana said, ” We can go back to Newriton and the new female computer engineer can track down the destination from which he had made his last call” Alvana said and we nodded. ” Is anyone here feeling sleepy?” I asked them, ” No” Matt reply came first, ” Then let’s start the Journey to Newriton” I said also picking up a gun . ” Let’s go” Israel sprang up , also did Alvana and Matt. ” I hope those securities idiots won’t stop us today” I said as I drove the car out of my gate, ” They won’t , they already know who we are, they won’t dare to stop us again” Matt said staring at the gun he had picked, ” Gabriel , you really have a good selection of guns” He smiled patting me from behind.

Time: 4:30am
Location: Newriton, Lagos State.
” I think we should drop our guns in the car” Alvana suggested , ” so they won’t suspect anything” He added when we gave him that why look. ” Okay, nice point” I said dropping my small pistol in the car, ” Now let’s move ” Alvana said and we walked into the woods of the jungle. ” I pray we get In free” Matt muttered and almost immediately, a guy jumped down from a tree. ” I thought as much” I said to Alvana, ” We are sure you remember us” Alvana smiled, ” Yes we do and sure, we don’t want to get beaten today” the guy also smiled as he made way for us to pass. ” Thanks, you are smarter than I had underrated you” Israel patted him as we passed him, ” But sir Ajan isn’t around, he left Newriton about two days ago” He told us, ” We know, he sent us ” I said as we moved on. ” That was more easy than I thought” Matt said, ” Sir Ajan will have to regret ever training us as spies now” Israel added . We had gotten to the spots where bikes were kept, there are always hidden bikes at some strategic point in the jungle, only those of Newriton knew where the bikes were. ” Okay, Off we go” I shouted as I zoomed off so also did the rest. We got to the base centre of Newriton and alighted, parking the bikes anyhow we pleased. ” No time to waste ” Israel said as he ran into the I.c.t unit , we followed. The I.C.T unit is a big building having only one door leading to a big room being controlled by just one person, it formerly used to be Young Carl but after the discovery that he helped in implicating Alvana, he was arrested and a New girl, Gwen was employed. The computer engineer lives in the I.C.T unit, the is an apartment for her in the unit where she have everything she might need. ” How do we open the door?” Matt asked, ” Anyhow we can, violence” Alvana said as he increased his pace towards the electrically controlled door to the I.C.T room and gave it a flying kick, there was no change in the position of the door. ” That won’t open it” I said, ” Just believe, Bend down” Alvana said and I bent with my back upwards, ” Israel form a step on him” he said and Israel bent in a step manner followed by Matt. ” Wait” I told him before he gave another flying kick, ” Hand me the phone, you might get it spoilt ” I said and he handed the phone to me, ” I can do this” he muttered, ” Yes Van, you can do it ” Israel backed up as Alvana advanced backwards, with all the speed he could mutter he ran towards us. He climbed me first, then Israel and finally Matt and after that he did the big jump, the highest flying kick height I have ever seen he hit the door with his leg and the door made a small creek, Alvana fell to the floor weakly and helplessly, ” Alvana!!” Israel shouted as we ran towards him, ” You guys should try open the door” He held my hand, ” You already done that ” I said lifting him up, he couldn’t stand as his leg seem to be injured. ” Matt , help him” I told Matt, Matt held him and helped him in walking. I gave the door one more kick and it came open, ” I think they should try improve on everything in Newriton ” Matt said as we walked into the big hall, it was a surprise no one was there. ” Is this place meant to be empty?” I asked them as we walked further into the hall, ” What do you guys want?” A feminine voice asked, we turned back and a girl with a gun pointed at us came out from behind a network of computers, ” This is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen” Matt whispered to me.


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