Act Of Faith 2

Act Of Faith 2 – Batch 6

Episode 24
Title: Da End Of Newriton
Location: Newriton Main Hall
Time: 9:00am
The darkness has pass by and it was morning, the morning after the dark hour. We were all seated in the conference hall with all the board members including sir Ajan before us, this reminded me of the day I was first suspended from Newriton but this time, it was quiet a different case. Tears could be seen on the faces of Morg-na, Israel , and Matt. After the long night, we arrived back at Newriton one way or the other, we arrived safety. Gabriel’s wife has been taken to the hospital, as at when I saw her last, she was still unconscious. ” Hello guys” Dr. Akpena greeted, Dr. Akpena is another board member of Newriton, he his the one responsible for the welfare of all in Newriton. ” Yeah, Alvana, Israel, Matt and Morg-na, I know how you all feel, we are sor… ” Israel cut his short, ” Keep the sorry to your goddamn self, what do you mean you are sorry for that dangerous prank you pulled out there, what the hell are you sorry about, firstly, you took our beloved ones, made us go after a fake manhunter, destabilized us and now because of that rubbish you call test of Faith, Sire Gabriel is dead” he bursted into tears likewise the rest of us, he still wanted to continue with the talking but his tears stopped him, ” I know how it felt guys, it wasn’t our intention to get Gabriel killed, all our plan was to see how you guys will cope with a mission if the life of your beloved ones is at stake” Dr. Akpena said, ” Dr. , am sorry to say this, but truth be told, you are a fool” Morg-na shouted in tears, ” How do you expect us to cope with a mission when the life of our beloved ones is at stake? What were you thinking when you put our lives in danger, maltreated me and disgraced my Integrity, how can you explain leaving me n*k*d in the sight of those upcoming spies, how can you explain how Daniel and his gang was able to locate where we were? How can you explain getting Gabriel killed? How can you explain that his wife in her twenties is now a widow? ” Morg-na asked, ” Yes, how did Daniel know Sir Ajan and his boys were there?” I asked, but got no answer, ” Until you guys provide an answer to that, and find the traitor, I quit being a spy and please before I get home, make sure you transport my mom back to her abode” Matt said and stormed out of the room, ” I quit being a spy until you bring Gabriel back to life, as for Ann, I don’t want to get home before her” Israel also stormed out, ” You guys have taken enough from us this time, you have killed our beloved, to hell with Newriton and all of you, you guys have never been efficient, if you guys dare call me again in life, I promise, I will burn down this institute, Morg-na, let’s leave here” I dragged my fiancé and limped away, ” Jason” Sir Ajan called, I turned back slowly. ” If you ever call that name again, I will kill you” I told him and went out.

All I did wasn’t my intention, I don’t own Newriton, am just also an employee controlled by instructions from the board. When Sir Kennedy called me that day and ask me to put the spy who would be going against the Manhunter under a test using their love ones, I tried to talk him out of it but he won’t listen. He told me that it would make us know how strong they were, he also told me to make another Manhunter out of one of my students, I choose George for that part as he is the strongest of the new fighters. He also asked me to make the fighters believe that some of their beloved ones were killed by me, he told me that this would make us know how they handle situations when they are destabilized. I tried my best to make him see reasons why we should not carry out his plan but his reply then was ” Sir Jude is a very deadly entity, we need mature men who can deal with emotions to go after him and not immature mind” That was exactly what he said and I had no option than to do his wish, he is in a higher rank than me and he can strip me off my job if I failed to carry out his order, so I did what I did , none out of all I did was my will, it was controlled by Sir Kennedy . I know now he will be regretting this, his plan had made us lose one of the best we have , Sire Gabriel, May his soul rest in peace, Adieu Gabriel, Newriton will live in memory of you.

Ann was never killed nor was Matt’s mother, it was just all a test. I went back home that day looking tattered and weak, Ann was already in the house, as I came in, she immediately jumped on me, ” I missed you so much, where have you been?” she asked, ” I should be asking you that, hope the kidnappers didn’t hurt you?” I asked looking her all over, ” No, the wh0le thing is still like a mystery to me, they didn’t touch me and one other Adanna, they only tortured a girl, Morg-na, sure you know her” She said and I nodded and made to stagger in,side, ” Honey what is it?” She asked but I didn’t answer as I broke into tears, My roommate, my brother, my pal , my man Gabriel is gone, I will never forgive Newriton for this. ” Dear, we have lot of things to talk about ” She said , I said not a word as I went in with tears.

Although the plan was to get Alvana not Gabriel, but I believe in the saying, half bread is better than none, Alvana is a strong fighter so also is Gabriel. We were able to get Gabriel that night, how we knew where they were, is our personal secret. He was led into our base that morning, he was more weak than a weakling, he had a bleeding arm and leg, I personally shot his hand after he let Alvana escape. Sure he doesn’t know what was going on, he was unconscious until we placed him on an electric chair and poured water on him, he staggered back to consciousness. ” Hi Gabriel” I greeted him smiling, ” Where am I?” He asked and tried to get up, but his hand and leg had already been coupled to the electrically controlled chair. ” You will know soon enough” I smiled, ” Call the boss” I instructed one of my boys who went in immediately and came back with Sir Jude Ike some minutes later. ” Wow, wow Gabriel, you sure remember me, we once both worked in the same primary school” Sir Jude laughed on sighting Gabriel, ” Hi Sir Jude, congratulations am all tied, I have always longed for an opportunity to wh¡p your a-s” Gabriel smiled with his weary and rough face. ” Am not here to exchange words with you, I just need something from you” Sir Jude said bending before him, Gabriel gave no reply and so he continued. ” I want you to work for me, as one of my fighters” Sir Jude said and Gabriel broke into laughter, ” Funny you man” Gabriel laughed, ” I knew you will try proving tough, you will work for me” Sir Jude said , ” No I won’t ” Gabriel laughed, ” Yes You will” Sir Jude laughed, ••••••••••••••♪••••••••••♪•••••••••••♪••••••.


Episode 25
Title: The Strange Man
How time flies, its amazing how everything went off just like a flash, I have moved on with life as a normal guy and not a spy, I have come to enjoy the act of living just like a normal guy and not that guy who was once so obsessed with saving the world. Everything has changed after two years, although I still remember Gabriel but I try my best to do away with the thought of him , I know it can never be possible. His widowed wife Adanna always live with the memory of him, she has become lonely and withdrawn even after two years, at times whenever I and my wife Morg-na, yes we got married a year ago. Sometimes when I and my wife Morg-na go to visit her to help her from being lonely she will somehow bring everything back to Gabriel and at the end of it break into tears. I told her the truth about Gabriel, what he does and how he always want to save the world. She will always blame her self and say she was a bad wife and that how she never wanted to hear him out, she would at most times bit her l-ips and hit herself for always being rude and disrespectful to him, ” I wish God can just bring him back to life, I will be the best wife I can be” She once lamented, ” Joy, don’t take it hærd on yourself, you were not entirely at fault” Morg-na will always console her.
One good thing I respect about Adanna is that though she still happens to be a very young girl, she will always turn down any man who make passes at her and tell the she is married. For the first one year of Gabriel’s death, her relatives had disturbed her to get married again but she had bluntly refused and this had strengthen the relationsh¡p between her and Gabriel’s relative. I remember vividly when we went to the village to break the news of Gabriel’s death to his parent, it was I, Israel, Adanna, Morg-na, Matt and even Christiana who had taken it upon our self to do that. It was tragic that day as his mom went mad with tears, it was difficult to control her. His dad, the old man also cried, Gabriel must have certainly been a good son. ” Where is his body? ” the old man asked me after everything, ” His body is nowhere to be found, no one knows who had killed him ” I told the old man. Yes we didn’t see Gabriel’s body when I , Israel and Matt went back to the catholic church the day after we left Newriton, his corpse was no where to be found, I only say the black vest he was putting on that day, it was torn and stained with blood. Anyways that had died down. Gabriel had been a sensible guy to have at least trusted Adanna and had given her an access to all his accounts containing his life savings, with this , Adanna never lacked anything, as a matter of fact she has one of the best running computer teaching institute, she has employee around and she takes no part in the business but the money are coming in. Israel is doing fine so also his Matt, Matt now owns a big sporting complex and Israel now works as a karate teacher, he teaches little kids on the principle of Karate and he his doing so fine. Although we all now detest Newriton, we don’t want to go back there or have anything to do with it, there is something that still brings the thought of Newriton back to us, the Mark of Newriton which will always remain on our wrist. Anytime I look at the mark, all the memories I try to hide and kill will all come back, there is no hiding from it. About Newriton, it has been worst for them, firstly, they still haven’t been able to get the Manhunter, they went as far as calling back some other groups of spies but they didn’t go far as Sir Jude Ike guys killed most of them. You don’t need to wonder how I know all these, I was once a spy at Newriton, I simply follow their secret website which only those of Newriton has access to, the site contains all the latest news. As for the Manhunter, he is never relenting, the city of port Harcourt, Benin, Markurdi and Enugu now experience high rate of Mortality, from my point of view, the Manhunter is not the only one doing this now, Sir Jude now has other good killers who does his dirty business for him and now , he now lives without the fear of Newriton, Newriton lives with the fear of him, What a World.

My bottle was well rested under my armpit as I strolled round my jungle that morning. I have lived in the jungle all my life but have never for once deemed it fit to know more about the Jungle. This particular morning, I was pushed by the power of alcohol to take a walk round the Jungle. After about two hours walking and Jumping round the bushes, I finally came to a s₱0t , it was as if it wasn’t part of the jungle, it was a small well cultivated farm. ” Who else lives in my jungle?” I asked myself as I went towards the farm, it was then I saw a small hut in front of the farm. ” Man, what are you doing in my farm?” I heard from behind, I turned back slowly and I was standing face to face with a fine looking tall man, he heard well trimmed beards. ” What are you doing in my jungle?” I asked him back, ” Your Jungle?” He asked me with a funny expression on his face, ” Whooooow” The shout of the wolves interrupted us, ” My enemies are here, let me take care of them” he told me, ” They are my enemies also” I said , ” Then that makes you my friend” he patted me as he brought out a knife from his side, ” Join me” he laughed passing me a knife.

Episode 26
Title: Gabriel Is A Minority

It has been two years now since I last went to Newriton , I was gradually forgetting the fact that I was once a spy and I was having a perfect love life with my now Fiance, Ann. I had propose to her a year ago and she had even introduced me to her parents. I was surprised how freely her people accepted me despite the fact that I come from the western part of the country and she from the east. I used the money I saved during my stay in Newriton to open a big complex in which I train kids the basics of Martial art and it happens to be actually booming as the kids seem to be growing strong and matured day by day. Most times, Ann will esc-rt me to the complex to see my students, she was always happy and joyous being with them. Yes, one more thing, I have confided in my wife by telling her am a spy, or better put, that I was once a spy. I don’t want what happened to gabi ( may his soul rest in peace) to repeat itself in my case. I told her hoping she would get angry with me but no, she took it maturely although at times she would look at me with doubtful eyes, she would always say I don’t look like who was a spy. So that is how life had been, I still keep close friendsh¡p with Alvana , Matt and even Christiana. This particular morning, I was in my complex busy with my kids as usual, ” Alex, that is not how you do it, you kick with the leg behind, so anytime you want to kick, you simply change your stance to keep your most comfortable leg behind” I told Alex, he was one of my very fast learning students. ” I am trying” he told me, ” Alex, you have been behaving sluggish since morning, you are not behaving like the Alex I use to know, what is the problem?” I asked him, truly, he has been behaving awkward since morning, he wasn’t like the strong vibrant guy I know. ” Master Israel, you are gonna die soon” he told me as he immediately busted into tears, I pulled his head closer to my chest and smiled, ” Die? How do you mean?” I asked him , ” I dreamt of you being killed, you were all in black and a tall guy with fine face also in black killed you” he explained, ” Hmm, Alex having nightmares again?” I asked him smiling, ” No Master Israel, this same mark on your wrist was on his wrist also” He told me. ” You say he is tall?” I asked him, he nodded. ” A tall guy that has the mark of Newriton, a perfect description of Gabriel ” I thought. ” Master Israel, a man with a black car and wearing a black suit is outside looking for you” One of my students shouted from the entrance, I peeped through the window, it has been two years now and am seeing Sir Ajan again.

I sat down outside my poultry farm this particular morning, my employees were all in,side taking care of my customers . A small black car soon pulled up in front of my farm, I smiled because I thought it was yet another big customer, shockingly, Sir Akpena of Newriton gently came down the car. ” What?” I asked myself as I stood up quietly and advanced towards him, I did not want to cause a scene. ” What are you doing here?” I asked him, ” Jason, it has been two years” he started, ” Yes, two years that I made the choice of living a better life” I told him resting my right leg on the back tyre of his car, ” No, two years since you decided to leave the world to itself, two years since you decided to leave the world to doom” he told me, ” I can’t save the world, I can’t risk my life in saving the world when after my death , I won’t be remembered, I can’t work for an institute that derives pleasure in seeing their fighters go through pains and die” I countered him, ” Jason, all that happened wasn’t our fault, about one year after you guys left, it was discovered that Sir Ajan had been bugged, Sir Jude got us through the bug, who ever did it, I dont know. And as for the part that you won’t be remembered, have you been to Newriton lately, have you seen the edifice statue of Gabriel that was built in memory of him?” He asked, ” The statue isn’t Gabriel, the statue won’t bring back Gabriel. And as for the lie of sir Ajan being bugged, you don’t think you can buy me over with that do you?” I asked him, ” Jason, I rather don’t say anything than lie, that’s my principle” He said, ” Jason, please come back and save the world, the world need you guys, people are dying, children are being wasted , Children are being displaced, we have lost more than fifty of our own spies, Jason, please accept my plea and talk to the rest to accept” he knelt down, ” I have ripped off my pride to beg you, Jason please when next you have doubt coming back to save the world, just know that your mom might be among the victims of the Manhunter one day” He concluded as he opened the door to his car, ” Jason, think well and think right” were his final statement.

” sir Ajan” I called as I went towards him, he stretched put his hand for a handshake but I refused it, ” I expected that” he smiled, ” Nice complex” He smiled looking at my complex, ” Thanks, what brings you here?” I asked him, ” Israel, it has been 730 days and some months since you guys took this decision of leaving the world to itself” He said , ” Hmm, it has also been 730 days and some months since you guys led Gabriel to his death” I told him , ” Hmm, Gabriel, the deadliest of them all, may his soul rest in peace” He said looking up the sky, ” But Israel, you must agree with me that compared to the world, Gabriel is a minority” He said.

 Episode 27

” for me Gabriel will always remain a majority compared to anyone” I told him , he smiled. ” Israel, don’t let anger blind your sight to see what is happening outside, people are dying day by day. Israel, please don’t let anger blind you ” He said and opened the door to his car, ” Ajan” I called him back, ” Yes” he smiled, probably to the fact that I called him Ajan, ” Have you talked to Alvana about this?” I asked , ” Yes, we have ” he said and entered into his car, he drove off. I stood still staring at the blue sky and not knowing what to do when my phone vibrated, it was a call from Alvana. ” Van, how you doing?” I asked him, ” Israel” he called my name and then there was a long silence, ” I think we should go back to save the world” He told me.

” so, I have been in this jungle ever since I was born” I concluded my story that evening, I was with the strange man outside his hut. ” What about you, how did you get to this jungle?” I asked him, he smiled. ” I was meant to be killed but was later spared and dropped here” he smiled, ” I don’t understand you” I said, ” I don’t expect you to understand me” he smiled, ” You have been behaving secretive since morning” I smiled also as he passed me a piece of the yam he was roasting, ” Have you ever been to the outside world, I mean outside this jungle?” He asked , ” No, I only go to the local market to steal at times” I smiled, ” You can actually use your abilities and power to fight the evil ones” He said, ” How do you mean?” I asked him, ” I want to go to the outside world, I have unfinished business there and I want your jungle strength to go with me Darlington ” he told me, ” You even know my name, what should I call you?” I asked him but he kept mute and stirred the yam he was roasting.

” Now rise my armies, rise my warriors” I smiled as I stared at my well trained fighter, it gives me joy anytime I see how strong they have evolved, From Daniel to Charles to Ken and to The Deadliest of them all, Gabriel. It was a good sight to behold seeing my empire grow so big, at last Newriton is about to fall, we have taken down almost all their fighters , almost all. ” Sir, I think delay is dangerous, why don’t we attack Newriton, why should we wait for them to bring the war to us?” Gabriel asked me, he is always ready to kill, he was indeed a worthful investment, all thanks to Scientist John for his knowledge, we applied it. ” Gabi, calm down, let make them look like the bad guys, the bad guys should always bring war to the good guys” I told him, he nodded. ” From my last findings, I discovered that, Ajan and the rest have gone back to bring the spies of old, the strongest set they have ” I said and the place went quiet. Alvana, Matt, Israel and Morg-na are indeed problems to us, it was a relieve when I heard they quit Newriton after the rumor that gabi was dead, they had made the institute vulnerable and easy to attack, without them, I got a lot of their fighters and some now even work for me. ” Don’t worry about them boys, with what we have got, we can sure destabilize them, none of them would expect to see the dead Gabriel alive, go and get drunk boys” I told them laughing, just them my phone rang, ” Hello my dear” I smiled as I picked up the phone, I am always happy whenever my only daughter put a call to me, ” Dad, how is your plan going, am doing fine over here” She said to me.

I was shocked to see a black Camry car park In front of my small abode, I wasn’t expecting anyone and for all I know, I hærdly have visitors. I came out of the house after peeping through the window for sometime and the inhabitant of the car refuse to come out, I went towards the car. I was almost closing up on it when the door flung open to reveal Gwen, the I.C.T girl of Newriton. ” Hi” I said in shock, ” Surprised to see me?” She asked smiling, ” Surprise should be an understatement, to what do I owe this?” I asked resting on her car, ” We Don’t even know that well, we met only once” I said, ” I know , but once is actually enough to know enough about you” She smiled, ” I don’t get” I said, ” I don’t want you to get” she said holding my hand and shocking me the more, ” Matt” she called my name, ” I want you to come back to Newriton ” She said with a pleading eyes, ” Why should I come back?” I asked her , ” Because you need to save the world” She smiled, ” I don’t want to come back or have anything to do with Newriton” I told her, ” I am of Newriton, that means you don’t wanna have anything to do with me” She smiled, ” You aren’t Newriton” I told her, ” Matt should I tell you something?” She asked, ” Tell me” I said, ” I love you, I know what you might be thinking, that Newriton sent me to play this on you, yes Newriton sent me, but I am also telling you from my heart, please come back” She said as she entered back into her car, ” When you doubt coming back, remember , I love you” She concluded and drove off.

” Okay, this will be the fifth time I will be asking you this, what should I call you?” I asked the strange Man , I don’t know why but he always tries to change the topic whenever I ask him his name, ” These yams are the best I have, they roast well” He said while I smiled, ” I know that, what is your name?” I asked him again, ” What do you need my name for?” He asked staring directly into my eyes, his stares were intimidating and scary, ” Because you know mine and since you are my friend, I need to know your name” I said , ” Okay then, Call me the deadliest of Them All” He said getting up, ” going hunting ” He said.

Episode 28
” Ann” I called my fiancé as I sat close to her, ” Yes Dear” She answered staring at the Movie she was viewing, she so much loves movies. ” Ann, am going back to Newriton ” I stammered, she raised her eyeball and smiled, ” You are joking right?” She asked me, ” No am not Ann, I think I have to go back, I think I have to save the world” I stammered again, ” Israel ” She called my name, she hærdly do that except she has something serious to say. ” Yes dear ” I answered, ” You are not going back. You are doing good off Newriton, Your complex is booming, your life is not at risk, what are you going back for?” She asked in anger, ” Calm down dear ” I smiled, ” Don’t dear me , you promised me you won’t ever risk your life going back there again, I thought you learnt from what happened to your friend, what do you expect from me if God forbid, you die?” She shouted, ” Ann I need to save the world, you can’t stop me from doing that” I shouted also, ” Wow, the prophesy was right, Jesus Christ has come again, the savior of the world” She hissed, ” You are not going anywhere” She finalized staring at the movie, ” Yes , I am going back to Newriton” I told her, ” Dear, please don’t go, I never wanted to tell you this but I have this bad feeling about you dying, I am serious, I am not just making this up” She said, ” Dear, if I die, I die saving the world” I told her and made to hold her hand, ” Don’t you dare touch me, don’t touch me” She shouted getting up from the sofa, ” Now I know you don’t love me, are you the one destined to save the world? Just f–k off, you know what? Just go, I Don’t care what happens to you, get out!” She shouted and stormed into the room, I adjusted myself on the Sofa and placed my hand on my head, ” I made a promise to the world, I will always come to their rescue”

” So dear, are you sure you want us to go back to Newriton?” Morg-na asked me sitting on my laps as we enjoy the cool breeze of the evening in my small garden. ” Did I say we, you are not going back there, you stay at home as my wife while I go back to Newriton” I told her but she simply hissed, ” I need to be there with you, you know, to protect you” She smiled, ” No, I need you alive for me, so you are not going with me dear” I said tickling her by her side, she jerked up and hissed. ” I have told you I don’t like that now” She said sitting on my laps again , ” But dear, on a more serious note, am going with you to Newriton” She said but I didn’t answer, ” You are not saying anything?” She asked me, ” Can’t you just for once obey me? I don’t want you to go” I told her in a more serious tone, ” Alvana, apart from today, which day have I ever disobeyed you?” She shouted getting up from my laps, ” That is not the issue here, you are not going to Newriton and that’s is final” I got up and made towards the house, ” Honey, don’t be surprised if you see me there before you” She shouted from where she was..

” Is that meant to be a name?” I asked him as I got up and made to follow him hunting. ” At least, you have something you can call me” he smiled, ” That’s not a problem, I will manage that ” I told him. ” So as I was saying, don’t you want to go to the outside world?” He asked me, ” No, I like my jungle” I answered as we entered into the bush, ” Hmm, the jungle doesn’t belong to you, it belongs to the wolves and that’s why they come to fight you everyday for invading their territory, Man, you belong to the outside world” he said patting me by my shoulder, ” The strength you use in killing the wolves everyday, you can actually use it to fight the wicked ones in the outside world, those who kill human like us” He continued, ” That reminds me, how did you learn how to fight wolves? ” I asked him, he smiled. ” I don’t only fight wolves, I also fight humans ” he said, ” Can you beat me in a fight?” I asked him smiling, ” Am very sure I will” he answered, ” You can’t ” I told him, ” Okay, let’s have a deal, if you beat me, I stay here with you forever in the jungle, but if I do beat you, you come with me to the outside world” He told me, ” Deal” I said, ” Then, let’s start” he smiled dropping his knife.

LOCATION: Newriton Main Hall
Time: 9:15pm

Yeah, at last, so here we are, back to Newriton. I, Morg-na, Matt, Israel, Tonia were the only spies in the hall this particular evening, also with us is Sir Ajan. Christiana was meant to be with us but she wasn’t, She was sent on another special mission. I know why Sir Ajan did that, he did not tryst her enough to bring her back among us. Tonia on her part was asked to pair up with us because she wasn’t getting along with trainings, Sir Ajan thinks a mission might buckle her up but I think not this type of mission, this is a deadly mission. ” Hi guys” Sir Ajan started, ” Hi” we all murmured back, ” You all are welcome back to Newriton, its indeed a beautiful thing to see that you guys have reconsidered you earlier decisions to come back here, I am indeed happy and glad” He said, we all kept mute, everyone had one thing in mind, how do we get sir Jude.

It is my first time coming to the outside world, I was with the jungle man I met two months ago, he had beat me and at last I have to keep my promise of coming with him to the outside world. ” Where are we going to?” I asked him as we walked down the lonely street, ” To find shelter” He said stopping in front of a door, ” Wow, I have never seen anything this beautiful” I admired the house, it was a beautiful house without gate, it only had finely decorated flowers surrounding it. ” Where is this?” I asked him, ” Watch and see” he smiled and knocked on the door, ” Hold on!” A feminine voice answered from in,side, I could soon hear footsteps approaching. The door opened to reveal the most beautiful woman I have seen, she opened the door with a smile but it immediately faded on sighting the strange man, ” Ghost!!” She shouted running back into the house, I turned to the strange man and shifted away from him, ” Yeah, that’s what I am, A Ghost” He smiled.


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