Act Of Faith 2

Act Of Faith 2 – Batch 7

Episode 29
Title: Remember The Name

” I know Newriton has not been in good shape this season, we are really sorry. I know Newriton don’t deserve to be called a spying org-nization, we are also sorry for that. I promise we will do our best to set things right and set It right for good but before then, with the little we have, I think we should defeat our enemy first, Sir Jude Ike” Sir Ajan said staring at us, none of us gave him a reply, we only stared back at him.. ” I also know we have a mole among us , we have tried to figure out who it is but I regret to say that for every step we take, this person is always a step in front of us, I don’t just know how and can’t figure how to get the mole, but with faith, we will get who so ever it is” Sir Ajan said. ” Now, back to our plan, we have been able to figure out where Sir Jude base is located, he still carries out his dirty business in a sh¡p, he has a big sh¡p close to the riverine area where he keeps all his armies, and develop the heads of his victims” Sir Ajan explained putting on the big screen to reveal a sh¡p situated in the centre of a large sea, ” If Gabriel was here, this mission won’t be a problem as he sure knows much about the sh¡p, he told me he attacked it once” Sir Ajan said, ” I also know about the sh¡p but that is not the same sea” Israel put in, ” Yeah, Israel, you are sure right, this isn’t the same sh¡p he carried out his dirty business during the last mission” Sir Ajan confirmed. ” So what’s the plan now?” I asked him, ” There is no plan, they know all our plan because we have a mole among us, the plan is just to attack them, you all are to journey to their base and attack them, don’t worry, you shall see speed boats at the edge of the sea when you get there, they are located at strategic places” he said. ” We take off this night?” I asked him, ” It depends on you guys” he answered. ” I think this night is better, by tomorrow, they might have enough time to plan well for our coming” Israel said and we nodded, he is right.
• ” Sir Ajan” I called after the meeting, he was just leaving the hall and I followed him to ask him something, ” Jason, hope no problem?” He asked me, ” No problem Sir, but don’t you think putting Tonia with us on this mission might be risky?” I asked him, ” Of course, I know it will be risky and that is why I placed her there, let her take risk to save herself, she hates taking risk during trainings ” he answered, ” What if she dies?” I asked him, ” We all are destined to die, she chose her path, she wanted to be a spy, this is what she wants” Sir Ajan said and walked away, I nodded and headed towards a room where weapons are bring kept, it us time to die.

Even the holy book made it known in the book of proverbs 1:17 that in vain is a net laid in sight of a bird. We already know that they were coming to attack us that night, not only could we hear them, we could also watch them and we were prepared.

As I headed towards the weapon room, my phone rang once more, it was Ann calling, she had been calling me all through the meeting but I had bluntly refused to pick, this time, I had to pick it up. ” Ann, must you always disturb?” I asked her, ” Israel, I have this feeling that you are gonna die” She told me, I hissed and ended the call, if I am to die, let me die a hero.

” On a more serious note, why did she run away from you?” I asked the strange man, ” They think I am dead” he answered as he made to enter the house whose door was wide open, I followed him. ” why do they think you are dead?” I asked him, ” Stay back!!” The lady shouted at the strange man, she had summoned courage to come out of her hiding place, she was pointing a gun at us. ” Calm down Nicky Da Queen ” the strange man smiled, ” Its me, flesh and blood, am not dead” The strange man said advancing towards a sofa, I followed him well taking note of the gun. ” Gabriel, you are dead, have you forgotten am also a spy, I still follow Newriton news via their secret website ” The woman said , ” Oh, I thought I forgot, if I am dead, then why was my body not found?” The strange man asked, the lady gave no reply as she lowered her gun, ” They made you guys believe I was dead, they took me away” The strange man said , ” Gabriel, you are alive?” The young lady said with a surprised expression on her face, she walked slowly towards the strange man and touched him, the next minute, they were locked up in a hug. ” Wait, am confused here, who is Gabriel, who died, who resurrected, am lost” I shouted, ” Oh, Nicky meet my jungle friend Darlington, he is also a good fighter we met in the jungle ” The strange man said, ” And for the records, Darlington, I am Gabriel, that’s mg name, Gabriel ” He smiled, ” Gabriel” I repeated the name, that’s was the same name Master Okwe mentioned the day he was to die, ” Darlington, and you will meet Gabriel, together with him, you all shall save the world ” Sir Okwe had said before he died. ” Nicky, you changed a lot, I know why, we never saw each other again after trainings, you just went away with the wind” Gabriel said to Nicky, ” Hmm, You also Grown more than I can imagine, look how muscular you now look” Nicky touched his arm. ” Anyways Nicky, I need your help, Newriton is in danger” Gabriel said with all seriousness, ” I also need some weapons from you” he continued.

1: 20am, we were on the road heading to the sea I happen to be in the same car with Israel, Alvana and his wife were placed in the same car while Matt was alone on a bike ahead of us, we were all in black, our face were also covered with Mask, we were meant to be as shadows. ” seat belt Tonia ” Israel reminded me for the fifth time, ” Oh, sorry” I said and finally wore the sear belt. “Slow down, approaching the bridge” Gwen’s voice echoed in our ears via our micro earpiece, Israel reduced his speed and slowed down , the bridge was constructed to prevent the sea from over flowing, right below the bridge is a large mass of water.

We got to the bridge, Matt had also slowed down and his bike was just moving some distance in front of me. ” Alvana, watch out , behind you!!!” Gwen shouted via the earpiece, I heard a loud noise behind, I looked through my side window and saw Alvana’s car tumble into the sea, ” Holy Jesus ” I shouted in fear. ” Holy Mary mother of God” I heard Tonia prayed in fear as i pulled up my mask to look clearly at my front mirror, I could see a truck just behind me, I was too late to react and the truck pushed me forward slightly and my car hit Matt’s bike a little which made him fall down, ” No, not Matt” I said as I stopped the car and opened the door, ” Don’t go” Tonia tried to hold me back but I had already stepped outside. I had not taken about two steps towards Matt when a bullet was shot to my leg from the truck, I fell down and displaced towards where Matt was. I swung into action immediately as I brought out my gun and started shooting at the Truck, ” Matt, are you alive, can you hear me?” I asked at interval as I shot. No one came out from the truck, it remained stagnant.

I Could hear Israel but was to weak to talk or move. He was still shooting at the truck when we noticed the flashing of the lights of a car behind us, I managed to turn my neck so also did Israel, the car drove to where we were and he light went off. The door opened slowly to reveal a muscular guy was face was shielded from us by he darkness of the night, he didn’t come to us rather he went and opened he back door of the car for it inhabitant, it was a lady whose face was also shielded by the night. They soon both advanced towards us and the face of the guy became clear, ” Gabriel ” I heard Israel mutter in shock, I tried to talk but I made no sound as they advanced towards us, the face of the lady also soon became clear to us, it was Israel’s fiancé , Ann,she was putting on a devilish smile as she walked towards us, I tried shouting but no sound came out, ” Ann” Israel said , he didn’t understand what was going on, it was a shocking moment. She soon came closer and bent directly in front of Israel, ” Ann, what are you doing here, Gabriel, I don’t get this , explain to me, aren’t you meant to be dead, am confused here” Israel stammered, ” shut up boy” Ann slapped him, ” I have never seen a more foolish spy like you” She smiled , Gabriel was also smiling. ” Didn’t I tell you ? I told you that you were coming to your death but you didn’t believe me, now, you believe me right?” She asked laughing, ” Ann, wait, you work for Sir Jude?” Israel asked, ” No dear, I dont work for him, look at this, Ann Ike and Jude Ike, does that ring a bell?” She asked laughing as Gabriel pulled out his gun.
I never saw this coming o.

 Episode 30
Title: HE FELL

” Latest news, the spies are taking on sir Jude this night” Nicky turned to I and Gabriel, I have finally been brought out of darkness and made to understand all that was happening. ” Oh no, they are in trouble, Sir Jude already knows what is before them” Gabriel said, ” How?” Nicky asked him, ” One of the spies work for him, there is a mole among the spies” Gabriel said looking from me to Nicky, ” Who?” Nicky asked, ” That isn’t something I should disclose to anyone, you know I can’t….” Nicky interrupted him, ” I understand, you now have trust issues, anyways, I respect that” Nicky smiled, ” I think we need to act fast, Newriton is falling” Gabriel said stretching his hand for one of the guns Nicky brought for us, ” Are you going this night?” Nicky asked, ” Nope, just seeing the gun ” Gabriel smiled, ” We set out to Newriton tomorrow or the day after tomorrow” He said. ” I heard you got married, have you heard from your wife?” Nicky asked, I never knew he was married. ” Nope, but I hope she is fine, the last time I saw her, she was unconscious” Gabriel said, his voice cracked at this stage. ” I pray she is fine” I put in, ” Darlington, you should be ready for war, we set out in two days ” Gabriel turned to me, I didn’t reply him. ” Nicky, what about you? Are you going to come with us?” Gabriel asked her, ” Gabi, you know I don’t do this anymore” She said, Gabriel nodded.

” keep your gun Gabi, don’t kill him yet” Ann said to Gabriel who already had his gun pointed at Israel, Israel couldn’t Still understand what was going on. ” Ann, I don’t get you, you are my fiancé, you are meant to be at home, what are you doing here?” Israel asked in confusion, ” Oh God, this guy is a fool” Ann said, ” Okay, let me take you back memory lane, you remember where we met right, at Atata just after you guys sent Daniel to prison, you think it was normal , you think you are destined to meet me? No boy, I came to help my father avenge what you guys did to him, let me be blunt here, I am Sir Jude’s daughter, didn’t I make it clear to you? Right from the first day we met, I told you my name, I told you I am Ann Ike but due to fact that you were blinded by my beauty, you took not the surname into consideration. I have been working from the in,side all along, hey, don’t crucify me, I am not the Mole in Newriton I am only an agent of distraction. With the help of the mole we have been able to know what you guys planned last night and that is why we are always a step or two steps ahead. Now let me release the bomb shell, I never wanted to take part in my dad’s business but you guys went too far by sending my fiancé to Jail, don’t ask who my fiancé is, Daniel. I love your facial expression right now, I know how you feel to see your best friend Gabriel and your to be wife Ann coming back to kill you, am sorry man, am sorry I deceived you all along” Ann said laughing and resting on Gabriel’s shoulder ” You will pay for this” Israel cried, ” Who will make me pay? We are always ahead of you guys, we are invisible ” Ann laughed on, ” Oh, I remember, you might be saying to yourself that you know my parents, I introduced them to you during our introduction right? Sorry bro, you were deceived, those people you see aren’t my parents, they work for my dad, once again, you were deceived” Ann laughed out louder. I could see Israel face go pale, this is the height of betrayal, the gun he was holding initially fell off his hand, he had been made weak. I was also shocked but could not shout or do anything as I couldn’t even feel my own body, I could only hear them talk. It was hærd to believe that it was the same Gabriel I spent six years with at Newriton during training days that was standing before me now, I always knew Gabriel to be good hearted, i never believed Gabriel will one day work for sir Jude, it is something more impossible than impossible. What did we do to him? Why will Gabriel of all people go back to work for Sir Jude which he dreaded so much? Has he forgotten so soon how Sir Jude invaded his village back then and killed it’s people? Has he also forgotten that Sir Jude was behind his sister’s death? What maketh a good man become evil? We all thought Gabriel was dead, so he was hiding under the umbrella of Sir Jude all along? Oh, I prefer to die than live after this night. ” Gabriel, finish up” Ann turned to him, ” My pleasure ” Gabriel smiled coming forward. ” Gabi ” Israel called , ” So you still remember my name?” Gabriel asked, ” Gabriel I can never forget you, Gabi its me, Israel, your good friend” Israel said, ” I can see you clearly Israel, I know it’s you” Gabriel smiled so also did Ann. ” Gabriel you know you can’t kill me, you don’t have to do this” Israel pleaded, ” Wow, you just dared me” Gabriel c*cked his gun, ” No , I am not daring you Gabi, Gabi please don’t end my life this way, Gabriel remember how far we have come, remember all that happened during training days, don’t forget when you told me you could take a bullet for me, remember there was a time when you almost died and you needed a kidney transplant, Gabi remember I donated one of my kidneys to you leaving me wit only one Kidney, Gabriel please remember all these, don’t despise thy brother, Gabi please, I want to live” Israel cried, ” I remember all that man but there comes a time in the life of a man when he has to die, you are at that point of your life” Gabriel smiled, ” Gabi, you are wasting time ” Ann said, ” Sorry Ann, I wanna makes his death a worthy one, Israel, any more statement?” Gabriel asked Israel, ” Yes bro, one more thing” Israel said, ” What is it?” Gabriel asked him, ” I want you to know that if you kill me today, I forgive you and I still love you” Israel smiled his last and then Gabriel pulled the trigger, the bullet went directly into Israel skull, his blood splashed on my face .

Location: Newriton
Time: Same time of Israel’s death, Same day
The institute was quiet, the students seem to be sleeping by now, the field was free and the Sculpture of the Mark of Newriton could been seen standing tall at the centre of the institute, there was silence everywhere. Suddenly, a loud cracking sound could be heard, the students got alerted immediately to see what it was as they all ran out with knives , gun and swords.” The Mark of Newriton is falling!!” One of them shouted in fear as the large sculpture of the Mark cracked slowly to the ground.

Episode 31
It was painful seeing Israel being shot, it was painful seeing Israel killed in front of me without me able to do anything, I could only cry, nothing to do. ” Hello Matt” Ann turned to me, ” Sorry for keeping you in the dark all this while, but I actually think there is no beef between you and i,” She smiled while Gabriel c*cked his gun again and pointed it at me, ” Leave him Gabi, let him go and tell the rest how deadly Sir Jude can be” Ann said and with that, they walked away into their car, they drove off. Not long after they drove off, the truck which had hit Israel’s car also started its engine and turned the opposite direction. I laid on the ground and wept, the pain in me was so great that at that point, I lost hope in life. Not only was it painful seeing Israel killed but being killed by the people he trusted and also being killed without me doing anything, I cried more as I tried getting up from the floor but all to no avail, I placed my hand on Israel’s chest as I cried, my brother and best friend is gone, it should have been anyone else but not Israel, why should the good die? What about Alvana and Morg-na? They were pushed down Into the sea, I hope they are not also dead, one dead body is enough for the night. What about Tonia, where is she? For all I could remember, she was in the car with Israel before all these happened. About ten Minutes later, a big truck came in sight, it was a different truck from the one earlier, it was from Newriton. Accompanying the truck were other small cars, they were the rescue team of Newriton. They set to work immediately as they rushed over to where I was , they carried Israel on a stretcher so also me. Tonia unconscious body was also brought out of the car, she had been shot at her hand and had lost a lot of blood. An helicopter could be seen hovering just above us, it is also from Newriton, it has a long hook below it, it will be used to pull Alvana’s car from the water, I pray he is still alive, so also Morg-na.

Oh God, it is so funny, So Israel really believed I loved him? Oh, Love can make the strongest of men so weak than a weakling. He is one of the dumbest spies have ever seen in my entire life, I told him my name when we first met, I told him I am Ann Ike, he didn’t even think of carrying out a background investigation if I am in any way connected to the great Jude Ike , he immediately fell in love with me. Anyways, if he hadn’t fallen in love with me, my plan wouldn’t have worked, I wanted to kill him myself for all he had cost my dad, all the lost he caused him and because he was also involved in the mission that set My Fiancé , Daniel to Jail. I wanted to see him beg, I wanted to him to feel betrayal, I want Newriton down but we have to take them one after the other, anyone who hurts my loved ones hurt me also.

Life is nothing, it doesn’t belong to us and we can’t control when it will leave us. The mission which I thought will be the end of Sir Jude later turned out to be against us. The last thing I can remember about two nights ago was that my car was pushed into the sea by a truck, all that happened after that I don’t know. I only opened my eyes yesterday to see that I was in a hospital, Newriton Care Unit. Opposite me in the same ward was Matt, he was sitting up and looking outside the window, there were tears in his eyes. He told me all that happened, how Israel was killed by his fiance and Gabriel, I couldn’t believe it at first but later got confirmation when I watched the footage in the I.C.T unit today, it was indeed painful. If I can believe anything in the world, I can never believe Gabriel being a bad guy, something is certainly wrong somewhere. Up till now, I can’t still walk, I have been confined to a wheel chair alongside Matt, My wife and Tonia are still in the care unit receiving treatments , I should also still be on treatment but I have to take myself up because today is the day assigned by the institute for Israel to be buried. ” That night , we noticed the Mark of Newriton falling, we never knew what it was until I discovered from Gwen that Israel has been killed, the fall of the Mark is a sign that a great one has fallen, Israel is not just Israel, for the Mark of Newriton to fall at the same time Israel died without being subjected to any harsh weather, then this signifies that Israel is Newriton. Sire Israel, you have left us alone, but may your strength always remain with us, may your spirit always protect the four corners of Newriton, if the mark could fall upon your death, then no doubt, you are Newriton, please, don’t let your bravery and kindness be far from you, Newriton” Sir Ajan said standing in front of the Golden casket where Israel body’s was being laid, he had tears in his eyes as he said those words, everyone had tears in their eyes. All the students were present there, myself and Matt were also present but confined to a wheel chair, Christiana and Gwen were also there with us, each person busy crying. I watched as the casket was being placed in a well decorated car, it is to be taken to Israel’s hometown for burial, some of the members of boards went with the car. His garments were laid on a group of woods also in front of Sir Ajan, it is to be burnt, that is the tradition of Newriton. ” Some one close to him will have to do this” Sir Ajan said, Matt wheeled his chair forward and took a stick burning with fire, he threw them on Israel’s garments and they began to burn, the wailing and mourning became louder.

I didn’t die , I lived on though all thought I was dead. I stayed in a jungle for two good years , with each passing day in the jungle, I trained myself to become stronger for I know what waits ahead. It was in the same Jungle that I had met Darlington, we became friends and when I thought I had stayed long enough in the jungle, I decided to go back. That night when I was caught by Daniel, I was taken to their base unconsciously where Sir Jude pleaded with me to work for him but I didn’t, he tried all he could do but I remained adamant in refusing to do his dirty Job for him. When he got tired, he called one if his scientist, John and they took to the second alternative, they had me cloned, they made another version of me which I could see it with my own eyes, it was exactly like me with all the characteristics of me, my height, voice, strength and so on, it took them two months to do this, they believe it will make Newriton believe I now work for Sir Jude and it will destabilize them. My cloned version was made to know all I knew about Newriton, the only difference between myself and it is that it is the wicked version of me. After they had cloned me, Sir Jude asked one of his workers, a girl wearing a mask to have me killed in a jungle so that the vultures will feed on me. I was first beaten before being place in the booth of the car the girl was to use, she drove off to the jungle. On getting there, she brought me out and laid me on the ground, I couldn’t see her but could hear her as she talked to me, ” Your life is in my hands now, but I don’t think I will be able to kill you” She said, ” Not that I can’t kill you but Gabriel, I am leaving you today because I Love you” She had said and drove off . In my unconscious state, I couldn’t decipher the voice but I knew who so ever it is, it is someone I know, Someone in Newriton, a Mole.
After leaving the Jungle when I thought the time was right, i decided not to go back to Newriton because i know the moment I go back there, I might be taken down again. I decided not to go back home either, my wife and I still have a long way to go. I decided to go to the house of an old time friend, Nicky, she happen to be one of us during training days and till now she is still a spy but just a free spy, she has never been called for any mission due to the fact that she only managed to scale through trainings. She welcomed us well , myself and Darlington and with the help of her laptop, her Newriton developed laptop, we were able to follow the recent happenings, the latest news was that my friends, the spies were taking on Sir Jude that night we arrived, I wish there is a way I could have communicated with them not to go , Sir Jude has a Mole in Newriton, he gets information of all that happens at Newriton, from what I saw when I was captured there, he has a big screen which is connected to a bug in Newriton with the help of the screen, he watches all that happens in Newriton, but now, the question is who is the bug connected to? THE MOLE.

Episode 32

Newriton, one of the most foolish spying institute have ever seen, as it is now, we are now the one spying on them and not them spying on us, I can choose to destroy them just by a snap of my fingers but I choose not to, why? Because I want to kill them all slowly and painfully, I want them all to beg for their lives. ” You sent for me Sir Jude” Daniel said as he walked into my office, ” Yes Dan, I did sent for you” I smiled, apart from him being my son in-law, he is also a very hærdworking and brave man. ” Now they are des**ted, I mean the spies” I told him and he nodded, ” Yes sir, they are” He said and I also nodded. ” They might think we won’t attack them again for a long time” I told him and he nodded, ” Now, I want us to give them that element of surprise” I told him, ” What do you mean sir?” I asked him, ” I want us to Invade Newriton, this time, I want you to get me Alvana” I smiled, he smiled also. ” When do you want it done sir?” I asked him, ” In two days time, let me give them time to mourn over the one they have lost, the great Israel ” I told him, ” okay sir” He said and went out.

I couldn’t believe it when I saw it, it was like a dream when I saw the news that Israel was dead, it was uploaded on Nicky’s laptop, the one with which I always accessed Newriton with. ” No, this is not happening” I cried, ” What is it ?” Nicky asked me coming closer to me, ” They killed Israel” I said and soon tears filled up my eyes. ” Don’t tell me” She said and collected the laptop from me, ” tell me this is no true” She shouted hitting the laptop on the ground, she literally shattered the laptop. I couldn’t console her as she cried , I was also crying. ” I think I need to set back, they would wipe out the wh0le of Newriton if they continue this way” I told Nicky holding her by her hand, she nodded. ” Where is Darlington?” I asked her, ” He is sleeping in,side” She answered. I nodded and went into the guest room where we already had our load packed, Darlington was deep in sleep probably due to the trainings we had that day. I wiped away my tears as I woke him up, I didn’t want him to know I was crying. ” Sup man” he said as he got up from the bed, ” man, we need to be on our way” I told him, ” Why the sudden change? I thought you postponed it till this weekend” He rubbed his face, ” I know, delay is dangerous” I told him, ” Hmm, I think you are right, let’s move” He said and got up from the bed. I carried the small back bag which was given to me by Nicky and wore it, it contained a good collection of guns and knives. We were about stepping out of the room when Nicky met up with us by the door. ” Gabi, make sure you take them all down” She told me , I nodded. ” Take this” She handed over a key to me, ” What for?” I asked as I accepted the key, ” That is the key to my car outside, I think it might help speed up the journey” She said, I nodded and hugged her briefly, ” Thank you” I said, ” Thanks ” Darlington also appreciated as we made to take our leave, ” Gabi” She called back again, ” Yes” I answered turning to face her, ” Remember, you are not allowed to die” She said and I nodded. We left the house that day with tears , it wasn’t because I was leaving Nicky, but because of my friend’s death, It could have been someone else and not Israel.

The day was stressful, there was much to do at the computer institute and it really weighed me down. I came back home around 11:00pm and took my bath, then I prepared dinner for myself and went to bed but sleep didn’t come. As a matter of fact, I have been finding it hærd to sleep ever since my husband died, I do dream of me coming back to me, I wish dream really come true as they say. As I couldn’t sleep, I decided to while away time doing something else and so I went into the sitting room to occupy myself with one of those collections of Gabi’s movies, I don’t actually like them but I decided to watch them as a remembrance of him, he would often call me to his side to watch with him anytime he was busy with them, I would always force myself to watch but more often than not, I would end up sleeping on his chest. I know I have never been a good wife to him , it wasn’t my fault, I don’t know who to blame it on. Only if life will give me a second chance, why is life cruel to me, only if I can have a second chance, then I will be the wife he wants me to be, I will accept his flaws and whatsoever, I will change for good and won’t dare him again. I wasn’t paying attention to the movie but just to waste time and find sleep, I continued watching. I wish was still with me, I would have slept off by now. I was still lost in my thought when I thought I heard a knock on my door, I thought I didn’t hear well, how did whosoever is at the door manage to pass through the gate? I stood up and headed for the kitchen where I got a small knife, I then waited to see if I would hear the knock again and sure I did. I went slowly towards the door and placed my ears on it, ” Who is it?” I asked , ” We come in peace” The person replied, anywhere any time, I can always recognize the voice, it was Gabriel’s own but I knew it wasn’t possible. ” No one comes in peace at this hour of the night” I said, ” Today, you are seeing someone” The voice came again, the same voice. I took a deep breath and placed the knife before me and was ready to strike, I opened the door slowly , I could see the shadow of two men, the darkness covered them so I stretched my hand for the outside light switch which was by the wall, I put it on and their faces became clear, the man in front was Gabriel, I didn’t know the other one by him. I bursted into tears immediately, ” God why have you decided to torment me with dreams of him?’ I asked myself as I pinched myself to wake up but nothing was happening, I slapped myself but nothing still happened, I opened my eyes and Gabriel and the man still stood before me . It was then I remembered what my grand mom do tell me about ghost coming back to visits their loved ones, I immediately sprang up and ran away with the door wide Open. ” Ghost oo” I shouted as I went into my room and locked up myself.

We got to my house late that night all thanks to the speed of Nicky’s car, we shouldn’t have gotten there that time. I know my house and my house knows me, my strong gate still stood tall and it prevented us from entering, ” There a small gate we can jump over at the back” I told Darlinogton and we went to turn around to the back of my house. ” You have a big house” Darlington complemented , I only nodded. We jumped over the gate and then went to the house itself. I knocked at the door the first time but got no reply, it was at the second that I heard Adanna’s voice. She finally opened the door to see me standing, I expected her to run away with the scre-m of ghost but no, she only broke down in tears, I was shocked so also was Darlington. It was after some minutes of crying that she got up and ran towards the room, ” What a strange wife I have got ” I smiled to Darlington, he smiled back as we walked into the sitting room..

Episode 33
Title: Reunion

” Make yourself comfortable man” I told Darlington as we entered into the house, I made sure I shut the door behind me, ” Give me a moment let me see my wife” I told him again, ” Be sure not to make her scared” He said, ” I know my wife and my wife knows me” I smiled, he smiled back and fell into a sofa, I left him and went towards my room where Adanna had locked herself up. I tried opening the door but it was well locked, I then knocked slightly on it. ” Adanna, it me, Gabriel , flesh and blood” I said but she didn’t reply me, ” Adanna, are you there?” I asked her, ” Go away, I didn’t kill you, I have no hand in any thing that happened to you, please stop tormenting me” She shouted, ” Hey, even if am dead, you don’t expect me to come back and torment you knowing how much I love you” I laughed, ” please go, the dead and the living has no relationsh¡p” She shouted, ” But the living and the living do have a relationsh¡p ” I smiled but got no answer, ” Joy, why don’t you come out and confirm if am dead or alive?” I asked her, ” I should come out so that you will take me along with you to the land of the dead bah?” She asked, ” Joy, I thought you are a good Christian, I thought you don’t believe in all this ” I told her, ” Just go away” She shouted, ” Does the fact that I am knocking on this door prove to you that am not dead?” I asked her, ” please go, you are dead, Gabriel when you were alive, I loved you with all my heart, I really loved you, please why are you tormenting me, I have always prayed for your success, I have ways wished you good, why are you tormenting me now?” She asked, ” Wait, Adanna do you actually know I can break this door and come in there?” I asked her, ” Please don’t do that, please I beg of you leave me alone” She cried, ” Okay, you want me to go bah?” I asked her, ” Please go and stop tormenting me” She said, ” Okay, then, you said you loved me when I was alive, why didn’t you show it, why were you always harsh and disrespectful? ” I asked her trying not to laugh, ” Gabriel, am sorry, I was shy to show I love you, I was childish and immature, but I always do love you, I was ready to do anything for you, please forgive me for that” She begged crying, ” In your next life, will you show you love me?” I asked her, ” Yes, Gabriel I will be so proud of you, I will always show you love everyday, I will be proud of you everywhere, I would do what I have failed to do now, please Gabi, forgive me, don’t use that against me, don’t torment me because of my mistakes” She cried, ” Okay, I forgive you, I will be going back to the land of the dead now, I just came to find out if you love me when I was alive so I can rest in peace” I told her trying to hold my laughter, ” Yes, I love you and will always love you, Gabriel even now, I still love you” She said but I didn’t answer, I wanted to give her that impression that I was gone. ” Gabriel, are you there? ” she asked, but I gave no reply. I waited for about ten minutes and soon, I could hear her praying the rosary. I smiled and tip toed back to the sitting room where Darlington was. ” How did it go?” He asked me in a low tone, ” She didn’t believe it was me, she still thinks am a ghost ” I whispered to him, ” Of course she has every right to think so” He told me. ” I feel sleepy now, let’s go to the guest room” I told him, he nodded and we tiptoed to the guest room where we are to sleep for the night.

The morning was cold and good, the cool breeze of the morning blew across my bare chest as I laid on the white bed in the guest room, the time was 5am. I got up and sat on the bed placing my hand on my head, ” Good morning man” Darlington greeted, I never knew he was awake. ” You are awake, good morning bro ” I greeted him back. ” I know what you are waiting for, your wife” He smiled, I nodded. He soon sat up on the bed after stretching for about ten minutes, we talked and chatted about lot of things in low tones so as not to get the attention of my wife, I told him more about Newriton and how I think there us a mole among them. We tried drafting out who it was but no one matched the perfect description, but i know there is a mole at Newriton. We talked for about one hour thirty minutes when I finally heard my bedroom door open, Adanna is awake. From her footsteps, I could easily decipher that she was heading towards the kitchen, remember, I am use to my house. ” I think I should take my chances now” I told him, he nodded. ” But be careful not to freak her out” He advised, ” If you can freak out all others ladies in the world, you can’t freak out my wife” I whispered to him as I gently walked out the guest room, I tip toed towards the kitchen. I am very good at tiptoeing, all thanks to Newriton, I can walk as silent as a snail. I got to the entrance of the kitchen and peeped in,side, she was backing me, she was putting on a very light night wear, which brought out her curves and exposed the inner parts of her body, Oh, how much I miss this woman. I took a deep breath and tip toed towards her, she didn’t notice I was coming from behind. I got close enough to her and let go off my breath, I then grabbed her slowly by her wa-ist. ” Jesus Christ!! ” she shouted in fear, she turned her head slightly to see who it was, our eyes met. ” GHOST” she shouted as she tried to free herself from me but couldn’t, she kicked and kicked but all to no avail, she then broke into tears. ” Are you tired of kicking?” I asked her laughing, ” Please, let me go, please, I didn’t kill you” She shouted trying to struggle again. ” I won’t let you go” I told her as I slightly turned her shivering body to face me, she closed her eyes tight to avoid eye contact with me. ” So you still believe am a ghost even with me holding you by your wa-ist?” I asked her, she gave no reply as she closed her eyes with more intensity, she was now sweating profusely. I lifted her up to my level, her leg was now above the ground, her chest was on mine and mine on hers, my hands were now round her wa-ist, but still yet she didn’t open her eyes. ” Joy, this is no longer funny o, so you still think am a ghost? ” I asked her, she didn’t answer me. ” Okay, if I truly died, why didn’t they find my body?” I asked her, she immediately open her eyes wide like I had stung her with something, ” Is it really you?” She asked in a calm voice, ” Do you need one more proof?” I asked, she nodded slowly and babyish , ” Okay then” I said staring at her, ” What is the proof?” She asked me, ” This” I said a I slowly placed my l-ips on hers, we were soon locked up in a tight, passionate  k-ss.


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