Act Of Faith 2

Act Of Faith 2 – episode 3

Episode 11
Title: Busted
” So what do you say now Gabriel?” Sir Ajan asked smiling, ” Let’s talk” I turned to Tonia holding her hand as I made to go out with her, ” Gabriel, her dream is to be a good spy, its now in your hands, you can choose to restore or destroy her dreams, but I tell you what, the poor girl won’t forgive you if you destroy her dreams” Sir Ajan said stopping me, ” let’s go” I turned to Tonia as I dragged her out, ” Gabriel, please” She begged immediately we got outside sir Ajan’s office, ” Tonia, I wish I can help, but I cant. My wife is held hostage somewhere and sir Ajan expects me to go on a mission without my family in place. Tonia, I know how well you want this, I wish I can help” I told her as tears streamed down her cheeks, ” This was my dream, this was…” Her tears choked her. ” I have a family to keep in place” I told her , she nodded. ” I understand” She said as she pulled her big brown coat and walked away from my side towards the field, ” I can’t do this ” I thought to myself as I held the handle to sir Ajan’s door, ” Tonia” I called, she turned sharply, ” I guess life is full of surprises” I told her, she nodded, ” You really want to stay?” I smiled, ” Yes” She said more like a whisper, ” Then you are staying ” I said as I drew her hands and opened the door to sir Ajan’s office. ” So what now? Hope you came to a good conclusion? ” Sir Ajan asked turning his chair around, ” She is staying” I told him staring at Tonia, ” That’s my boy, I know you, I know how meek you are, you can’t afford to let the girl go” Sir Ajan laughed, ” I am not going on this mission because of you asked me to but because of her ” I said pointing to Tonia, ” Medesh, you can go now, you have been saved” Sir Ajan said to Tonia, ” Thank you Gabi” Tonia turned to me smiling , she left us thereafter. ” Sir Ajan am so dis…” Sir Ajan interrupted me, ” Gabi, you are now the man I always wanted you to be, bold, wise and tough, you know it took me a lot of time to impact that in you during training days” Sir Ajan sat down, ” Sir Ajan, I thought you were a good man” I said staring at him, ” Of course” He got up again, ” Gabriel , I have always and will always be a good man, why don’t you keep that tough attitude of yours, remember I am still your master, you should show some respect though I have no control over you anymore” He told me as he sat on top of his desk in front of me holding his walking stick ( He has no disability, his walking stick is just for fancy I think.). ” I love you, I love all my fighters, I love your families and won’t want anything bad to befall them” he started , ” For me to have told you to leave them and go on this mission should simply imply one thing to you, do you know what that is?” He asked me, ” No” I answered. ” It should imply that I am on it, I know what befell you guys right from the day Israel’s girlfriend was kidnapped and you should trust me, am working on it and anything Sir Ajan works on never fail, so trust me, save the world and as you do that , be rest assured that your wife is safe” he smiled to me, I smiled back. ” Am sorry sir Ajan” I apologized slowly as he hit my chest, ” No, am finally Happy to see you have become a tough guy, that is what I actually wanted from you guys, even the most gentle Matt is now so bold, imagine he was like uhm uhm, have forgotten you don’t have a mother” Sir Ajan mimicked Matt’s Voice as I busted into laughter, ” So boy , what happens to the Manhunter?” sir Ajan asked me, ” He is finish now” I told him laughing, ” Yeah that’s the word , he is finish now, Manhunter, you are finished now” Sir Ajan laughed, ” Now go boy, go prepare” Sir Ajan said as I walked out of his office laughing. I walked to our quarters rest assured that Sir Ajan has everything in control. ” No, am not going on any mission until I see my Ann ” I heard israel shout at Alvana as I entered the room, ” Yes Gabriel, You are most welcome” Israel greeted, ” Can you believe Alvana is asking me to go on the mission that sir Ajan is in control of everything?” Israel asked, I kept quiet as I stared from isreal, to Matt who was sleeping and Alvana, smiling Alvana. ” Gabriel, tell him something, tell him we can’t go” Israel shouted to me, ” We are going on the mission” I told him calmly as I patted him on his shoulder, ” Gabi, did you just say that?” He asked me removing my hand from his shoulder, ” Sir Ajan got this” I told him, ” I can’t believe this” He said as he made to walk out, ” How else do you wish to get Ann if not through the help of Sir Ajan?” Alvana asked him, ” israel, it’s our duty to save the world” I added, ” Israel , Sir Ajan told me they are fine, remember anytime sir Ajan say they are fine, they are really fine” Alvana added, ” sir Ajan is slow, Ann is a student, she needs to get to school and you know very soon, her parents will get aware of her disappearance and they will swing to action” israel turned to us, ” That’s true, they have even taken too long ” I added, ” Do her parents know you?” Alvana asked Israel, ” No they dont even know me” Israel answered as he sat on the bed, ” Then that’s an advantage, trust me, Sir Ajan knows all this and he will sure be fast on this, let’s get the Manhunter” Alvana said, ” please Israel ” I begged, ” Okay, okay, I will go, but the problem is how to convince Matt on this ” Israel said turning to the sleeping Matt, ” No need to convince me, if you all are in, then I am in” Matt got up from the bed. ” Wow, thanks Matt, so we are all in now” Alvana smiled, ” Let’s save the world” Matt answered. ” But wait, is there a mystery we aren’t solving here, who were those guys that day?” Matt asked, ” Which guys?” I asked him, ” Those guys that attacked us on our way to Newriton ” He answered, ” That’s true” Alvana smiled, ” Lot , lot of mysteries in just a few days ” I murmured to myself.

” Port Harcourt is a fine place to be in, it has all the girls, the drinks , the food and everything else you need but always remember something, you are there for a mission and so prevent yourself from getting carried away by those things of the eyes. To all of you here, this won’t be your first mission, I expect you to have gotten enough experience from the first mission you screwed up….” Israel interrupted sir Ajan, ” But we got Daniel, I single handedly threw the knife at him” Israel smiled, ” Israel can you show me the respect of keeping quiet while I talk?” Sir Ajan asked as israel nodded, ” Fine” Sir Ajan sighed. We were in the big hall of Newriton, that’s was where we always come whenever we were to go on a mission. There is a big screen in front of the room , with this sir Ajan will give us some visual information we might need. ” This mission might or better said will be a tough one, because of three good reasons, firstly, there is no girl in this mission as Morg-na is held hostage and Christiana, I dont fully trust her yet , s…..” Israel interrupted again, ” But we had other girls during training, Queen, Faith, Joy, Nikky and the rest” Israel said smiling, ” Israel, have you heard of a starter culture ?” Sir Ajan asked, ” No” israel answered. ” in that culture, only the best and essential and needed micro org-nisms are selected” Sir Ajan said, ” You mean we are micro org-nisms?” Israel asked, ” Israel, can you show that respect of keeping quiet while I talk?” Sir Ajan asked again, once again, israel nodded. ” Now where did I stop?” Sir Ajan asked turning to Gabriel, ” I wasn’t following” Gabriel said while the rest of us busted into laughter, ” Now the second reason why this mission will be a tough one is because as I heard, the Manhunter is more deadly than Daniel , he kills about six times a day. Now the last reason, who can tell me?” Sir Ajan asked, ” The last reason is that there isn’t enough food in port Harcourt ” Matt said and once again we busted laughter, sir Ajan was almost forced to laugh but he didn’t. ” The last reason is the most essential reason why this mission might end up being a failure, you guys are destabilized, one way or the other, one of your love ones are held hostage, its a trauma, don’t allow the taught weigh you down, once in a while your mind and body might want to drift to them, it makes you weak and once you are weak, you are open any form of attack. Especially you Gabriel , and you Matt, you guys have one way or the other lost someone special, your Mom and wife irrespectively, but I give you my word, they are fine. You guys are going through a high level of disorderliness no matter how hærd you try to cover it, it will always find it way out. So as much as I hate to say this, I will tell you to forget they exist for and save the world, that’s is the majority” Sir Ajan said as he stood up and made to go, ” We will finish this tomorrow, go get drunk” Sir Ajan added as he walked away, ” That was the most touching motivational talk have ever heard in my life” Israel said as we all busted into laughter.
MARCH 3RD 2018
The journey of a thousand mile they say begin with a step, so also our Journey to port Harcourt. The mission has begun and on this Saturday we were to travel. I , Matt, Alvana and Israel drove to the airport, I should rather put it like we were driven to the airport by one of those numerous drivers Newriton has. The past few days had been stressful, Sir Ajan briefing us about the mission, trying to describe what the Manhunter looks like , what he wears and everything we need to know about him.
We were dressed in black suits and our black briefcase were held firmly to our hands, you should know the briefcase contains our Newriton suit and weapons. ” Gabriel its time” Alvana told me and I immediately handed over my briefcase to him, ” Be careful not to get caught” Israel told me, ” You know the rules right?” I asked him, ” Yes, getting caught is a foul play” he said and we busted into laughter. ” Keep your earpiece connected” Alvana patted me as I left them , time for some games. I walked into a big hall which was crowded by people of different kind, both good and bad. ” The room is just down the staircase opposite the hall” I heard Alvana voice from the earpiece in my ear, ” I know, we went through this together ” I told him as I walked towards the staircase leading to the down part of the other side opposite where I had come from. There were three rooms down there, two I don’t know what they were for, but the one in the middle is the room leading to the electricity reserve of the airport. ” Remember, there Is a camera just behind you, don’t turn” Alvana voice came again, ” Alvana, am starting to hate this idea of you bugging me, I will say when I need help” I told him quietly, he had actually bugged me with a microch¡p that allows him view me from the wrist watch he was wearing, we all have the wrist watch. ” Don’t turn back” I said to myself as I walked towards the muddle door, I can’t risk the camera getting my face. I brought out my master card ( Not a bank ATM card) its actually a card use to open any door, all thanks to Gwen, she thought it would be necessary. I slid the card into a slide on the door, and the door opened slowly. I won’t lie about this, I have never been a friend to electricity and so seeing the large makeup system of the room as soon as I entered got me scared. ” Alvana, which one should I turn? ” I communicated with Alvana immediately, ” Look opposite where you are, there are three switches on the wall” he told me as I turned and saw it. , ” Two green and a red switch” I told him, ” Yes, one of the greens is used to deactivate the screening ability of the screening machine turn it down” He told me, ” How do I know which?” I asked him, ” Guess work , and be fast, our luggage’s are about to be screened” He told me. ” okay” I said as I walked calmly to where the switches were, ” Just a guess work” I said to myself as I turned down the first switch, all the lights to the room went off immediately. ” Wrong guess” I murmured as I immediately switched it back on and turned down the second one, ” Your hands on your head” I heard the normal police slogan as they barged into the room, ” We have been screened” I heard Alvana’s voice from the earpiece, ” Sort yourself and get here fast, can’t afford taking off without you” he added as I let a weak smile form on my l-ips.

Episode 12
Title: THE Manhunter Five Years Ago
” Now turn around slowly” the police man ordered, ” Okay” I shouted across to him, ” Be fast with that” another one shouted, they were about six in number. ” Am sorry about this” I shouted over to them as I quickly turned off the switch which controlled the wh0le lighting system of the airport, the wh0le light went off immediately and the place became dark . ” Abdul, no shoot o, I dey your front” one of the police men shouted as I advanced towards the door, i myself couldn’t see anything but I had to use my instincts, I tried picturing back how the room was when I came in. ” Gabriel, what games are you up to, the airport is dark” Alvana’s voice came again but this time I didn’t reply him as I did not want to get caught by the police men in the room. I stretched my hand and held one of them, ” Gweko, na you dey touch me? ” The Police man I had touched asked, ” No be me oo” Came the reply from his colleague. ” Abdul, why you dey touch me now?” He asked further, ” Me?, no b…..” I interrupted his statement as I pushed out the one i was holding off the way and ran off through the door, ” Stop there!!” The police men shouted but who listens to them? I managed to get to the staircase and swiftly ran up it to the big hall which by my instincts should be crowded by people, since I could hear people murmuring and complaining about how bad the country is, even in the dark. ” Can’t be the only man in black suit” I thought to myself as I composed myself and stood like a gentleman waiting for the light to be restored, it came back about fight minutes after and the policemen could be seen patrolling the hall looking for the particular man in black suit among about twenty men on black suit. I gently walked away from the crowd who were busy murmuring and complaining on how bad and unsecured the Nigeria airport system is. ” Welcome back” Alvana told me as I walked towards them, ” That wasn’t easy ” I smiled , I sat down with them, Israel and Matt were busy with a paper they were holding, it was a newspaper. ” The Manhunter has really gone far” Israel turned to us showing us a page on the paper, ” Manhunter kills five more” read the headline. ” About to meet his doom” Alvana said, ” What about Daniel?” Matt suddenly asked, ” He could be the Manhunter, we can’t tell who is behind the mask” Israel said as we got up, our flight had been called, our flight to port Harcourt.

The morning was cold, the reason wasn’t far fetched, it had rained the night before. I woke up stretching lazily on the small bed which was meant for me. ” How are you feeling now?” I heard Adanna ask me, she was sitting in front of me, she was actually backing me. “Fine, the m-ssage helped me a lot, all thanks to Ann” I said turning to Ann who was still sleeping. ” And thanks to you also, you saved my life” I told her, ” I did what I needed to do” She said still backing me, ” You are really a super girl” I said and she turned to me smiling, ” You are the super girl, I just admire the way you fight” She smiled. ” If it hadn’t been for you, I would have been more injured than this” I told her, ” Hmm” She sighed without saying a thing, ” You miss him right ” I asked her , she nodded and bursted into tears, ” Yes, I mi..S’s hi..m” she stammered as she cried, I drew closer to her and held her hand. ” Don’t cry, You will surely get to see him again, am very sure of that” I assured her , she cried the more. ” I miss him around, the fight, the play , everything about him, I miss him, you don’t know how it feels not seeing your husband for about a week and some days now, you don’t…” I had to interrupt her as the tears was becoming more, ” I understand Joy, I miss Alvana too but get consoled by the fact that one day you will see him again” I told her, she nodded but never stopped crying. ” Take heart dear, am sure he is fine ” I said drifting into my own thought, What is holding them back? Gabriel, Israel and Alvana, why have they not come to save us? Was it that they had no interest in us? No, If Alana does not love me, what about Gabriel, he loves his wife so much. Oh, maybe sir Ajan is actually working with them on this, that should be the only reason they are slow. ” Hey, Don’t you miss your boyfriend?” I heard Adanna ask Ann, she had finally woken up. ” Of course I do” Ann smiled , ” I miss him but there is nothing I can do about it” Ann said still smiling. I kind of like the kind of Ann personality, she is this kind of strong lady, she knows how to tackle her problem and for no reason allows her problem weigh her down. ” So you mean you won’t cry for him?” Adanna asked Ann again, Ann busted into laughter. ” Why should I cry for him, he is not dead” Ann answered her, ” Morg-na, good morning” Ann greeted turning to me, ” Ann, you slept long” I told her, ” That’s one of the ways to forget your problems ” she told me, I smiled. ” You know you have miss a lot of classes” I told her, ” Bad news, Unilag is on strike” she said, ” Oh, I see, what about when they call off the strike?” I asked her, ” I pray they don’t ” she said . ” Hope you are prepared for your fight today?” She asked me, ” Of course I am, Adanna will come save me if am getting beaten ” I said eyeing Adanna who was smiling, ” Yeah, Adanna to the rescue” Ann laughed, ” You should rather say Joy to the rescue” Adanna corrected, we laughed.
The door to our small room soon opened up, and a tall man, entirely different from the one that would normally come to take us out every morning came in. Though I couldn’t see the face due to the mask he was wearing but I could see the difference. This one was tell while the other one was of Average height, the hands of this one were chocolate(permit me to use that) in complexion, the other guy has fair hands. ” Good morning ladies” he greeted as he sat down beside Adanna, none of us replied him because from the way he carried himself, he should be a wicked person. ” You know, I don’t need the reply” he said. ” Hey, don’t think I am here to take her out to fight” he pointed to me, ” This is not a charity home where we serve you a big table full of food just because you threw one or two punches, for Christ sake, you guys are kidnapped here and shouldn’t be treated like …” Ann interrupted him, ” What are you now driving at?” Ann asked , ” Good question from an idiot” he smiled, ” We want to show you the real meaning of being kidnapped, the torture, the pain and the regret but there is a good news attached to it, the both of you. Ann and Joy are free from this torture as your hands are clean, she is the reason why the both of you are here” He said pointing to me again, ” I don’t get you” I told him , he turned to me. ” Morg-na I hate pretends, you know who you are right?” He asked me, ” Who am I?” I asked him boldly, ” Morg-na, do you want me telling them?” He asked , this time I was terrified but let not the expression display on my face, ” Yes, she use to be an Army and we know that so stop trying to be tough idiot” Adanna said and we bursted into laughter, ” An Army?” The man asked, it was obvious he was smiling, ” Yes, an Army, she saves the world, she is unlike people like you who destroys the world ” Ann put in, ” I don’t understand , you are a man, in the society these days, the women are making it, but look at you, a full grown jobless man, you have nothing to turn to than to kidnap women so that their families can pay ransom or you use them for rituals, reaping where you don’t sow, useless men like you are those who make the world an unbearable place” Adanna told him and he immediately slapped her across her face, I raised my hand to punch him but his voice stopped me, ” Try it and be prepared to get killed” he turned to me, I dropped my hand down immediately and unexpectedly , Adanna gave him a resounding slap from behind, he turned to her swiftly holding his cheeks, it was like Gabriel had been busy teaching this girl how to slap. He raised his hand to slap her again and just then the door flung open, another different man came in. ” You are not meant to beat them” He shunned the wicked guy and ordered him out. ” I think you should learn to control your hand” the new guy turned to Adanna. ” And you, Morg-na, get ready to face the face of pain” he told me, ” Who are you?” Adanna asked him, ” how do you mean who I am?” He asked her back, ” I mean where is the other guy, the kind fair one ” She asked again, ” Oh, you think he is kind? Anyways, he should be in his flight to port Harcourt now”

” There are two things I now know about this Manhunter” Israel said patting me who was in front of him in the plane, I was sitting beside Alvana and Israel beside Matt, Our plane had taken off about some minutes ago. ” What?” Alvana asked him, ” Firstly, he is always in black just like Daniel and secondly he is a Man” Israel said , ” How do you know he is a man?” Matt asked him, ” His name, Manhunter, he is a man that hunts” israel said, ” I don’t think that name man hunter signifies he is a man” I told him, ” Then what does it signifies?” Israel asked me, ” That he hunt men” I told him and Alvana nodded, ” But he had also killed women too” israel ch¡pped in, ” I think its more easy to say Man hunter than say Woman and Man hunter ” Alvana said, I laughed. ” He killed my mom and daughter ” A young man in front of myself and Alvana said turning to us, we immediately kept mute. “Who?” Alvana asked, ” The Manhunter, he killed …” He busted into tears. ” Hey man you shouldn’t do this, we are in public, take heart man” I patted him, ” It was painful” the young guy dried his tears, ” I know, but just take heart man” Alvana consoled. ” What about if the Man hunter is on a revenge mission, if he wasn’t actually a bad person ” Another man who was sitting beside the crying man put in, he is also a young guy. ” That shouldn’t be enough reason for him to start killing the innocent” Alvana said, ” Do you know if his family were innocent before they were killed or his girlfriend, or someone close to him?” The man asked again, ” Why are you trying to justify the Manhunter?” Israel asked him, ” Am not justifying him , I am a philosopher and I try to see the reason and truth behind all things” The man said, ” we should look at what had happened before he became a Manhunter, five years ago, we had no Manhunter here in port Harcourt, why now? That means something might had happened five years ago that would have changed the life of that guy we now call the Manhunter, why was there no Manhunter five years ago but now?” He asked , ” Because sir Jude Ike wasn’t in Nigeria Five years ago , he was in the united states” I whispered to Alvana who simply smiled.

Episode 13
Title: How fast The Good Turn Bad
” You say the manhunter is good ,you think his actions are justified? He killed my innoc ent five years old daughter and my mom, those two are the most innocent people I know, but look at me, he killed two most precious member of my family yet I have no zeal to kill people, I don’t want to shed blood. I don’t think the Manhunter action is in any case justified, its your choice to be wicked ” The young guy who was crying earlier turned to the philosopher, ” That’s right, no evil action is justified ” Israel added, ” I don’t care who the Manhunter was five years ago, all I care about is what the manhunter is now, a man is not justified by what he was rather by what he his, the Manhunter is evil” Alvana faced the philosopher. ” Hey, just giving my own opinion, as a philosopher that I am, I m….” Matt interrupted, ” philosophy belongs to the ancient Greek, take it away from us” Matt said. ” Am sorry for your loss bro” Alvana told the man who had been crying earlier, ” Am Jason” Alvana told him, ” Call me Stan” the man told introduced himself, ” I am Ken Philip” The Philosopher introduced himself, ” Sounds philosophic” I whispered to Alvana, ” Gabriel ” I introduced myself, ” Matt, and my friend israel” Matt introduced himself and israel, ” I didn’t ask you to introduce me” Israel said, ” Anyways,am Israel, the only man that ha…” I interrupted him, ” He is simply Israel” I told them and we all busted into laughter. ” So what is your aim in port Harcourt? ” Alvana asked the philosopher, ” To get the truth of all these happenings ” the man answered, ” I dont get you” I told him, ” Like, meet the Manhunter and get to the roots of why he is doing all this ” The nan answered, ” You won’t do that, you are as good as dead” Israel said,” Who talks to the Manhunter?” I asked, ” Man, dont try that, save your life, your family needs you” I told him, ” that’s why am a philosopher, take the risk for the people just to get the truth” The man said, ” I bet you, you won’t want to take the risk for the people again when his gun is pointed directly to your head” Matt said, ” There is no harm in trying” The man said, ” That was an old saying” I ch¡pped in . ” Man, don’t do that, the fact that you are a philosopher is not an excuse to be stupid ” Israel told him, I tried not to laugh. ” What about you guys, wh….” I interrupted Stan, ” Business mission, we are researchers” i told him, ” Wow, I love researchers, what institute do you guys work for?” Stan asked, ” Federal institute for industrial research” Alvana ch¡pped in immediately. ” woww, nice meeting you guys ” Stan said smiling, ” Please fasten your seatbelt, we land in five minutes” Came a voice, I don’t know and don’t care to know wherever it had come from. ” Wooow, thank God for a successful flight” Alvana said, ” Yes, welcome to Port Harcourt guys” I said, “:Gabriel, I dont think you should be welcoming us” Israel said, ” why?” I asked him, ” Because the last time I checked, this is just your first time in port Harcourt ” he said and the rest busted into laughter, is he meant to always disgrace people?.
The plane at last started descending and shout of joy could now be heard from passengers until the plane landed, the first thing I noticed was the big sign board just opposite the side of the plane where I was, ” Welcome To port Harcourt” it read, ” Let’s get the Manhunter” I murmured as I stood up from my chair, ” Joy, I hope you are fine”I said to myself again as my mind drifted to my wife.

I was just about going out of my office that morning when someone barged into it, it was Christiana. ” Christiana , you know, I tried all my best to impact good morals in you for the six years you spent here but all to no avail. What happens to the part that say, ” Knock before you enter?” I asked her as she stood in front of me with arms akimbo, ” Am sorry sir Ajan but Sir I have a complain ” she said, ” I don’t w….” She interrupted me, ” Sir for six years, have been here as a loyal student, I tried my best to do everything right and then I made a mistake just because I fell in love, I knew it was a mistake but my mistake wasn’t targeted to Newriton, it was just to make Gabriel love me, I knew I was wrong but sir Ajan I am very sorry for it. I have come here many times, times without number to apologize and even gone to beg Gabriel on my own, but what do I get in return? You sent a beginner spy to follow me, Sir Ajan you could have made it more memorable by at least sending someone with experience, am I that cheap that you sent a girl just under a year of training?” She asked me, ” Sir Ajan, please, what can I do to get my trust back? I was wrong and now I feel guilty, I am ready to make up for my mistakes, please sir Ajan trust me , I am sorry” She knelt down. ” What else do you want Christy? We have called you back, we trust you” I told her, ” If you trust me, you wouldn’t send someone to watch my movement , my day in day out…” I had to interrupt her here as tears started streaming down her cheeks, she was one of my good students but as a board member of Newriton, I can’t afford to take any risk. ” Get up and sit down” I told her and she sat drying her tears, ” Christiana, I trust in you , but as you know, just like you guys, am just an ordinary employee in Newriton, I can’t afford to take risk” I told her, ” So I had to watch you” I concluded . ” Sir Ajan, what evidence do you need? Test me, do anything, I am changed” She told me. ” How were you able to get Tonia to be a spy?” I suddenly asked her, ” Those guys, the guys you sent that day to fight her at the airport, they were the same guys you sent to fight me six years ago when you sent me to spy on Jide who was just called back from suspension” she answered, ” I remember their faces and when I saw them fighting with the girl, I knew the girl was to spy on me and I decided to help her just like Jide also helped me that day ” She explained. One quality Christiana has that only few of my spies had was memory, she has the ability to remember things far back, she believes that the best way to acquire knowledge is memory. ” My bad, I shouldn’t have sent those same two” I told her, ” Please sir Ajan, trust me this once” she begged. ” Get up, you are forgiven ” I said standing up, ” Sir” she said with a smile, ” Welcome back” I told her again as she jumped on me , ” That’s an offence o” I said , ” Am sorry sir, I am just over whelmed ” she answered , ” Go and prepare, there might be a mission soon” i smiled and she smiled back, ” Now run away” I told her as she bounced out of my office.

“Hmm, home sweet home” Gabriel said lying down on the big comfortable big of the hotel we decided to lodge in, ” This isn’t home Gabriel” I corrected him, why is he always missaying things? Maybe it’s common to married men. ” Anywhere you stay is home” He tried to counter, ” We didn’t come here to argue about if we are at home or not, how do we start?” Alvana asked, ” Van,at least we gat to rest” I told him, “If you don’t need your Ann back, I need my mom back” Matt said opening his briefcase and bringing out his secret laptop, ” Matt, we need to calm down, your mom is fine ” Gabriel told him, ” Abeg, man gat to rest” I told them as I laid down on the big bed with Gabriel, ” Wow, comfortable” I yawned and turned to face Gabriel, ” Adanna is fine ” I told him, ” Fool, I wasn’t thinking of her” he answered, ” I don’t know why you pretend you don’t love your wife, be proud of her bro” I told him, he only hissed, ” You noticed it shey?” Alvana asked me, ” Even me too” Matt added, ” See, I love my wife and ….” I interrupted him, ” Am hungry ” I yawned as I stood up to make use of the bathroom.

” Am hungry” Ann yawned, it was around 2:oopm in the afternoon and we have had nothing since morning, ” I wonder why they have not come to take us out today. ” Not only you” Adanna added stretching herself on the bed, ” Let’s just be patient, they might soon come to take us out” I consoled, ” I don’t think so, they will only take us out to torture you, that guy said so” Adanna reminded, ” Let’s just hope…” Ann was saying but the sound of the door interrupted her, about five guys came in. ” Morg-na, am sure you won’t like this ” One of the guys said as he drew me up and so also Ann and Adanna, they took us out not to the fighting ground this time but to another room, small in size but large enough to contain us all, it is being illuminated by a small window which hung up the room. ” Tie their hands and leg” one of them ordered and the order was immediately executed. ” Morg-na, am sorry what am gonna turn this your pretty face into” One of them , the one who Adanna had slap in the morning said to me and immediately death me a punch on my face, the punch pushed me down. “Bring her up” he ordered his boys and the order was once again immediately executed. He held tight my throat this time, he was strangling me and I was fighting for my breath, I remembered the last time I was tortured, that was when sir Jude Ike captured me. But now, I think the torture will be worst, funny enough, I don’t even know who has captured me this time around. ” Do you want to kill her?” Adanna asked with an over raised tone, ” Yes dear, she deserves to die ” the Man answered her and gave me a punch to my face again, I could now feel the taste of my own blood. ” Beat her” he ordered his boys and they came towards me , they dragged me up and threw me heavily to the hærd ground, ” At least, let me know why i am tortured , please” I begged , ” Of course you will know” One of them said as he dealt me a kick on my face, I fell down again but was soon up again. ” Please, let her go” I heard Ann beg as one of them carried me up to hit me on the ground and just then the door opened. ” Welcome boss” They greeted and the guy dropped me to the ground, ” We tortured her” One of the guys told him as I rolled myself on the ground gro-ning in pain and unable to open my eyes, ” Adanna, you look more beautiful than the last time I saw you” I heard the man say to Adanna, ” We haven’t met before ” I heard Adanna’s loud voice, ” What a short memory thou has” The man said, his voice was now becoming more clear and It was a voice I have heard times without number, ” Ann, you dont know me but I know you” he told Ann as I turned toward where the voice was coming from and opened my eyes, he was backing me but I was able to deduce who he was by the walking stick he was holding , ” Sir Ajan” I called out more like a whisper as he turned slowly to me, ” Wow, Morg-na ,hmm my walking stick gave me out” he smiled staring at his walking stick, ” Sir Ajan” I called out in a weak voice as I opened my eyes wide trying hærd to believe it was him, ” I know what you are thinking, how fast the good turn bad” was the last thing I heard him say , I passed out.

Episode 14

” Please, at least tell me what I have done, you can’t just be keeping me here without telling me anything” Matt’s Mother said staring directly at the masked man, he has always been with her and had not for once been rude towards her. They treat her fine with the food and the rest but she needed where freedom back, she needed to see her husband . ” 57″ the masked man simply said as he turned his attention to the window on the left side of the well illuminated room. ” What is 57?” Ngozi asked him, ” This is the 57th times you are asking me what you have done” he explained, ” Have told you, you did nothing wrong, someone has to pay for the sins of thy son” he told her, ” What did my son do?” The old woman , Ngozi asked, ” Your son, your son is what you dont know ” The guy told her, ” Tell me about my son, my son is a good guy, he has been good, he is a bank manager and am proud of him, my son is a good man” Ngozi told him almost in tears , ” Dont cry, we won’t hurt you much, take that from me” the guy stood up as the door opened and two other masked men came in, ” Its time” One of them said to the first masked man as he lifted Ngozi up, ” Where is he taking me to?” Ngozi asked with a raised tone, ” Goodbye ma, after today, you won’t see me again” The masked guy said and backed her, the other two guys led her outside. ” Let’s see how Matt react to this” The masked said as he pulled off his Mask, he was smiling.

” wake up” I shook Morg-na cheeks vigorously, ” please dont die ” Ann added. I turned to the old man with a walking stick, ” You are evil” I told him even though I didn’t know the relationsh¡p he got with Morg-na. ” Joy” I heard Morg-na’s voice as I also felt her hand caught my hand, ” Morg-na” I called her , ” He is evil” she told me exposing her bloody teeth, ” I know ” I said as I cuddled her. ” Raise her up” the evil man ordered his boys who had been patiently waiting for her to regain consciousness, they dragged her roughly from me and held her to her feet. ” Morg-na, Morg-na, Morg-na” he called her name three times, ” I know how surprised you are, knowing the glorious sir Ajan is your tormentor, hmmm, how things change” he laughed, ” Am not surprised, just wondering how a low life like you just want yourself dead, I know you know the kind of guys they are, Alvana and the rest” Morg-na laughed, what a brave girl she is. ” You know sometimes dear, you make me laugh, those fools are as well taken care of, My MANHUNTER will get them soon, I have personally delivered them into the hands of the killed himself” He laughed again, this time no alone, his boys laughed with him. ” You know the manhunter isn’t enough to hold down only Matt not to talk of all of them” Morg-na laughed again, ” Not when I have them delivered into his hands, shock is the greatest element of defeat, they will join you soon enough in the b—m of the father” The man said, ” But why are…” Morg-na was saying when the man interrupted her, ” Why am I doing this? Nothing, just feel like doing this, or should I say the money I get from Newriton is now too insufficient for me, so I think I will make more if I sell your heads to sir Jude Ike himself, I trust my first pay might be able to buy the wh0le of Newriton” he laughed, ” Anyways, am happy to know that at the end, you will get to face a painful death” Morg-na smiled, at this point, none of their conversations was making sense to me, I was confused but I tried to get every details of what they were saying, ” What about if I start off by killing her?” Sir Ajan asked pointing to Ann, ” Take her away” Sir Ajan ordered one of his boys and immediately, two of them held Ann roughly on her hand, ” please!!! , I did nothing, Morg-na…” She shouted as they dragged her away, I could see tears now stream down Morg-na cheeks. ” Please” Morg-na murmured, ” Did you just beg? That’s unusual of the great Morg-na” He laughed, ” You will regret this” Morg-na said in anger as she tried to free herself from the grip of the guys holding her but she couldn’t. ” That’s more like you” The wicked man laughed, ” You want to know why am still keeping her?” Sir Ajan asked pointing to me, ” I want her to be responsible for the death of her husband” I heard him say.

” who do you guys suspect?” I asked my colleagues that evening as we sat in our hotel room , ” Daniel” Israel answered, ” Yes Daniel, all this started after he escaped” Matt added, ” I just dont understand the security system of Newriton again, the person that would have opened up the prison for them is someone from the in,side” Alvana said , ” Yeah, someone from the in,side” I added, ” And the board is doing nothing to to get that person, rather they concentrate all on Daniel on sir Jude” He continued, ” This little things helps in unravelling big mysteries”Alvana continued, ” Wait, remember there are cameras scattered around the prison yard” Israel said, ” the person that actually did that surely knows there are cameras scattered around the prison yard” Alvana smiled, ” Hmmm, but why is Sir Ajan doing nothing on this?” Matt asked, ” He isn’t trying to fish out thou” He added, ” maybe sir Ajan knows who and is trying to protect who or Sir Ajan is who” Israel said, ” Dont think it might be Sir Ajan , why should you even think so” Israel asked taping Israel’s back head, ” We base all we do on assumptions ” Israel said with a smile, ” Okay then Israel thinks Sir Ajan released the prisoners and we know Israel is not wrong until its proven” Alvana smiled, ” So Israel , first if all….” Alvana was saying when Israel interrupted him, ” I was just joking ” he said and we bursted into laughter. “Foolish boy” Alvana said and tapped his back head again.
” Is like this boy is a bully o” Israel whispered to me.


Not ever in my widest imagination, I never saw sir Ajan behind all this, I never pictured sir Ajan as the person he is now. It is usually said that it takes only seconds for the good to turn bad, I always discarded as false. He who becomes bad has always wanted to be bad but maybe the situation he finds himself did not present the chance. ” So, Adanna” Sir Ajan said running his hands across the face fresh cheeks of Gabriel’s wife, she was tied to a chair and one of his evil guards held a knife to her neck. Suddenly the two guys who had went out to kill Ann barged into the room with blood stains on their shirts, ” We killed her boss” the first one said as he dropped the torn cloth of Ann he was holding, ” How did you kill her?” Sir Ajan asked, ” Of course Sir Ajan, by raping” the guy said, Ajan smiled.

Episode 15
Title: Betrayal
” You are evil!!!” I shouted as I attempted to get myself free from the grip of the guys holding me, but all to no avail, they eventually toed me to a rope and suspended me on the air with my both hands.
” Remember, I still gat the knife on her neck” He said rubbing the sharp edge of the knife on Adanna’s cheeks, I could see Adanna holding her breath to prevent herself from being cut by the knife. ” Please, dont hurt her, you know Gabi…” I was saying when he shut me down, ” what the hell can Gabriel do?Gabi, Gabi, Gabi, Gabi. We trained Gabi, Gabi was a weak timid village guy when he came about seven years ago and deep down, I know he is still weak” He said in anger, Sir Ajan said in anger. ” please!!!” I begged as he lifted Adanna’s head up and got ready to spit it open, ” You know what, I don’t want to just kill you instantly, I will rather prefer to kill two birds with a single stone” he said bringing out a small cell phone from the pocket of his trouser, ” I think we should get the guys first” he continued bending down face to face with Adanna, ” Just do this for me and I might just want to free you” sir Ajan said, ” What?” Adanna asked in a fearful voice, ” Good girl, I just want you to speak to your husband and tell him how Sir Ajan is responsible for their misfortune, tell them how I killed Ann and how Morg-na will soon be dead by raping” he said, ” Them, who?” Adanna asked him, ” I don’t permit questions, its obvious you dont actually know who your husband is, you got married to a man you dont know” Sir Ajan told her, ” Adanna, Gabriel is a good guy, he is a good man” I shouted , ” Cover up her mouth” Sir Ajan ordered one of his guys, he willingly did that. ” Now will you do what am asking you to?” Sir Ajan asked Adanna who was looking confuse and helpless at the same time, ” I don’t actually get the picture here, I dont know w….” Sir Ajan interrupted Adanna, ” n*k*d her” he ordered his boys , he was actually pointing at me. I couldn’t protest, even if I wanted to, what would I have done? The next minute, I was unclad just like the way I was when I was given birth to. ” Look at my able boys, already prepared to rape her” Sir Ajan smiled to Adanna, ” Will you do what I ask you or do you what her raped?” Sir Ajan asked her, ” No, no , I will call , please dont touch her” Adanna shivered as she stretched her trampling hands to collect the handset which sir Ajan stretched to her, ” Of course you should recognize that’s your husband number ” Sir Ajan told her, she nodded. ” Call it” he told her and she immediately dialed the number, oh poor Adanna. ” Hello” The speaker of the phone soon echoed the thick smooth voice of Gabriel, ” Ga..bbii” Adanna l-ips trempled, ” Joy, is that you?” Gabi voice was loud this time around ” No time for familiarities, go straight to the point” Sir Ajan whispered to her, ” Gabriel I am being kept hostage here by one sir Ajan, he is right here with I and Morg-na, he asked me to call you and tell you this, he has killed Ann, am sure you know her, and he said he will soon take care of I and Morg-na…. he killed Ann by raping..” Adanna broke down into tears, ” Adanna , I dont get you” Gabriel said, Sir Ajan collected the handset from Adanna, ” What don’t you get?” Sir Ajan asked him, ” Tell Israel that his girlfriend was sweet, she couldn’t endure five of my boys, she died, I hope you girl is also that good, she is next, and for Alvana tell him Morg-na pictures will soon be sent to him, help me beg matt to check his email account, I think his dead mom picture should be there now, Yes it’s me Ajan, I have them” Sir Ajan said and ended the call, Adanna fell to the ground and broke into tears, ” This is sweet” Sir Ajan smiled as tears flowed freely from my eyes.He picked the phone and dialed another number, ” its time boy, they should be disorg-nized by now” he said and dropped the phone.

“Hello” Gabriel said as he picked up his phone, we were mapping out some little strategies on how to get the Manhunter but there seem to be no go ahead. ” Adanna is that you?” Was the next thing we heard and we immediately turned our attention to him as we all sprang up , the next thing we could see was the expression of shock on Gabi’s face, something terrible might have happened. ” Adanna, I don’t get you ” his voice was weak this time and he soon dropped the call looking helpless and weak, ” What is it?” I asked him, ” Sir Ajan have them” he murmured, ” have who?” I asked him, ” Our girls, Matt, he said he killed your mom” Gabriel added and we immediately busted Into laughter, ” Failed, you didn’t get me” Matt laughed, “Check your mail” Gabriel said as he sat on the ground helpless, ” Israel, he killed Ann” Gabi continued, ” He said he will soon kill Adanna and Morg-na” Gabriel busted into tears this time, ” No!!!!!” Matt shouted as he stared intensely at his phone, I dragged it from him and it was the picture of a woman, probabaly his mother lying on the ground with blood stains all over her body, ” Let me see” Israel stretched his head and glanced at the picture, ” Matt!!” Gabriel shouted as we turned our attention towards him, Matt was on the ground unconscious, “This isn’t happening” I murmured as I could feel tears flow freely from my cheeks, ” You mean…..” Israel was saying but his tears choked him and he sat down on the floor helplessly. I thought I heard something and I turned towards the door, it was like someone was unlocking it from outside, it soon came open and three men covered with black from head to toe came in, ” I heard you came looking for me, the MANHUNTER” The guy standing at the middle said, ” Is that matt on the floor?’ He asked, ” Man…h..unter” I stammered, “please, just kill us” Gabriel said , he was still bending beside matt, israel I dont think was with us as he seem to be looking far away murmuring ” Ann, ann, I love her” all through. ” Now for the most shocking ” The manhunter said as he pulled off his mask, ” Stan” Gabriel murmured as he stared at the guy we had met on the plane.


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