Act Of Faith 2

Act Of Faith 2 – Last Batch

Episode 38
Title: Reincarnation
Knives, guns, bows and arrows, sword we all took as we prepared for the last battle with Sir Jude. ” As much as I hate to say this, let’s pray” Alvana said as we all gathered outside by the fallen mark of Newriton, ” Whoa, I can’t remember the last time I prayed” Matt smiled, ” God, we thank you for keeping us alive till today, we know you have kept us alive for a purpose, which is to defeat Sir Jude. God grant us victory against them this night , father, I have asked this with faith, father lord, grant us Victory in Jesus name” Alvana prayed, ” Amen” we all chorused. ” Okay guys, I believe in you all, I want his skull tomorrow ” Sir Ajan said to us, ” Gwen will track them down and will connect them to your cars, bikes and whatsoever you are going with, with that, you can keep track of them” Sir Ajan continued, we all nodded. I was now wearing a black cloth, the normal Newriton uniform, a gun was hanging by my shoulder, my jacket was also embedded with knives and I had a small pistol by my wa-ist side. ” Hello honey” I called my wife, ” Yes, Gabi, how is it, have you guys defeated them?” She asked me, ” No, but we are about to”I told her, ” Adanna, always know that I love you” I said to her , ” Why are you saying that, you are not going to die” She told me, ” If I do, know I love you dear ” I said, ” Gabi, don’t leave me again” She said, ” I don’t want to” I said and put an end to the call. ” Gabriel, we move together” Alvana said to me as he hopped on a bike, I hopped on another bike and we both Zoomed off out of the Jungle, Darlington and Tonia were together in a car, Morg-na was with Matt also in a car, we had about three helicopters following us, they were additional fighters from Newriton. The moment my bike left the jungle, the small screen on it came on, it was to be used to track them. It brought into view a red and a green dot, the red dot was where Sir Jude and his boys were while the green dot happen to be me. ” You guys are now connected to them” Came Gwen’s voice, ” Thanks Gwen” Matt voice came through the earpiece, I smiled. ” Guys, what do you wish to do if today is your last day on earth ?” Alvana asked via the earpiece, he was trying to make fun, ” I wish I can blow Christiana’s face for betraying us” Came Morg-na’s reply, ” I wish I can k-ss my wife again” I shouted and they all laughed, ” I wish I will just be with you guys forever” Darlington said, ” As for me, I wish I see my wife Morg-na again” Alvana said laughing, ” We will sure see again Honey” Morg-na answered, we all laughed again, ” Now, for me, I wish I can get the chance to tell Gwen I love her” Matt said and like as if we were being controlled to do so, we all kept shut. ” Whoa, then please don’t die, I will love to hear you say that to me after today” Came Gwen voice, ” Whoa, this is so rom-ntic” I laughed, ” Alvana, can you hear this?” Morg-na asked and we all laughed, ” I don’t get you guys, are you guys not meant to be on a mission? ” came Sir Ajan’s voice, we all laughed, he laughed also, it was a touching moment.
” Advancing towards the bridge” Gwen said to us, ” They are also coming towards the bridge” She added as I looked into my tracker, they were coming towards us. ” Alvana and Gabriel should take the other side, attack them from behind” Sir Ajan said and I immediately changed the direction of my bike so also did Alvana, ” From what we can see here, Sir Jude’s car is the one behind, he is well protected with his boys, be careful” Came Sir Ajan’s voice again, ” Yes boss” Alvana said, ” Yes Sir Ajan” I said. I and Alvana were on the same lane, we had increased the velocity of our bikes and we could soon see the back light of a fast moving car, ” That should be him” I said ” Yes Gabi, that’s him” Gwen answered. ” Gabriel, I go right, take them from the left side ” Alvana shouted to me as we both interchanged our lane, I was Soon on the left side of the road . I released my hand from the bike but it was still moving, I took the gun which was already hanging on my shoulders and aim at one of the tyres, my bullet didn’t miss its target as the car suddenly came to an halt.” Sweet ” I said to myself as I drove faster towards the car.

As Narrated By Tonia
I was with the jungle man Darlington, we were In a car and was heading to the battle field. I looked through the tracker and I could see the red dot approaching the green one, they were coming closer to us. ” Are you very good at using the gun?”I asked him, ” No am not an expert yet, but I can use it to an extent” He answered smiling, I nodded, I also smiled. ” So you mean you stayed in the jungle all your life?” I asked him trying to strike up a friendly conversation, ” Yeah, all my life” He answered looking out through the window, am sure he was shy of me, maybe not me but women in general. ” So how have you been living in the Jungle? ” i asked again, ” Just as you guys have been living in the city, comfortably ” He answered, I smiled at his answer. ” Are you scared of me?” I summoned up courage and asked him, ” No am not” He said trying to look towards my direction. ” Watch Out Tonia” Came Gwen’s voice from the micro earpiece, it was too late, a truck was advancing towards and there was nothing I could possibly do, we were going to die. Surprisingly, Darlington left his side of the car and took over the sterling, he was resting on me. He swiftly changed the gear and like a flash reversed the car backwards. The truck which was met to hit us missed us and went down into the sea. ” Thank you” I said breathing fast, ” Thank you” I said again, “But you live in the jungle, how can you ride a car?” I asked still breathing hærd, ” Tonia, you talk too much ” I heard the voice, the words were spoken by Darlington but the voice was not that of Darlington, it was that of the late Israel, Israel was speaking through him.

” Israel” I called out as I heard his voice from Darlington, ” Who is Israel?” He asked me, his voice was now back to normal. ” I thought I heard Israel’s voice, how did you do that, you never rode a car before” I told him, ” I don’t know how, I just did it” He said looking at his hands. ” Okay, enough of the familiarities, that truck contained about 50 of sir Jude boys ” Gwen’s voice came again via the earpiece. ” Wow, its show time” I said as I released the steering and popped my head through the window shooting randomly at any of their cars in sight. Darlington joined in the shooting some minutes later.

As the two small cars in front of Sir Jude’s noticed his car had stopped, they also stopped and reversed to where his car was, I was still coming towards them on high speed. I c*cked my shoulder gun and continued to shoot at their cars randomly as I got closer to them . I got a bit close to them and stopped my bike, but I didn’t stop my shooting. Alvana also arrived and joined in the shooting. After about 10 minutes of shooting at sir Jude’s car it looked like the car was going to catch fire as it started to bring out flames. ” Alvana, move backwards” I told him as I moved my bike backwards. ” Keep your eyes on the car” Sir Ajan said to us, I nodded as I held my gun in position ready to shoot any being that gets off the car.
The smoke was now becoming thick, I couldn’t see clearly what was happening again, the smoke reduced my visibility. Like shadows, I saw the door to Sir Jude’s car open and he was being led out by two guys, I didn’t relax as I immediately started to fire at them so also did Alvana. ” S–t, they are escaping” I cursed as I hopped off my bike and ran towards their direction, into the thick smoke. ” Gabriel, careful” I heard Alvana’s voice via the earpiece, he was obviously keeping guard.

I knew the fight had started when I began to hear gunshots from different directions, I took my pistol and stared at Matt who was on the steering. ” What do you think we should do?” I asked him, ” Wait till….” He was saying when all of a sudden one of their cars zoomed pass us. ” I think we should chase that car” he said and turned his car back to the direction we were coming from, ” I think so too” I said as he hit the accelerator and zoomed after the car. Matt is always good on the wheels, as a matter of fact, he is the best driver Newriton has. Soon we seem to be closing up on the car, I think the inhabitants of the car saw this and started shooting at us, Matt tried dodging them as he moved in a zig zag manner. ” I got this” I said to him as I opened down the door to my side of the car, popped my head outside and started shooting back, they also didn’t cease as they continued to shoot at us. ” What next Matt?” I shouted to him, ” Nothing, just continue shooting ” he shouted back, ” I think you should join me in this” I told him, ” Coming” he said as I continued with my shooting. He soon released the steering and opened the door to his own side of the door, the car was still moving. He brought out his fighting pistol and also started shooting at the car that was now about to hit a building, ” They are going to bub into the building” I told him, ” I think that is a fastest way for them to die” he laughed as he continued to shoot at them. As the car got some metres close to the building, the two inhabitants of it swiftly jumped out of it and allowed the car crash into the building, I saw them run into the building. ” Let’s go” Matt told me as he also stopped our car and we also ran towards the building, I looked up the building as we got closer to it, it was a church. ” Forgive us for destroying your house o lord” I prayed as I ran into the building alongside Matt.

Gabriel has gone into the smoke leaving I alone , I could see some fallen boys belonging to Sir Jude, they had been shot down. I sat on my bike thinking of what next to do when I suddenly saw a car approaching me on high speed, it was coming to hit me. ” Fools ” I smiled as I c*cked my gun and shot on one of the tyres, the car lost control and tumbled towards my direction, I swiftly dived out of position as the car crashed to the ground. ” That’s what you get when you mess with Newriton ” I smiled as I walked slowly towards the car, I didn’t get there before a man in all black managed to open the back door and staggered out. “Hey, you, who are you?” I asked him, ” Have you heard of Charles, the Manhunter? ” he asked back, ” Whoa, it my pleasure meeting you sir” I laughed, he was on a mask. ” I advise you back off now Alvana” he told me, ” I don’t know why I think your voice sounds a bit familiar” I said smiling, ” That’s because we have met before” he said and pulled off his mask. I moved a bit closer to him to enable me see his face clearly, I recognized him at once, he was the philosopher guy we met on the plane during our fake mission to port Harcourt, the one who tried defending the Manhunter. ” Guess what bro, Alvana is not surprised” I said as I ran towards him, he also came towards me. He brought the first punch which I weaved by simply moving back a little, he tried giving a back leg kick but I caught his leg in the air. I took advantage of that and gave him two strong kicks on his chest, he staggered backwards . I didn’t allow him gain himself before I rushed towards him and gave him a spear, we both fell on the crashed car, he landed more heavily. At this point, he was now weak to get up, I carried him up high and hit him on the car again. I took him up once more and dished several punches to his face, he was now bleeding badly. ” You can only kill innocent people, you can’t fight a fighter like you” I said holding his neck with my hand, ” This is for the souls you have taken” I said and turned his neck thus breaking it, he died. I killed the THE MAN HUNTER.

Final Episode
Title: Newriton Liveth
I ran after the guys who tried protecting Sir Jude, one was in front, he was the one guiding sir Jude while the other guy was at the back. I ran with all the speed I could mutter but when I saw that they were a bit farther from me, I brought out my working pistol and shot the guy behind, he fell down dead instantly. I tried shooting the other one too but my gun only clicked, my bullets were finished. I increased my pace and continued to run after the guy until we came to the dead end of the bridge where he stopped and swiftly turned to face me, alias, it was Daniel. He dropped Sir Jude Ike at a corner and faced me, ” Dan, so we meet again ” I laughed dropping my d–n guns, ” I think now, we meet to part no more” he said running towards me, I quickly threw two knives at him, he weaved one but the other caught his arm. He stopped a bit and stared at his bleeding hand, ” Sorry about that bro, come to think of this, why do we always meet in a clash of the titans?” I asked him, ” And why do I always beat you on every clash?” He asked back, ” So that I will beat you in the end, today is the last clash, like all movies, the actor gets to win at the end” I laughed, ” Gabi, this isn’t a movie” he said as he advanced towards me, I also went to meet him. I threw the first punch, he bent down swiftly and I immediately did a back flip so that he won’t hit me, ” Wise move” he laughed as he came towards me, this time he threw a kick which I weaved my bending down, he also did a back flip like I did so that I won’t hit him, but unlike him, I did a forward roll and caught up with him. He was taken by surprise seeing me standing before him, I immediately gave him a punch to his mouth. He staggered back a bit and also threw a punch, I caught his hand on the air, and with my elbow, I hit it hærd. I twisted the hand but before I could do anything, he gave me a drop kick. I staggered backward a bit and stared at him as he held his hand in pain, ” I told you this will be the last clash” I laughed as I moved towards him again, we were now moving in circles. I did a quick roll forward taking him unaware and delivered an uppercut to him, his mouth splashed out blood immediately. He staggered back weakly and threw a weak kick at me, the kick pushed me back a little. I regained my balance and walked towards him who was still staggering, I threw a punch to his face but he swiftly bent down and lifted me up, like a flash I was on the ground. He didnt stop there as he immediately started to hit me with his legs, from my face to my leg. I gro-ned in pain on the ground as he hit me, ” Gabi, I told you this isn’t a movie, don’t worry, I will send your wife to you after you are gone” he said to me. Those words pierced me, and all that had happened to me in the last two years immediately flashed back, all my strength came back. He tried kicking me again and I caught his leg, I brought out a knife from my jacket and stuck it into his leg, he shouted in pain. I did a Chinese get up and stood face to face with him, I gave a flying back kick and he fell to the ground unable to get up, I went towards him and rose him up, I stared at me and he also stared at me, ” Now, its like a movie” I said to him laughing. ” Gabriel, drop him or I shoot you” I heard from behind , I held tight to Daniel’s neck and turned slowly to who so ever it was, it was old Man Sir Jude. ” Am sure you don’t wanna shot the gun” I said to him, ” Don’t dare me, drop him” he shouted c*cking the gun and then there was the sound of gunshot, he wasn’t the one who shot rather he was shot. I looked at the direction the bullet had come from, I saw Darlington and Tonia walking towards him, he had been shot on his leg. ” Whoa, I trust you guys will come” I laughed and I held Daniel and cuffed his hand, ” We have killed all their upcoming fighters” Tonia told me holding Darlington’s hand, ” Hmm, I hail o” I laughed as one of our helicopters dropped down and took Daniel and Sir Jude away. ” Come guys, let’s go meet the rest” I said hugging them.

I and Morg-na ran into the church, ” There they are” I pointed at two shadows climbing the stairs, from the look of things, one was a girl and the other a guy. They parted with one going left and the other, right. ” Go after the girl” I told Morg-na as I ran towards the guy who had entered a room, I barged the door to the room open and from nowhere, a flying kick met me, I fell heavily to the ground. ” I should have killed you that night” the guy told me, I opened my eyes and saw who it was, it was the cloned Gabriel. I did a Chinese her up and regained my balance, ” You killed my friend” I pointed at him, ” And I will kill you too” He told me laughing, ” I promised him I will avenge his death” I said, ” Promises are made to be broken” He laughed as he did a quick forward roll towards me and gave me an unexpected uppercut. I jumped and landed on the ground again, his hits were strong.. I opened my eyes as I heard his footsteps approaching, I quickly calculated the direction he was coming from and immediately swept him off his feet, he fell to the ground and got up almost immediately. I threw a punch at him, the punch hit his face but he stood like he felt nothing, I threw another punch but this time, he caught my hand in the air. He lifted me off the ground and threw me heavily on the wall, I fell down in pain with no hope of getting up. He lifted me up again and threw me once more on the wall, with the second hit, I knew my death was near. I could sense him walking slowly towards me, I tried moving but couldn’t, he bent by me and held my neck tight, he began to strangle me. I fought for breath but got none, then my eyes started to close slowly. At a point, I couldn’t feel myself anymore, I opened my eyes but saw nothing, everywhere was white. ” Matt, get up and fight, he murdered me” I heard Israel’s voice, I looked round and I could see him he was all dressed like he also came to fight, all I saw was in a trance not real. I opened my eyes immediately in anger to see the cloned Gabriel still strangling me, ” Matt, remember you love me” I heard Gwen’s voice from the earpiece. I was suddenly filled with Strength and I held his hand which was holding my neck, he looked at me in surprise and I disengaged his hand from my neck, he couldn’t believe it. I gave him a kick and he fell, I immediately got up. He also got up and rushed towards me , I quickly threw three knives at him. Two caught him by his stomach side and his speed reduced, taking advantage of that, I ran towards him and gave him a flying kick, he fell heavily to the ground. I walked to him and lifted him up, ” This is for my best Friend” I cried as I brought out a knife from my jacket and stuck it in his neck, he fell down dead.

The girl I ran after was Christiana, I had pursued her out of the church and we were now on the bridge which has water underneath it. I smiled as I ran after her, Christiana wasn’t a good student during training days, I beat her a lot of times. I was gradually catching up with her and to save my strength, I jumped and pushed her, she fell to the ground. She got up and faced me but I immediately gave her a back leg kick, she fell again and staggered up. I moved towards her and hit her forehead with my head. ” You are a betrayal” I told her as I blessed her face with punches, ” Am happy I made you guys miserable” She laughed, ” Anyways, today, we are making you miserable ” I said as I gave her a double leg kick, she fell as staggered to the edge of the bridge. I didn’t stop there as I still walked towards her, ” Wait Morg-na” she laughed while I stopped, ” I can’t allow you kill me , I rather kill myself” she said and immediately did a back flip over the edge of the bridge, I ran towards the edge as she fell, I got there only to hear the splash of the water. I immediately brought out my working pistol and shot randomly into the water , ” No one can survive in such big sea” Sir Ajan voiced echoed in my ear. I heard footsteps approaching, I turned back and it was Matt, ” I killed the cloned Gabriel” He told me ad I hugged him, from a distant, we could also see some people running towards us, on a closer observation, it was Gabi, Darlington, Tonia and Alvana. ” Wooooow, we did it” Gwen shouted via the earpiece as we jumped on each other in joy.

So that is it, at long last, faith kept us. Sir Jude and Daniel were killed through firing squad, we got to know from Daniel that it was Christiana who had released him from prison, she did so when she came to face the boards for what she did. Darlington was given the mark of Newriton and from the way things went, I think Tonia is in love with him ( I hate gossips o) .
We all stood on the big field of Newriton, my wife was even with me , everyone were with their partners except Matt and Gwen, they had no partners, sorry, Sir Ajan also had no partner but he was also with us as we ate and drank happily, ” Okay guys, I have something to say” Matt said getting up. ” The floor is all yours man” Alvana shouted, Alvana was looking good, so also was his wife, but my wife was the best. ” Today, everyone of us have come with our partners to celebrate, I am jealous and will also like to have mine, please guys, help me beg Gwen and tell her that I love her, you know have not done this before, please guys help your guy ” Matt said, we all laughed and almost immediately, I, Darlington, and Alvana postrated in front of Gwen while the women, Tonia, Morg-na and my wife knelt down, ” Please ma, accept him” We begged while Gwen blushed and ran into Matt welcoming arms, ” I love you” She shouted, ” I love you too” Matt laughed, Still on my position I turned to my wife, ” I love you Joy” I whispered, ” Jealousy, anyways I love you too” She said pecking me, ” Please help me ask that idiotic Matt if we should get up from the floor” I told Adanna, we were still prostrating, she busted into laughter as she hugged me, Sir Ajan smiled on seeing us, our eyes met and he eyed me, I smiled.
We were also able to get Ann, that was an easy thing for us to do, she has no strength, she is just an ordinary girl. Please, help me preach to any criminal out there that one day, the league of six, Alvana, Gabriel, Matt, Morg-na, Darlington and Tonia will get them, it’s just an act of faith.

Location: Tankute Village
Huts were built very close to each other, this was how hut were built in this part of the world. Some children could be seen running after small animals, while on the other side young guys could be seen training themselves with shield and swords, it’s the small Village of Tankute.
A young sick girl could be seen lying on a bed, she looks beautiful and innocent. She happens to be in a small hut , those huts of the 70’s. An old man sluggishly walked into the hut with his walking stick, as he walked in, the young girl opened her eyes. ” Hmm,my daughter, are you alright now?” He asked the girl, ” Yes ” she simply replied, ” What do you say your name is again? ” he asked, ” Christiana ” She told him as tears dripped down her cheeks , ” Don’t cry, its okay” The old man said. ” Papa, we caught the antelope” A young man with a spear in his hand shouted as he rushed in, an old man probably the age of the old man who was there initially also came in. ” Hmm, that’s good. That reminds me, Christiana, this is the young man who had saved you from the sea ” The old man said , Christiana turned her neck slowly and turned in the direction of the young man, she sprang up in shock immediately. ” Gabriel!!” She shouted as she held tight to the bed, the three men with her seem to be confused. ” Who is Gabriel?” The first old man asked, ” He is Gabriel, he has come to kill me” Christiana shouted, ” He is not Gabriel, his name is KARMA” The old man said, the young guy Karma walked towards Christiana as she held more tight to the bed, ” I rescued you from the sea, I can’t kill you” he said to her, ” You are Gabriel” Christiana shouted. Behind them , the two old men stared at each other, ” Kendo, the prophecy is coming to pass, it seems this girl has seen Karma twin brother” The first old man whispered to the other, ” The prophecy is right ” the other old man hit his walking stick on the ground.


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