Act Of Faith

Act Of Faith – Batch 3

Episode 16
Title: Jude Ike 1
” Mr Gabriel Omiyi, I remember telling you yesterday that we dont employ secondary school leavers” The principal said as he saw me that morning. ” Sir, I didn’t come to apply for a teacher, you can employ me as your cleaner ” I said hopefully. ” A cleaner? ” he asked. ” Yes sir, a cleaner” I replied. ” You dont look like you will want to work as a cleaner” he said staring critically at me. ” Trust me sir, I can do it” I replied confidently. ” why dont you check other schools, they might want to employ you as a teacher” he suggested. ” Sir I knew that before coming here, I want to work here sir” I said again. ” You really want the job of a cleaner?” He asked again. ” it will be my pleasure sir” I replied smiling. ” Then you are employed” he replied smiling. ” Thank you sir, I won’t disappoint you sir” I said. ” Now about the pay, you are to be paid 7,500 in a month” he said. ” sir, can’t you increase it a little?” I asked forming a sad face. ” No, all the cleaners here are paid lesser than that, I am only paying you more because you seem a bit educated” The principal said. ” Okay sir, thank you, I will resume immediately” I said as I got up to go. ” No, you resume tomorrow ” The principal objected while I simply nodded before walking out of the office.
” Hey, Club guy” I heard someone call as I walked towards the gate, I turned and saw the girl at the club last night, Tobi. ” Hey club girl, what are you doing here, have you been following me?” I asked smiling as I walked towards her. ” No, I actually work here” She replied while I swallowed my spit. ” Am a teacher here ” she said again. ” And what are you doing here?” She asked me. ” I just got employed” I replied forcing myself to smile. ” Wow, which class will you be teaching?” She asked again grinning happily, I also smiled at her. ” The toilet class” I replied and her smile change to confusion. ” What is the toilet class?” She asked further. ” I am a cleaner” I said. ” No, tell me you are kidding me” she said. ” I won’t tell you that because am ain’t kidding you.” I said. ” Your personality doesn’t fit that of a..” I interrupted her. ” Personality doesn’t matter” I cut in. ” so what later happened at the club yesterday after I ran away? ” she asked, I didn’t even notice she ran away, I must have been so engrossed in the fight. ” I also ran away” I told her. ” I found my way out the moment that guy pushed you down” she said laughing. ” So you left me to get beaten?” I asked. ” No, I only ran for my own safety” She replied . ” Okay, I will see you tomorrow” I said walking away. ” I didn’t get your name ” She shouted across. ” Not interested” I shouted back. ” nice meeting you Mr Not Interested” She shouted again, I smiled and went off the gate to my bicycle which was chained in a corner of the school.

Men, Men, Men, what should i call them? They are deceitful creatures, the worst of the creatures made by God, coated with lies and wired with lust. They aren’t worth anything, i mean not even a dime talk more of your tears. You thought you’ve found a good one, you just deceive yourself. You see one who showers you with love, it is lust. But in all this, the girls are still on the weaker side, even if the guy you love is the worst criminal on earth, a persecutor, you just have to keep loving, Why? Because we’ve gotten true love for them. We have no choice than to keep on loving because what we carry along is true love not true lust. No one would have believed the same Gabriel I knew is the same person who sent me this devastating letter, but guess what, I still love him, dont call me a fool, I posses true love.
” No ma’am, I dont know how you can contact him” The post man had replied me that day. ” But I can wait for you to write a letter for him” he said again while I stared at him in a confuse state. ” If you dont know how to contact him, how will you deliver the letter to him?” I asked the post man. ” There is a box where they do pick it from in the city, a kind of wooden mail box ” the post man said. ” The letter can be picked by someone else, dont worry yourself” I said as more tears fell off my eyes. ” But why are you crying ma?” The post man asked. ” Am I? Oh it’s nothing” I replied him wiping off my tears. “Just take heart ma” The post man said and walked away with his bags of letters. I stared at the letter in my hands again, I felt I should tear it and throw it away but I decided against it, I tied it with my b—-t wrapper and walked in,side, I actually went in,side to cry, no doubt, I love Gabriel the son of omiyi, the village palm wine tapper. Never for once have I felt the way I felt for Gabriel for any other guy.

• ” Today was stressful for us, but also fruitful” Israel said sitting on a cushion in my house, he was with Matt again. ” What about it?” I asked them. ” we went to Sir Jude Ike house today” Matt said. ” And what did you guys get?” I asked again. ” We only discovered that his house is surrounded with guards, he has a good security system in his house, Cameras everywhere.” Matt said. ” You guys didn’t go in,side?” I asked while Israel tapped by back head. ” They are telling you that the house is being surrounded with securities and you are expecting us to go in, how is that possible? “Israel asked. ” Our assignment is just to watch any foul movement in his environs, Morg-na and Christiana are to gain access into the house” Matt added. ” Those two idiots might not even have taken any move” I said. ” They might still be going about attending parties and club” Israel said. “So Gabriel, how was today?” Matt asked. ” Hmmm, I got the job, the cleaner job” I said and they bursted into laughter. ” A spy turned cleaner” Israel said laughing hærd. ” Fools, am at least better than you guys who haven’t been able to achieve anything” I said. ” At least, we were able to plant some cameras outside his house, we made job easy for young carl” Matt said laughing. ” planting cameras doesn’t guarantee success you know?” I said. ” And being a cleaner doesn’t guarantee success either” Israel said also laughing.

I grew up in the slump of port Harcourt. I am a 28 year old spy who was forced to join Newriton by no one. My parents were long time dead and I lived with my uncle before becoming a spy. I actually joined to be able to defend myself against abuse, I had actually been raped twice by my uncle, it was on the third trial that I ran away from home, I came to Lagos. I took refuge in the street, was raped again and again by touts until one day sir Ajan saw me in a club, I actually use to be a stripper, a club stripper. I strip to make a living, there was nothing else to do and I can’t afford to die so I became a club stripper who was always picked up by guys every night, it was on one of such nights that Sir Augustus Jamiu popularly known as Sir Ajan picked me up. He had taken me to a hotel room but unlike other men, he didn’t do anything with me, he just sat staring at me while I stared back, his stares were intimidating but I didn’t take my eyes off him, I grew up in the street and had no reason to be scared of his intimidating stares. ” Why are you doing this?” He suddenly asked after some moment of silence, his questions brought tears to my eyes and I narrated all to him. He took me to Newriton where I was given a life and trained as a fighter, no one knows I stay with Sir Ajan in Newriton, they all believe i live in port Harcourt, every holiday, when they go home, I stay in Sir Ajan quarter and tell them am at port, funny isn’t it? I didn’t want anything to do with guys because of what I faced in the street and the abuse by my uncle, so to achieve that, I lied that I had a fiance, this lie prevented useless guys from getting close to me. Only sir Ajan knew I wasn’t engaged but he still covered up for me. I grew to be a strong female spy, the wh0le of me seem to want revenge, not just on my uncle but to other men who take pleasure in abusing the young ones. When we were given the mission of investigating Sir Jude Ike, my happiness knew no bound. Maybe he would be my first victim.
• I dressed up in a black trouser and a white top, I matched it up with a long high heeled shoe. I then place a knife into the left shoe, who knows if things might get messy. I stay with Christiana, another spy assisting in the sir Jude Ike’s life investigation, we stay in a rented flat, an individual flat located in one of the ghettos in Lagos state, Iyana ipaja. She was dressed in a mini skirt, a high heeled shoe and a crop pink top. She was also having a knife in her heel shoe. ” Are you ready?” I asked her as I walked out the door. We were heading to the Kendrick club , a well known club for the rich and wealthy, it’s in this club that Sir Jude Ike pick girls every night, girls to use and dump because of his wealth and that’s why am happy to be among those who would make his life a night mere. ” Yes I am” Christiana replied, her dressing gives her away as an harlot, appreciable part of her fresh lap could be seen clearly, her top stops just a bit below her b— Sure Gabriel her boy friend won’t wanna see her like this. ” Let’s go” I said as I finally walked out of the house with her, we took the sport car and drove off to the club. ” Remember to be careful with him” I said to Christiana as I plied the car along the smooth road of Lagos, the street lights shone brightly to provide light for the night. ” what if he picks you?” Christiana asked. ” He will have more interest in you, your dressing will entice him” I said while Christiana giggled, she actually like being praised, I had never wanted her for Gabriel and will never want her for Gabriel, but trust men, they are just after anything with skirt, Gabriel wanted her for himself. ” What if he doesn’t pick any of us?” Christiana asked again. ” Then we will come back tomorrow” I said as I took a sharp turn to the left. ” Here we go” I said parking the car in the dark part of the street in which the club is located, we then trekked to the club. The music was booming, lovers could be seen dancing outside the club, smell of cigarette filled the air, the cold night stimulated the feelings, those without lovers or spouse could be seen in a corner either alone or with their bottle of bear, this is club Kendrick, the club for the wealthy. We walked majestically into the bar, we didn’t walk alone, the faces of some young touts could be seen accompanying us in,side. We picked a dark corner and sat, I ordered for a bottle of Malt, Christiana said she would prefer Beer.
• I was enjoying the malt and watching the half unclad stripper who was whinnying her butt on the stage, some men threw money at her as she opened her legs widely and curling them around the only iron pillar on the round stage of which she performed. ” Turn the other side” Some useless men shouted throwing fresh naira notes at her. I watched with anger and pity. Suddenly , all activities halted as a man in flowing white garment entered the club with three body guards putting on black suits, some Agbero (touts) as the Yorubas would call them were busy throwing up their hands in salutation for the man in white garment, he was sir Jude Ike. He picked a table in a corner opposite ours and fixed his gaze on the almost unclad club Stripper who continued her show after he had been seated comfortably, young girls who should probably be in the secondary school if all things had been equal gathered around him occupying his laps, arms and table while the guards stood back. His table was soon filled with drinks even without him placing any orders. I stared at his well built guards and wondered what a Primary School teacher should be doing with body guards, truly there is something fishy. I was lost in thoughts that I didn’t notice one of his guards coming towards me. ” My boss wanna see you” he said in good and clear accent , he was folding his arms and staring sternly at me. ” Me or She?” Christiana asked smiling sed-ctively. ” She” the guy replied pointing at me, I stood up smiling sed-ctively as I swayed my butt to his presence.

Episode 17
” Hello young lady” he greeted as I got to his table in a corner of the club, I kept mute and continued to smile sed-ctively. ” Seems like you dont know me” he said . ” Who doesn’t know the famous Sir Jude?” I asked while he smiled and rub his belly happily. “Impressive” He said happily. ” Come and sit down, let me spoil you, a beautiful girl like you deserves to be spoilt ” he said again while I nodded and sat on his laps where he gestured for me to sit. The girl occupying it before as gotten up from it. ” Ah you are a beautiful girl to behold, why haven’t I seen you here before? ” he asked. ” Maybe you didn’t notice me, I always come here” I replied. ” Oh my goodness. Please have some drink” he pleaded pointing at the bottles of Beers, at the same time he was rubbing my back with his other hand. Like seriously, there wasn’t any pleasure derived from what he was doing, or maybe its my body nature. ” I dont drink beer Sir, I would prefer malt” I said. ” That’s alright” he said and almost immediately one of his guard went to get the malt. ” What’s your name?” He asked as I waited for the malt. ” Morg-na ” I replied sitting more comfortably on his laps by adjusting my buttocks on his laps, I felt his body vibrate. ” Ah Morg-na, just like the one in that movie, Merlin. You are even as beautiful as her but hope you aren’t a witch?” He said laughing, I also joined in the laughter. ” Am aren’t a witch but your worst night mere” I said to myself.

This Wednesday morning seem peaceful, why? Because Israel and Matt had gone out before me, they might have probably gone to be with Daniel so as to continue with their cameras planting job. I just wonder how planting Cameras outside a house can be useful to us. I sat up on my bed and took a glance at the time, it was 4:15am, I was 15 minutes late. I went into the kitchen to boil water but surprisingly there was already hot water in the flask on the dinning, all thanks to Matt, israel can’t do such things. I went back to my room and had my bath, I changed from my night wear into a black trouser and a white tight shirt, i didn’t forget to put on the micro earpiece given to us from Newriton. There after I went to have a cup of tea to begin the day. I took the first sip of my tea and it sent my mind back to last night. I, Israel, and Matt had bee busy playing FIFA football game when my earpiece made a beeping sound. I picked it up from the table and placed it on my left ear before pressing on the button which was shinning with green light. ” Hey guys, its Morg-na, I am in Perfect Peace hotel at the Iyana Ipaja Under Bridge, I am with Sir Jude Ike, I think i will be fine” her voice came over the earpiece. ” Did you guys get that?” I said turning to Israel and Matt who always had the one ear piece on where ever they went. ” That message was sent about a minute ago and you are just getting it, always put it on, I wonder why you should take it off” Matt said paying full attention on his game.
That should explain why I am putting on the ear piece this morning, I dont wanna get late alert as the ear piece kinda keep messages until you press the green button or rather the button beeping green light whenever there is a message. I finished up the Tea and went to the sitting room. I adjusted the table from the centre and did my normal morning push ups. The day was just starting as the time says 5:20am.
•” what is strange about Love Avenue located at Iyana Ipaja?” I typed into the box provided by google, i was using my micro laptop. It was my working laptop which contained all information about my work as a spy,I usually hid it under one of the tile in my sitting room, no one would ever have the clue that I kept a laptop there, as the tile seem to fit in like others, only my spy mates knew I had such laptop but none knew where it was kept. Love Avenue is the name given to the street where Sir Jude’s house is located, it is one of the most dreaded street in lagos as people who lived there are always getting missing or sometimes killed. The street could also be termed home of touts, numerous groups of touts and bad guys occupied that street and all the happenings of the street were simply blamed on them. ” Love Avenue: The most notorious street in Lagos State” Goggle brought their reply. ” I already know that” I said to myself as I scrolled down for any other valuable information but oops, I got nothing apart from some music titled Love. I checked my mail for any message and i had one from Christiana. ” I promise I won’t call you this time, you can’t even call to at least say hi” it read, I closed the message and smiled to myself, I can’t continue to lead her on. The time was now 6:30am, I went back into the room and wore a black Jacket, I hid a knife in my wa-ist side as usual and left the house after putting on a black canvas. My dressing was perfect to confuse anyone that I wasn’t a cleaner, you might get confused that I was a Teacher in the school. I didn’t go with a bicycle, cleaners don’t use bicycles do they? I decided trekking to school.

The name perfect peace hotel would ring a bell to anyone living around Iyana Ipaja, it’s the most popular and expensive hotel meant for only the rich, it is own by a private org-nization. They say there isn’t a place like home but perfect peace is just a replica of home. I laid alone on the big comfortable bed of room 222 located in the third storey of the hotel, Sir Jude has left me alone in the hotel with the promise to come back after work. The previous day had been so hectic for him that he had no strength left in him that night to perform any manly duty. I had made sure I exhausted his strength on the dance floor as I danced and moved my butt to the rhythm of the jazz being played by the DJ.
” just put a call over to them when you need anything” he had said before leaving me in the hotel room that morning. ” How am I sure you ain’t gonna abandon me here?” I asked him forming an angry face. ” This is the key to my house, I am leaving it as a collateral. ” he had said dropping a bunch of keys.” But you have other spare keys, and moreover, I dont know your house” I had replied him. ” I will surely come back, why should I abandon such a beautiful girl like you, moreover we had not even started anything and am yet to have a taste of you” he said again. ” Promise me you will come back” I said to him as I stood up from the bed and planted a long k-ss on his l-ips, and then pressed his head on my b—-t. ” Tell me, why won’t I come back? I promise to come back, and you are not meant to leave this room, anything you want, tell the guards. I am scared you might also run away” he said before I decided to let him go. I stood by the window, I could see the wh0le environs and surrounding of the perfect peace hotel, even Sir Jude Ike’s jeep that was parked outside the hotel wasn’t beyond my view. I saw Sir Jude walk out of the hotel gate, his guards were already there standing beside the jeep like it was a kind of treasure, I expected him to enter into the jeep and Zoom off but no. To my surprise, an old Beetle Car pulled over, a guard came off it and handed over the key to the car to him, he entered and zoomed off. I was confused at first but later tried picturing things. Probably Sir Jude Ike doesn’t want people to know how rich he was, or maybe people in the primary school he teaches in. Wait a minute, let’s work this out. Sir Jude Ike’s mansion is located at love Avenue but he works in a school that requires about 200 naira transport to get there, there is something to be suspicious about. I stood up from the bed and rushed to the bathroom to clean myself up, the surprising thing was that I was still dressed like I was dressed the previous night. We had been so tired that we had jumped into the bed as we got into the room last night. I cleaned myself up and put on my clothes, my knife was still in my heel. I picked up my phone and put a call to Gabriel, Gabriel is my best guy man in Newriton, he is always suspicious about every little thing and always careful. ” Morg-na” his thick voice echoed over the phone. ” Hello Gabi” I said. ” See how smooth your voice is, perfect peace hotel is really a good place to be in ” his voice came again while I giggled. ” Are you in for some fun?” I asked over the phone. ” Nope, am quiet busy now ” he replied. ” Doing what?”, ” Washing the toilet of Royalty primary school, the same place your sugar daddy works” his voice came again this time more like a whisper. ” Why cleaner, you were meant to be a teacher” I said trying hærd not to laugh. ” They dont take school cert anymore” he said while I bursted into laughter. ” So what kinda fun were you talking about?” He asked. “Our suspect actually left his house spare key with me, I wanted us to go search it together, we might get something” I told him. ” Morg-na you are a big time pr-stitute, how did you make him leave his house key just in one night?” He asked again. ” That is the lady secret” I replied him. ” So you can’t make it?” I asked him. ” You know I dont miss such things, I will find a way to escape. meanwhile I saw your sugar daddy some moment ago when he arrived” he told me. ” Okay then, please pick me up at perfect peace hotel, be careful, his guards are guiding me, they are everywhere even in front of the room door, room 222″ I told him. ” Okay, expect me” he said and hung up not even minding that I was the one who called him. ” Hello Gabriel, I have warned you to stop hanging the phone on me” I shouted as I called him again. ” Morg-na, will you just leave me to wash this toilet, the s–t here aren’t friendly” he shouted back at me. ” Okay, please come with a bike and not a bicycle” I said before hanging up on him this time. There after, I dialed Christiana’s number, I haven’t spoken with her since I was picked by sir Jude the previous night. ” Hello” She said in an unusual cold voice. ” Babe, how are you doing?” I asked happily. ” Am fine, so you are just remembering me bah?” She asked. ” No now, I only wanted to avoid suspicions. ” I told her. ” Any development?” She asked in a low tone. “Why are you whispering?” I asked her. ” I am in a guy’s house, he picked me yesterday from the club” she said shocking me. ” What about your boyfriend, Gabi?” I asked her. ” Dont let him know, I need to catch fun” she said laughing, ” If you know you want to live like this let Gabi know and stop fooling around” I said angrily before hanging up , another reason why I had never wanted her for Gabriel. Gabi is a good guy but Christiana is a hog, permit me to use the language. The only reason we are close is because we work together. Thirty minute pass and I didn’t see Gabriel, I had been staring at the window endlessly for him but I kept on seeing sir Jude Ike’s Guards. My door soon creaked open, and a man with a tray of chicken and wine walked in. He was wearing an overall and a face cap. ” Food” he said dropping the tray on a small table. ” Thanks, but I hadn’t called for food” I said without looking up at him. ” Imagine!! Big woman, idiot” he said taking off his cap. ” Gabriel” I almost scre-med as I jumped into his arms. ” Shhhhhh” he whispered as he placed his hand on my l-ips and pointed to the door. ” there are two guards is there” he whispered again pointing at the door.

Episode 18
Title: Alvana
Stepping into the toilet of Royalty primary school for the first time reminded me of my primary school, Umuede Primary School Atata, as a matter of fact, Umuede Primary school toilet is much better than that of Royalty’s. I never knew the children living in the city could be so evil, their DNA has been transduced with wickedness. How do I explain this, they had filled up the water cistern toilet with *** and even the floor. The once white tile had been given a new rainbow colour. I wanted to curse the students but I decided to leave it for God, anyways, there shall be no peace for the wicked. With the broom, mop, detergent, brush and detergent provided to me, I was able to wash the toilet to the best of my ability. I was in the washing act when a call came into my phone, I went out to pick up. It was a call from Morg-na, she had said she wanted me to come over and help her in some stuff, some stuff concerning our mission. I finished the washing and had my bath in the staff toilet, I then change from the cleaners dress to my normal dress. ” Hello Mr not interested” Tobi called as I walked pass the basic five class, I turned back and went into the class. ” Hi Tobi, how are you doing?” I asked walking close to her. ” Good morning sir, you welcome to our class” The students greeted in union. ” Good morning students, how are you?” I asked smiling although i still held grudges against them for the wicked attitude displayed in using the toilet. ” Fine thank you sir” they replied and sat down in union. ” I like this your earpiece o” Tobi said as she made to remove the micro earpiece from my ear. ” Thanks” I said letting her have the earpiece. ” What do you use it for?” She asked trying to wear the earpiece. ” To receive calls” I replied. ” Can you dash it to me?” She asked again while I shook my head. ” its the only one have got ” I replied removing the earpiece from her ear. ” Let me leave you to your class, I am also quiet busy” I told her as I turned to leave. ” So, like seriously, you won’t tell me your name?” She asked as I got to the door. ” Gabriel” I replied smiling. ” Not a sweet name” she complemented. I left her class and headed to the principal office, I needed permission before leaving the school. ” Good morning sir” I greeted him as I stepped into the office, he looked up from the note he was writing. ” Mr Cleaner, good morning” he replied. ” Sir, I am done with the washing of the toilet, I have an appointment with my doctor by 9:00am, I came to seek for per…” he interrupted me. ” so far you have done the chores assigned to you, you are always free to leave” he replied and continued with his note. ” Thank you sir” I murmured and made to leave. ” sorry sir, when does the school dismiss?” I asked when I got to the door. ” 2:30pm” he replied without looking up. The time was just 8:45am, there is enough time to catch fun with Morg-na. I had had an encounter with sir Jude Ike that morning, I was just stepping into the main gate when he arrived with his old beetle car and parked it in front of the gate. ” Good morning sir” I had greeted him smiling. ” Good morning young man” he replied cheerfully. ” Do you work here?” He asked as he walked into the school premises, the time keeper was already standing in the compound with the bell ready to be jingled. ” I am a cleaner sir” I had replied him. ” A cleaner, how can a guy like you be a cleaner, a fine guy like you” he said. ” The economy of the country sir, and I am not even qualified to work as a teacher, I just have a secondary school cert” I told him. ” hmm, let’s talk tomorrow, I will see you tomorrow ” he said and walked into the school. That was the encounter I had with him, from the way he talked, he seem a very nice man and I doubt if he had any skeleton in the cupboard.
• I arrived home around 9:15am and changed into a short and a top which I covered with a jacket, our black spy Jacket. I wore a black cap and canvas to match. I took a small pistol and hid it in my wa-ist region, covering it with the top. I opened my briefcase and brought from it a well arranged row of knives, i embedded them in the jacket. I took the key to my black bike and about 5 minutes later, I was on the way to perfect peace. From the beginning of the street perfect peace which was named after the perfect peace hotel, I could see the edifice building of the perfect peace hotel. From any point in the street, you are sure to have a clear view of the hotel, it is the largest structure in the wh0le street, not in the wh0le street but in the environs of Iyana Ipaja under bridge area. I parked my bike in a safe corner of the street and bounced off to the hotel. Just as Morg-na had said, men in suits could be seen around the building, they must surely be Sir Jude’s guards. I went into the hotel proper and was impressed by what I saw. ” I need a room” I told the reception as I stood in front of her. ” Welcome to perfect peace sir, what sort of room would you like?” The beautiful young lady asked me. “Any comfortable room” I replied her. ” Room 234 will be perfect” she said smiling. ” How much per room?” I asked her smiling back but also making sure my face was well shielded by the face cap. ” For room 234, it 80 thousand naira ” she replied . ” Am new here, can’t you reduce..” She interrupted. ” That is the fixed price sir” She replied. “Okay, I have no cash at hand now, Can I pay with this?” I asked bringing out my ATM card. ” Of course you can, pay over there and come have your key” she said pointing to the P.O.S stand. I walked over and deposited the money, the receipt came out from the machine. ” Have a nice time Sir ” She said handling the key to me. ” Please I will also need a tray of well friend chicken and a good quality wine, am kind of very hungry” I said to her. ” it will be delivered as soon as possible sir” she said and I walked away in search of the room. In the quest of my search, I got to pass Morg-na’s room, room 222. There were two men in suit watching over it like there was a kind of treasure in there. I adjusted my cap well before passing by. I had barely sat down on the big bed of room 234 when a young man walked in with a tray of chicken and Wine. ” Your order sir” he said smiling, he couldn’t tell if I was smiling or not as my cap covered my face. ” Thanks” I told him. ” If you need anything sir just put a call through” he said and turned to go, I quickly stood up from the bed and drew him back, I twisted his hands backwards and turned his face to the ground. Almost immediately I brought out my gun and pointed it directly to his head. ” See, I dont kill, just co operate with me, keep quiet” I told him while he nodded his head vigorously and his wh0le body started to shiver, his sweat gland seem to produce more sweet or maybe his skin probably allowed more diffusion from the internal environment of his body, he was sweating profusely. ” Dont be scared, I promise not to harm you” I assured him as I pulled off his overall, his work cloth. He was left with just a boxer and singlet, both soaked with sweat. I removed the bed sheet from the bed and tore it into two piece, with one piece, I tied his hands to his legs, with the other, I tied it round his mouth. ” Have fun struggling ” I said as I put on the overall and cleaned my face, I then walked out with the tray of chicken and wine. ” She ordered for food” I said to one of the guards guiding room 222 and he opened the door for me without interrogations. Morg-na could been seen sitting comfortably on the big, fine bed of room 222.

” let’s go” Gabriel said to me pulling my hands towards the door. ” Nope, I can’t go out, he had instructed his guards to enclose me here” I replied as I got freed from his hand and sat on the bed. ” oops, we need to find a way out. ” he said putting on his cap and taking a stroll to the side window. ” Perfect, there is a long plastic wall pipe here” he said looking down the side window. I joined him there and he was right, there was really a pipe there, those pipes use to channel water from the bathroom to the s-ck away. ” Then how are we going to pass the gate, his guards are also there? ” I asked. ” We descend through this pipe to the fence level and jump out there” he said again pointing to the free land surrounded with bushes, the land was just beside the hotel. ” The pipe might get broken” I said. ” it won’t get broken if you dont rest your full weight on it, we are to move with our legs on the wall while the hand holding the pipe for support. Its well fixed to the wall” he said again, sometimes I wonder if I and Gabi finished from the same Newriton,he loves to take risk. ” I can’t do that, it is dangerous” I protested while he smiled. ” You fear too much” he said smiling. ” Anyhow, I am not killing myself ” I said. ” okay, I will back you” he suggested. ” Back me?” I asked him. ” Hey that’s the only way we ….” I interrupted him. ” Okay” I fell in. ” Now, we have to first give them the impression that I have left here” he said to me ” I mean the guards” he added. ” That’s easy, are you with your phone?” I asked me and he nodded. ” Okay ” I said and put a call to him. ” Pick it up, hide somewhere, with the phone you will be able to hear our conversation and know when to come in” I told him, he understood and went out immediately like the way he came. I held the phone and went out to meet the guards. ” Hello guys” I greeted the both of them smiling. ” Good morning madam” They replied in union. ” why dont you join the others downstairs, I dont like you guys standing by the door. I am still safe if you guys aren’t at the door” I said to them. ” Oga asked us to watch you ma” The well built one among them spoke. ” I can’t run away if you guys stay at the gate, there is no other exist here and moreover, I wanna get some sleep and I dont want you guys here” I said with all seriousness, they nodded and went down, about some minutes later, Gabriel walked in. ” Sweet!!” he exclaimed as he locked the door and I disposed the tray of food. ” Now let’s go” he added bending his back for me to climb on. I touched his shoulder, his muscles were firm, well built and smooth. I spread my leg across his back and enclosed them in his wa-ist region. His scent was good, my hands touched his muscular chest and for once, I wished he was mine. ” You can close your eyes so you won’t have nightmares” he said smiling. ” Come on, let’s go” I said enclosing my legs more to his wa-ist region, I felt something move round me, dont know what it was. He walked to the side window and opened it, my weight didn’t weigh his down, I was small compared to him. He spread his leg across the window but prevented himself from falling by holding the edge. ” Here we go” he whispered as he stretched his left hands to the pipe connecting the bathroom of the room beside mine to the s-ck away. ” Guy be careful” I said to him as he released his second hand from the window. ” Oh. God” I almost shouted as he hung freely in the air, his left hand which was holding the pipe was the only thing that prevented us from falling, I held him more tight ” Hey calm down” he said as he held the pipe with the other hand, he then placed his both legs on the wall in a way that the pipe was a demarcation. Gradually and slowly he climbed down gently until we were at the fence level, the fence separating the hotel from the bushy land. ” One, two, and Go” He said as he jumped with me into the bush, we rolled separately as we got displaced from each other.

I took my water pot and headed to the stream, It was around 12:00 in the afternoon, I didn’t go that morning due to depression, I was busy thinking about Gabriel. My mother wasn’t around as she had gone to market early that morning, my dad had travelled to a neighbouring village the day before.
• I had finished fetching my water and heading back home when I saw the guy from the city, Alvana, coming from the path leading to his farm. There was something strange about this guy, he came to the village some years ago, he didn’t come with a relation, no one knew where he came from. He acquired a land and started farming, he also built a small hut for himself and he hærdly associates himself with any one. The only chance I had gotten to be close with him was the day he saved Gabriel from Mbe. ” Adanna” he greeted as he walked to me, I was surprised as he had never talked to me before. ” City guy,good afternoon” I greeted him. ” I had not seen your friend lately” he said as we walked together. ” Which friend?” I asked him. ” Dont pretend like you dont know, That guy you were tripping for of course, Gabriel” he said smiling , ” He had gone back to the city” I replied him frowning my face. ” Eyah, sorry dear, he will surely come back to you ” Alvan said laughing . ” He is engaged already” I said angrily. ” Engaged, that is a lie, who told you that?” He asked . ” No one, he told me through a letter” I replied him. ” Hmm, I won’t believe you until I see the letter” he said. ” Gabriel isn’t engaged to anyone” he said confidently. ” Then follow me to my house to get it” I dared him.
• Alvana stood outside my compound with the letter in hands but over his face, he read the content out loudly and bursted into laughter, his laughter soon changed to a frown but he quickly covered it up with a smile. ” I can assure you of something” he told me. ” What?” I asked. ” Gabriel didn’t draft this letter” He said confidently.

Episode 19
Title: The Wrong Approach
I felt Morg-na legs clutch round my wa-ist as I hung freely on the pipe, her scent was nice and her soft body sent a warm s-nsation round my body. I could tell she was a bit scared but I wasn’t, I had pass through stuffs more than that during my training days, stuffs like the free rope hanging. I sometimes wonder how they manage to pass through trainings, I mean the girls. Morg-na is a small girl, pardon me, a small bodied girl but older in age, about some years older than I am. I descended down the pipe until I was on the same level with the fence which served as the demarcation between perfect peace hotel and an abandoned land surrounded with bushes beside the hotel. “One,two and go” I shouted as I jumped into the bush , Morg-na got displaced from my back and rolled on the floor. ” Are you okay?” I asked standing up to her as I pulled off the overall. ” Am fine” she replied dusting her white shirt. “Let’s go” She said but I stood still. ” What is it?” She asked. ” How do you protect your identity, your cloth and your face might sell you off” I replied her. ” True” She said as she took a look at herself. ” What do we do now, this is 12:11, the school dismissed by 2:30 so we gat no time” I said. ” I got this” She murmured as she took off her white shirt to reveal her inner armless singlet, she also took off her trouser leaving her with only a bomb short and a singlet, both black. ” Would you please take your eyes off my body?” She said, I never knew I was staring at her. ” I wasn’t staring at you” I tried defending myself. ” The fear of women, is the beginning of wisdom” She said. ” What about your face?” I asked trying to change the subject, she looked around and saw a piece of charcoal, she picked it up. ” You wanna design your face with that?” I asked her. ” No” she replied and almost immediately, took off my Cap and handed the charcoal to me,” Use this to draw lines on your face when we get there, that’s to hide your identity” She said as she covered her face with the cap.” What is the m…” She interrupted. ” Let’s go” she said. I abandoned the overall where her cloth was. ” Make sure you come back here for your cloths” I told her and with that, we found our way to where my bike was parked. Love Avenue is a bit far from perfect peace hotel and its a long distance to royalty school, I found my way through some corners riding on high speed, in about 20 minutes, we were standing in front of the des**ted, scanty street, Love Avenue. ” The house as i heard, is the only mansion here” Morg-na told me. ” I know” I replied scanning the street with my eyes. There wasn’t any individual moving in the street, the only people there were some rough looking boys who sat in the front of a house smoking and minding their businesses, they didn’t see us as we stood in a tight corner of the street with my bike. ” Don’t you think we should alert the others?” Morg-na asked me, ” No, let just catch fun” I replied. ” How do we get to the house?” She asked again. ” From what I learnt, the house is in the middle of the street. Where are the keys?” I asked her and she brought it from the pocket of her bomb short. ” Let’s just walk like nothing is wrong” Morg-na suggested. ” Let’s do this” I said and we started trekking in the middle of the street, we walked like lovers as Morg-na clutched herself round me, the few people we met on the street showed no concern as they of course thought we were lovers, the only thing that could have arose stirs would be Morg-na half unclad dressing but no one paid attention to us, that’s lagos for you, not like Atata where the old women will kill you with their stairs. It didn’t take us long before we found ourselves in front of the big Sir Jude Ike’s Mansion, there wasn’t guards on the outside, but some rotating security camera. ” See how those cameras are rotating, we are to move in anti of it” I said. ” I can’t code what your are saying” She replied. ” I mean we are to move in negative of the rotation of the camera to prevent it from getting us” I said again as we stood some distance from the gate. ” Okay, I can code now” she said smiling, just then her phone rang. ” Hello my darling” She said over the phone. ” Okay love” she replied after some seconds and hung up ” Its Jude ” she said turning to me, ” Who is Jude?” I asked. ” Sir Jude Ike” She replied almost shouting. ” He said he will soon be home” She said again while I checked my wrist watch, it was 1:30. ” We have less than one hour for this” I said while she nodded. ” Let’s play some games” She said drawing my hand to the side of the building, there wasn’t any house in either side of the building , the house closer to it was about a distance of 200m from it, and it was an uncompleted house. A long fence was rounded the mansion, a kind of security. ” You have to jump” I told her as I bent down for her to use my back as a stepping stone before jumping. ” What about you?” She asked. ” I will sure join you” I replied her. She advance backwards a little and with full speed ran towards the fence, she climbed on me and immediately, leaped and did a Summersault over the fence. I stood up and also went backwards,I first used the charcoal in drawing lines on my face, then With all the speed I could gather, I took off and jumped, my height gave me an advantage as I was able to hold the top of the fence with my two hands, I drew my self up and then landed into the compound. Morg-na quickly drew me aside as if we were under attack. ” What is it?” I asked looking around suspiciously. ” Move against the camera gradient” she said pointing at a nearby camera. The house wasn’t much decorated, what surrounded it were just pillars, on the pillars were cameras. There wasn’t any kind of decoration like flowers and the likes. I drew Morg-na and hid behind one of the numerous pillars, as we stood, we were watching the movement of the cameras which rotates every 30 seconds, they actually rotate in the same direction. I heard the front door open, I peeped and saw a guard looking around, he was in suit and was holding a pistol. He looked towards our direction and I quickly hid myself, I looked up and saw the camera already rotating towards us, ” Time to play” I said to Morg-na who was standing tight against the pillar and looking up at the camera. I took off my gun from my wa-ist side, the camera was now very close to facing us, the guard was still standing by the door, the pillar was the only thing shielding us from him. I held Morg-na into my arm and I turned sharply to the other side of the pillar facing the guard. Almost immediately, I released a bullet to the guard who fell down dead, at the same time I was able to shield myself from the camera as I now stood in the other side of the pillar which the camera could not see, I was standing and facing the door to the building. Morg-na ran to the dead guard and took his gun as she had no gun.

” How do you know it isn’t drafted by him?” I asked Alvana who was still staring at the letter. ” That’s because I know” he answered weirdly. Alvana is a tall muscular guy with well trimmedd moustache, he is fair and well built, he is also gentle and handsome. ” How are you meant to know?” I asked him. ” Because I have once lived in the city, I know the ways of the city, someone else might have sent this letter” he said again, he was very confident. ” Am confused here, how did that someone else know me?” I asked him. ” That someone else might me some how close to Gabriel and maybe at one time, Gabriel had told him about you” Alvana said again. ” How did you know it is a him?” I asked him. ” Because we use him mostly , it is actually stressful saying him or her” Alvana said smiling. ” Just promise me you won’t tell him about this letter” Alvana requested. ” Why?” I asked him. ” Because it might make him start thinking over unnecessary things” Alvana added. ” Okay” I said unwillingly. ” I dont believe you, am gonna take the letter from you” He said as he folded the letter. ” No, I want to show him as an evidence” I said forgetting my earlier promise. ” You promised not to tell him anything about the letter remember?” he said while I breathed and allowed him have the letter. ” Am sure he didn’t send this letter, very sure ” he said again. ” Alvana, what about your family?” I asked him, he smiled and looked up to the sky. ” I got none, my parent died long time ago in Bethlehem, I am their only child and I know no relations” he said in a funny manner while I smiled. ” Am sorry about that” I told him. ” About what?” He asked, ” Your parents” I said. ” You didn’t kill them, did you?” He asked frowning his face. ” I never knew you were this fun to be with” I said while he smiled making himself more handsome. ” I heard Mbe has been beating guys over you, let me go before he catches me here” he said while I smiled. ” Dont worry, he isn’t over me anymore, Gabriel had beaten him once by the stream.” I told him, his facial expression changed. ” Are you sure? ” he asked . ” Yes, he punched him, carried him up and Mbe back touched the ground” I said trying to demonstrate with my body. ” Gabriel isn’t meant to do that” Alvana said more like a whisper, ” Why?” I asked. ” Because it isn’t good to fight” Alvana replied smiling. ” Okay, Adanna, let me run along now” He added and turned to go. ” Dont misplace that letter” I shouted over to him, he turned to me and nodded as he walked away. I also turned into our compound, somehow I believed him when he said Gabriel hadn’t written the letter.

Together with Morg-na, we entered into the open door, the inner house happens to be well decorated, it was full of glasses and fragile equipments. In a side of the sitting room is a portrait of Sir Jude, there wasn’t any guard in sight but I could hear footsteps coming from the stairs, they seem to be running down, its sure were the guards. There were also some cameras in the room, all rotating like the ones outside. ” Come here” I said pulling Morg-na to a pillar in the house. They were about four guards with pistol each, they stopped when they saw the opened door. I took a slight peep and saw one of them advancing towards our pillar, he was fat and muscular. I held Morg-na tight to the pillar and took a deep breath, I could hear the guard footsteps just some inches from us. He walked more closer to us and I quickly crossed my leg on his path. He fell to the ground heavily and quickly did a Chinese get up, I didn’t allow him relax as I gave him a flying kick, the kick pushed him away some distance. The other guards took to actions as they started firing in my direction, I did a backward roll to the pillar to prevent the bullets from touching me. The one whom I had given a kick earlier made to get up slowly but Morg-na released a bullet to him, the firing started again, they fired in the direction of the pillar. ” one, two and go” I whispered to Morg-na and almost immediately, we came out from our hidings and released fire on the other guards who were taken unaware. ” What’s next?”Morg-na asked smiling happily. ” Let’s go up” I said and we headed to the stairs. ” Shhhh” I said to Morg-na as I drew her closer to a pillar, out of no where, a bald headed guy pass us. I removed one of my knives and crawled towards him, I stabbed him from behind and he fell down dead. I heard gunshot behind me, I turned, it was Morg-na killing another guard. ” This is real fun” she said to me. There were only two rooms upstairs, each room having an over head camera which rotates like others. ” Let’s go to the left room” She said to me and I concurred. We were just about pushing the door open when it opened by itself and two guards came out, One came to me while the other to Morg-na. He threw a punch at me and I Dodged it with my left hand, I gave him a kick on his manh-od which made him gro-n in pain and bent down holding the affected region. “Finishing” I shouted as I jumped and landed on his back neck with my legs wide apart, a splint. Morg-na was still battling with her’s, he gave her a kick in her chest region which pushed her backwards, taking him by shock, she did a forward roll and jumped on him, she didn’t just jump on him, she had stabbed him with a knife on his neck. ” You are bloody ” I said to her as she removed the knife from his neck and slipped it into her black hill. ” Its called being economical” she said smiling. We entered into the room, it was surrounded with all sort of electronics. At the end of the room is a glass window, I walked towards it and could only see the free lands beside the house demarcated by a fence, Morg-na also came towards the window. ” Stay here and watch” I said to her as I slipped my gun into my wa-ist side and bent by one of the laptops. It was like it was being operated on before we badged in, it wasn’t encrypted with passwords like the others. The laptop was on the mail section, they were reading some mails from it. The first mail was from an address, portagentmail. com, I opened it only to see the picture of a young lady. Below the picture is a message, Kidnap or kill?. I didn’t understand the message and I closed it, the next message was from an address lagosportmail com, It had a message, we will be sh¡pping them in two days time, we depart at exactly 9:00pm. ” Sh¡pping what?” I thought to myself, I closed the message also and moved to the middle messages, one email address caught my eyes, atataagentmail .com, I quickly opened the message, I saw the picture of a young man, a young man whose face seem familiar, I tried placing my hands where I had seen him, yes, he was the dead young man I saw in the igwe’s palace the day I visited the palace after my arrival from the city, the guy who had the mark of the sword. Just then the door badge opened and about five guards entered, they started shooting aggressively towards us, Morg-na tried shooting back at them. I ran towards her, I grabbed her up and broke through the glass window as we jumped over to the free land behind the mansion, I wasn’t lucky as a bullet caught my left hand.

Episode 20
Title: Mbe The Dog
” Arrgh” I shouted as I held my bleeding arms and lied on the floor of the free land beside Jude’s mansion. Apart from the s₱0t where I was shot, there were also some other parts bleeding due to the dangerous jump through
glass made window. ” Gabi, are you okay?” Morg-na asked trying to lift me up. The guards peeped through the window and started firing at us again, We quickly dodged behind the fence breathing heavily. ” This isn’t the sort of fun we planned for” Morg-na said as she brought out her gun, ” Let me handle this” she added when I tried bringing out my gun. She rolled forward a little and shot randomly towards the window, I could now see people running helter scatter, People of the street. ” You are bleeding real bad” She said as she rolled back to me. ” we need to leave here as soon as possible” She said again. ” I dont want anyone to know about this” I told her holding my left hand with the right. ” The time is 2:15 now” I added looking up at her. ” come off it, you know it takes up to an hour to drive from royalty to Perfect peace considering the Lagos traffic” She said and I nodded. ” Let’s get out of here, you need to have your hand treated.” She said. ” This is a bullet, they will need a police warrant before treating me” I told her. ” Am not taking you to the hospital ” She said as she drew me up and we escaped to where my bike was parked. ” I will drive ” she said as she hopped on the front seat. ” Off course you will have to” I replied sitting beside her. I didn’t know what happened next, I only woke up to meet myself on a small bed in a small room. My left hand has been treated and there was a bandage around it though it was covered with my cloth which had been washed cleaned by God knows who. I turned left and my eyes caught the wall clock, the time was 7:30pm, I got up and sat on the strong iron bed, just then the small door the room opened and Morg-na came in. ” Gabi, you slept for too long” She said sitting beside me and touching my left hand. ” How do you feel now?” She asked me. ” Much better” I replied. “Where are we?” I asked again. ” In a room” She replied.

I drove off on Gabi’s bike to a small house owned by an old native doctor, not those involved with witch craft. She had actually treated me once when I was involved in s club fight, that was back then when I was still a stripper. The time is 7:35pm and you might be wondering how it went after we left the Mr Jude’s mansion. I had driven Gabriel first to the native doctor’s place and headed back to perfect peace hotel. I Parked the bike in a safe corner and located the bush where I kept my cloth. I wore them and cleaned myself before jumping over the fence with the help of a tree in the bush. I had to swallow my fear as I climbed up through the pipe after two failed attempts. I quickly had a shower , disposed the knife and cleaned my heels, I washed my under wears and dried them on a drying line in the bathroom, I then put on my cloth. I didn’t forget to keep the key to sir Jude mansion where he kept it. At exactly 3:15pm, sir Jude showed up looking moody and tired. ” Welcome honey ” I greeted him smiling but he wasn’t smiling at all. ” What is it?” I asked him again. ” My house was attacked” he told me falling into the bed. ” My good God, what happened, what about your guards?” I asked almost shouting. ” They were all killed, only a few survived, about 6 survived” he said again rubbing his bald head with his hand. ” Am so sorry love, hope they didn’t make away with anything?” I asked car-ssing his back. ” No, but they left the house in a total mess” He replied. ” Oh, God, am so sorry” I said and planted a k-ss on his l-ips. ” Am not in the mood for fun this night, why dont you allow my guards drop you at home” he said. ” Are you trying to dismiss me?” I asked angrily, ” No, I just need a clear st…” I interrupted him. ” Forget it ” I shouted as I went into the bathroom, pulled over my cloth and wore my under wears though they were w-t, I wore back my clothes. I came back some minutes later and made for the door, ” Where are you going to?” He asked . ” My house ” I replied angrily. ” Let my guards drop you off” he pleaded, ” No, I know my way, if you need me, you know where to pick me, Kendrick” I said to him and walked out from the room. I went downstairs only to meet a man in boxers explaining how he was tied down by a young man, I smiled as I knew who it was, that was how I escaped from the hotel and headed home for a change of cloth, Christiana wasn’t home and the house was just like we left it the previous night. ” Hello Matt” I said as I picked my ringing phone. ” Morg-na, have you heard from Gabriel, we hadn’t seen him since morning and he isn’t picking his phone” Matt said over the phone. ” Gabriel asked me to keep the secret but am trusting you on this, he went out with a girl” I said. “Oh, that must be that girl he meant in the club two days ago” Matt said laughing. ” Yes, a sort of club girl he had told me” I said, I could hear israel laughing from the background and hailing Gabriel. ” Okay Morg-na, am relieved now, bye” Matt told me. ” Did you guys do anything today?” I asked him. ” No, Daniel gave us the day off, he said he was busy with something ” He replied and hung up, he is always know of minimizing airtime. I drove back to the house where Gabriel was being treated, I meant the old woman outside pounding some sort of medicine. ” Your friend is still sleeping” She said to me, ” I have been able to remove the bullet” She said again. ” Thank you mama” I said smiling and swayed in,side the room she directed me to, Gabriel was still sleeping like a child, he woke up some hours later. ” So what did you find out?” I asked him after we have joked for sometimes and I had told him how he got here, that was an attribute that can’t been taken away from Gabriel, he is always making jokes from everything even in time of danger. ” I can’t explain, everything is just confusing. The only reasonable thing I fetched out is that they will be sh¡pping something the day after tomorrow ” He replied me. ” Sh¡pping what?” I asked him

. ” Something I dont know” He said looking up to the old white ceiling, ” We have to be there” he said again after some time. ” Where?” I asked. ” The port, we must find out what they are sh¡pping” he said to me. ” You aren’t looking fit” I said not willing to go ahead with his mission. ” Am not forcing you to come Morg-na, I can go in my own but dont tell anyone about my whereabout. Some how, those people are kind of connected to the numerous deaths in Atata” he shouted. ” I didn’t say am not joining you, stop barking ” I shouted back facing him. ” I dont need you anyways” he said again, ” Maybe next time you will get a bullet to your head” I fired angrily at him. “It will be my pleasure ” he said and lied on the bed facing the ceiling. ” Am sorry” I murmured unwillingly to him after some moment of silence but he didn’t reply. ” Gabi” I called but he didn’t still answer. ” For Christ sake, I said am sorry” I shouted angrily, ” You better dont give yourself hypertension ” He said but didn’t still look up. ” Am I forgiven?” I asked him ” Are you coming with me?” He also asked. ” Of course, I will come with you” I said smiling. ” Then you are forgiven” he replied as he got up from the bed. ” Let’s go have fun” he said looking out through the window, ” What sort of fun?” I asked him, ” Like a night ride” He answered while I smiled. ” Let’s go” I said throwing the key of his bike to him, just then the old nurse entered. ” Are you both going out?” She asked smiling to reveal her scattered teeth, not white at all. ” Yes mama, for a ride” I replied. ” My son, come back quick, I still need to do something on the hand ” She said. ” okay mama ” Gabriel said as the old woman walked out.” I hope you can drive?” I asked him, ” Watch and see ” he said bouncing out. Ten minutes later, we both could be seen cruising the street of Lagos on his bike, loud music from different clubs and bars made the night.

With smiles and happiness of the morning, I went to the stream, I have been relieved when Alvana told me Gabriel hadn’t written the letter, I swayed and smiled happily as I went to the stream early that cold morning, I do go very early before other village maidens so as not to be involved in gossips. The village girls are good gossipers, they can involve you in useless talk and waste your time. ” Adanna” I heard Alvana called from behind, he was going to his farm as usual, he had a how hanged on his shoulder and a cutlass on his hand. ” Alvana, good morning” I greeted. ” You are so hærdworking, you mean you have come to fetch water this morning?” He asked smiling. ” Yes” I replied. ” Hmm, let me take Gabriel place, let me esc-rt you to the stream” he said. ” No, dont bother..” He interrupted. ” I want to esc-rt you to the stream, that isn’t something big is it?” He asked smiling, I had no option than to give in. ” Don’t worry, you are meant for Gabriel and am not taking his place” Alvan said smiling. ” I just miss him so much” I told him. ” When he was here you could not tell him you love him and you are missing him now.” Alvana said laughing. ” The boy is meant to tell the girl not otherwise” I said calmly. ” Another postulate by Alfred Marshal” he said laughing . ” Who is Alfred Marshal?” I asked. ” An economist” he said. ” Stop there!!” A voice shouted from behind, we both turned and it was Mbe the cat, I felt pity for Alvana immediately. “Your dog has come” Alvana said to me smiling, ” Won’t you run?” I asked pushing him away. ” Run? I hate that sport” he said again smiling. ” What kind of idiot are you?” I asked as I saw mbe drawing closer. ” Mbe with the way you follow Adanna these days, I think it will be better calling you Mbe the dog rather than the cat” Alvana said smiling, I was sure he didn’t know who he was standing with. “Alvana, is that for me?” Mbe asked angrily as he pushed Alvana to the ground. Alvan stood up slowly, he was still smiling. ” Mbe the dog is really perfect, Adanna what do you think?” Alvana asked holding my hands, I was now shaking incredibly. ” What sort of full grown man of Atata pursues a lady day and night rather than go to the farm?” Alvana asked still smiling, he was always smiling. ” Alvana!!” Mbe scre-med and punched Alvana over his face, the punch sent Alvana to the ground, this time Alvana didn’t get up slowly, he sprang up with his both legs and stared at Mbe smiling. Mbe tried bringing another punch but Alvana caught his hand in the air, then like thunderstorm, Alvana released a hot slap to Mbe’s fat cheeks. The stream became still, the trees stopped rustling, the birds of the trees flew away as Mbe fell to the ground heavily with his both eyes closed, Just a slap. ” He is dead” I said turning to Alvana who was just smiling.

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