Act Of Faith

Act Of Faith – Last Batch

Episode 33
Title: Headway
” You know you actually do make things easy for me ” he continued, his voice was like a roar, like he was talking out of anger. ” Whoa, so we meet at last Mr Serial Killer” I talked for the first time, ” You know, you kind of make my job easier, You see , your sister wasn’t met to die, she wasn’t on my list, you were the one to die Gabriel. But that night when I came to take you, you weren’t around. Your window was opened and through it, I gained access into your house. You weren’t on the bed, you might have gone to look for me while I was also looking for you. Since you weren’t around, death doesn’t just pay an ordinary visit, I decided to take your sister in anticipation of you, and look at now, you are here, coming to me to get killed” He moved around, though he tried making his voice thick, I thought the voice sounded familiar. ” why do I have this feeling that I know you?” I asked, ” Whoa, you don’t know me, I know you” came his reply. ” I didn’t come here to get killed, I came here to kill you” I told him still standing at the same s₱0t. ” You spies just think you have the power to defeat everyone you come across, no, it isn’t your fault, I blame sir Ajan for this” He laughed, I wasn’t much surprised, I knew it was someone from Newriton. ” But you know we can settle this in peace, Why are you doing this?” I asked and he bursted into a long, loud laughter. ” Peace? I know no peace. And as for why I am doing this, Life is all about the money bro. And I also thinks its fun you know?” He laughed on. ” maybe that fun will end today” I told him. ” Hey, should I tell you something?” He asked but I didn’t reply. ” Do you know why am wearing a mask?Dumb head, it not so that I can hide my identity, it so that the good guys wont know am smiling ” He laughed again. ” You see, I had wanted Adanna to go before you, but someone saved her, don’t worry, I will soon find out who. As for now, I think you should go make a place for Adanna in the kingdom” he continued. ” What about if I say I know who you are?” I asked, I dont really know the person behind the mask but it was one of those things we learnt from Newriton. ” Hey, come on boy, I once use to be in Newriton, so you dont expect that to work on me” he said with a short laugh. ” Now, I think we have talked enough, no….” He interrupted me. ” Yes, we have made enough jokes, how do we say it again? Let’s Die!!” He said as he pulled out his sword, ” Sorry bro, I dont use swords” I pulled out my gun and released two bullets to his chest, to my surprise, he was still standing fine. ” Sorry bro, I use bullet proof” he laughed the more and immediately advance towards me with the sword held tight in his hands, I stood where i was waiting for the movement of the sword, I wasn’t trained with swords but nevertheless, I am a crime fighter. He swung the sword across my head, I saw it coming and quickly rolled on the floor and immediately brought out one of my knives, I held tight to it. ” I have never seen a spy as dull as you are, a knife against a sword?” He asked me as he came closer, I watched his movement, I was breathing heavily. He flung the sword to my neck side but I quickly moved closer to him and guided his hand with my left hand, I immediately dished a punch to his face, he pretended like he was going to fall and shockingly he gave me a back leg kick. I fell to the ground and immediately did a Chinese get up ( A type of stance in which you help yourself up with your legs) . I was just regaining balance when he gave me a kick to my chest again, it pushed me backward and I hit a tree. He came forward with the sword towards my head, I bent down swiftly and the sword got stuck into the tree. I rolled away from him as he tried removing the sword, I then threw a knife at him. To my surprise, he weaved the knife like as if he had seen it coming. The knife also got stuck to the tree and he removed his sword. ” Gabriel, is this all you have got?” He asked coming closer, I now wished I never came looking for him. ” What? Am still standing ” I also moved closer to him. I threw a punch but he simply caught my hands in the air and hit my head with his own head. I staggered back, I could now feel my nose bleeding. ” He rushed towards me and gave me a spear ( A fighting technique when you push your opponent down by diving and hitting their abdominal region with your shoulder) I fell down immediately , I tried doing a Chinese get up but I fell back to the ground. I saw him walk towards me, he was swinging the sword with him. He bent down beside me and opened up my cloth, ” Do you ever wonder why I cut people in their wa-ist side?” He asked as he tried cutting me , I immediately gave him a kick to his head. He staggered up and I also got up, I gave him a back kick and he fell down to the ground. ” Ask about me, I ain’t that easy to defeat” I told him as I walked towards him with a knife. I threw it at him but he immediately did a back roll and the knife dug into the floor. ” I think you should also ask of me” he said and gave me a kick to my jaw, I staggered and tried regaining my balance but he gave me another spear and I fell down helplessly. ” I was trying to start a friendly conversation the other time but you weren’t interested, I think I will simply go straight to business now” He pulled up my cloth again and brought the sword close to mg wa-ist region. ” I can’t die like this” I thought to myself as I tried giving him a weak punch on his face, ” Hey bro, be calm, it doesn’t hurt much” he said and hit the back of his sword on my forehead, that’s was all I could remember.

It was already morning, Gabriel still hadn’t returned. I was now getting worried so also was Israel, ” What do we do now?” I asked israel who was sitting on the bed with his leg folded. ” Let’s act cool, that Gabriel is an idiot, he might be sleeping in the Bush now” Israel replied getting up. ” Let’s just act cool” I said and went out. Papa was already outside with chewing his stick, I walked to him smiling like nothing had happened. ” Good morning papa” I greeted him, he poured the content of his mouth away. ” Good morning my daughter” He replied as he put the chewing stick in his moth again. ” Papa, have you seen Oyinbo, I haven’t seen him this morning ” I said looking worried, ” is that why you are worried, he might have woken up early and gone out of the house” he poured the content of his mouth away again. ” Okay papa” I said and reached for the nearest broom used for sweeping the compound. ” Ah, my daughter drop it, I heard you people from the city dont do tedious work” Papa said and I bursted into laughter. ” Papa I can do it, the city isn’t as you people have painted it” I started the sweeping, ” Okay, if you say so my daughter” Papa concluded and watched me sweep. As I swept, I thought of what might have happened to Gabriel, has Ani killed him for venturing into its forest?
• I walked alongside Israel to the stream, I was holding a water pot to fetch water, I was actually helping Mama to fetch it. Linda is dead and there is no one to help her so I decided to make good use of my stay. The people we met on the road will stop twice to look at me, maybe the way I was dressed surprised them. I was almost getting to the stream when a huge young man double crossed us on the way. ” I am Mbe the cat, the one whose back as never touched the ground in any fight…” Israel interrupted him, ” whoa, this is you? I had actually seen you once in Gabriel’s phone,its nice seeing you real life” israel stretched his hand fort for a hand shake but the young man just eyed him. ” I am the great wrestler of Atata,I want to you to leave us” Mbe pointed to Israel while I bursted out in laughter. What gave a village wrestler the courage to walk up to israel and order him around? ” Why should I leave you?” Israel asked, just then Adanna came with her water pot from behind. ” Mbe what do you want from them?” She asked Mbe, ” Adanna, stay out of this, I want to speak with this maiden” Mbe pointed at me. ” Mbe please, they are from the city, dont trouble them” Adanna pleaded. ” They are from the city but this is my territory ” Mbe said and made to draw my hand but israel blocked him. ” You are rude” israel told him as they stood face to face. ” Please hold your friend, he might get injured ” Adanna whispered to me while I simply smiled, ” Get out from my way” Mbe ordered but Israel stood still staring more intensely at Mbe. ” Leave here” Israel told him but Mbe bursted into laughter. ” Who are you to order me around?” Mbe asked him in between his laughter but Israel didn’t reply. Mbe pushed Israel aside and moved towards me, ” You are a beautiful maiden” He started while I smiled, it was actually a smile of pity. ” I am Mbe, the….” He was interrupted by a slap from behind, Israel had slapped him. Mbe turned back slowly but angrily to face Israel, ” Abomination ” Mbe shouted as he made to slap back but israel caught his hand up in the air. Mbe struggled to get free but couldn’t. ” I don’t just like to fight” Isreal said and pushed him away, Mbe fell to the ground heavily in shock, he stared at israel with his mouth wide open, I and Adanna bursted into laughter. ” Fool” I said as I walked to the stream with Adanna, Israel followed behind.
• “Gabriel told me everything about your encounter that night with the man in black” I said to Adanna as we headed back home from the stream, “yes I was” She simply replied, ” What can you remember about that night?” I asked her .

I opened my eyes slowly and the first thing it caught was the palm frond made roof, I stirred to my left side and I saw a man in black short and shirt backing me, he was facing the left side wall. On the wall made with mud was the sculpture of a mark, it was the mark of Newriton. ” You are awake?” he asked calmly with a thick voice and without turning to face me. I tried to sit up but I felt pain all over. My cloth has been taken off, there were bruises all over my body, I checked my wa-ist region but the sword mark wasn’t there. ” Who are you?” I asked as I finally sat up. ” Hey, I saved you, you should say thank you first, this would be the second time I would be saving you” he said still backing me. ” Thank you, but who are….” He interrupted me, ” I am Jason ” He put in, i opened my eyes in amazement, at last I was in the same room with the much talked about Jason, but when was the first time he saved me? ” Thank you for saving Adanna” I told him but he didn’t reply, I looked around the mud room again and saw that the mark of Newriton was almost sculptured all over the wall. ” you are a careless spy, how could you take such a dangerous move?going into the forest of Ani alone without backup” his voice echoed, ” I know , I only wanted to end the mystery” I explained. ” Jason please, can I see your face, I wanna know you, stop backing me” I added , ” You already know me, I am Jason” he said again, ” I dont know who Jason is” I countered, ” Oh am sorry,better put, I am Jason Alvana” He said and turned, putting on a smile, and standing beside me Was ALVANA..

Episode 34
Title: Who??
” Alvana!!’ I shouted as I stood up fully from the bed, ” Hey be careful , remember you aren’t fine yet” He drew me back to the bed gently. ” Alvana, you are Jason the thief?” I asked , his smile suddenly faded away. ” I am not a thief” he defended himself, ” But you..” He interrupted me, ” I never stole anything , I was implicated” He sat on the bed. ” I won’t believe that, you wrote a letter to your girlfriend promising her …” He interrupted again. ” I didn’t write the letter” He said smiling as he got up, ” Why would I believe that?” I asked him, ” Didn’t you write a letter to Adanna when you were in Newriton?” He asked me while I opened my mouth in shock and surprise. ” yes I did” I told him, ” What was the content of the letter?” He asked smiling and opening a wooden made drawer in his room. ” I professed my love to her, I also told her that my coming back might be extended” I explained to him, he smiled and nodded as he brought three piece of papers from his bag. ” Take” he handed one piece to me. ” Was that the letter you wrote?” He asked with a smile as I took a glance at the letter.
1, Madu street.
How are you, I hope your parents are doing great, and how is Atata. I only want to use this medium to clear your mind from all tiles you might think is between us, i would be a sinner if i continue to lead you on. I have a fiance in the city, so please dont think there is anything between us, i love my fiance and wont want to leave her for any girl, not even a village girl. I have nothing for you, I only played along with the moment. Go get married, remember, you are growing older by the day.
Gabriel Omiyi
” I didn’t draft this!” I shouted in anger as I sprang up from the bed, ” But this was the letter that got to Adanna” Alvana smiled. ” No, it can’t be, if this sort of letter go to her, then why didn’t she tell me when I got back home?” I asked him in anger. ” Because I asked her not to tell you, I managed to convince her that you didn’t draft this, you can ask her when you leave here” he explained with a smile while I scratched my head. ” wait!” I stood up, ” I wasn’t the one that submitted the letter to be posted that day” I said while he opened his eyes in surprise, ” Who did?” He asked. ” My friend Israel, he is my room mate” I explained but he just hissed. ” Israel wasnt around during my time” he said silently. ” What does the letter have to do with your time?” I asked him. ” Because the same person who changed your letter also altered my letter” he handed me another piece of letter, I stared at the letter where he was promising his girlfriend to bring some money for her. The strange thing was that the letter had exactly the same hand writing. ” Yes that was the letter that implicated me, I only posted a letter telling my girlfriend I would be coming back soon” He explained, there was tears in his eyes. ” Sorry about that bro, but I think this is a headway, the person is someone I know and you also know” I told him and he nodded. For once, Alvana didn’t smile, tears dropped his eyes. ” I knew you were from Newriton when I saw the mark, I was only unlucky not to have completed my trainings ” he told me while I nodded. ” How did the money get into your room?” I asked him, ” My card was cloned, someone cloned the card” he sat down still holding a piece of paper in his hand.
” Why will someone want to implicate you that way?” I asked, ” I was the best fighter in my set, a lot of people wanted to be the best so they wanted to dismiss me, many also wanted to be the best but they couldn’t get it when I am still there” he explained further. ” That’s bad, but why will the person change my own letter?” I asked him, ” Maybe that person wanted Adanna” He said but I found it hærd to believe. ” Why did you kill the chief priest?” He suddenly asked, I looked at him in surprise, does Alvana know everything? ” I didn’t…” He interrupted me. “Remember that night, when you thought you heard footsteps behind you and you immediately turned with your gun, I was the one following you” he smiled while I opened my mouth in shock. ” I wasn’t actually following you” he started, ” I was going to the chief priest place to make my own investigations, I had always suspected him” he said. ” I had been earlier worried about I was to enter into his inner house with violence, and then you came and helped me distract him” Alvana continued. ” I dont get you” I said relaxing on the bed. ” My mission that night was to search the chief priest house which is at the back of the shrine, I wanted to see if I could get any suspicious exhibit. Your coming was of advantage because you helped me distract him, I took cover among the bushes and found my way to the small back shrine house. I heard your discussions with him and how you finally shot him. Gabriel, you are a spy, you should learn to always take things easy and keep calm, its step by step” he stared at me while I nodded. ” So what did you find out?” I asked him and he handed me the last piece of paper. I stared at it and all I could see were names, ” That is the name of the people the serial killer had planned to kill, look well, your name and Adanna’s are among them, I got it from the chief priest place, there was also a bag of money, the chief priest us being paid to make the people believe that Anu kills its people” Alvana explained, ” the names isn’t what got my attention about the letter” Alvana continued as he collected the previous letters he had given me, ” The fact that the three letters have the same handwriting is what to be suspicious about” Alvana added. I looked well again and he was right, the three letters were written by the same person. ” Now Alvana, am confused” I said to him, he only smiled. ” let’s leave the letters alone, you said israel posted your letter, we should try talk to him ” He stood up and walked around. ” Maybe someone might have seen him posting the letter” Alvana added. ” I will talk to him” I assured him, ” Now, how do we get the killer?” I asked and he smiled. ” We will use the list, the latest person he killed was Eneda, now, the next on his list is who?” He asked as he opened the list himself, ” Whoa, the next on his list is Mbe ” he concluded and laughed, ” I would have loved Mbe to be killed” I also stood up, ” Even I myself, but that’s not what Newriton portrays” he sat down . ” Okay, what we have to do is to watch Mbe the cat secretly, the killer might attack soon” Alvana added. ” Hmm, please I would need that my letter for investigations” I pointed at the letter with him, ” Sure” he nodded.

Coming to the stream that morning, I had only one intention, to see Gabriel. I was surprised and down casted when I didn’t see him among his friends, I didn’t bother to ask because I knew he must be fine. We had to gist deal with Mbe before going to fetch water with the city girl, Morg-na. The city guy israel was behind us like a guard as we walked back home, he might probably be watching out for Mbe the cat or has Alvana might have put it, Mbe the Dog. ” I dont think I can remember anything about the guy” I had told the city girl when she asked me what I remembered about the night I had an encounter with the man in black. ” Are you sure there is nothing you can use to describe him, anything at all” she pressed forward while I stood for a while to think, ” Nothing” I finally said since I could remember nothing. ” Okay then” She said and we walked home.
” Now, I think you have to go home and prepare” Alvana told me, ” You see, some of my friends from the city are here with me in the village, I mean fellow spies like me” I told Alvana as he handed me my white T-shirt which he had washed for me. ” That’s great, they can also be of help but can you trust them?” He asked me and I nodded. “Okay then, get them prepared” he tied a wrapper around his body and carried a cutlass. ” let me lead you out, I am also going to the farm ” He walked out and I followed him. His house was surrounded with bushes, it was the only house in the environ, Alvana had certainly lived a life of stigmatization. ” You live in a bush?” I asked him, ” No, this is my own estate” He smiled as we found our way through the bush path. ” Wait, dont you think the chief priest might have fortified the killer?” I asked him and he bursted into laughter, ” Who killed the chief priest?” He asked me, ” I did” I simply replied, ” Didn’t the gun kill him? Why wasn’t he fortified? Didn’t he call on Ani that day? Why did the bullets kill him?” Alvana asked me as we walked along, ” That simply means Ani doesn’t exist” Alvana concluded and silence fell upon us until we got to the main village. It was still morning and people had not started coming out, so I quickly found my way home. ” Oyinbo, where are you coming from looking so rough?” My father who was sitting on his arm chair asked on seeing me, ” I went for a little adventure dad” I replied trying to smile, ” is that why your face is also rough and swollen?” He added, ” it looks like you have been beaten” He said . ” papa, am tired, where are my friends?” I asked him walking towards the house. ” They are in,side, they have really been good in helping us” He smiled , I nodded and went into my room. I met Morg-na and israel pacing the room with worried expressions on their faces. ” Fool, must you play with everything, where have you been?” Israel asked on sighting me, Morg-na took a deep breath and fell into the bed. ” I had an encounter with him, or let me say them” I started, ” who is him or them?” Morg-na asked as she sat up on the bed, ” The serial killer and Jason” I said , the expressions on their faces showed they were interested In the discussion. ” I went to the forest of Ani as I had planned, I saw the body of the dead girl and true to our thoughts, there wasn’t any other body in the forest. I hid myself in the bush hoping to see what will happen and I saw people come to take her body away, where they took her to, I dont know. I was happy on my discovery but never knew the killer was behind me, I only noticed when he talked. We both ended up in a fight, he was stronger than I had prepared for. Nothing I did worked on him, he was able to defeat me and about to cut me with the sword. I tried punching him and then he angrily hit my head with the back of the sword and that was all I could remember. When I woke up again, I was in a room, on a bed, Jason’s house” I concluded, they were all listening attentively. ” Did you see his face? I mean Jason? ” israel asked while I nodded, ” I saw him, he even happens to be someone I know, he is my village friend” I explained. ” You see, we can’t also trust this Jason, remember he is a thief” Morg-na stood up from the bed and started pacing around. ” He isn’t a thief” I defended and they both turned to me waiting for an explanation. ” He was implicated with a letter, a letter he never wrote ” I started, ” I dont understand” Israel ch¡pped in, ” Israel, remember that day you helped me post a letter, was this the letter you posted?” I asked handling the letter to Israel, he took it and read through it. ” No, I didn’t post this” Israel laughed, ” But this was what got to Adanna” I said while they both stared at me in disbelief. ” Wait, there was one person with me that day I had posted the letter” Israel said placing his left fingers across his l-ips, ” Who?” I and Morg-na asked in union.

Episode 35 ( Final Episode)
Title: Redemption
” who? ” I asked again, ” Christiana, she was going for jogging that morning ” israel said. ” But this isn’t Christiana’s writing” Morg-na looked at the letter again, ” I know but only Gabriel, me and Christiana know I posted a letter, no one else does” Israel said while I reached for my phone. ” Yes, Christiana, how are you doing” I started as I placed the phone on speaker, ” Hey Gabi, am fine, I am in my house, am enjoying myself here with family” Christiana laughed happily over the phone. ” Oh, nice, I lost my sister” I told her, while she paused for some seconds, ” Was she sick?” She asked me, ” No she wasn’t, didn’t I tell you about the serial killer in Atata?” I asked, ” Yeah, I kind of heard you talked about it once, you weren’t telling me directly” She answered. ” The serial killer killed her” I said” Oh God, am sorry bro, I think you need to report this to Sir Ajan, we need to work on this” her voice was filled with sorrow. ” We dont need sir Ajan, Israel and Morg-na are already here with me” I said, ” Oh no wonder I didn’t see them before leaving Newriton ” she said, ” Yeah, we are on the verge of getting the killer now, but we only need you for something ” I told her calmly. ” I will do anything for you on this case” she assured me. ” Okay, do you remember any day , about some weeks ago when you saw israel going to post a letter?” I asked. ” Yes, I remember seeing israel once going to post a letter, I asked him who it was for and he had replied Adanna” She explained. ” Did you do anything with the letter, did you go back to take the letter, dont lie to me” I said calmly while she took a deep breath.

I am Christy, a trained spy from Newriton. I still live with my parent in Enugu , I am 22 years of age. When I got to Newriton , I met this young handsome guy, Gabriel Omiyi. He was a strong, Jovial spy. If am not mistaken, he was the best of us all but he had one problem, he was never patient. I won’t lie to you guys, right from the first day I saw him, I fell in love with him. Yeah, I fell in love with but as you all know, the girl doesn’t go to the boy, the boy comes to the girl. So I had to hide my feelings but still loved him secretly. As time went on, I started noticing him falling for me also but he never talked about it, if he was scared or shy, I dont know. I knew he was crushing on me with the way he behaved, he always wanted to be with me , he was always fond of me. It continued this way until he finished his training and went home, it was there he met this girl they call Adanna. I dont know her but whosoever she is, she succeeded in taking my guy from me. I got to know her name on the day we were having an instruction class on our upcoming mission, a long time spy, Daniel was the one teaching us. In his class, he had made a statement , ” So, this isn’t something we should rush, it might end up becoming a mission to be accomplished in Years, Gabriel, dont worry or think about Adanna” Daniel had said that day, I had asked Gabriel who Adanna was and Gabriel has simply told me ” Ask him” which I did, at the end of the class that day, I went to Daniel to ask him. ” Hey, good morning” I greeted as he went out the hall that day, ” Hey, good morning” he greeted back ” You see, I wanna ask you s….” He interrupted , ” You wanna know who Adanna is” he smiled surprising me, ” Hey, dont be shy, I know you love Gabriel, anyways, Adanna is his village girlfriend, or better put, the village girl he loves” he explained while I breathed out in anger, ” Hey, dont be sad, love is like a game, you are free to compete for him, it like the survival of the fittest” He had told me that day , he made me have trust in him, he told me he was going to help me get Gabriel if i want and that he is always available if I need his help. On one fateful morning, I had been lucky to see Israel posting a letter, ” Hmm, who are you posting to?” I had ask him and made to jog to the field, ” It is for Gabi, I am posting it to his girlfriend, Adanna” He explained. I nodded and jogged away, not to the field but to a corner where I watched him till he was out of sight. I then came out and opened the post box, I took the letter. The time was 7:00am, the post men will come take the letter by 11:00am so I had time. I took the letter to my room, I made to change the content with a new paper but I stopped. Gabriel will surely know my handwriting when he sees the letter if he goes back to Atata, I needed someone else to do it for me, Daniel was the perfect person. I went to his quarters and surprisingly, he was willing to help me change it. He did a perfect Job and I was happy with myself. No lady will see this and still want to continue with the guy. I posted the letter before 11:00am and that was how the letter was changed. I waited to see any change but no I didn’t see one. It was during our mission that I met this guy in Kendrick club, he showed me love and in no time, I forgot Gabriel. Though I forgot Gabriel, I couldn’t help to think of the fact that I spoilt his own relationsh¡p. I always wanted to tell him of what I did but I never got the chance, I hope one day, he will find out and I will open up. When he called me today and brought the topic about the letter, I thought it was the opportunity to tell him of what I had done. ” I swapped the letter, Daniel wrote it for me, please forgive me” I told him in a calm voice. ” you said who wrote it for you?” He asked, ” Daniel, he wrote it for me, see, am really sorry, it was out of jealousy , please forgive me” I told him again but the line was dead.
” She said Daniel wrote the letter for her” I turned to Israel and Morg-na, the news was like a shocking revelation, I had never liked Daniel but I always prayed it wasn’t him. ” So how does Daniel changing the letter make him a serial Killer?” Israel asked as he sat on the ex with Morg-na, ” it has a lot to do with it” I said and narrated everything to them. ” This is a shocking revelation ” Israel exclaimed after the story, ” According to Newriton, he isn’t guilty until we get him red handed ” Morg-na stood up holding her wa-ist. ” so we have to protect that foolish cat of a guy, we almost fought this morning” Israel lamented, ” I myself won’t have loved to protect him” I said as I brought out a gun from my briefcase. ” I will love to meet this Jason” Morg-na turned to me, ” Yes, he will be with us soon ” I assured her. They got up and got their guns and knives ready , there is surely gonna be a big fight anytime soon. ” Dont you think we involve sir Ajan in this?” Morg-na asked, ” No!! We dont want to finish this in five years time” israel objected while I bursted into laughter.
• ” So guys, meet Alvana, sorry, Jason” I said to Israel and Morg-na as we sat on a bench that evening with Alvana, he was just returning from the farm and he decided to branch. ” Nice meeting you guys” Alvana smiled, ” At last, I am standing face to face with the famous Jason ” Israel shook hands with him, he hugged Morg-na. ” Gabi told us everything, he told us how you saved him, thank you” Morg-na smiled while Alvana nodded with a smile. ” so now, let’s go straight to business” I stood up and squatted on the ground. ” It is a clear fact that the serial killer attacks by night, so our duty is to watch Mbe by night” I said looking up to them, ” Say something we dont know” Israel shouted and they bursted into laughter. ” We start this night, there is every possibility that he might want to strike this night, for one reason or the other, he seems to be in an hurry” Alvana added while we nodded, ” Mbe house is of this shape” Alvana drew a kind of structure on the ground, ” It is surrounded with bushes. That is where we are gonna take cover. We can’t use guns so as not to kill Mbe” Alvana continued, ” Guns doesn’t even have effect on him, he is on a bullet proof” I ch¡pped in. ” One way or the other, one of us have to gain access into Mbe house, the serial killer might visit him at home” Alvana continued. ” We dont need to be afraid, we are 4 and he is only one, we can do this” Alvana concluded. ” Wait, we ain’t killing him, we are to expose him” Israel said. ” Do you think its better to lead him into a trap?” Morg-na started and we all turned to her, ” I can distract him, I can lead him to you guys, you guys should be somewhere, I can bring him to you ” She suggested. ” I think her plan is better” Alvana smiled again, ” Thanks” Morg-na blushed.

With the help of Jason, I was able to locate Mbe’s house, he was outside his house when I got there that evening, he was eating Akpu and soup. ” Good evening” I greeted, I was in a black trouser and a white top, I wasn’t with any weapon other than a knife in my high heel shoe. ” Are you not the maiden I saw at the stream today?” He asked with a smile as he rubbed his hand on his wrapper, ” yes I am” I smiled back. ” What brings you to the abode of the great cat?” He asked as he cleaned the bench for me to sit, I checked the time and it was 6:00pm, the killer might come soon. ” Why dont we go in,side?” I asked crossing my legs, ” Whoa, you want to come in,side? ” He led the way while I followed him. ” So tell me why you have come to my abode” he stared at me. ” Because I like you, you were saying something about me this morning but my foolish city friend stopped you, the truth is that I actually like you too” I smiled , his face was full of happiness, I wished he knew I have nothing for him, I hate guys like him. ” That’s why I have come to be with you till tomorrow” I told him again. ” Unbelievable, you mean you will stay with me through the night?” He asked while I nodded, ” I heard the city people are free but never believed till now, you can stay for eternity” He shouted happily as he rushed out to bring the bench in.
• It was now around 12:15am, Mbe wasn’t sleeping so also was I not sleeping. He had been disturbing him to get intimate with him but all to no avail. I had managed to pull off my trouser leaving me alone with my bomb short, I allowed him rom-nce me but nothing more. He was still in the act of rom-nce when we heard movement around the house, I sprang up immediately. ” What is that? ” I asked him, ” I dont know ” he replied as he also stood up from the bed. I moved away from him and stood beside the door while Mbe searched for his machete. Suddenly, the door was forced opened by a single kick, and a man in black walked in quietly and stood face to face with Mbe. ” The cat, Ani has come to kill you ” The man in black said, Mbe machete fell off his hands. ” Hello Daniel” I said from behind and he turned sharply to face me, ” Morg-na ” his voice depicted that he was shocked. ” Yes Daniel, are you surprised I know you? don’t be bro, that’s the way the girl does her thing” I smiled. ” Then, it is time to know how the boy does his thing” He replied and brought out his sword from its s—t. ” Sorry bro, I have to let the wh0le world know” I said and dashed out of the house, he followed me immediately. It was a tough race, I knew he mustn’t get me else am done for. I dashed into the bush surrounding Mbe’s house, I was actually heading to the forest of Ani where the rest must have been waiting, we already picked a s₱0t where the show will take place. I ran out of the Bush and then into the quiet dusty road of Atata, I could feel Daniel following me. In the darkness of the night, two people could be seen running along the red , dusty road of Atata, Daniel and Morg-na.
I took a sharp turn into the forest, the birds of the night sang with their sonorous voices while the crickets backed it up. I found my way through fallen woods, I made sure I did not fall, the fact that I was with just a bomb short and a shirt made me more flexible, I suddenly got to the s₱0t which was filled with tall trees, that was where my friends were, I quickly took cover behind a tree, I felt he stopped, he might be surprised where I haf entered.
We were on the top of trees, i, Israel and Alvana, we were on tree top waiting fruitfully for the arrival of Morg-na. We were prepared and ready to die, we were dressed in all blacks like shadows. We saw Morg-na come into the woods, she took cover behind one of the trees, ” Why was she with a bomb short?” Was the first thing I asked myself. Later on after her arrival, we saw the man in black stop among the woods, he was probably confused. ” Coward, I know you are here” he shouted as he moved around, ” Morg-na!!! Your ancestors are ready to accept you “he shouted again. He suddenly turned back abruptly, some one had jumped down, it was Alvana. ” Hello Daniel” Alvana greeted while Daniel stood in shock, Morg-na also came out ” Am ain’t a coward, here I am” She said laughing. I and Israel jumped down at the same time, none of us was on mask. ” Daniel, why?” Alvana asked, ” Jason?” Daniel called out as his sword fell off his hands. ” No time for familiarities ” Israel threw a knife at his leg, the knife caught him well and he fell to his knee with a cry. Alvana walked up to him and took off his mask, it was no one else but Daniel. ” Is it about the money?” Alvana asked as he threw him down heavily.
Act Of Faith
Daniel wasn’t killed, he was taken to Newriton and locked up alongside young Carl, young Carl was the guy who cloned Alvana’s card, they were to die in jail with everyday toture. Alvana was later given the mark of Newriton and sir Ajan was happy to have him back. As time went on, something like chemistry could be seen between Alvana and Morg-na, they fell in love. I later got to know that Morg-na never stayed in port Harcourt, she was an orphan whom sir Ajan had picked from the club. One day, Morg-na decided we go greet her friend, the city nurse, Mama. It was there we discovered that she was Alvana’s mother, what a happy reunion.
• Some months later, the only catholic church in Atata could be seen crowded with cars of different kind, there wasn’t space in the wh0le church as it was crowded with people, it was my wedding day with Adanna. She was dressed in a white gown, while I was in a blue suit so also was all my friends, Jason, Sir Ajan, Morg-na, Christiana, Matt and Israel who was busy supervising those cooking. My mom, dad, and Adanna’s parent were all seen happily dressed and seated at the front of the church. ” Now I proclaim you, Gabriel Omiyi and Adanna Mologwu husband and wife” the priest voice echoed, ” Now you may k-ss your bride ” he added while I unveiled the white cloth covering Adanna’s face to reveal my ever beautiful Adanna, I moved my l-ips slowly to her’s and soon our l-ips joined, the church went into wide jubilation . ” Israel, get away from the front, let me camera this thing, Gabriel k-ss those l-ips well, she made you suffer too much ” it was Alvana, he was the camera man of the day. We broke the k-ss and Adanna rested her head on my shoulder, while the wh0le church went wide into jubilation, the old men could be seen hitting their walking sticks, Israel was scattering the dance floor with Morg-na until Alvana came to push him away. Mbe the cat could be seen battling with his piece of meat. At last, its over, we were able to unravel the mystery of the serial killer, we were able to get Daniel. The people of Atata later turned to worsh¡p the true God after they heard that someone was behind the killings, but they never knew those who were behind their salvation except Mbe who knew about Morg-na but kept it to himself. Although we got Daniel, we weren’t able to get Sir Jude Ike, but one day we hope we he will run into the long hands of Newriton, its just a matter of time and faith, its an act of Faith.


Act Of Faith season 2

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