Act Of Faith 2

Act Of Love 2 – Batch 5

Episode 20
Title: Headway
” Am Gabriel” I said advancing towards Gwen, ” I don’t Care who you are, just stay where you are if you don’t want me to pull the trigger ” she threatened, ” You and I know you can’t pull it, we are four and just you, we come in peace. ” I told her still moving towards her, ” What do you guys want? I don’t know who you guys are” She said with her hands vibrating, ” If this will make you alright, we were once students here” I told her showing her the mark of Newriton on my wrist, ” Daniel was once also a student here, but he betrayed Newriton on the long run” She told me still pointing the gun at us. ” Wow , you have heard of Daniel, haven’t you heard of Gabriel, Matt, Alvana , and Israel?” I asked her, ” why should you always call my name last?” Israel shouted from behind, ” Yes, I have heard of them but I don’t know them” she dropped the gun down this time, ” Then, sorry to shock you, am Gabriel, and they are the rest of them” I pointed to my friends, ” I Don’t still believe you, if you guys are the good guys you say you are, you shouldn’t have broken the door, you could have used your cards” She pointed the gun at me again, ” And what should we have done when our cards is no where to be found?” Matt asked still holding Alvana, ” How do you mean your cards are no where to be found?” She asked, ” That is why we are here” Alvana told her, ” we need your help” Israel added. ” Am not f—–g helping you guys until I am assured that you guys are really what you say you are” She said, ” Okay, I got my code offhand, you can check my profile” I told her, ” Better” she said advancing towards a small desktop, ” Your code?” She asked, ” ****” I gave it to her . ” Gabriel Omiyi, came in 2011 set, graduated 2017, trained with knife and gun, okay, I believe you now” She said looking away from the desktop to face us. ” You can check mine also” Matt moved towards her still holding Alvana, ” There is no need for that, so how may I help you guys?” She asked, ” We need you to help us track where this number called from?” I handed over the phone to her, ” Who owns the number?” She asked, ” An enemy, a friend to the Manhunter, he had been using the number to communicate with the Manhunter, we can get the Manhunter through him” Alvana said. ” Am not helping you guys because I want to but because the Manhunter is also my enemy” She said facing the desktop, ” Stop sounding tough and do this for us” Matt said placing his left hand on the desk, ” You are not a gentle man” she said punching the keypad of the desktop. ” Just give me about five minutes” She said still punching the keypad. ” You can have ten minutes” Matt said, Alvana smiled. ” Okay, this number called from the old abandoned catholic building about 700m from here” She smiled handing me back the phone, ” Thank you” I said as I collected the phone and turned towards the door, ” Would you mind coming with us?” Matt asked her, ” Matt, have told you not to ask a girl out the first day you meet her” Israel told him, Gwen laughed. ” Goodnight ” Alvana said, ” Yeah, Goodnight and please make sure you get the Manhunter, shut the door behind you” She told us as we walked out. ” Okay, old catholic building” I said as we walked out of the I.C.T unit, ” I can walk now” Alvana told Matt, ” I had been expecting you to say that” Matt said dropping him. We went back to where out bikes were parked, I had to carry Alvana on my bike, though he can walk, his keg wasn’t very strong yet. ” Off we go” Israel said and we Zoomed off to the entrance of the jungle. We got there in no time and we Parked the bikes in their strategic points before walking out of the total jungle.
Life seem to be totally unfair, I had once pictured life as a bed of rose, or thought life would be a bed of rose if I finally get married to the guy of my dream, Gabriel , but it is not so. Firstly, my husband and I have never had a rosy marriage, it was from one day of Quarrel to another day of argument, we never flowed along. Let’s take that aside, I am now being held captive for something I have no clue of, something I know nothing about, something that has to do with Gabriel and some other guys I don’t know. I don’t even know if my husband is dead or alive , don’t know what part of the world he is, don’t know anything. It’s true what I had heard one of the wicked guys say, I don’t know the guy I got married to, we live together for sometime now but never for once have I been to where he works, I only know he has chemists around which is being controlled by his employees. I have never bothered to go deep into the life of my husband, all what I know about him is that he is my husband. I only pray I make it out of this to meet him alive, there are a lot of things we need to fix. ” Sir Ajan, it seems you are scared, are you scared that your boys will come kill you?” Morg-na asked the old restless man laughing, he had been restless for some hours now, he didn’t even bother to sleep, none of us slept, who sleeps in danger? ” No, am not, am only thinking about the best way to kill you if they find us” The old man told her with an evil smile.

All thanks to speed, we soon got to the old des**ted church, I had to park the car some distance before the church. ” Here we are” I told them tucking my small pistol in my wa-ist side, Alvana and Israel hung theirs on their shoulders while Matt held his in his hand. ” We go there as quiet as we can be, we are not meant to use the gun until the last moment ” Alvana said. ” Myself and Gabriel take the front gate, the both of you, take the back gate ” Alvana said . ” Remember, don’t shoot unnecessarily ” He reminded as we alighted down the car, ” Good luck” I patted Matt and Israel, ” Remember,dying is not allowed ” Israel said hugging us , ” Now off we go” Alvana said bending down and rolling towards the gate, I followed suite, Matt and Israel took the other side. ” Okay, there is enough space underneath the gate for us to pass through” I told Alvana and rolled towards the gate, it was a bit above ground level. ” That’s true” He said as I squeezed myself and passed through, ” Clear, come on” I said to him, he also squeezed himself as he passed through the gate. We saw no one outside the church building, I and Alvana stood still where we were waiting for any slight movement but saw no one , then we ran toward the building with our gun pointed before us in case of any intruder. We soon got to the main door leading into the church, ” Are you sure this is where they are?” I asked Alvana whispering, ” Gwen said so” he answered. ” How do we open the door?”I asked again ” Don’t know” He answered, just then the door made a creek sound, we immediately took cover behind it as it opened. It was a guy in all black who might have heard something, he came out and looked left and right to make sure there was nothing, he was about turning back when Alvana hit his forehead with the bottom of the gun, the guy fell helpless to the floor. I dragged him beside the door and changed into his cloth and mask, it fitted perfectly, I was also lucky to find some knives on him which I also took. I tucked my gun in,side the trouser ” let’s go” I said to Alvana as I led the way into the church wit Alvana taking cover behind me, ” I will keep guard, go” he told me, I nodded. ” There are rooms upstairs, they should be in one of the rooms” Alvana said, I nodded again and went up the stairs, I could see about five rooms. I placed my ears on the first door but heard nothing, I went to the second door and I could hear someone pacing the room. I opened of slowly and entered into the room, the first person I saw was sir Ajan pacing the room, by the left was Morg-na all unclad and being suspended with her hands and a guard beside her, my wife was on the floor weeping. ” Did you see anyone?” Sir Ajan asked me, I shook my head the negative. ” Kelvin, I have told you times without number not to answer me with signs ” he shouted, ” Did you see anyone?” He asked in a raised tone this time.

Episode 21
Title: This Means Trouble
Myself and Matt walked slowly like shadows to the back of the church building, there was just a small gate there. ” Okay, we have to go in there but certainly not by that gate” I told Matt , ” Then by which gate?” He asked me, ” Fool we are not going to go through the gate, we use the fence ” I told him. ” Why use the fence when the gate is available?” He asked me, ” Because the gate may get their attention” I answered tucking my gun by my side. ” Like seriously, you want us to use the fence?” He asked, ” Watch me” I answered as I jumped and lifted myself up the fence. ” You can stay there contemplating weather to use the fence or not, am gone” I told him as I jumped to the other side , into the church building, Matt landed some seconds later. ” What next?” He asked me, ” nothing, just walk towards the church ” I told him and we walked back to back towards the church main door as silent and slow as snails. ” Dont breath” I whispered to him noticing the opened main door, ” Why shouldn’t I breath?” He asked back, ” sorry I meant don’t talk ” I answered and we continued our walk towards the door. ” What took you guys so long?” I heard Alvana’s voice as we stepped into the church. ” S–t!! You scared me for some seconds” Matt told him, ” Where is Gabriel?” I asked him, ” Hopefully, he might be dealing with sir Ajan now” Alvana said, ” And why are you here?” Matt asked him , ” Am keeping guide” Van answered. ” You guys should go check around and see if you can get any thing suspicious” Alvana said and I nodded, ” Let’s check the back” I told Matt who immediately hung his gun on his shoulder.

I was trained under sir Ajan for six years, sir Ajan is that kind of man that keeps track of even your walking step talk more of your voice, he can depict who you are by a slight means. I knew if I shake my head the second time he had asked me if I saw anyone, he might suspect something so I decided to immediately swift to action regardless of the fact that my wife was there. ” Kelvin, am waiting” he said bringing me out of my thoughts, ” Forgive me father” I prayed silently as I swiftly threw a knife to the rope Morg-na was suspended with and it cut off, she knew what was happening immediately and without wasting time gave a strong back kick to the guard who was standing beside her not considering the fact that she was all unclad. I brought out my gun before Sir Ajan could do anything and pointed it at him, I knew I don’t stand a chance against him in case of a fight. I turned to see my wife, she had curled herself up in a corner shivering. ” Any step, I waste you” I told him not thinking of the fact that my wife might decipher my voice, ” I knew it was you” Sir Ajan said smiling, ” I didn’t ask you to talk” I told him as I advanced towards him with my gun still pointed at him, ” I don’t need you to ask me to talk before talking” he smiled, ” Okay then, maybe this might shut you up” I said as I c*cked the gun like I was going to shoot him but instead I gave him a punch to the face with it and he staggered to the ground. ” Guy what took you so long?” Morg-na asked as she came beside me, she had tied the other guy down with a rope. ” You might need to cover yourself up” I told her, ” I think so” she said as she moved towards Sir Ajan who was trying to get up and started dealing punches on him. Sir Ajan fought back by pushing her away but I restrain him from touching her by pointing the gun to his forehead. ” I asked you to dress up and not beat him” I told her, she started to remove Sir Ajan garment leaving him with only his underp-nts, she wore them, she also tied him down with one of the spare ropes in the room. ” Take her away” I told Morg-na , she immediately carried my wife up. ” His voice is like my husband’s voice” Adanna said as Morg-na tried leading her out, ” Let’s go, that is not your husband” Morg-na told her, ” Yes its your husband talking, that is your lovely Gabriel” Sir Ajan shouted gasping for breath, there was a brief silence, this was all I have always wanted to keep a secret and now just like a flash, it is exposed. ” Gabriel” I heard Adanna call from behind.

I stayed downstairs for sometime and when I noticed that nothing special was happening, I walked upstairs waiting for anything unusual to happen and soon enough, I started to hear noise from the second room upstairs. I wanted to go in but thought against it and stood back to listen to what was going to happen. I heard the noise of people fighting for about five minutes and then everything went calm, the next person voice I heard was that of my fiance, it was like she was asking Gabriel what took him so long and then Gabriel’s voice came next, he kind of told her to go cover herself with a cloth, so my Morg-na was unclad? They said other things which I didn’t kind of hear because they talked more like they were whispering and then I heard footsteps towards the door and immediately took cover beside it, then I heard another voice, it was that of Adanna, I can’t forget that voice, we stayed together for a bit of time in the village. She was like telling Morg-na that Gabriel’s voice was like that of her husband and Morg-na on the other hand tried to tell her it is not her husband’s and then I heard Sir Ajan’s voice, ” Yes its your husband talking, that is your lovely Gabriel” was exactly what Sir Ajan said and everywhere became silent. I know the implication of this and how it might lead to the break down of their Marriage, I know how Gabi loves his wife so much, how he cares for her and how much he always wanted his wife. ” Gabriel ” Adanna called his name in more of a sorrowful voice, I know how betrayed she will feel, I could now feel my eyes w-t but did not let it pour, I slowly opened the door and walked into the room, ” Love!! ” Morg-na shouted as she jumped on me, ” Not now” I said dropping her and walking towards Gabriel, ” Alvana ” Adanna murmured my name but I did not answer . ” Man, let’s leave here” I patted him and walked towards the tied Sir Ajan and lifted him up, ” You will sure regret this” I told him leading him outside, ” Gabriel, please tell me its not you” Adanna said to the masked Gabriel, ” Its me love” Gabriel answered in a sorrowful voice and pulled off his mask. Sir Ajan bursted into laughter, I immediately punched him and drew him out.

Episode 22
I always knew a day like this would come, a day when Adanna would know about the real me but I never thought it would happen so soon. The most funny part of it was the fact that the person that had exposed me is the same person who had always emphasized on how we should keep our identity a secret, Sir Ajan. I took off my mask because there was nothing more to hide, she already know it’s me, so what is there to conceal? ” Gabriel, is this who you are?” Adanna asked more like a whisper, ” See, am so sorry” I begged trying to touch her but she slapped me. ” Don’t touch me” She shouted and slapped me again, ” Adanna stop this” Morg-na held her hand, Alvana was already outside with sir Ajan. ” Let her be, I deserve it” I told Morg-na, ” Gabi, we need to leave here, this isn’t the time for anything” Morg-na said, ” Morg-na, even you, you knew all this while and you didn’t tell me” Adanna faced her, ” It wasn’t in my place to tell you, see, it isn’t something…” Adanna interrupted her, ” Shut up!! I hate you all” Adanna shouted as she walked out in anger, ” Hey, its dangerous out there” I ran after her as she pushed the door open, it was at that same time one of sir Ajan guards was about shooting at Alvana who had taken cover well behind a pillar, the guy pulled the trigger and the bullet was obviously going to hit my wife, I had to do something.

I can’t just explain it, but anytime am with Matt, I always get into problems. We were meant to go see if the other part of the church is clear , that was what Alvana asked us to do but we had not gotten anywhere when Matt tripped and fell making a hell of noise . ” Must you always do this?” I asked him, ” Do what?” He asked as he got up and dusted his body, ” Must you always be the centre of attraction?” I asked him taking cover beside a giant pillar, ” If you want , stay exposed, I will be happy seeing a bullet stuck into your forehead” I told him , he immediately took cover behind another pillar sideway to mine. ” why are we taking cover? No one is coming” he told me, ” Watch and see” I whispered to him and soon footsteps could be heard approaching. ” Are you still wondering why we are taking cover?” I whispered to Matt again, ” shhhhh” came his reply. I peeped at the approaching footstep, it was a Man in all black and a mask , he was approaching where we were. I knew we can’t shoot him , that will certainly get us in trouble. I stared at Matt, who was just sideways to me hoping he would have an idea on what to do though I know he always had no idea. I held tight to my gun hoping for the worst and then I heard the sound of a gunshot, I peeped again and the Man in black had dropped down dead, there was someone behind him, the one who had shot him, he was also in black but this one wasn’t wearing a Mask. ” What is going on?” I asked myself but obviously wasn’t expecting an answer. I looked again and the man in black whose face I couldn’t see due to the darkness of the dawn walked away. I immediately rolled to Matt side . ” What just happened?” I asked him, ” What?” He asked me back, ” Didn’t you see, killing his own team” I told him not knowing how best to explain myself. ” Forget, let’s leave here” I dragged him away from the scene.

The only thing that came into my head was to jump and save my wife, I can’t help it see my wife killed by a bullet. I dived towards her direction and pushed her, the bullet caught my leg as we both fell from the balcony downstairs. The guy that had shot the gun fell down some moment later, Alvana must have shot him dead. ” Adanna” I called my wife who laid lifeless on the ground due to the shock and the fall, ” Adanna” I called again shaking her face, ” Adanna please don’t do this” I cried as I rested her head on my laps, I could see blood dripping from my left leg, all thanks to the bullet. ” Am sorry” I cried more stroking her hair, ” Please don’t do this to me” I begged my lifeless wife. ” plea…” The sound of approaching footsteps interrupted me and I immediately drew her behind a pillar and brought out my gun ready to kill . Israel and Matt soon came into sight. ” Israel” I called his name and they turned in my direction, ” Gabriel, what happened? ” Matt asked as they rushed to where I was, ” Is she dead?” Israel asked, ” I don’t know” I answered . “You are bleeding, sh…” Israel was saying when the sound of another gunshot was heard upstairs, another Man in black fell down dead. ” Israel, go help Alvana and Morg-na up there, Matt, please, you need to help me take my wife away from here” I begged Matt, ” What about you?” Matt asked me , ” Just go, I will be fine” I assured him lifting Adanna’s head off my lap, ” Please, protect her with your life” I held Matt head and rested my forehead on his, “I will” he assured me as he lifted my wife on his shoulders, ” I am sorry Joy, I love you so much and I pray we see again to show you how much I do” I said k-ssing her forehead,which hung freely from Matt’s shoulder ” The key to the car” he said and i gave it to him. ” Gabriel” he called me standing upright, ” Yes” I answered staring at my bleeding leg, ” We will always love you” He said and walked away towards the door leading outside the church, I only nodded my head as I watched him leave.
” God” I murmured as I pulled off the black vest I was putting on leaving me with just my bare chest, I tore the vest into two and covered my bleeding leg with one of it. With the help of the pillar, I managed to get up , my gun was tightly held by my left hand, I limbed towards the staircase leading upstairs making sure to take cover at any slight noise. ” God, if I live through today, I will worsh¡p you with all my might” I murmured silently within me. I could now hear gunshot from many angles, and many men in black were dropping dead, Alvana. Israel and Morg-na can’t be the only one doing this, about twelve men in black had fallen down the stairs and apparently some dead ones are still lying upstairs, there is something confusing about the wh0le scenario, something that I can’t explain.

The shooting got more vigorous and intense, I had Morg-na and Sir Ajan by me, while I try to protect my fiance, I also try my possible best not to let Sir Ajan escape. ” Honey, if I die today, always know I love you ” Morg-na said to me, ” Bad news, you are not going to die today” I assured her and rolled away from the pillar and shot one man in black vest but no mask, he fell down dead. I immediately rolled back again and took cover behind the pillar as the rest shot at me, I then pointed the gun at Sir Ajan’s forehead. ” Tell them to stop the shooting or you die” I threatened him, ” Alvana, for the umpteenth time, I am not in control of this, i don’t know those shooting, all what I did was a test, Ann and Matt’s mom are alive, they are at the base. All I did was a test of Faith, Newriton sent me” He confessed.

Episode 23
Title: Adieu Gabriel.
” What do you mean?” I asked Sir Ajan, what he said was shocking. ” Yeah, it was just a test of faith, the board of Newriton asked me to test you guys with your most precious ones” He explained, ” What about the Manhunter and the rest?” I asked him, ” They are all fake, let’s get free from here first, we will talk about this later, its no time to discuss” he told me, ” I don’t believe him” Morg-na ch¡pped in. ” Let’s leave here first ” I told her as I lifted up sir Ajan and made to escape away from behind the pillar as the shooting got more tense, ” Follow me behind ” I told Morg-na peeping through the pillar, ” In one , two and go” I said as I ran away from the pillar side with Sir Ajan by my side and Morg-na beside me. I didn’t know where he had come from but from no where cometh a man in black who shot at my right lap, I fell down to the ground immediately and pushed Sir Ajan to Morg-na, ” Take him away ” I shouted to her as I c*cked my gun which was hung on my shoulders and shot back the man who fell down dead immediately, ” Leave here!!” I shouted to Morg-na who was still hiding behind a pillar, ” I can’t leave you” She shouted back, ” I promise to come back” I told her, ” Alvana, don’t die ” she said , I nodded and blew a k-ss to her, ” That’s a promise, I won’t die” I assured her, with that she held sir Ajan and went away. I got up slowly on my feet and made to limb to the next available pillar and from nowhere again, a bullet caught my shoulder and my gun alongside me fell down to the floor. I opened my eyes momentarily and saw about seven men in black cloth and trousers advancing towards me, I was able to recognize the guy in the middle, it was Daniel walking elegantly to me with his gun on his right hand. ” Daniel” I said to myself as I let a weak smile form on my l-ips , I tried getting up again but fell down back to the ground helplessly. ” At last, the great Jason has fallen” Daniel laughed as he got to me, ” How great has the mighty fallen ” He laughed h-rder bending to my level and staring directly into my eyes.
I wasn’t able to move fast, Adanna weight weighed me down as she laid lifelessly on my shoulders as I tried to escape the church compound without getting caught. As I walked I prayed silently to God to save the rest in,side. ” After today, I do this no more” I said to myself . All that had happened recently were just hærd to decipher, it had always been from one problem to the other, problems without explanations. I was just some steps away from the main gate of the church when I felt a gun being placed on my head, from the side. ” Don’t move, drop the lady” The guy with the gun spoke, ” Who are you? ” I asked without making any attempt to turn, ” That isn’t a necessary question, drop the lady” Came his reply, ” Am sorry Gabriel, it’s not my fault” I murmured to myself as I tried to drop Adanna and just then the man with the gun fell down dead with a cry of pain, he had been shot. ” Matt, let’s go” Israel said coming out of God knows where. ” Israel what are you doing here, go help those in,side” I told him, ” There is no point fighting a lost battle, he who runs from a fight lives to fight another day” Israel said as he lifted up Adanna and went out of the gate, I followed suit. ” How is Gabriel and the rest?” I asked him but he gave no reply.

” Thought I am gone for life?” Daniel asked me , I gave no reply. ” But guess what, Today is your lucky day, I have been asked not to kill you as you are needed for something more important otherwise, you know I would have killed you willingly” He told me, ” Have always knew you were a coward, you know you can’t kill me” I said to him, ” Don’t talk much, you might just force me to kill you” He said, ” I can’t force you to do what you can’t do coward ” I smiled , ” Guys, take this guy away before he makes me do what I don’t have to do” He faced his boys, ” Once again, see how great the mighty has fallen” He smiled as his guys came and dragged me up. I tried struggling to be free but all to no avail, they were stronger than I was. We had not moved from where we were when a bullet hit down one of the guys holding me by my left hand side, Daniel who was already leaving turned back immediately, ” Take cover all of you” he ordered his guys, ” Exactly, that’s the face a coward makes” I mocked him, ” Cover him, don’t let him escape” He said to another guy who was holding me, “He can’t hold me down” I said as I hit the forehead of the guy with my head, he fell down with a bleeding nose and gro-ned in pain, at that same point another bullet was shot but this the, it caught no one. ” Who is doing that?” Daniel asked in fear and from nowhere, Gabriel dived and pushed Daniel down with his body, the two soon started rolling on the ground and I faced his boys. They were five boys, truth be told, I had no idea on how to fight them but I rather die fighting than a coward. I tried giving a weak punch to the first but he easily caught my hand and instead gave me a punch, the other gave me a kick from behind and I fell down heavily to the ground with no hope of getting up again. From where I laid, I could see Gabriel punching Daniel who was leaning on a pillar, I never knew he was this strong. I could also see his injured leg and shockingly, he gave Daniel a drop kick against the pillar with his injured leg , Daniel fell slowly. Gabriel turned towards my direction and Advanced towards the five guys, I also got up to help him. He gave a flying kick to two who advanced towards him and soon, he was standing by my side, we were standing at the edge of the balcony, any slight movement and we will fall down stairs. ” We can do this” Gabriel said to me as Daniel’s five boys including Daniel advanced towards us, ” Are you sure?” I asked him as about ten more guys came out of nowhere, ” No we can’t ” he smiled, ” ALVANA, take care of my wife, tell her i love her, and tell Newriton not to ever forget me” He said to me and before I could realize it , he gave me a drop kick and I fell down to the down part of the church, ” Escape!!” He shouted from above to me who had landed heavily to the ground, and then I heard a gunshot and everywhere went quiet, I heard him no more, I cried as I ran out of the church limbing.


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