Affairs Of The Heart

Affairs of the heart episode 17

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(Letters to his celebrity crush✉️, searching for he

Genre: rom-nce

Tags: Comedy, secret admirer, jealousy, hatred.

Setting: Russia, Moscow city

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Chapter 17

He stopped on getting to Zack’s. He gazes at him.

Steve continues to move his hand. Zack took a deep breath.

“You think you are smart right? You wanna play games with me, right? You are the most stupid person I have seen so far. How dare you?” Steve choke Clark by his neck.

He struggles to breathe. He was choking.

“What are you ass**ting? Why would I want to do that when we had a deal? I don’t know what you are talking about, I don’t know anything about this, maybe you should ask your, workers.

How could they all be foolish enough to let them escape?” Mr. Clark forcefully jerks his hand away.

“How dare you speak to me in such a manner? I will kill you” Steve roared and charge at him.

Mr. Clark clutches his neck. “What do you count me for? A coward right? I’m not a coward. I am a bad boy when I was your age. To take your life is the easier thing for me. So don’t tempt me, and don’t try to play games, I am also a good one at that. Now tell me where do you hide my cousins?” Mr. Clark growled.

Steve guys charged at him. Zack give him a bl-w and he fell. Steve move closer and bent to his level.

“Who the hell do you think you are?”Steve asked in and hoarse voice.

“Your boss, am your boss in this game” Mr. Clark replied with a deadly grimace.

“Your mother!”Steve said and landed Clark a very deafening bl-w. Clark saw that Steve wasn’t ready for a child joke, and he is also ready to back off.

Steve gave him a heavy karate kick that landed in the groin. He doubled up in pain and held his groin with his two hands.

“Take him to the darkroom. Don’t feed him without notice from me. Punch him every day and night till he confesses”Steve authorized as he rise on his feet.

“You will pay for this. I won’t spare you” Mr. Clark cried out.

Separate into two parts. Some people should go and look for them. Why some stay here” Steve said with an authoritative tone and walked angrily to his room.


Khalid Mansion.

“You guys can come in. This is my small Palace “Khalid said as they entered the living room.

“This is extremely beautiful. This is a very big house. And you called it a small Palace! I must say this is riches”Dason commended looking around.

Khalid’s phone beeped. It was Leo. “Hey guy, take over in the company for today I am not coming. Thank you for leaving me, and boarding a taxi to the office”Khalid said to him and hang up.

Evan was contemplating this from upstairs.

“Thanks for this. We will move out immediately I find a house” Jasmine manage to voice out after a long lull since they were in the car.

“It’s Cool! Common lemme show you to your room “Khalid said, and she shook her head.

“Hey! what do you think you are doing Mr? “Evan asked coming down the stairs.

“What sort of question is that. Please lady can you get out of my way, and don’t provoke me today.

Am just tolerating you all because of Dan”Khalid said.

“Whatever is cool your mum left. Now I have my stand back. I was so tired of pretending like a good girl.

Just within two days, I changed. So Mr. Khalid, don’t mess with me. You know it is dangerous for you, as people are expecting you to propose to me.

But now you came home with another girl. It’s cool!”Evan blabb£d.

Jasmine and Dason stared at each other beseeching.

“Evan, don’t piss me. This is my house and I will bring anyone In here. I will never marry you. Not even if they dash you out. You are worthless and a disgrace to motherhood. I regret you had my son” Khalid yelled.

“You will see, I will show you. Dumbhead! Why is Dan not at home? Why should he be in a school”Evan clasped her head, and hit her leg so h-rd on the ground?
“Your plan won’t work. I won’t let you manipulate him again. Your time will be up soon, trust me. I will fling you out for good”Khalid said to her.

“In your dream. We are met to be together. We belong to each other. I will slaughter whoever tries to come between us”Evan blurt out.

Jasmine fidgetted.

“Empty threat. I will marry another person right under the tip of your nose and you won’t do anything about it my darling. Am done arguing with you. Is of no use. “Khalid said.

“You guys should come with me,” He said already pissed. Jasmine and Dason strode behind him. Dason rushed to patch up with him.

“You look so angry. Why are you so pissed?. I thought she’s your finance you shouldn’t have shouted at her as that”Dason said.

Khalid scoffed. “She’s not my fiance. She gave herself that title. And everyone thinks so” Khalid replied.

“But you guys had a child together. So how does that happen”Dason who just wants to get a clear picture of what happened a minute ago asked?

“Why ask so many questions? He’s pissed why don’t you leave him alone” Jasmine said to Dason.

“She was the girlfriend I used to love back then. But not again. I think this answer’s your questions”Khalid said, and Dason bobb£d his head positively.

Khalid shows them to the room. “Dason will you like to have a separate room? You know men’s stuff”Khalid asked.

“Yeah, she needs some privacy. Don’t you Jas?” Dason winked at her to say yes.

“Huh huh, what privacy is that. Stop cutting me an eye. It won’t work. We die here together “Jasmine said coming back to her real self.

“Since he wants a separate room, there’s no need to urge him to stay here,” Khalid said. “High five” Dason jumped around.

“Since you guys didn’t come with any of your stuff, I think you should go get some cloth. Clara will esc-rt you” Khalid said and asked Dason to follow him so he can show him to his room

Jasmine POV

I must say this house is well structured and more beautiful than Steve’s house. I sat on the b£d, it feels so good.

Then I remembered what happened earlier. So all the posts about him are fake. Sincerely this is amazing. But how will I tell him? I have already lied to him.


“I can drop you off home if you don’t mind. Maybe when you are done” Khalid said. I and Dason stare at each other beseechingly.

“What happened why are you guys quiet. Or maybe you don’t want that” Khalid asked. “Is not what you think we don’t have a house”Dason explained.

“How was that possible “Khalid asked confused. I know very well If I didn’t speak then Dason will end up telling him everything. No this mustn’t happen.

“Yes, we don’t have a house. We are orphans. Our parents were murdered by some unknown people. And now they just Murdered the only uncle we had left. The best option is to leave our house if we also want to be alive. That’s why we came here. I have some money I saved. So I will be renting an apartment”I told an untruth.

“So emotional. Sorry for that. You’ve been through alot already. So, for now, you guy’s don’t have to worry about getting an apartment. You can stay with me for the time being. I am sure you will be alright “Khalid said.

“Thanks, alot. I love you”Dason shouted joyously. “You are welcome buddy,” Khalid said smiling.

“Thanks, alot. I appreciate this” I said, and smile.

“Why are you serious”Dason said to me then paused. He faced Khalid.

“Don’t worry icon
. She’s a cheerful lady, I don’t know why she’s acting weird today. But you don’t have to worry. She will fill all your life with happiness” Dason said indirectly to him.

“Okay then, I will wait until then”He smiled.

I sniffled.

Khalid asked us to come as he led us to his car. “Hmmmm, you are strange. I felt like yanking your eye “He grumbled.

Hmmmm! I also went into the car

End of flashes

“Hi pretty, you must be enjoying your stay, “Khalid’s unwanted fiance said walking majestically to my room. I jerk up.

“What do you want?”I asked.

“Question, well all I want is for you to leave this house right this minute, “She said confidently.

It seems this lady didn’t know who she was talking to. Thank goodness Khalid doesn’t like her, so, there’s no need to fear being thrown in jail.

I smiled scraping my ear. I don’t get you,” I said and didn’t budge from where I was seated.

“I said you should vacate this premises right away” She wailed.

“Huh! Excuse me. What do you say again?. I think am having a listening problem” I asked, and took my ear closer to her mouth.

“Then I will make you understand”She tried to slap me. But I held her hand firmly in the air.


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