Affairs Of The Heart

Affairs of the heart episode 23

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♥️Th£ h£ART
(Letters to h¡s celebrity crush✉️, search!ng for h£r)

Genre: Romance

Tags: Comedy, secret admirer, jealousy, hatred.

Sett!ng: Russia, Moscow city

Chapter 23

“Hmmm, my lover is very cute, I met h¡m some way, we aren’t dat!ng, I don’t th!nk h£ love me, we both have met each oth£r but h£ don’t know my feel!ng for h¡m” I said and h£aves a sign of relief.

“Do you mean one sided love, if I’m not mistakenly” $h£ asked with a k!nd of are you serious face.

“Some k!nd of, but why was your face like that?” I asked.

“Noth!ng, I was j√$t th!nk!ng that what if th£ guy likes you? And why don’t you tell h¡m ab©vt th¡s? what if h£ also love you?” $h£ said.

“Aww I will be so happy if h£ do, but I don’t th!nk so, but I’m not go!ng to give up on h¡m, not so easily” I said.

“h¡s name, don’t try to omit that part, you must answer all my questions. What’s h¡s name and wh£re did h£ live.

What will I say to h£r now? Why is h¡s name so important to h£r, or is $h£ plann!ng to meet h¡m !n person” Those are th£ thought rummag!ng !n my m!nd.

“h£Y! What are you th!nk!ng? Are you hidd!ng someth!ng” $h£ asked.

“Noth!ng, I am not hid!ng anyth!ng, abd why will I want to hid someth!ng for you” I lied.

“So my question, am listen!ng” Clara said and brought h£r ear closer to me.

“Well, h£’s ©vt of th£ country, h¡s name so difficult to pronounce, h¡s name is j√$t weird.

So I th!nk is a better idea not to mention it” I blab.

That spirit that always says rubbish !n me is [email protected]¢k now.

“What are you say!ng? Are you okay at all? how can you say a name is weird” Clara asked.

“Yeah haven’t you h£ard that before, th£ir are some name that are weird” I replied and stood up.

“ I guess you don’t wanna tell me much ab©vt h¡m that’s why you are giv!ng me foolish excuses, or is it that h£’s so ugly that you th!nk I won’t like h¡m, common I’m not like that” $h£ said, and I burst !nto laughter.

“Common girlie who told you h£’s ugly, h£’s so [email protected], many ladies are dy!ng to have h¡m.

But I am sure I will be th£ lucky woman” I said.

“Which means you will have many rivals” $h£ said laugh!ng.

“So tell me ab©vt yours, have you ever been !n love?” I asked.

“Love love love, no, I haven’t been !n love before, I don’t even know how someone who is !n love feels.

All th£ idea I has is generated from story and movie. I don’t know how it feels to [email protected]|| !n love. So I am free from any bond of love” $h£ said feel!ng ontop of th£ world.

“Lie, stop deceiv!ng yourself. I know who th£ lucky guy is”I said, go!ng upstairs.

“Who? tell me now”$h£ sh©vted.

“F!nd ©vt by yourself girl, stop pester!ng me”I said look!ng [email protected]¢k.

I turn to go upstairs but i bumps !nto Evan.


Khalid company

Khalid POV

I was work!ng on a file wh£n Leo came !nto my office.

“h£llo buddy, you are glow!ng th¡s pa$$ few days. Tell me what’s th£ reason for th¡s”h£ asked and sit on th£ seat !nfront of me.

“I th!nk you wanna start with you mean!ngless chat today” I said teas!ngly and rest my [email protected]¢k.

“Like seriously, are you try!ng to say I am a fool or what?”h£ asked.

“I don’t say that, but if you say so maybe that’s it” I replied smil!ng.

“To be frank guy. Joke apart, you are really glow!ng. Isn’t th¡s you who always f!nd it [email protected] to smile.

Now I could say you are smil!ng unnecessarily. I th!nk that Jasm!ne girl I met yesterday was th£ reason for th¡s.

Everyone liv!ng with a damsel like h£r will always be glow!ng” Leo said.

“Yeah you are quite right. $h£’s j√$t fvll of vibe. I must say $h£’s great, even Dan likes h£r alot. Imag!n!ng h¡m ask!ng me if I will marry h£r” I said.

“Really, you mean Dan. I can’t imag!ne how Evan face will be after h£ar!ng that from h¡s own son” h£ said.

“Even I was shocked. Common I must say I am happy Dan h¡s my son. h£’s j√$t as smart as me”I said.

“Who told you that you are smart, you aren’t smart at all. You are th£ most dullest be!ng have seen so far” Leo taunted.

“Whatever” I said and buried my face !n th£ file.

“h£y, Jasm!ne or your mysterious lady”Leo said unexpectedly. It’s really hit me.

“What do you mean, because I don’t get. Like seriously why do you keep mention!ng Jasm!ne.

We j√$t met three days ago. $h£’s j√$t a nice and good lady, noth!ng m©r£.

I only love h£r. I Don’t know why $h£ didn’t add h£r name !n any of th£ letters. That could have been m©r£ easy to get to h£r” I said glar!ng at Leo.

“Yeah you are right. I thought you are gett!ng attracted to Jasm!ne that’s why I decided to rem!nd you to be !ntact” h£ said.

“Yeah, you should trust me. I don’t [email protected]|| !n love like that. I am emotionally challange like you always says.

Jasm!ne is a good lady and $h£ as be!ng tak!ng ¢ar£ of my son. That’s all” I said bit!ng th£ cover of th£ pen I was hold!ng.

“What did I man want from is th£ k!nd of girl that will make th£m and th£ir families happy.

Th£ type of lady that will keep everyone united, and alsosupportive.

That are always man dream wife. I th!nk I saw those pr!nciples !n Jasm!ne. So it could be easy for you to [email protected]|| for h£r.

That’s why I am tell!ng you to focus. I don’t know th£ impression your mysterious lady will give us, but atleast $h£’s tried. $h£ always makes you smile do!ng your [email protected] time.

Even I that was you friend couldn’t make you smile, but $h£ was able to do that. Atleast $h£ deserves someth!ng great ” Leo said glar!ng at me.

“$h£ deserves noth!ng m©r£ than my love, ¢ar£ and happ!ness. Common bro. Noth!ng can stop me from marry!ng h£r if I found h£r. I am sure I will f!nd h£r. Even if I don’t $h£ will always be !n my h£art.

It a big deed [email protected]||!ng !n love with a mysterious lady. I know h£ will make a good moth£r for my son” I said fumbl!ng with my figures.

“I am happy ab©vt that buddy. So what’s you next m©v£. We are prolong!ng th¡s” h£ said.

“I make m©v£s already. I have paid someone to do th¡s for me. I j√$t pray I get good news.

After that, I am plan!ng of tak!ng th£ custody of Dan completely, which am sure Dan will agree to stay with me”‘I said and place my [email protected] under my jaw.

“That’s a great m©v£ buddy. You have became so smart mov!ng with me” Leo said.

My phone beep. I ch£ck th£ caller ID.

“Unknown number” I said.

“Pick it up let’s see who it was” Leo said.

“Sure” I said and picked up th£ call.

“h£llo hope I am speak!ng to Khalid Walter” Th£ person said.

Th£ voice sounds familiar. I quickly imag!ne who that could be.

“Steve Conor” I said.

“So, you haven’t forgotten my voice after a long time. That’s great of you” h£ said from th£ oth£r end.

Leo signal me to put th£ phone on speaker and I did that.

“What do you want from me now” I asked with a rage of anger !n me.

“Well I only call to !nform you ab©vt my arrival [email protected]¢k !n Moscow, I th!nk you know what that means?” h£ asked.

I smiles.

“Like I ¢ar£, only a fool jobless person like yourself could be disturb!ng people peace with calls.

I am sure you need attention that was why you called. But sorry to disappo!nt you. I have so many th!ngs to focused on.

Welcome to Moscow Steve Conor have a nice stay. Khalid Walter is fearless.

Because only a coward will be afraid of a c*ckroach with©vt a teeth”I said to h¡m, and hang up th£ call.

“Damn th¡s guy is [email protected]¢k h£re. I smell danger”Leo said.

“Danger for who. You shouldn’t both£r. I know Steve well, am still h¡s boss. I know how to put h¡m under ¢©Πtr0|” I said boldly with©vt any fear.

“But I th!nk h£ grew nerve than you now. I don’t know m©r£ ab©vt h¡m but I th!nk h£’s dangerous. We need to be alarm” Leo said.


Jasm!ne POV

Khalid haven’t come ©vt if h¡s room s!nce h£ came [email protected]¢k from work.

h£ hasn’t has h¡s meal. I th!nk I should go to h¡s room to call h¡m. I strode towards h¡s room and knock on th£ door but h£ didn’t reply.

I ₱u$h£d th£ door and realized it wasn’t locked.

I enter and couldn’t f!nd h¡m. h¡s room is so big and well arrange. But we’re could h£ be.

I h£ard th£ sound of runn!ng water. h£’s !n th£ bathroom. I th!nk I will come [email protected]¢k from h¡m.

I was ab©vt to turn wh£n I see some pictures thrown all over th£ floor.

I picked one of it.

To my greatest surprised, I saw a kid picture of Khalid and Steve. If I could predict, th£y can’t h£ m©r£ than 15 or 16 years old.

Th£y seems to be very close. I covered my m©vth with my [email protected]

“Jasm!ne, what are you do!ng with that picture? Do you know th£ person !n th£re?” h£ asked com!ng ©vt of th£ bathroom.

My h£art skips. I could feel my h£art are bump!ng so f*st than I could imag!ne. OMG, th¡s is not gonna be good but I j√$t need to say someth!ng. Should I tell h¡m I know Steve?



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