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Affairs Of The Heart episode 24 – 25

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♥️Th£ h£ART
(Letters to h¡s celebrity crush✉️, search!ng for h£r)

Genre: Romance

Tags: Comedy, secret admirer, jealousy, hatred.

Sett!ng: Russia, Moscow city

Chapter 24

My h£art skips. I could feel my h£art are bump!ng so f*st than I could imag!ne. OMG, th¡s is not gonna be good but I j√$t need to say someth!ng. Should I tell h¡m I know Steve?

“Yes, I Know you. Isn’t th¡s you? And who is th¡s oth£r guy?” I asked.

“That’s Steve, A best friend turned !nto an enemy”h£ replied.

That’s rem!nds me of Steve show!ng h¡s hatred wh£n I mentioned Khalid th£ oth£r day.

“Enemy! what happened b£tweeΠ you guys?”I asked and stood on my feet.

“A long story, that guy is fre*ky mad”h£ said.

“Why don’t you cut th£ story short?”I asked.

“Because th£y are sad memories I don’t wanna remember. But each time I had that name I remembered it. Not even today that h£ called to !nformed me that h£’s !n Moscow”h£ said and sat on th£ b£d.

My eyes wider. Oh my goodness, Steve !n Moscow and h£’s also close to Khalid.

Oh my God. Why is th¡s happen!ng to me? I could feel I am sweat!ng deeply from |ns!de.

“Why do you look nervous?. Seem like you are stressed”Khalid said.

“Not at all, I j√$t remembered someth!ng. That’s surpris!ng you guys seems to be very close with h¡s picture I am seen”I said j√$t to distract h¡m.

“Yeah you are right, we are very close. Friends that always got each oth£r [email protected]¢k. Friends that protect each oth£r !n time of danger, friends that starve for each oth£r. Friends that can die for each oth£r “h£ said and stopped.

h£ h£ave a sign of relief and th£re was a long silence. I looked at h¡m. Our eyes met. I couldn’t believe I lied to h¡m th£ second time. I feel guilty. I took my eyes away.

“We are j√$t th£ only two th£n, I haven’t met Leo [email protected]¢k th£n. But all of a sudden everyth!ng changed. Everyth!ng, best friend turn !nto an Enemy” h£ said and rest h¡s [email protected]¢k on th£ b£d.

“Who’s th£ ma!n cause of everyth!ng. Sorry that I am ask!ng so many questions”I said.

h£ didn’t talk but later speak up. “That’s personal, I don’t wanna go to that part. Sorry for that”h£ said star!ng at me.

Th¡s makes me nervous. “Okay no problem, never mean to !ntrude !nto you privacy. Can you come and have your meal now?”I asked.

“I lost my appetite. My h£art is filled with many thought right now”h£ said and closed h¡s eyes.

“I know you are !ndirectly ask!ng me to leave. But I won’t. You need food to be okay. Th£y are many th!ngs com!ng you way. And you j√$t need to be strong.

And also I will advice you to be very ¢ar£ful. Because from th£ way you are talk!ng it makes me feels like that Steve of a guy is very dangerous than you can imag!ne”I said try!ng to cautioned h¡m.

“I Know,. I am aware that h£’s ruthless. But am not s¢ar£d of h¡m. h£ already did alot. h£ hurt me !n th£ pa$$, h£ stole my lover.

What can h£ do m©r£ than that. h£’s not my match. I can [email protected] h¡m. I got all h¡s ways, so it will be better for h¡m if h£ didn’t try to steal my lover aga!n because th¡s time, I got noth!ng to lose.”h£ said.

h£ as a lover? I felt like cry!ng right now. But I should j√$t asked h¡m. No that’s a bad idea. h£ can never be m!ne.

“Oh a lover”I don’t know wh£n that escaped my l¡ps.

“Yeah, a lover. A sweeth£art. A h£art mender”

“I am tell!ng you th¡s because I feel relaxed wh£n talk!ng to you, so don’t let anyone know for now not even Evan. I don’t trust h£r, $h£ can harm that girl”h£ said, and I j√$t nod my h£ad !n replied with©vt a word.

h£ stood up from th£ b£d and walked towards h¡s wardrobe. h£ opened th£ wardrobe and brought ©vt a small gla$$ cafe.

What’s h£ up to? h£ !nput th£ pa$$word I couldn’t see clear, and bought our many papers.

“Jasm!ne, th¡s will sounds like real madness, but to be s!ncere I am !n love with a girl I don’t know anyth!ng ab©vt. Not even a picture.

$h£’s as always makes me happy by s£nd!ng me letters every month. $h£ understands wh£n I need to be happy. Or wh£n I am stressed.

I j√$t wish month runs ©vt, so that I can receive h£r letter. I know it will be funny to you. But only I could understand my feel!ngs”h£ said and gave me one of th£ letters.

It was my letter, th£ same letter I wrote with my [email protected] Th¡s was th£ last letter I wrote couples of day’s ago.

My own very letter are be!ng kept !n a cafe.

” Th¡s is j√$t an AFFAIRS OF Th£ h£ART. It is go!ng nowh£re. Your papers will end up gett!ng disposed by those rich man maid, even if h£ received th£ letter” What Dason said came r!ng!ng on my h£ad.

My letters were kept safe !nstead of gett!ng disposed. I feel like cry!ng or maybe danc!ng. I felt some guilt !n me.

Why do I lie? Clara was right ab©vt th¡s. Khalid loves me. I stood glar!ng at th£ letter.

“I am still search!ng for h£r, j found ©vt $h£ stays !n Sergiyev Posad village. I have someone who’s h£lp!ng me to look for h£r. I want to love and share good memories with h£r”h£ said. I th!nk I need to leave now becaused I might break d©wΠ. Why did I have to lie !n th£ first place? Dason warned me.

Evan room

I have gotten !nformations ab©vt Steve be!ng !n town. I j√$t prayed h£ didn’t come to claim Dan. Why would h£ do that? h£ denied th£ pregnancy.

I know h£’s not !nterested. h£ knows I love h¡m than Khalid th£n. But h£ still betrayed me.

All I want know is to spend my life with Khalid. I don’t want anyth!ng than th¡s.

Khalid already hate me, now is my son. If I loss everyone th£n who will be th£re for me. I still stand a chance of ga!n!ng Khalid love as it has always been.

I j√$t want my small family to be happy. I will change for good. Because Khalid and Dan mustn’t sl¡p off my [email protected]

That’s th£ last th!ng I can’t afford to lose. I should go and see Khalid and retify my mistakes.

I should call Emma and !nform h£r. I picked up my phone and dial h£r number.

$h£ picked up on th£ first r!ng!ng.

“Hi girl, I have someth!ng very important to say to you” I said.

“Go on” $h£ said from th£ oth£r end and I expla!ned everyth!ng to h£r.

“I th!nk that’s a good m©v£, j√$t try your best. I prayed it turn ©vt well” $h£ said.

I was so happy. I went to my wardrobe to pick up a nightie. I found Khalid best color. My red nightie. I picked it up and wear.

I packed my hair !n a ponytail, th£n put on my sl¡ppo.

I went ©vt of my room and walked towards h¡s room. I met Jasm!ne on my way.

$h£ walked away with©vt a word. What’s wrong with h£r? Not !n th£ mood for h£r foolishness. All I need is focus. I knocked on h¡s door and h£ opened it. h£ stood glar!ng at me.



♥️Th£ h£ART

(Letters to h¡s celebrity crush✉️, search!ng for h£r)

Genre: Romance

Tags: Comedy, secret admirer, jealousy, hatred.

Sett!ng: Russia, Moscow city

Chapter 25

$h£ walked away with©vt a word. What’s wrong with h£r? Not !n th£ mood for h£r foolishness. All I need is focus. I knocked on h¡s door and h£ opened it. h£ stood glar!ng at me. h£ didn’t utter a word for like some m!nute.

“h£llo, what can I do for you, and why do you come h£re but th¡s time of th£ night “h£ asked with©vt allow!ng me !n.

“Please can you allow me !n for some m!nute? I know you don’t like me aga!n but atleast j√$t allow me to come |ns!de” I said calmly.

“Sorry I can’t allow you !nto my room, but I can come ©vt, so that you can tell me whatever you have to say “h£ said com!ng ©vt of h¡s room.

“S!nce you want is to talk h£re, th£n no problem” I took a deep breath.

“h£y! Please be snappy. I spent my time respectful. I should be !n b£d by now.”Khalid said. Th¡s shows that h£’s not ready to give me a listen!ng ear.

“Khalid do you remember th¡s color “I asked. And h£ j√$t gazes at me.

“Red is my best color, so what?”h£ said and looks away.

“Do you remember you bought me a many red nightwear’s [email protected]¢k th£n !n school” I said.

“That’s th£n but sorry, why are you go!ng [email protected]¢k to those th!ngs. Th£y are dead already. Those memories have been buried “h£ said.

“S!nce those memories have be!ng buried, why don’t we start afresh? Khalid I Know I have wronged you and my son. Please j√$t give me a chance I wanna changed for you and Dan. So forgive me and let’s leave th£ past aside. To err is human, to forgive is div!ne” I said.

“So that can come ©vt of your m©vth after all you did. And I am sorry for you. I will advice you that you shouldn’t change for me, because I am not that old Khalid.

Change for yourself and get th£ h£ll ©vt of my life for good. If you th!nk you wanna make me happy, all you should do is go and never come [email protected]¢k. With that I will be happy for good. Goodnight” h£ said, and turns to leave. I hold h¡s [email protected] and hugged h¡m t!ghtly from beh!nd.

“Please Khalid, I am very sorry” I pleaded with©vt releas!ng h¡m from th£ hugged.

“Are you plann!ng on rap!ng me? That can’t work. I can’t imag!ne you are so ch£ap. Sorry your time as pa$$, you can repent your s!n for th£ rest of your life” h£ said and rem©v£d my [email protected] from h¡s b©dy. “Khalid” I called.

But h£ locked th£ door from |ns!de. I felt so embarra$$ed.

“JEZZ!” I walked leisurely to my room. I picked up my phone and dial Emma number.

“What’s up baby how was that? Did h£ agree to take you [email protected]¢k?” $h£ asked from th£ oth£r ends. “Not at all I don’t know th£ hatred was deep d©wΠ” I managed to reply h£r. $h£ burst !nto laughter.

“Why are you laugh!ng now, I told you someth!ng that so pa!nful and all you can do is laugh£d” I said angrily.

“Chill girl, I was j√$t laugh!ng at you foolishness, how could you th!nk of do!ng that.

You know very well that Khalid is not a soft guy that will listen to you apology j√$t like that. Do you forget wh£n we are !n school and I asked h¡m what h£ hated must. h£ said lies.

Do you forget h£ added that if you lied for h¡m for th£ first time th£n h£ can’t trust that person aga!n? Come to th!nk of it we’ve lied to h¡m many times. Which means we are unforgiveable? So th£ only way to make h¡m yours is th£ style we are us!ng.

Manipulat!ng h¡m is th£ best th!ng. Th£ th!ng you j√$t need to make sure of is that h£ doesn’t get close to any oth£r lady so th£ plans can go smoothly as planned but you wanted to ru!n th¡s” Emma said from th£ oth£r end.

“So why don’t you tell me th¡s wh£n I called you th£ oth£r time” I asked.

“Because I don’t wanna discourage you, I want you to go and see for yourself. I don’t want any reason that you will have to blame me !n th£ future” $h£ said.

“But at least you should have tell me, maybe I will have come to my s£nse and not be disgrace , but it’s okay I forgive you for that” I said with a p©vt even though I know $h£ can’t see me.


Jasm!ne POV

Wh£n I couldn’t get myself to sleep, I decided to go to Dason room. I knock on h¡s door.

“Who is that?”h£ asked.

“It’s me Jasm!ne” I replied. h£ opened th£ door immediately. I walked !n with©vt say!ng Hi. I went to sit on h¡s b£d show!ng my frustration. h£ locked th£ door from beh!nd. And come to sit beside me. h£ placed h¡s left and on my shoulder look!ng at my face.

“I feel someth!ng is not right h£re who provoke you, tell me lemme me go and deal with th£ person” h£ said.

“Th¡s is not a joke, I am very angry with myself right now. I felt like punch!ng myself right !n th£ face.” I said show!ng my anger.

“Why? What happened? “h£ asked. I expla!ned everyth!ng to h¡m.

“OH MY GOD, th¡s is real sh*t” h£ muttered but I h£ard h¡m clearly.

“I I had known, I will have listened to you. I wouldn’t have lied to h¡m” I said with a tone of regret.

“So what are we gonna do now, we shouldn’t lie to h¡m aga!n. I th!nk it will be best for us if we tell h¡m th£ before is too late” h£ said.

“I was th!nk!ng th£ same th!ng but don’t you th!nk h£ will be very angry at me” I asked glar!ng at h¡m wait!ng for reply.

“h£ might get angry, that’s normal but h£ will get over it soon. So, th£ best th!ng to do is tell h¡m th£ wh0l£ truth” h£ said.

“Okay th£n, I will tell h¡m everyth!ng tomorrow morn!ng” I said with a strength state of m!nd.


Authoress POV

“I am sorry I can’t work with you aga!n, you lied to me j√$t to ga!n my attention. What do you th!nk of me, that I will accept your proposal despite you not been straight forward? I have told you, I am not ready to give you th£ contract.

Your company won, but you won’t get th£ contract due to th£ lies you told. What a$$urance do I have that you won’t elope if it was given to you? Stop pester!ng me with calls. I have given th£ contract to th£ company that was !n th£ second position. And why am I even blabb!ng like I owe you an explanation” Khalid said to someone on phone and end th£ call. Jasm!ne that was com!ng from th£ kitch£n was so s¢ar£d.

“h£ hates lies. I have lied to h¡m twice. Will h£ still believe me” That was th£ thought that comes to h£r m!nd. “What happens? Why did you stop?” Clara wh¡spered to h£r. “Noth!ng” $h£ smiles. Th£y walked to th£ table and dish th£ food.

“Boss, who get you angry? Tell me so that we can go and fight” Clara said jok!ng.

“YEAH” Jasm!ne managed to say.

“You ladies shouldn’t worry, I have sorted it ©vt.

It was a company I am supposed to offer a contract but th£ir manager lied to me, so I withdraw th£ contract and give it to anoth£r company.

Th£y can’t be trusted, so I can’t take that risk. Wh£n you lie to me for th£ first time th£n I can [email protected] trust you aga!n, because you’ve already gave me a bad impression ab©vt yourself” Khalid said.

“Yeah, is not good to build a relationship on lies. It goes nowh£re. My mom always said that still stick to my bra!n. I will rath£r not say a word than to lie” Clara said.

“DAD which means ly!ng is bad?” Dan asked.

“YEAH” Khalid replied.

“But th£y are some reasons that might cause someone to lie” Dason said.

“Th£re are no reasons to lie” Clara disagreed.

“So you mean if you are to lie, to safe a dy!ng person you won’t do that” Dason asked.

“That case is different” Khalid said. Jasm!ne was so uncomfortable. $h£ excuses h£rself and rush to h£r room.

Jasm!ne POV

I couldn’t take it anym©r£. What have I done? Why did I lie? Th¡s is th£ greatest punishment so far.

No I will have to put on some courage and speak with h¡m. I ru$h£d to th£ bathroom and opened th£ water. I put my [email protected] and start squirt!ng water on my face. I couldn’t ¢©Πtr0| my breath. Tears flow d©wΠ my ch£ek. Why am I been punish !n th¡s way.

“Jasm!ne” I h£ard Khalid called ©vt for me.

h£’s !n my room. I j√$t need to be strong and tell h¡m th£ truth. What if h£ throws me ©vt? What if h£ hates me forever? What if h£ actually don’t want to spend th£ rest of h¡s life with me as h£ as planned. Why is th¡s happen!ng? I squirt my face aga!n. I took my towel and dry my face. I walked ©vt of th£ bathroom.

“Mr. Walter, I thought you went to work already” I asked.

“I came to ch£ck on you. I don’t th!nk you are okay, because I have noticed you feel so uneasy at th£ d!n!ng table. You didn’t eat anyth!ng ©vt of your food. Wh£n you excuse yourself th£n I felt I was right. What is th£ problem” h£ asked.

“YEAH, I wasn’t feel!ng too well. But I will be okay” I replied. “I can see th¡s !n your face, I will can th£ doctor right now” Khalid said.

“No, I will be okay trust me. I was j√$t stressed” I said.
“Okay s!nce you a$$ure me th£n I will take to your words” h£ said and walked closer to me. My h£art skips. I felt my h£art !n my m©vth. h£ touch£d my ch£ek.

“don’t stress yourself” h£ said and turn to leave. I hold h¡m [email protected]¢k. “Your mysterious lady


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