Affairs Of The Heart

Affairs Of The Heart Episode 26

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♥️Th£ h£ART
(Letters to h¡s celebrity crush✉️, search!ng for h£r)

Genre: Romance

Tags: Comedy, secret admirer, jealousy, hatred.

Sett!ng: Russia, Moscow city

Chapter 26

“Don’t stress yourself” h£ said and turned to leave. I hold h¡m [email protected]¢k.

“Your mysterious lady” I [email protected] under my breath. Did I j√$t say th¡s?. h£ halts and looks at me. h£ took a step closer. My h£art pounded.

“Do you h£ar anyth!ng ab©vt h£r, or do you know h£r?”h£ asked. Look!ng !nto h¡s eyes shows h£ want a positive reply from me.

“I hate lies”h£’s word came r!ng!ng !n my h£ad. I took a deep breath and clear th£ lump !n my lungs.

“How am I supposed to know h£r, you j√$t tell me ab©vt h£r yesterday. So I thought of h£lp!ng you to f!nd h£r. I will h£lp you to f!nd h£r !n a few days” I lied and smile.

“OH REALLY! Thanks alot. You are a darl!ng. I will be glad if you could do th¡s” h£ said joyously.

A smile elapsed h¡s dreaded face h£ was so cute. That dreaded face doesn’t suit a cute guy like h¡m. I wish I always make h¡m smile.

“Is noth!ng. Why can’t I do that? Don’t worry you will h£ar everyth!ng ab©vt h£r !n j√$t a week. I promise you that” I a$$ured h¡m.

You guys must be wonder!ng why I lied aga!n. I was terrified! Yeah. I have not been th¡s s¢ar£d !n my life before.

“Make any wi$h£s. I promise to fulfill it if you f!nd h£r”h£ said.

“You j√$t have to promise you will make me live h£re, I love it h£re. And also promise you won’t be mad at me if I did th£ wrong th!ng “I glanced at h¡m wait!ng for h¡s reply.

h£ took a deep breath. “I can a$$ure you that you will stay h£re !n th¡s house as long as you wish, but I can’t promise that I won’t be mad at you wh£n you did th£ wrong th!ng.

If I see you aren’t do!ng th£ right th!ng, as I friend I will be mad at you and also try to caution you. So that’s not a promise, we are humans born to get angry” Th£ said.

“You are right, we are bound to get angry. I th!nk you should start go!ng to work now “I said, and feigned a smile.

“Yeah. Clara said you guys are go!ng to th£ beach, Right?”h£ asked. ”

Yeah”I nodded my h£ad !n reply.

“Okay take good ¢ar£ of yourself and be ¢ar£ful. And ab©vt Dason I spoke to th£ school 0rg*nization.

Th£y said registration is off for now but I pleaded with th£m. We would go th£re togeth£r tomorrow” h£ said.

“Thanks, Mr. Walter God bless you” I prayed.

“You are most welcome,” h£ said and turned to leave.

“Wait,” I said and h£ halt.

“What?”h£ asked. Ok

“Can you write a letter to h£r? With th¡s, it will be easy. I th!nk I will go and drop th£ letter th£n wait silently for th£ person that will come and take th£ letter. Th¡s will be easier” I said.

“Do you th!nk that’s a good idea, I never thought of th¡s so far. I must say you are !ntelligent” Khalid said happily.

I saw Dason stand!ng by th£ door. h£ was fum!ng glar!ng at me. I signal h¡m not to do anyth!ng funny, but h£ left angrily. Thank God Khalid didn’t see h¡m.

“I am off,” h£ said and leaves th£ room. I ru$h£d to Dason’s room, but h£ already knocked on th£ door from beh!nd” Dason I called.

“Can you please leave my door? I am fre*ki!ng tired of your silly attitude. You keep ly!ng, over and over aga!n” h£ sh©vted from |ns!de. Th¡s is so bad, h£ hasn’t been th¡s angry at me before.

“I am sorry, I was j√$t s¢ar£d. I don’t know what to do I don’t want to lie, but I was stuck” I sh©vted hitt!ng h¡s door.

“Can you stop caus!ng turmoil? Leave me alone for goodness sake. For how long will you be s¢ar£d? You are behav!ng like a coward. What am I even say!ng? You are a coward. You h£ard h¡m wh£n h£ said h£ hate lies.

!nstead of you to rectify your past mistake, you went ah£ad and lied aga!n. What are you teach!ng me th£n, I should be ly!ng. I th!nk that’s what I will start do!ng” h£ sh©vted.

I need to stop h¡m before any oth£r person h£ars h¡m. I decided to keep quiet. I know h£ will open th£ door if h£ didn’t h£ar my voice.

“Jasm!ne, are you th£re. I am not jok!ng you better speak up now, I am very angry at you. Jas” h£ sh©vted and opened th£ door. h£ wanna close th£ door wh£n h£ saw me stand!ng right th£re, but I was way too f*ster. I ₱u$h£d th£ door forcefvlly and entered.

“What do you th!nk? that I did that !ntentionally. I was s¢ar£d, very s¢ar£d. You are right I am a very big coward. I great one” I said and recl!ne on th£ b£d.

“Why are you s¢ar£d? It will be better If you speak up before is too late. Or I will tell h¡m myself” Dason said with a frown.

“No, you won’t do that. j√$t give me one week I will tell h¡m th£ wh0l£ truth. If you tell h¡m, that will complicate issues. Please chill, I will sort th!ngs ©vt. I am sure h£ will forgive me” I said and hugged h¡m.

“I prayed you should be able to do th¡s, you might lie aga!n,” Dason said.

I patted h¡s [email protected]¢k gently.

“Trust me,” I said.

“Guys can we go now” Clara knocked at th£ door.


Khalid POV

I was !n my office feel!ng ch£erful. Jasm!ne has j√$t made my day brighter. I picked up my pen to start work!ng on some files wh£n my phone beeped. It was Maddy, my crazy sister.

“Hi small boy,” $h£ said from th£ oth£r end of th£ call.

“How are you big sis” I smirked.

“Please who am I speak!ng with, is th¡s Khalid or Leo. Th¡s is strange. h£llo, who is th¡s?” $h£ asked. I knew $h£ will be shocked at my replies.

I am a serious be!ng. But today I th!nk I am ch£erful. I j√$t don’t want any bad news. I j√$t wanna ch£er today.

“Th¡s is Khalid, you love. How have you been?”I asked but th£re was no reply

“h£llo, are you th£re?”I asked. “I th!nk someone stole Khalid’s phone and h¡s try!ng to frame me. God forbid”I h£ard h£r say from th£ oth£r end, th£n $h£ hang ©vt.

“Is th¡s girl crazy, can’t $h£ h£ar my voice?” I said and dial h£r number. User busy.

Imag!ne $h£ leave me to call anoth£r person before I could notice an !ntruder barged !nto my office as usual.

“Khalid wh£re’s your phone? Maddy said it was stolen and th£ person is try!ng to frame h£r”Leo said with h¡s phone on h¡s ear, which shows h£’s still on call.

“Th¡s is it, both of you are so dumb,” I said show!ng h¡m my phone.

“Maddy h£’s th£ one talk!ng, h¡s phone is h£re with h¡m, “Leo said.

Th£y were long silence, I don’t know why h£ was quiet because I couldn’t h£ar th£ir conversation. But am sure Maddy is tell!ng h¡m someth!ng.

“Yes, you can try call!ng h¡m now,” h£ said and come closer to my table.

“I th!nk you are !n for your talk today. Well, I am ready, I also wanna talk like you” I said and ₱0ur some water !nto th£ cup.

“Are you okay? I th!nk you need coffee. Or th£ water.”h£ asked and took th£ water I ₱0ured !nto th£ cup.

h£ gulped everyth!ng !n a goal. I stared at h¡m as I should j√$t kill h¡m.

“Did I look like I am not okay?”I asked with a long h¡ss. h£ put h¡s [email protected] under h¡s jaw and glared at me, with h¡s m©vth open.

I also glare at h¡m.

“I th!nk we are do!ng a glar!ng competition, am !n for it,” I said. And also did th£ way h£ did.

“You look ch£erful today. I didn’t notice th¡s earlier. So I was surprised. I know you very well. If it was you, you would have asked me to go and not disturb you. What’s th£ secret?” Leo asked.

j√$t th£n Maddy’s call came aga!n. “Hi Khalid,” $h£ asked.

“Miss do you still have some doubt ab©vt me, or you are ready to say whatever is it you have to say?”I asked.

“Don’t be a rude small boy. I was j√$t confused. I thought th£y kidnapped you” $h£ said.

“No one can kidnap me unless I am th£ one that will kidnap th£m”I bragged.

“I know you well. Bragg!ng is your best food. Well, I have life-chang!ng news for you” $h£ said. I wonder what’s it but I can’t lie th¡s is kill!ng me already. I mean real suspense.

“What? tell me” I said.

“My !nformant j√$t called to !nform me that th£ girl is now !n Moscow. I mean your mysterious lady. And accord!ng to what $h£ says, th£y wanna forced h£r to get married, but $h£ elope because $h£ didn’t like th£ guy” $h£ expla!ned.

I was so shocked at th¡s news. So th¡s sister of m!ne still has an !nformant even though $h£’s not !n th£ country?

“Moscow, marriage” I was stunned.

“Yeah, I will keep you updated. I told h£r to change h£r location to Moscow. $h£ must figure h£r ©vt before a week”$h£ said.

Th¡s makes me happier. Jasm!ne and Maddy promised me to f!nd h£r !n a week. My phone beeped, I th!nk it was a message.

“Hold on Maddy I will call you [email protected]¢k”I end th£ call to see who’s message was it.

“Anoth£r message from th£ unknown number” I uttered.


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