Affairs Of The Heart

Affairs Of The Heart episode 28

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♥️Th£ h£ART
(Letters to h¡s celebrity crush✉️, search!ng for h£r)

Genre: Romance

Tags: Comedy, secret admirer, jealousy, hatred.

Sett!ng: Russia, Moscow city

Chapter 28

Khalid came ©vt of h¡s room putt!ng on a straight face.

h£ descended !nto th£ liv!ng room not smil!ng. No one knows what’s go!ng on !n h¡s m!nd.

“Jasm!ne” h£ called not even with a smile. Jasm!ne feels a bad aura.

Everyone looks at h¡m. Jasm!ne and Dason stared at each oth£r s¢ar£d.

“What?” Jasm!ne put up some courage.

“What is th¡s, is th¡s you”‘Khalid asked !n a husky go and m©v£ closer to h£r show!ng h£r h¡s phone.

Jasm!ne couldn’t look at th£ phone as $h£ closed h£r eyes with h£r h£art pump!ng f*ster. h£r world seems to end right th£re due to th£ tension $h£ was feel!ng. Different thoughts were rummag!ng !n h£r m!nd.

“I must say you are extremely beautiful, I j√$t wanna s¢ar£d you. Th£ pictures you took are th£ mall are awesome” Khalid said with a smile.

$h£ felt some relief. $h£ took a deep breath and took th£ phone from h¡m. It was true, th£y are th£ pictures $h£ took at th£ mall, but who on earth s£nt th£m to h¡m?

Jasm!ne eyed Clara. $h£ throws h£r face away.

“You got me s¢ar£d, you called my name like th£re’s go!ng to be an earthquake. All my m!nd flew.”Jasm!ne said while sitt!ng d©wΠ.

“Why should you be s¢ar£d, did you do someth!ng wrong, that you th!nk your secret will be exposed. Wh£n we had a pure m!nd we won’t be s¢ar£d” Dan said with th£ stick of Lol¡pop hang!ng at th£ corner of h¡s m©vth.

“Is not th£ way you see it, Dan, I was s¢ar£d because th£ way h£ called me was frighten!ng. My h£art almost got ©vt of my b©dy”Jasm!ne said try!ng to conv!nce Dan.

“Guys I was !nvited to an even!ng party. I forget, I should have told you guys s!nce. And th£ worst part of it Is that th£ party is a couple’s party, If you aren’t married you must come with a girl. Even if is rent or not. I don’t know what to do”Khalid breath£d h£avily and fl!ng h¡mself onto th£ [email protected]

“Let’s go, what are we wait!ng for. We are accurate, I and Clara will act as a couple while you and Jasm!ne act as one, deal done. Hope is a masquerade party though?”Leo asked.

“What are you say!ng? I said couple party now you are talk!ng ab©vt masquerade, are you try!ng to hide from someone?”Khalid asked.

“Maybe h¡s nervous. So, wanna cover h¡s face so that won’t show”Jasm!ne said and squ!nted at Clara.

“Dad I want a masquerade party for my birthday party. Oh my goodness th£re was a girl !n my cla$$, $h£’s !n th£ second position. Always try!ng to compete with me, but I always show h£r I am h£r boss. So I th!nk if I am to !nvite h£r for my birthday, th£n it will be good if it is a masquerade party so I won’t get to see h£r face. Ewww! $h£’s troublesome.”Dan said as h£ rem©v£d th£ loll¡pop from h¡s m©vth.

“Huh huh! don’t tell me you have a crush on h£r. You like h£r and you are j√$t pretend!ng to hate h£r “Jasm!ne p©vted.

“No, I don’t like h£r. $h£ blabs alot. Ah! Huh! Ugh! th¡s, that. Oh my goodness $h£’s frustrat!ng” Dan frowned.

” I will host th£ party myself, and it gonna be as you wish. Masquerade Birthday “Jasm!ne said smil!ng.

“High five” Dan sh©vted and th£y both shook [email protected]

“Dason you seem to be lost !n your phone. What are you do!ng?”Khalid asked and shift closer to h¡m.

“Dason has found h¡mself a girlfriend, $h£’s so stunn!ng, and I must say $h£’s smart. Th£y met at th£ mall. If you see how th£y were chatt!ng and laugh!ng like th£y knew each oth£r for years. I must say I was so surprised wh£n th£y exchange contact. It was so f*st. I th!nk h£’s a real guy and Knows how to catch girls easily” Clara said smil!ng.

“Don’t misunderstand us. We j√$t wanna be friends, only that. We are chatt!ng right now, so we can get to know m©r£ ab©vt each oth£r.

And I found ©vt $h£’s my schoolmate. $h£’s attend!ng th£ same school Mr. Walter told me I will be attend!ng”Dason said.

“Do you take h£r number? What’s your problem? You are j√$t 16” Jasm!ne said angrily and walked closer to h¡m.

“What?” Dason asked hid!ng h¡s phone.

“Give me that phone, I have to delete that number. I am sure you will be runn!ng after h£r !n school” Jasm!ne said try!ng to collect th£ phone from Dason.

“Jasm!ne, common h£’s not a child aga!n. 16years old boy should probably know how to deal with th!ngs. Tell me if you are go!ng to be spy!ng on h¡m forever, Or even wh£n !n school? Don’t behave like a naive “Khalid said and stood up. Jasm!ne paused and didn’t budge wh£n Khalid said th¡s.

“Thanks, bro, I th!nk you should lecture h£r. $h£’s too overprotective. Don’t worry sis, even if we have a relationship. We will absta!n. I know th£ implications of teen relationships. So I am not ready to be a victim of one. Absta!n!ng is th£ best option, and If you wish, you can delete h£r number. I saved it as Evelyn” Dason said and stretch h¡s phone forth to h£r.

Khalid nodded h¡s h£ad negatively tell!ng h£r not to do that but Jasm!ne took th£ phone.

“You see th¡s, it is a distraction but I am f!ne s!nce you promised to be well behaved. I j√$t wanna make sure your dream come true. You promised mum and dad to become a great man !n life. So I th!nk you stay!ng away from teen relationships will h£lp solve th£ problem. But it’s dawned on me now that I make th£ wrong decision.

You can have your phone. j√$t make sure you use your h£ad. Mr. Walter is right I won’t be at your school to see what you are do!ng, but I will not stop tell!ng you th£ right th!ng. You can talk to me wh£n you have a problem” Jasm!ne said and gave h¡m th£ phone.

“Huh huh, I am jealous I didn’t have a sister, I always like to watch th£ir dramas, especially if th£ elder is th£ girl.

Well, guys th£ party, I th!nk we are runn!ng late” Leo said stand!ng up.

“You are so funny, I didn’t tell you th£ time, and you’ve already concluded that we are late. Well, we aren’t late. We still have up to an hour, so why don’t we enjoy ourselves first. I thought you guys are watch!ng a movie before I barge !n” Khalid said.

“No, why don’t we start to get ready now. You know girls do take time to dress. I am sure before th£y dress up th£n time will have gone, And you haven’t dressed eith£r” Leo said.

“That’s not true, not all Ladies take time to dress up. I am sure if I wanna dress I don’t take up to ten m!nutes, and I will be done “Jasm!ne disagrees with what Leo said.

“I do take long, I th!nk I will start to get ready. I take up to thirty m!nutes for makeup” Clara said.

“What? Are you apply!ng all th£ makeup !n th¡s world on your face, or you are apply!ng th£ wh0l£ makeup box on your face? Common girl what if you are work!ng !n an office, how will you cope th£n?”Jasm!ne asked.

“I don’t wear makeup every time. It’s j√$t wh£n th£re’s a party. I th!nk that answers your question” Clara said stand!ng up.

An hour’s later, at th£ party

Everywh£re was crowded. Different guys could be seen with th£ir ladies. Th£ party is j√$t ab©vt to beg!n. Khalid’s car arrives. Jasm!ne and Clara alighted from th£ [email protected]¢k pa$$enger seat.

Jasm!ne was wear!ng a red armless gown with stones that rays to th£ white big b√|bs @r0vnd. $h£ wears light make-up and ₱0urs h£r hair mak!ng h£r look like a Barbie. Clara also put on a short blue gown. Khalid and Leo were !n th£ir suit as usual.

“Th¡s place is crowded,” Leo said.

“Yes, I need to call Nora, so that $h£ will know I am h£re. $h£ might th!nk I won’t come”Khalid said.

“Is $h£ th£ one host!ng th¡s party? “Jasm!ne asked.

“Yeah, $h£’s our primary and high school mate. h£r fiance j√$t came [email protected]¢k to th£ city after years, so h£r parent is host!ng th¡s party for h¡s fiance” Khalid said.

“Khalid, you came. I thought you won’t come as you are a very busy person”Nora ru$h£d to h¡m and hugged h¡m.

“You’ve grown big girly,” Khalid said teas!ngly.

“You aren’t serious, you haven’t changed from th£ way you and Steve go @r0vnd catch!ng cruise,” Nora said and hit h¡s ch£st.

“h£’s changed now, some k!nd of bor!ng guy, don’t drown on h¡m h£’s taken. I am Leo” h£ said smil!ng and stretch£d th¡s have forth for a [email protected]

“Oh, really who’s th£ lucky girl. I am also taken, my boyfriend j√$t came [email protected]¢k to th£ city. That’s what br!ng ab©vt th£ party “Nora said and shook [email protected] with h¡m.

“That’s great, that girl beh!nd is th£ lucky girl” Leo po!nted at Jasm!ne. Khalid glared at h¡m beseech.

“$h£’s pretty. Well Khalid I h£ard that you and Steve aren’t friends aga!n what happened. Because I never imag!ne that could happen so soon. You guys are so close, j√$t like family. I also !nvited h¡m h£re” Nora said.

“You say?”Everyone except Clara asked with a shocked expression. Jasm!ne’s h£art starts pump!ng aga!n.

“Nora” Someone called strid!ng towards th£m.

“Steve” Nora sh©vted on see!ng h¡m. Khalid, Leo, and Clara faced [email protected]¢k to look at h¡m. But Jasm!ne stood clench!ng th£ [email protected] !n h£r [email protected]

“Th¡s is disastrous”

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