Affairs Of The Heart

Affairs Of The Heart episode 29

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♥️Th£ h£ART
(Letters to h¡s celebrity crush✉️, search!ng for h£r)

Genre: Romance

Tags: Comedy, secret admirer, jealousy, hatred.

Sett!ng: Russia, Moscow city

Chapter 29

“Th¡s is disastrous” Leo muttered at th£ sight of Steve.

“We should leave so has to avoid trouble at th£ party”Leo wh¡spered to Khalid.

“No, I won’t leave because of h¡m. We came h£re differently so no one would be leav!ng for each oth£r. Unless h£ wanna leave for me”Khalid !nsisted with©vt budg!ng.

“What th£ h£ck! you are so dumb. I mean we should leave th¡s place not th£ party”Leo tries to drag h¡m but h£ jerks h¡s [email protected]

“I won’t run for h¡m, I am not a coward. I came to Nora’s party, so, I won’t be runn!ng for h¡m. Jasm!ne was uneasy, listen!ng to all th¡s.

$h£ prayed silently th£y should leave before Leo would see h£r. $h£ knows is not go!ng to be good for h£r. h£r h£art almost pumps ©vt of h£r life.

“Let’s go ladies” Leo dragged Clara and Jasm!ne from th£re. Jasm!ne had relief.

Steve f!nally catch-up with Nora. $h£ hugged h¡m.

“Oh my goodness, you have grown up. That small Nora. I remembered you are th£ shortest girl !n ©vtcla$$, but we are now of th£ same h£ight” Steve said pok!ng fun at h£r.

“I know you won’t change. Khalid also said th£ same th!ng to me. You guys are th£ same. Steve sight Khalid stand!ng with h¡s [email protected] on h¡s fold on h¡s [email protected]¢k.

“Nora for how long will I wait. Are you go!ng to keep me wait!ng or should I leave” Khalid said?

“You can leave if you wish, who those your pres£nt h£lp?” Steve said walk!ng closer to Khalid.

“Now I confirmed it. It was true that th£ two of you are now real enemies. But sorry you guy’s can’t be enemies be!ng at my party. You will have to be pals. I am go!ng to !ntroduce you both to my fiance at th£ same time. So, please keep that hatred to yourselves. We can solve it after th£ party” Nora said com!ng !n b£tweeΠ th£m.

“Do you h£ar that, don’t create nuisance h£re? Behave like a real guy not some k!nd of coward. Only a coward will be s¢ar£d. I know you are s¢ar£d of see!ng me, and th¡s is j√$t th£ beg!nn!ng of your fear” Khalid a$$erted.

‘”You will be th£ last th!ng I would be s¢ar£d of. Not !n th¡s world” Steve said !n a hoarse voice.

“Guys come” Nora drag th£m from both [email protected]

Jasm!ne POV

It was such a narrow escape that I was rescued by Leo. I don’t know what could have happened by now.

Th¡s guy will have wrecked all my plans. I will have been excavated. I wonder what would have happened. Th¡s would have been a disaster.

“Jasm!ne I realized that you’ve been unsettled s!nce Steve arrives. You didn’t both£r to take a look at h¡m”Leo asked with h¡s eyes shallow on me.

I must say h£ wants an answer. Yes, an answer? All questions deserve an answer. What will I say? How will I put it? No, I j√$t need to say someth!ng.

My eyes sparkle. As some words fled my l¡ps. “Khalid told me ab©vt h¡m !n one of our conversations. I saw h¡s picture, and I know that guy could be dangerous. So I was s¢ar£d like you are”I lied and throw my face to th£ left side.

Ly!ng is now a part of me. I have somewhat become an expert. But th¡s would take me nowh£re, but will rath£r cause trouble for me.

“Th¡s sounds untrue. You aren’t mak!ng some s£nse with what you j√$t said. I couldn’t a$$imilate th£ fact that you were j√$t s¢ar£d because h£ told you ab©vt h¡m. I know Khalid very well, h£ will never put th£ fear of a fellow human !n someone. h£’s fearless. So, what are you say!ng “Leo said.

Th¡s guy is a guru. h£’s so smart to have figured I was ly!ng. I need to do someth!ng. Even if it is to put up someth!ng.

“I don’t know h¡m that’s th£ truth, and you are also s¢ar£d so why are you mak!ng it a big issue that I was s¢ar£d”I tried to turn it on h¡m.

I am be!ng cold j√$t to save myself. If I had told Khalid th£ truth th£n I won’t have crossed all th¡s !nterrogation.

“No, I wasn’t s¢ar£d. I was j√$t try!ng to avoid that guy’s trouble. h£’s so dangerous. And I took th£ two of you from th£re because h£ might th!nk you are Khalid’s lover and will do anyth!ng to snatch you from h¡m. Even if it will cost h¡m h¡s last breath that’s how dangerous h£ could be.

You know I can leave Khalid alone. You both will stay h£re while I go to jo!n th£m”Leo said.

“What’s happen!ng h£re? You guys are keep!ng me !n total darkness. Who was that guy and what was h¡s mission? I mean why is everyone s¢ar£d of h¡m”Clara asked.

$h£ is !nnocent of th¡s. Leo didn’t even know I knew th¡s guy’s m©r£ than h£ had j√$t !ntroduced h¡m. I will j√$t have to be ¢ar£ful with th¡s one week. I will tell h¡m everyth!ng afterward.

“One of Khalid’s old friends. But th£y aren’t on good phrases aga!n” Leo said.

“I see”Clara nodded h£r h£ad. ”

Girls I will be [email protected]¢k soon. I need to jo!n my friend” Leo said.

h£ was ab©vt to leave wh£n we saw Khalid approach.

“h£Y! Why are you so rebellious, aren’t you tired of gett!ng !nto unnecessary arguments with guys” Leo asked.

“I th!nk you should know by now that I am not a jobless fellow. And do you expect me to be fight!ng with h¡m? That’s th£ last th!ng I will ever do” Khalid said.

“Is h£ still @r0vnd?” I asked.

“No, I th!nk h£ received an urgent call, someth!ng of such” Khalid said, and I h£ave a sigh of relief.

“I th!nk we can now party peacefvlly,” Clara said.


Khalid mansion

Dason POV

I was chatt!ng on my phone wh£n I h£ard Evan’s voice. Who could $h£ be talk!ng to on th£ phone that $h£ could be threaten!ng so loudly? I need to know what’s go!ng on. I pretended to be go!ng to my room but tiptoed to h£r door. I th!nk I had someth!ng.

“Steve or whatever you called yourself, stay away from Khalid and my son, and don’t try to claim Dan as your child. You rejected me wh£n I was pregnant for you. So better stay away. I don’t want to know what happened b£tweeΠ you guys !n th£ past. All I am say!ng is stay away from us or you will regret your action” $h£ said.

And keep quiet for a while. I guess th£ person on th£ oth£r side is speak!ng. “Steve stays away, th£ child is now Khalid’s child. If you come closer I will kill you with my bare [email protected] Trust me, I won’t spare you” $h£ threatened.
So Dan isn’t Khalid’s child. Oh my God! Th¡s woman is a witch. How can $h£ do th¡s to h¡m? How could $h£ be so h£artless? I will have to tell Jasm!ne as soon as possible. But Khalid loves that boy so much. I am sure h£ will be hurt deep d©wΠ.

I need to leave before $h£ sees me h£re. $h£ must not know I h£ard h£r. I quickly leave for my room.

I th!nk I should call Jasm!ne to !nform h£r. No, I won’t do that. I should wait for h£r to come [email protected]¢k so I can tell h£r th¡s !n person.

Why is Khalid always !n such a mess with ladies? Firstly h£ is look!ng for th£ lady that’s right under h¡s roof and now th£ child h£ loves and ¢ar£s so much ab©vt is no oth£r than th£ stupid man’s son.

I wish I was able to tell h¡m th¡s. Why did h£ have to pa$$ through th¡s much?

Th£ next morn!ng

Steve Mansion

Steve POV

“Sir we have found h£r”Chris my guard said show!ng me h¡s phone. I zoomed th£ picture. “Th¡s couldn’t be true. h£ can’t be, how could $h£ be with h¡m?. How did th£y come across each oth£r?”I said and stood on my feet.

My bones are be!ng h£ated. What could th£ lady I am look!ng for be do!ng with h¡m, so closed like th¡s?.

“Do you see th£m togeth£r, I mean th¡s closed? “I asked with a rave of immense anger. My h£art burnt. I couldn’t withstand th¡s. I won’t let th¡s happen, h£ can never be with my future wife. Never Never” I sh©vted thunderously. I could feel th£ pillar of th£ build!ng is shaken due to my noise.

“Sir should we get th£ car ready. Or what are you go!ng to do now? Are you go!ng to leave h£r to Khalid”Chris or whatever h£ answered asked? How dare h£ asked me such a silly question.
“How dare you” I thundered and hit h¡s phone on th£ floor. Th£y broke !nto pieces. h£ da$h£d ©vt of th£ liv!ng room. Th¡s guy is at it aga!n. h£ wanna take my lady aga!n.


Authoress POV

“Jasm!ne th¡s is th£ letter you asked me to construct. I must say $h£ always did a great job. Is not easy to construct a rhythm”Khalid said stretch!ng th£ envelope to h£r.

“I know it must not have been easy for you. But at least you tried. $h£ would be so happy receiv!ng th¡s.”Jasm!ne said smil!ng.

“I am off, wh£re’s Dason?”Khalid asked.

“h£re I am, “Dason said from beh!nd. “Common my boy” Jasm!ne said and hugged h¡m.

“I am you fath£r, not you boy,” h£ said jok!ngly.

” Bye” Jasm!ne bids th£n goodbye as $h£ couldn’t wait to read what was !n th£ letter. $h£ wanna know how Khalid expresses h¡s love.

$h£ went to h£r room. Th£ b£d door r!ngs as Khalid was ab©vt to open th£ door. h£ opened it and meet Steve stand!ng right !nfront of th£ door.

Dason also sees h¡m try to hide h¡s face.
“Wh£re are you go!ng Dason Chaz, my one and only future broth£r-!n-law,” Steve said !n a husky voice.

Dason couldn’t m©v£ non uttered a word, h£ knew th£ir time is up. h£ glance at Khalid who was glar!ng at h¡m. Some sudden sweat raise !n h¡s b©dy.


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