Affairs Of The Heart

Affairs Of The Heart episode 30 – 31

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♥️Th£ h£ART
(Letters to h¡s celebrity crush✉️, search!ng for h£r)

Genre: Romance

Tags: Comedy, secret admirer, jealousy, hatred.

Sett!ng: Russia, Moscow city

Not well edited

Chapter 30

Authoress POV

Dason couldn’t m©v£ non uttered a word, h£ knew th£ir time is up. h£ glance at Khalid who was glar!ng at h¡m. Some sudden sweat raise !n h¡s b©dy.

“What’s go!ng on h£re, how do you know h¡m?”Khalid asked.

“Uh uh, I don’t know what h£’s talk!ng ab©vt. I don’t know h¡m. Did I know you man? “Dason asked, fac!ng Steve.

“WOW, so confident. I know for th£ fact that you are smart. You are th£ one that planed all that right? Well, wh£re’s Jasm!ne? Our marriage can’t wait anym©r£”Steve asked.

“Why are you look!ng for h£r. $h£’s not available, $h£ hate you. You are not !n anyway h£r type of man.

$h£ hate you. I am warn!ng you stay away from my sister. If not I will mess you up “Dason threatened.

Khalid was lost, h£ stood th£re confused.

“Dason do you know h¡m?”h£ asked hitt!ng h¡mself on th£ h£ad.

“Yes, I knew h¡m. h¡s a devil !n human b©dy “Dason said glar!ng furiously at Steve.

“Khalid do you know why I hate you so much. That’s because you are always after my woman. You planned and make h£r escaped before our wedd!ng.

I thought you have morals like you claimed, but no, you are th£ Khalid I know very well. You started th¡s and I will be th£ one to f!nish it. Go !n th£re and br!ng my wife”Steve and and m©v£ closer to Khalid.

If h£ has a chance to stand on th£ tips of h¡s nose h£ will do j√$t that.

“I am unaware of what you are say!ng, and m©r£over who th£ h£ll give you th£ right to come to my house? No one is yours h£re, now leave before I lost it”Khalid said !n an authoritative manner.

“No one, not even you will stop me from tak!ng what is m!ne. And I will do that today, you know what I mean wh£n I say someth!ng”Steve said hitt!ng h¡s ch£st.

“Leave us alone, we run away from you and my greedy uncle and now you are [email protected]¢k. Who th£ h£ll are you”Dason sh©vted angrily.

Th£ words “run away from you and my greedy uncle’ caught Khalid all of a sudden.

h£ remembered Jasm!ne tell!ng h¡m th£ir uncle was killed and th£y don’t have any family left, which makes th£m ran away because th£y were s¢ar£d of be!ng killed.

“You both run with my money, I don’t need th£ money aga!n. I want h£r, that’s it, and if you don’t provide h£r th£n I will kill your uncle who has been !n my custody s!nce you guys left”Steve threatened.

“Is that a threat, kill h¡m th£n. That’s what h£ deserves. Greedy people will surely die if greed!ness”Dason thundered.

Khalid didn’t say anyth!ng aga!n as h£ leave th£re straight to Jasm!ne room.

h£ slammed th£ door opened; Jasm!ne who was read!ng th£ letter Khalid gave h£r was shocked as $h£ look [email protected]¢k to see Khalid fum!ng !n anger.

“Mr Walter what happened? Why are you so furious? Who offended you?”$h£ asked hidd!ng th£ letter. But it drops on th£ floor.

Khalid picked it up. “Why are you read!ng my letters? Th£y aren’t for ch£ap girls like you. Th£y are for true love.

Th£ mistake I made was [email protected]||!ng for your lies.

Why do you lie ab©vt you real identity? Why don’t you tell me you are ab©vt to get married to my worst enemy? Why?”Khalid sh©vted mov!ng closer to h£r.

$h£ pace [email protected]¢kward until $h£ reach£s th£ wall, $h£ th£n realized $h£ couldn’t get away from h¡m. h£ has never be th¡s angry.

“I don’t know what”$h£ stammered.

“Cont!nue, you wanna lie aga!n. You wanna lie you are not Steve fiance?”h£ asked and th¡s time h£ looks j√$t like a real monster.

Jasm!ne couldn’t raised h£r h£ad, as $h£ $h!verys !n fright. $h£ couldn’t stand th£ monstrous Khalid.

“I am sorry, I have to lie to you, I wouldn’t have done that If knew you love me. I am so sorry, it was late wh£n I found ©vt you are immensely !n love with me. Please forgive me”$h£ stammered with a shak!ng voice.

“Love, I don’t love you. I only h£lped you as a human. I could never have loved a liar like you. You are a big liar. I have someone I ch£rish so much”Khalid thundered.

It seems like th£re’s go!ng to be an earthquake.

“I am sorry, I know you love me. I am th£ one who wrote those letters to you. I am th£ mysterious lady you’ve been search!ng for. I am sorry please forgive me”Jasm!ne cried.

“No, no, no. You can never be,You can never be.

No, my mysterious lady !n th£ letter seems so real. $h£ wouldn’t deceive me. I love h£r alot. No, you can never be”Khalid scattered h¡s hair angrily.

“it wasn’t my !ntention to deceived you. I wasn’t aware you received my letter. I even thought you might read it but disposed it !n th£ b!n. Not until you show me th£ cafe.

That was th£ day I realised I made a very big mistake. Please don’t call me ch£ap, I only love you.

Steve, yes Steve, I don’t love h¡m. My uncle wanna married me to h¡m forcefvlly. I do wanna tell you everyth!ng but I planned to tell you !n my letter.

I never know it will turn ©vt like th¡s. Please forgive me. I promise to correct my mistake”Jasm!ne pleaded cry!ng.

$h£ hold Khalid right [email protected]

“I can never love a liar like you. I refused to, you are j√$t noth!ng to me than a liar” h£ jerks if away and stride angrily ©vt of h£r room.

Dason who was stand!ng by th£ door stroll !n.

“I am ru!n, I ru!ned everyth!ng. You warned me but I didn’t listened”Jasm!ne cried ©vt h£r h£art and recl!ne on th£ floor.

“I am sorry sis, I couldn’t do anyth!ng to h£lp. I am j√$t a useless broth£r. You always do many th!ngs for me, but I couldn’t do a th!ng for you “Dason bend to h£r level.

“How did h£ know th¡s?”$h£ asked cry!ng.

“Steve came, h£’s still ©vtside and vow not to leave not until h£ takes you with h¡m. h£’s threaten!ng to kill uncle”Dason replied.

Clara who saw everyth!ng that happened d©wΠ th£re, but was still confused ab©vt th£ wh0l£ issue came !nto h£r room.

Jasm!ne stood up with fvll determ!nation. $h£ looks shattered. h£r h£art was h£avy, $h£ felt th£ pa!n of be!ng disappo!nted. Th£ pa!n of hurt!ng someone who is dearest. $h£ couldn’t take it, non could $h£ let it slide. Th¡s is h£r chance. $h£ j√$t have to end th¡s game. Hatred grew !n h£r h£art. Hatred or loath£?

“Both of us will have to die. I will rath£r die than to marry h¡m. I don’t want to live a life with©vt Khalid.

I accept it was my mistake but Steve will have to pay for com!ng !nto my life over and over aga!n”Jasm!ne ru$h£d ©vt of th£ room before Clara and Dason could stopped h£r.

$h£ ru$h£d to th£ kitch£n. Clara !n th£ oth£r [email protected] run to call Khalid. Dason ru$h£d after h£r to th£ kitch£n try!ng to stop h£r.

But Jasm!ne was stubborn. $h£ picked a knife.

“No Jasm!ne, I won’t allow you to do th¡s. You won’t kill anyone. We can leave h£re and start a new life. Please don’t do anyth!ng nasty. Please for my sake”Dason said stand!ng on h£r way.

“No I will have to kill that man with my [email protected] Th£y first time we meet I only spat on h¡s face, but now I will end h¡s life.

So Khalid problem we be gone forever. Even if it will cause me my life”Jasm!ne sh©vted.

“Please Jas, j√$t look !nto my eyes and calm d©wΠ”Dason try to persuade h£r.

“What th£ h£ck are you do!ng?”Khalid asked on gett!ng to th£ scene.

“Please Khalid, $h£ has gone mad. Yes, really mad. Please h£lp me”Dason sh©vted for h£lp.

“I am mad, !nfact I am crazy. Yes, but I must end everyth!ng today. I will kill h¡m. No man can stop me. If you try to stop me th£n I will stab myself”Jasm!ne cried po!nt!ng th£ knife edge !n h£r stomach.

Everyone was stunned. Evan ru$h£d to th£ scene and was also shocked at th¡s..

Khalid ru$h£d to h£r dragg!ng th£ knife with h£. “Jasm!ne stop th¡s right now” Clara sh©vted.

“Leave me alone. Steve Corey or whatever you are called, come |ns!de and see if I won’t yank ©vt your !ntest!ne” Jasm!ne sh©vted, dragg!ng th£ knife with Khalid.

“Nooooo”Everyone s¢r**med



♥️Th£ h£ART
(Letters to h¡s celebrity crush✉️, search!ng for h£r)

Genre: Romance

Tags: Comedy, secret admirer, jealousy, hatred.

Sett!ng: Russia, Moscow city


Chapter 31

“Leave me alone. Steve Corey or whatever you are called, come |ns!de and see if I won’t yank ©vt you !ntest!ne” Jasm!ne sh©vted, dragg!ng th£ knife with Khalid.

“Nooooo” Everyone s¢r**med.

“Noo” Jasm!ne s¢r**med. Khalid [email protected] was cut while try!ng to take th£ knife from h£r. h¡s [email protected] starts bleed!ng but not that much.

“Am sorry” Jasm!ne cried and threw th£ knife away. $h£ holds Khalid [email protected], and |¡¢ks h¡s blood.

“Mr. Walter are you okay? Jasm!ne, what’s your problem? See what you’ve caused. I warned you” Dason sh©vted furiously.

“I am okay, is j√$t a cut, it is not up to th£ pa!ns !n my h£art. Th£ h£art as be!ng hurt and it can be h£aled. I hate th£ day I knew you anonymously. I hate th£ day I met you !n person. I hate your face, your stubbornness and” Khalid jerks h£r [email protected] away and stride angrily towards th£ stairs.

“I am sorry. Please forgive me” $h£ cried, and ran after h¡m, $h£ h£ld h¡s leg.

“Let go of me” h£ said and released h¡s leg from h£r forcefvlly. $h£ fell on th£ floor cry!ng.

“What th£ h£ll is go!ng on h£re?”Evan asked lost.

Clara gave h£r a noxious glare.

“Jasm!ne common you should stop all th¡s. j√$t strive to put yourself togeth£r “Clara hugged h£r.

“Jasm!ne, I am sorry, I couldn’t save you from Steve. I am not a good broth£r” Dason cried wip!ng h£r tears.

“I am silly, can’t you see that. I j√$t ru!n everyth!ng myself” $h£ cries cuddl!ng Dason face.

“You didn’t ru!n anyth!ng. I know you are strong. You are my world, if you break d©wΠ now th£n I won’t be able to ¢©Πtr0| myself” Dason cuddle h£r

“Do you guys need a$$istance; I can jo!n you guys !n cry!ng s!nce a cry!ng competition is on. And why are you all putt!ng me !n th£ dark. I need to h£ar th£ fvll details “Evan laugh£d.

“Watch your t0Πge young lady” Clara sh©vted angrily.

“How dare you daughter of a bitch, I am your boss” Evan wailed.

“Boss my foot, I am only respect!ng you because of h¡m, but you can’t have my respect anym©r£. If you th!nk you need me to respect you, you will have to respect me and I’ll do th£ same th!ng. Is better you go far away before is too late, because I sure you don’t have a place !n th¡s house “Clara said furiously and h¡ssed.

Evan wanted to slap h£r but stopped and ru$h£d ©vt of th£re straight to Khalid room. $h£ saw h¡m pac!ng to and forth.

“Khalid can you expla!n what is go!ng on !n th¡s house for me? What is happen!ng b£tweeΠ you and that idiot?” Evan asked but Khalid didn’t give a dawn. Evan m©v£s closer to h¡m. “Am I not communicat!ng? I th!nk I deserve an answer. Tell me what’s go!ng on h£re” Evan asked and ₱u$h£d h¡m by h¡s ch£st. Khalid grips h£r neck.

“How dare you? Are you ©vt of your m!nd? Who gave you that gut to barge !nto my room and asked me such question. If you even try that !n your life th£n I will kill you and feed your b©dy to th£ birds “Khalid growl and released h£r. $h£ coughs ©vt loud. “You are evil, do you really wanna kill me. What th£ h£ll” $h£ said and leaves h¡s room.


Jasm!ne stood pale star!ng through th£ w!ndow of h£r room. $h£ couldn’t ¢©Πtr0| h£r tears as th£y keep flow!ng d©wΠ h£r ch£ek.

“Clara you are h£re” $h£ managed to speak as $h£ h£ard footsteps com!ng !nto h£r room.

“Yeah I am h£re, or you still need some time like you requested. Who I am wh£n you could ask your Broth£r to give you some time” Clara said com!ng close.

“Don’t I deserve to be alone, why should I watch£d h¡m suffer for th£ mistakes I made. h£ should be !n school by now but I always used my miserable life to ru!n h¡s life. h£ dropped ©vt of school because I couldn’t fund h¡m. So why should h£ suffer for my mistakes. I don’t deserve someone like h¡m as a broth£r” Jasm!ne wiped h£r tears.

“You are j√$t complicated. Do you th!nk that’s th£ solution to th¡s? Th£ deed is done already, you try!ng to ₱u$h£d yourself away from your broth£r we only make it worst. Dason has been worried for th£ past three hours you requested to be alone. You are be!ng silly. That’s not th£ solution. You can’t solve th¡s alone” Clara said.

“I Know I can’t do th¡s alone. But everyth!ng is ru!n already; I began and also end th£ love story myself. I am shattered” Jasm!ne cried.

Clara makes h£r sit d©wΠ and wipes h£r tears.

“You should wait till tonight, I am sure h¡s h£art will have soften before h£ came [email protected]¢k from work. I am sure Leo will h£lp. h£ might forgive you. Even if not now, I am sure h£ will surely do one day. Th£ wound might take time to h£al” Clara pacified h£r.

“But I can stand h¡s hatred, h£’s so angry at me, what if h£ hate me forever” $h£ stammered.

“I will always love you even if th£ world is aga!nst you. I will protect and shower you will th£ love !n th£ world wide” Dason said by th£ door.

Jasm!ne tries to smile but couldn’t ¢©Πtr0| h£r emotions as $h£ breaks d©wΠ aga!n.

“I will also stand by you. As a sister, you are a sister to me and we are !n th¡s togeth£r” Clara hugged h£r.


Khalid POV

I keep star!ng at th£ files right !n front of me. I couldn’t focus on th£ work I was do!ng. I am bond to suffer !n love; I was deceived by my first love and now th£ person I have chos£n to spend th£ rest of my life with.

No, I can’t be !n love with a ch£ater, a liar. I will rath£r rema!n s!ngle. I j√$t try to get th£ freak!ng thought ©vt my h£ad and focus on th£ work, but that is not j√$t work!ng. I picked up my table phone.

“Get me a bottle of beer” I ordered. What am I go!ng to do with a beer while at work? No I j√$t need to get settled. I am go!ng crazy right now. I picked my phone and I dial Leo number.

“Please buddy come to my office” I said.

“What happened? You don’t sound okay” h£ asked.

“Please j√$t come” I pleaded.

I th!nk I will get better with h¡m h£re. Someone knock at my office door.

“Come !n” I said. “Good morn!ng sir” Th£ waitress who brought th£ beer greeted.

“Drop it th£re” I po!nted to my relax!ng table !n th£ office. Leo came !n j√$t that m!nute.

h£ glares at me, th£n at th£ waitress.

“Excuse me, what’s that?”h£ asked.

“Beer I requested for it” I replied. l and threw my face away.

“h£y what’s your problem? Don’t you know your work? If you dare give anyone beer do!ng work!ng hour th£n I will fired you. Take that shit [email protected]¢k” h£ said authoritatively.

Th¡s is th£ first time I have seen h¡m speak!ng so harshly. h£ never spoke to anyone !n such manner before not even wh£n I make rules.

“But sir requested for it” $h£ stammered.

“Be it sir or anyone, don’t give ©vt beer do!ng work!ng hour. We provided beer !n th£ company restaurant not because of th£ workers. Now leave” Leo ordered.

“You mean with th£ beer?”Th£ lady asked star!ng at me.

“Yes, with th£ beer” h£ replied. $h£ quickly took th£ beer and go ©vt of my office.

“What th£ h£ll was that? Wh£re are your pr!nciples” h£ bang my table.

“I am sorry for that. I couldn’t th!nk straight. I j√$t wanna free my bra!n” I said and strok!ng my h£ad.

“What’s go!ng on? Firstly you came late to th£ office; I was so busy with th£ contract that’s why I haven’t show up to asked th£ reason why you came late” h£ asked.

“A lot happened, Jasm!ne is th£ mysterious girl” I said try!ng to catch my breath.

“Wow! now I see, Is that why you are so nervous. Congrat buddy that’s such a good news, th¡s is a dream come true. I never knew you asked for that beer so we can celebrate. But we won’t do that !n th£ office that would be later !n th£ day. Congratulations” h£ said and stretch£d h¡s [email protected] forth a [email protected]

What th£ h£ll did h£ th!nks? h£ didn’t allow me f!ni$h£d my explanation before conclud!ng.

“We can’t be togeth£r. I can’t be with someone like h£r” I said.

h£ paused and k!nd of ‘Are you okay?’ look.

“Are you mad?” h£ asked and come closer to ch£ck my b©dy temperature.

“I still have a lot to say” I said. “I am listen!ng to you shit” h£ said angrily. I expla!ned everyth!ng to h¡m and h£ couldn’t utter a word.

“How secretive, I noticed th¡s yesterday at th£ party. I have th£ feel!ng someth!ng isn’t right. I could see how nervous $h£ was wh£n Steve arrived at th£ party yesternight” h£ said bit!ng h¡s l¡ps.

“I am j√$t dest!ny to suffer with ladies. I can’t f!nd a lady I can trust. I will j√$t live a s!ngle life with my son. Is good I have a son to call m!ne. I don’t want a lady !n my life aga!n” I rested my h£ad at on my table.

“I feel your pa!n, but that is a awful decision to take. Why don’t you give h£r a second chance, everyone deserves a second chance. I don’t th!nk Jasm!ne is a bad girl; $h£ might also have h£r own reason. Maybe don’t wanna lose h£r respect. You know some girls are s¢ar£d of express!ng th£ir feel!ng” h£ said. I raised my h£ad and glance at h¡m.

“!nstead of giv!ng h£r a second chance, I will rath£r give Evan a second chance because $h£ has my child. I will never build a relationship based on lies”


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