Affairs Of The Heart

Affairs Of The Heart episode 32

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♥️Th£ h£ART
(Letters to h¡s celebrity crush✉️, search!ng for h£r)
Genre: Romance
Tags: Comedy, secret admirer, jealousy, hatred.

Sett!ng: Russia, Moscow city

Chapter 32

“!nstead of giv!ng h£r a second chance, I will rath£r give Evan a second chance because $h£ has my child”I said and leo gave a deadly glare.

“Can you come aga!n” h£ said and brought h¡s ear close to my m©vth.

“Do you even th!ng I will want to give Evan a second chance, I am not daydream!ng right?” I asked.

h£ h£aves a sign of relief. “You s¢ar£d me, I thought you’ve lost all your memories. I know how much you hate that Evan girl. Please bro that joke is too expensive. I might got a h£art attack wh£n you say such th!ngs aga!n” h£ said hold!ng is ch£st.

“Evan is th£ least person I will even consider given a second chance. Maybe !n my next life” I smirks.

“So would you give h£r a second chance, please for my sake” h£ pleaded jo!n!ng h¡s [email protected] togeth£r.

“I don’t know maybe I will forgive h£r or not. Because right now, I am very angry that I don’t wanna see h£r face, talk!ng ab©vt h£r even makes me angrier. If $h£ couldn’t tell me th£ truth ab©vt be!ng my mysterious lady, why did $h£ has to lie ab©vt h£r statues? Why can’t $h£ tell me $h£” I hit my h£ad angrily.

“Chill buddy, I must say I understand you perfectly, but th£ deed is done. To err is human, to forgive is div!ne. Please for my sake, and for all th£ moment $h£ made you happy. I am very close to you, but sometimes I found it had to br!ng smiles to your face but h£r letters are so powerful that it always makes you smile.

So, why can’t you forgive h£r, I know you love h£r, you are j√$t very angry right now. Why don’t we forget th£ past” Leo said with so much emotions.

h£ was right, s!nce I have be!ng receiv!ng h£r letter I never plan a life with©vt h£r. I truly love h£r but why is it so [email protected] to forget those lies.

“I would th!nk ab©vt it. Let’s talk ab©vt someth!ng else” I said dragg!ng th£ file on my table closer.

“Guy I wanna tell you someth!ng” Leo said.

“What?” I asked. But j√$t th£n my phone beep. I ch£cked th£ caller ID.

Maddy” I mumbled.

“WOW! My beloved” Leo said.

I picked it up and took a deep breath.

“h£llo baby girl” I said.

“Don’t h£llo me, so th£ girl we were look!ng for is stay!ng with you !n your house and you gave me so much stress” $h£ sh©vted furiously from th£ oth£r end.

“I am sorry babe, I j√$t f!nd ©vt today” I pleaded.

“Is not what you th!nk sweetie? Lemme expla!n” I urge.

“Don’t expla!n, you will have to sort ©vt yourself wh£n we get th£re day after tomorrow. I am gett!ng my exam result tomorrow, so we will be I Russia !n two days” $h£ announced.

“Maddy wait” I sh©vted but th¡s silly girl hang up on me.

“Like what th£ fv¢k! Mum will be h£re aga!n with h£r silly dramas. I can’t stand h£r” I bang th£ table angrily.

“so your mum is com!ng?” Leo asked.

“Yes, that old woman that blab a lot is com!ng. Like what th£ h£ll!” I said furiously.

“Really! If you don’t make m©v£s th£n you might end up gett!ng married to that miserable lady” Leo said.

“I know what to do” I nod my h£ad as an idea stuck me.

“What?” Leo asked.


Authoress POV

“Jasm!ne I wanna tell you someth!ng, I know a lot is happen!ng but I can’t keep th¡s to myself anym©r£” Dason said.

“What Is that Dason?” Clara asked.

“Dan is not Khalid child” Dason said.

Jasm!ne and Clara were stunned h£ar!ng th¡s.

“What are you say!ng, h£ did DNA test and it confirmed Dan is h¡s son” Clara protested.

“Am serious ab©vt th¡s, Steve is th£ fath£r of Dan. I overh£ard th¡s wh£n you guys went to party yesterday. I wanna tell you guys but I was asleep before you came [email protected]¢k” Dason said.

Clara took th£ pillow and start fann!ng h£rself while jasm!ne was try!ng to gath£r some words. $h£ doesn’t even know what to say.

“Like are you serious ab©vt th¡s” Jasm!ne manage to speak up.

“Yeah, but th£ mistake I made was that I didn’t recorded everyth!ng” h£ said and take a deep breath.

“For real, but how could $h£ be so h£artless? Khalid ¢ar£ a lot ab©vt that child, h£’s a part of h¡s life. Why is all th¡s happen!ng to a good h£arted person like h¡m? h£ doesn’t deserve all th¡s” Clara said with a teary eyes.

“I already hurt h¡m and now th¡s is go!ng to hurt h¡m m©r£, but we can’t hid th¡s for h¡m aga!n. h£ will be very hurt if h£ f!nd ©vt we knew ab©vt th¡s. I am becom!ng m©r£ s¢ar£d. What are we go!ng to do now?” Jasm!ne breaks d©wΠ !n tears.

“We need to tell h¡m !n whatever way we could, I am gett!ng tired of th£ wh0l£ th!ng” Dason said.

“I am fed up, th¡s house is tear!ng apart” Clara said.

Later !n th£ day

Everyone sits !n th£ d!n!ng table except from Khalid.

“Aunt Jasm!ne wh£re’s my dad, I left earlier today because of that school bus. I wanna tell h¡m to stop th£ school bus from com!ng to pick me. I like it wh£n h£ give me a ride to th£ school h¡mself” Dan said.

Jasm!ne was so emotional. $h£ could feel th£ genu!ne love b£tweeΠ th£ two of th£m.

“Dan eat your food and stop talk!ng to a fool that want to separate you from your parent. And aga!n we won’t stop your school bus. What if you get kidnapped aga!n?” Evan asked.

“I am strong I can take ¢ar£ of myself. I j√$t want only my fath£r and aunty jasm!ne to be dropp!ng me off !n school” Dan p©vted.

“You are so stubborn, I am your moth£r and I will be th£ one to take you to school not a stranger” Evan said angrily.

“Whatever! Is dad not go!ng to eat” Dan said fac!ng Jasm!ne.

“I will call h¡m” Jasm!ne stood up to avoid any question from Dan aga!n. Dason and Clara gave h£r sign to go.

“Wh£re are you go!ng idiot?” Evan asked.

“Wh£re did you s£nd me, and why must you used that word !n front of a child. Why are you try!ng to !nfluence h¡m with you shabby attitude” Jasm!ne stormed ©vt of th£ir and h£ad towards Khalid room.

Jasm!ne POV

I realized I was walk!ng so f*st. I am really walk!ng f*st to Khalid room. My h£art bumps, I felt my blood ris!ng. I couldn’t look h¡m !n th£ eyes wh£n h£ came [email protected]¢k, how I’m go!ng face h¡m now? I s1©w d©wΠ my pace. Th£ m©r£ get closer th£ m©r£ s¢ar£d I am. I have never be!ng th¡s s¢ar£d like th¡s !n my entire not even wh£n I am with that horrible man called Steve.

Oh My God! I am right !n front of h¡s door. How am I even go!ng to knock? We h£ answer or even let me !n? I close my eyes, hold my breath and brought my [email protected] forth to h¡s door.

“Knar knar” I knocked at th£ door. Th£n my h£art pumps.

“Who is th£re?” I h£ard h¡s voice from |ns!de. What am I go!ng to do now?

“It’s….”Before I could complete my statement h£ is already at th£ door, glar!ng at me.

I felt like th£ ground should open and gulp me, maybe th£n my h£art will be free.

“Come !n h£ said and went [email protected]¢k |ns!de leav!ng th£ door opened.

Did I j√$t h£ard h¡m say come !n? Is h£ not angry with me aga!n? I was still wonder!ng wh£n I h£ard is voice.

“Are you go!ng to stand th£re forever” h£ said, and I manage to take a leg |ns!de.

I gently walked !n.

“Close th£ door” h£ order. Different thought start rummag!ng !n my m!nd. Is h£ go!ng to hurt me? Did h£ has a plan for me?

“If you are s¢ar£d th£n you can leave it” That brought me [email protected]¢k to reality. I was relief h£ never mean to hurt me. I gently close th£ door.

“Why are you h£re?” h£ asked !n a hoarse voice. Th£ aura !n h¡s voice feed th£ wh0l£ room. What! h£ was be!ng nice a moment ago, why th£ sudden change?

“I I I ca…………me to call you to come and have your meal” I stammered.

“Which position are you to come and call me? And why are you both£r ab©vt me? Or are you plann!ng to kill me?” h£ asked. I felt like a strength was put [email protected]¢k to me.

“Why will I want to do that? Did I look like a killer to you?” I asked angrily.

How could h£ th!nk I can kill a human while I can’t possibly hurt a fly?

“So you can now talk fluently” h£ walked closer to me.

What th£ h£ll is wrong with h¡m? I don’t th!nk th¡s is Khalid, is th¡s a refurbish. I m©v£ my pace [email protected]¢k but h£ never stop mov!ng closer to me with a horrible look.

My boldness vanish immediately I became m©r£ s¢ar£d. And now th£ wall is b£tweeΠ me and th£ escape.

h£ brought h¡s [email protected] closed to my neck. I became press immediately. If ¢ar£ isn’t taken, I will ur!nate on my b©dy.

h£ brought h¡s [email protected] closer to my neck. I close my eyes say!ng goodbye to th£ world of th£ liv!ng. If th£y asked what killed me? I will say is love. I felt h¡s [email protected] close to my throat. Am I chok!ng?


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