Affairs Of The Heart

Affairs Of The Heart episode 33

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♥️Th£ h£ART

(Letters to h¡s celebrity crush✉️, search!ng for h£r)

Genre: Romance

Tags: Comedy, secret admirer, jealousy, hatred.

Sett!ng: Russia, Moscow city

Episode 33

h£ brought h¡s [email protected] closer to my neck. I close my eyes say!ng goodbye to th£ world of th£ liv!ng. If th£y asked what killed me? I will say is love. I felt h¡s [email protected] close to my throat. Am I chok!ng?

“So you are th¡s s¢ar£d of me?” h£ asked.

I s1©wly open my eyes to see if h£ is th£ one that j√$t spoke.

“Now I see th£ reason you can’t tell me th£ truth, you th!nk I might not believe you. I never wanted to build a relationship on lies but it hurt to know you lied to me. I was so broken that I felt like I don’t want to see you, but my feel!ngs won’t allow me. I now see th£ reason why I always feel strange wh£n I am @r0vnd you, sometimes I felt like hugg!ng you closely and klzz!ng your l¡ps, but I always thought it was a distraction while I never knew you are th£ one jok!ng with my love, why do you have to go th¡s far even after I told you everyth!ng? ”I asked star!ng !nto my eyes.

Th£re’s no word that can j√$tified my actions. Th£ deed is done.

“I am sorry, I never wanted to hurt you. I never mean to. Everyth!ng j√$t happen so quickly. I didn’t know I will met you so easily not even !n that way” I said and tears stream d©wΠ my ch£ek. h£ wiped my tears with h¡s [email protected]

“I am not okay with that, I need to understand why you have to lie to me. I deserve to know, maybe th£n I can forgive you completely. I won’t be at peace until I know th£ wh0l£ truth” h£ said glar!ng lvstfvlly at me.

“I wanted to tell you after th£ day I found ©vt that you’ve been receiv!ng all my letters. I planned to tell you th£ second day, but after you said you hate lies th£ next morn!ng. I was so s¢ar£d that you might s£nt us away. I never mean any harm” I expla!ned trembl!ng.

“So how do you plan to tell me after severe lies, or are you plann!ng to keep th¡s to yourself forever”

“I was plann!ng to tell you !n my letter, I wanted to expla!n everyth!ng, that’s why I told you I will f!nd h£r for you !n a week. I never knew Steve will found ©vt ab©vt me. I am very sorry, I know I hurt you I am sorry” I pleaded

“Is that all, or you are still hid!ng someth!ng for me. I am see!ng it deep !n your eyes that you still wanna say someth!ng. What is that?” h£ asked. Dan, I should tell h¡m even if h£ believe me or not.

“Dan, ehh, Dan” quaffed my saliva.

“What’s up ab©vt Dan” h£ signal me to speak. I glare at h¡m.

“Dan isn’t” I tried to speak but h£ phone beep. I guess is a message. h£ ru$h£d to ch£ck it.

“Who th£ h£ll is th£ anonymous lady who always said Dan isn’t my son, why can’t $h£ review h£rself and show me prove” h£ threw h¡s phone angrily on th£ b£d. h£ sit angrily fondl!ng h¡s hair.

Who was that? So someone know ab©vt th¡s except from us.

But th£ person is right, why can’t h£ not digest that fact?

“What if th£ person is right ab©vt h¡m not be!ng your son, maybe $h£ has h£r reason” I said and h£ glare at me.

“Dan is my son, I did DNA twice and th£ doctor confirmed h£ is my son, I am no an illiterate, I know right and wrong” h£ sh©vted.

I guess h£ is angry or should I say frustrated. I don’t want to complicate issue. h¡s phone beep aga!n. h£ took it and read ©vt.

“Meet me at th£ city club at 7pm tomorrow, I am ready to review my real self to you” Th£ message read.

“Good, great” h£ muttered but it was loud enough to be h£ard.

“Can I come with you?” I asked.

“No, you are yet to be forgiven” h£ said and [email protected] on th£ b£d.

“Fo…od” I stammered.

“I don’t have appetite, please leave me alone for now. I need to clear my h£ad” h£ closed h¡s eyes.

“I will leave” I stroll towards th£ door. I opened it, stops and glance at h¡m before go!ng ©vt with my h£ad d©wΠ. Say!ng h£ hasn’t forgiven me still hurt. I feel like cry!ng. But h£ also had a lot go!ng on with h¡m.
On gett!ng ©vt of h¡s room, I saw Clara, Dan and Dason wait!ng for me.

“Why do you take so long aunt? And wh£re’s dad?” Dan asked.

See!ng h¡m makes me feel like cry!ng, I j√$t need to ¢©Πtr0| myself so h£ won’t suspect anyth!ng. I bent to h¡s level and hugged h¡m t!ghtly.

“Dad said h£ wanna rest, h£ said h£ sorry that h£ can’t only see you tomorrow” I lied.

“My dad must be really weary. I won’t disturb h¡m” Dan said rest!ng on my shoulder.

“That’s my boy” I smiled at h¡m. h£ peck my ch£ek.

“I love you” h£ w!nked at me.

“I will be [email protected]¢k Lemme take h¡m to h¡s room” Clara said.

“No Aunt Clara, I want to sleep !n aunt Jasm!ne arm tonight. Please aunt don’t say no” h£ jo!n h¡s [email protected] togeth£r with h¡s eyes close.

“Okay my boy” I said ₱|@y!ng with h¡s ch£ek.

“Dan” I h£ard Khalid voice j√$t to look [email protected]¢k to see h¡m beh!nd me.

“Dad” h£ sh©vted and run to h¡m. h£ carried h¡m and klzz h¡m unceas!ngly.

“I missed you dad. Are you feel!ng better now” Dan asked ch£ck!ng h¡s temperature.

“Yes doctor, I also miss you. Will you sleep with me tonight?” h£ asked.

“Sure dad, hmm! But aunt Jasm!ne, I already asked if I could sleep with h£r, I can’t j√$t jilt h£r now. It will be bad on my side” h£ p©vted.

“You don’t have to worry, I am perfectly f!ne by me you can sleep with dad” I smiled at h¡m.

“You are th£ best, don’t worry I owe you three pack of chocolate” h£ said show!ng me three of h¡s f!ng£rs.

“Okay, I will be expect!ng it” I laugh£d.

That’s wh£n it dawned on me that h£ will be leav!ng soon. I wish h£ stay h£re with us.

“Love you all except Evan, don’t tell h£r” h£ sh©vted as Khalid took h¡m |ns!de and lock th£ door.

“What have you fed my son with, I h£ard what h£ said?” Evan asked com!ng me.

Dason stand right !n front of h£r.

“Don’t dare accuse my sister, you should blame yourself for not be!ng a good oth£r moth£r. You are th£ worst moth£r I have ever seen. I hope you come [email protected]¢k to your s£nse before is too late” Dason said fum!ng.

“And who are you to lecture me on moth£rhood?” $h£ asked with h£r [email protected] fold.

“We don’t need to exchange words with you. Your days are number h£re. So better trace your steps” I said and dragged Dason from th£re.

Evan POV

I couldn’t say anyth!ng as th£y walked ©vt of me. Butch of silly people. I walked towards my room.

What did $h£ mean by trace your steps? That words got me unaware, did $h£ as someth!ng aga!nst me? What th£ h£ll does that means? Should I take it as a threat? I th!nk I should get rid of h£r. If I did that all figures will po!nt at me. I need to !nform Emma, I am sure $h£ will h£lp me ©vt. I dial h£r number but $h£ didn’t picked up.

“Common girlfriend, your girl is stuck” I hit my legs on th£ ground as I entered my room and locked my door from beh!nd. I tried it aga!n and th¡s time $h£ picked it.

“Hi girlie, th£re’s anoth£r problem you want me to solve. You only call wh£n you need my h£lp” $h£ said from th£ oth£r end.

“I am sorry baby, it wasn’t planned. You know I have been fac!ng difficulties s!nce that girl came to th¡s house, and m©r£over we spoke three days ago” I said feel!ng unease.

“Oh I forgot we spoke three days ago, I have a lot to deal with th¡s days. Well, what’s th£ problem” $h£ asked. I expla!ned th£ wh0l£ th!ngs to h£r.

“Will you h£ed what I asked you to do? I already told you th£ solution to th¡s a long time ago. Do you forget [email protected] is treach£rous, is eith£r you are kicked ©vt of th£re or you do as I told you?” Emma a$$umed.

“REm©v£ h£R! That’s th£ best solution to th¡s” A gr!n ₱|@yed at th£ corner of my m©vth.


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