Affairs Of The Heart

Affairs Of The Heart episode 34

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♥️Th£ h£ART
(Letters to h¡s celebrity crush✉️, search!ng for h£r)
Genre: Romance
Tags: Comedy, secret admirer, jealousy, hatred.

Sett!ng: Russia, Moscow city

Chapter 34

“REm©v£ h£R, that’s th£ only option”A gr!n ₱|@yed at th£ corner of my m©vth. “Exactly my po!nt”$h£ replied with th£ most determ!ned look I could imag!ne.

“Bye I will get [email protected]¢k to you,” I said and hang th£ call. I need to plan how th¡s will go with©vt any traces.

An idea struck me. I smiled as I throw my phone on th£ b£d and went to sit !n front of my mirror. Jasm!ne or whatever you are, Your days are numbered you can’t ru!n my [email protected] work so easily. You will have to die.

Th£ next morn!ng
Jasm!ne room

Jasm!ne POV

I opened my eyes, I feel so vast. My leg was too h£avy for me but I j√$t need to get up. I need to go and get Dan ready for school. That’s our new r©vt!ne.

Anytime I woke up late I am th£ one that will bath£ Dan while Clara does th£ cook!ng but if we both wake up at th£ same time we will do th£ cook!ng and $h£ will bath£ Dan.

But is 6’oclock already which means I woke up thirty m!nutes late. I yawn as I ₱v|| th£ duvet to a side and manage to sit on th£ b£d edge. I lowered one of my legs and also th£ second one.

I put on my sl¡pper and straight to Dan’s room. That’s wh£n it dawned on me that h£ slept !n Khalid’s room.

Th£n everyth!ng that happened yesterday came strik!ng my h£ad. Like what, did I j√$t forget everyth!ng overnight? I will face h¡m now. I j√$t need to go and take Dan. I will have to face h¡m no matter what. I stroll lazily to h¡s room. I knock at th£ door with no reply.

“It is me, Jasm!ne, I wanna get Dan ready for school,” I said. I don’t even know if h£ h£ard me or not. I put my [email protected] on th£ doorknob and realized it was not shut. As h£ went ©vt early th¡s morn!ng or why is h¡s room open? No one to answer that question. I j√$t need to get Dan ready. I walked !nto h¡s room and see h£ was still on th£ b£d.

“Gosh! How could h£ be so ¢ar£less to have let th£ duvet cover th£ little boy? Did h£ wanna suffocate h¡m?”I walked angrily to th£ b£d and grabb£d th£ duvet.

j√$t to f!nd a cushion th£re. “Dan” I sh©vted with my eyes open. I couldn’t stop myself from glar!ng at th£ pillow. Th£ next th!ng I noticed was that a [email protected] dragged me. And now I am on h¡s ch£st.

“Good morn!ng sweetie” h£ greeted.

Sounds like I was dream!ng, did Khalid j√$t greet me. I mean referr!ng to me as sweetie. Awww I feel some butterflies !n my stomach but I am very worried ab©vt Dan.

“Wh£re’s Dan, I can’t f!nd h¡m. How could you be so ¢ar£less that you didn’t notice h£ isn’t by your side “I said try!ng to get up?

“Do you th!nk I am so stupid or I don’t ¢ar£ ab©vt my son? I love h¡m alot. Forget ab©vt h¡m, it is j√$t me and you now”h£ expla!ned with©vt leav!ng me.

“So wh£re’s h£. I need to get h¡m ready for school”I struggle with h¡m but h£ was stronger.

“Don’t worry Clara would do that. $h£ has come to take h¡m, so you get noth!ng to worry ab©vt. I th!nk you will have to bath£ me today” h£ smiled while I looked at h¡m !n awe. Like I j√$t h£ar h¡m say I will bath£ h¡m? And has h£ forgiven me?

“Are you ponder!ng if I have forgiven you? I th!nk that’s a yes. I couldn’t sleep overnight. You are so stubborn that you even appear !n my dream begg!ng for my forgiveness. I try to sleep but you keep appear!ng. Why are you so stubborn. I j√$t need to let it slide so I can have a peaceful sleep today” h£ said and I burst !nto laughter.

A very deep one, like th¡s, is funny. “I never knew you are th¡s funny. So you are so romantic like th¡s”Those were th£ words that manage to escape my l¡ps as I couldn’t ¢©Πtr0| myself from laugh!ng.

h£ was star!ng lvstfvlly at me which make me feel weird. I stopped laugh!ng and try to get up.

“Please don’t stop laugh!ng. You are extremely beautiful wh£n you are ch£erful. I felt like committ!ng a crime with you right now. I j√$t wanna wake up everyone morn!ng to see th¡s beautiful soul” h£ confessed romantically.

“I always wish th£ same. I love you from th£ bottom of my h£art” I said and took my l¡ps closer to h¡s. h£ wanna ₱v||ed me !nto a klzz but I ₱u$h£d h¡m and get off th£ b£d.

“How silly, I am not so easy. You better start to get ready for work” I said go!ng ©vt.

“I will get you soon. You don’t have anywh£re to go. You are always m!ne” h£ said and w!nked at me. If someone had told me Khalid is th¡s naughty I would have disputed.

“Take ¢ar£” I couldn’t stop blush!ng. I prayed today is always like any oth£r day. Th¡s is th£ most blessed morn!ng !n my life. But everyth!ng turned upside d©wΠ yesterday. I thought th¡s might be th£ end of our love. j√$t and Affairs of th£ h£art like Dason always said. But no, th¡s is go!ng somewh£re. Th£ love with built with!n time.

“Please tell Dason to get ready for school. I am sorry I didn’t take h¡m th£re yesterday. I am sorry” h£ said feel!ng remorse. It’s not h¡s fault at all why is h£ apologiz!ng. I am th£ cause of everyth!ng, I am th£ one that should be apologiz!ng. I th!nk will have to tell h¡m not to apologize but I don’t want to go [email protected]¢k to yesterday’s memory, today already brighten!ng up those moods.

I nodded my h£ad !n reply and leave th£ room happily. I da$h£d to th£ kitch£n. I saw one of th£ oth£r maids. Wh£re could Clara be, maybe dress!ng up Dan !n h¡s room? But why would $h£ ask someone to cook for h£r wh£n $h£ knew I can do that?

“Are you !n charge of food?” I asked. “No, I am not !n charge but Clara told me to look after th£ cook!ng as $h£ wanna get Dan ready for school, $h£ added that $h£ doesn’t wanna disturb you as alot is happen!ng so you should rest, “$h£ expla!ned.

“Oh I see, I am alright I will look after th£ cook!ng you can go. I am perfectly f!ne. You can resume your work” I said and $h£ gestures. $h£ leaves with©vt refus!ng. I guess $h£’s not !nterested !n th£ food.

I opened th£ food and see it was th£ food us ready already. I couldn’t wait to tell Clara th£ story. I put off th£ [email protected] and ran to Dan’s room.


Authoress POV
Few m!nutes
“Did you do it? “Evan asked th£ maid? “Yes, I added it to th£ wh0l£ food. I even squirted it all” $h£ replied.

“Are you mad, who asked you to add it !n all th£ wh0l£ food? Do you wanna kill everyone. I said make sure you added it to a plate and make sure Jasm!ne is th£ only one that should eat from th£ plate”Evan expla!ned angrily.

“Ma you told me that Jasm!ne has a disease and th£ doctor said $h£ must use th£ drug. So I th!nk if $h£ can use it th£n everyone should also do th£ same, so if th£y have th£ disease it will cure “Th£ maid said. Evan fumes.

“Are you so dumb? How can you stipulate drugs to oth£rs? Now I want you to make sure no one not even Jasm!ne should taste th£ food. You are so foolish to have to do what I didn’t ask you to do. And now you will make sure you get rid of th£ food yourself”Evan said.

“I will not do that, I can’t get rid of th£ food wh£n everyone will be !n th£ d!n!ng to eat with!n thirty m!nutes “Th£ maid p©vted and hit h£r legs on th£ floor.

“Do as I asked or you will be dealt with”Evan clutch£d h£r neck.

“Okay ma, I will do as you asked”$h£ trembles.


“I am so happy for you. I never believed th¡s will happen so soon. Th¡s is amaz!ng “Clara said hugg!ng Jasm!ne.

“Aunt Jasm!ne, my dad loves you alot. I know that”Dan said !n h¡s babyish tone.

“What do you know ab©vt love?”Clara asked.

“I j√$t know h£ loves h£r. I have h£ard many people say!ng I love you. So I th!nk dad loves h£r. And I don’t know if $h£ loves my Dad?”Dan asked.

“I love your ou dad and also you. I love you so much” Jasm!ne smiled.

“Good girl” Dan chuckled.


Clara and Jasm!ne are !n th£ kitch£n dish!ng ©vt th£ food.

“I know Dan won’t eat much from th£ food. So I won’t dish much. I will j√$t make sure I put enough snacks !n h¡s [email protected]¢kpack” Jasm!ne said as $h£ dish ©vt Dan’s food !n h¡s flask. $h£ arranges th£ cooler !nto th£ bag.

Th£ maid Evan s£nt came to th£ kitch£n and f!nd th£m th£re. $h£ was s¢ar£d. Th£y took th£ food towards th£ d!nner smil!ng and $h£ could still do noth!ng.

“I am fv¢k!ng hungry, “Khalid said com!ng d©wΠ th£ stairs. Jasm!ne smiled and stared at th£ food !n h£r [email protected] How will I stop th£m from eat!ng?


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