Affairs Of The Heart

Affairs of the heart episode 37 – 38

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♥️Th£ h£ART

(Letters to h¡s celebrity crush✉️, search!ng for h£r)

Genre: Romance

Tags: Comedy, secret admirer, jealousy, hatred.

Sett!ng: Russia, Moscow city

Not Edited

Chapter 37

“Travell!ng, I can’t take all th£ daily pressure aga!n. I am fv¢k!ng tired of all th¡s troubles. I need to go and rest my h£ad for sometimes, and I will be tak!ng Dan with me” Khalid announced.
Jasm!ne was stunned for a little while but later feign a smile.

“Like do you mean th¡s, are you for real?” Jasm!ne asked.

“I can’t die of daily pressure. Th¡s house is h£ll, I gat to rest my h£ad”Khalid said and walk closer to Jasm!ne and took Dan from h£r.

“You are right, th¡s pressure is too much, but Is it compulsory you go?”Jasm!ne asked.

“I j√$t need to, I am sorry”Khalid threw h¡s face sideway. Jasm!ne smirks.

“That’s not bad, you are right. You gat to go, you need to clear you h£ad. I know you’ve been through a lot of recent, I support you !n th¡s”Jasm!ne nodded h£r h£ad.

“I would have asked you to come along but Dason and Clara needs you h£re. Please j√$t be understand!ng”Khalid said and touch h£r ch£ek.

“You are right, I understand everyth!ng you said. But please can you j√$t give me a m!nute I need to give you someth!ng that will be useful to Dan and you. Atleast if you decide not to come [email protected]¢k aga!n I won’t regret it”Jasm!ne said.

“I will for sure come [email protected]¢k, I belong h£re. But i also want th£ th!ng you wanna give me”Khalid smiled at h£r but $h£ j√$t p©vted look!ng at h¡m.

“Oh my goodness, like what th£ fv¢k is happen!ng right now. Are you for real wh£n did th£ love th!ng beg!n”Evan sh©vted angrily.

“I don’t know, maybe that’s how th!ngs should be”Clara h¡ssed.

“Okay, lemme go and get it”Jasm!ne said and ru$h£d to h£r room.

Evan was so angry that $h£ wanna leave but $h£ decided to stay [email protected]¢k because $h£ wanna see what’s special that Jasm!ne wanna give h¡m.

But Jasm!ne refused to come d©wΠ after five m!nutes. Khalid dropped Dan and wanna go ch£ck h£r !n h£r room, but $h£ came dragg!ng two travell!ng bag on th£ floor with h£r [email protected]¢kpack by h£r left [email protected]

Khalid and th£ oth£r were stunned.

“Why do you stood th£re, th¡s bags are too h£avy, will you h£lp me with it? I actually pack all my necessary th!ngs !n th£re”Jasm!ne said f!nd!ng it difficult to drag th£ two.

Dason who could guess what’s go!ng on already start laugh!ng silently.

“What are you go!ng to do with all th¡s bags. Th£ are big and h£avy”Khalid asked.

“Well I am go!ng on summer with you, aren’t you travell!ng aga!n. Don’t worry I packed b**tiful cloth£s with me. It gonna be cool with h£r son. Right?”Jasm!ne said, while Clara and Dason burst !nto laughter.

“Jasm!ne I am sure you are up to someth!ng wh£n you said you wanna give th£m someth!ng. I can’t imag!ne, th£ person who choosed to travel j√$t took few th!ngs but you went ah£ad and carry two h£avy bags that you yourself is struggl!ng with”Dason laugh£d.

“Do you mean you pack all your th!ng’s because you wanna follow me on a trip, I was j√$t plan!ng to use few days and you pack all th¡s” Khalid said try!ng to get th!ngs straight.

“Yes, s!nce you wanna leave I choosed to h£lp you. I don’t even know if anyone still wanna go with us. Th£y can also jo!n except from Evan”Jasm!ne said and p©vted.

Khalid couldn’t h£lp but laugh.

“Aunt you are smart, I swear”Dan Laugh£d ©vt.

“But do you mean th¡s, you wanna go with me with all th¡s bags?”Khalid asked.

“I j√$t choose not to argue with you s!nce you decide to leave. I know my talk won’t even stop you but that’s th£ only th!ng I could do to stop you but if you choose to leave now is you choice who th£ h£ll I am? I am not important, not even did I stand a chance !n your life. I never knew you can be such a coward to have th!nk th£ next th!ng is to leave you home all because of daily pressure or whatever “Jasm!ne said and ru$h£d to h£r room angrily.

“Jasm!ne”Khalid ru$h£d after h£r.

“Oh Mary moth£r of Jesus, th¡s girl has gone too far already. So love have already started wh£n I am h£re !n th¡s house”Evan mumbled and leaves angrily.

Jasm!ne angrily get on th£ b£d and cover h£rself up with th£ duvet cry!ng. Khalid stroll to h£r and sit by th£ b£d edge.

“I am sorry, I was j√$t tired of everyth!ng happen!ng each day. I guess people !n th£ jail still have m©r£ freedom than I do. I never th!nk I could be a coward”Khalid pleaded try!ng to pacify h£r.

“Who am I to say you aren’t do!ng th£ right th!ng? If you ¢ar£ why would you th!nk of leav!ng with©vt me. Maybe you are pretend!ng to have forgave me but you haven’t.

But it’s cool I am j√$t a mysterious letter girl who j√$t barged !nto your life all of a sudden with©vt a flashlight. Maybe you are !n love with only my letters, and maybe you will stop lov!ng me th£ day I stop writ!ng letters. I th!nk th¡s is what’s happen!ng.

You said you forgave me h¡s th¡s morn!ng and you wanna leave with©vt notic!ng me which means I am less important, second priority, a letter girl or j√$t Jasm!ne th£ liar girl”Jasm!ne said and drag th£ duvet from h£r face.

“Shush. Don’t say such th!ngs to me. I can go crazy if you said I don’t love you. I have always loved you, even wh£n I was angry u couldn’t stop But th!nk!ng ab©vt you. I was so foolish. I wanted to asked you, but I felt you won’t wanna leave your broth£r. I know th£ love b£tweeΠ you guys so it will be difficult. I am very sorry please don’t say those words if not I will go crazy”Khalid shu$h£d h£r by plac!ng h¡s f!ng£rs on h£r l¡ps.

h£ took h¡s l¡ps closer to h£r and was ab©vt to ₱v|| h£r !nto a klzz.

“Ewww, what th£ h£ll I’m see!ng right now? I am doom”Evan sh©vted.

“What th£ h£ll are you do!ng !n h£re?”Khalid asked.

“I guess $h£ wanna see someth!ng $h£ haven’t seen before”Jasm!ne took is l¡ps closer to Khalid’s and ₱v|| h¡m !nto a deep and allur!ng klzz. Never knew $h£ could be so seductive.

Khalid’s react to th£ klzz while Evan h£at !n anger sweat!ng profusely. $h£ felt like strangl!ng Jasm!ne right that m!nute.

Jasm!ne didn’t stop th£ klzz as $h£ dragged h£rself closer to Khalid th!nk!ng Evan will leave. But no $h£ still stood th£re fum!ng and target!ng how to get Jasm!ne.

Khalid wr*₱ped h¡s [email protected] @r0vnd h£r [email protected]¡$t mak!ng Evan suffocate.

“No, th¡s isn’t happen!ng. I am sure is my dream”Different thought keeps rummag!ng !n h£r m!nd.

“Useless fath£r, aren’t you go!ng to work? Are you gonna klzz all day leav!ng your company alone?”Evan ₱v||ed ©vt h£r frustration. Seems $h£’s short of words, as h£r real self wouldn’t asked if Khalid won’t go to work. Th£y stopped and smile see!ng how jealous $h£ was, and how stubborn $h£ could be that $h£ choosed to rema!n despite all th£y did.

Th£y cont!nueedt th£ir klzz!ng, Which makes Evan run mad.

“I am com!ng for you”$h£ ran ©vt of th£ room.

♥️Th£ h£ART

(Letters to h¡s celebrity crush✉️, search!ng for h£r)

Genre: Romance

Tags: Comedy, secret admirer, jealousy, hatred.

Sett!ng: Russia, Moscow city

Not Edited

Chapter 38

Th£y cont!nue th£ir klzz!ng, Which makes Evan run mad.

“I am com!ng for you”$h£ ran ©vt of th£ room.

Jasm!ne stops and burst ©vt laugh!ng.

“What th£ h£ll is $h£ go!ng to do, $h£ can’t do anyth!ng”Jasm!ne said laugh!ng.

“I love it, like is been long I saw that expression on h£r face. $h£ was so jealous”Khalid said smil!ng.

“Mr Walter do you th!nk N!na did that? I feel someth!ng is fishy. What do you th!nk?”$h£ asked.

Khalid glance at h£r with©vt utter!ng a word.

“I don’t know, $h£’s not worth to be trusted. We can only know th£ truth wh£n $h£ confess.

How could $h£ comply with Steve to kill us”Khalid said.

“Are you tell!ng me you believed what Evan said. Th¡s sounds somehow to me. If $h£’s th£ one that actually plot that th£n $h£ would have escaped and wouldn’t have stopped us.

Because if it was me, I will go as far as possible immediately I found ©vt someone know my plan. But th¡s wh0l£ th¡s sounds odd to me. I th!nk th£re’s some conspiracy after th¡s “Jasm!ne expla!ned.

“You may be right. But why don’t we j√$t let h£r confess to th£ police. I th!nk th¡s is th£ time to be ¢ar£ful, Steve wouldn’t leave no stone unturn. h£’s could be dangerous”Khalid said and stood up.

“I am sorry, I cause all th¡s. I shouldn’t have lie to you”Jasm!ne pleaded fac!ng th£ ground.

Khalid bent !nfront of h£r. “Let no dwell !n th£ past. Que sera sera whatever will be will be.

What if you had told me th£ truth from th£ beg!nn!ng and i rejected you or !nsulted you, maybe I might even calk you worthless, and say!ng you are try!ng to ₱ush yourself on me.

I know I have always love th£ mysterious lady but what if I rejected you.

If you had told me th£ truth th£n our bond might no get to th¡s. You lied !n th£ past but we shouldn’t lie to ourselves aga!n.

Promise you won’t lie to me aga!n”Khalid hold h£r [email protected] look!ng at h£r.

$h£ p©vted and nod h£r h£ad positively.

Khalid use a f!ng£r to raise h£r jaw. Th£y both smile at each oth£r and h£ld [email protected] strongly.

“Less I forget my sister and moth£r will be h£re !n Russia tomorrow. But you have alot to tolerate. My mum could be so dramatic. Please will you accept h£r for my sake” Khalid said with a sad face.

Jasm!ne look at h¡m and burst !nto laughter.

“Was that funny?”h£ asked. Jasm!ne nod h£r h£ad.

“I must say you are funny, do I look like someone who is go!ng to have problem with your mum, no our mum. Don’t worry I will take ¢ar£ of that and $h£ will love me h£rself with!n days. Trust me”Jasm!ne a$$ured.

“Thanks so much, you are one !n a million. I need to go now, th£ school might forteit th£ opportunity th£y gave me if Dason didn’t go today. Take ¢ar£”Khalid klzzed h£r l¡ps. $h£ blu$h£s.

Khalid POV

I am happy Jasm!ne promised to tolerate my mum, but will $h£ be able to do th¡s.

$h£ didn’t know Mrs Walter. I j√$t pray th!ngs go well. I stopped by th£ door and w!nked at h£r as $h£ blu$h£s.

$h£ looks m©r£ beautiful blush!ng. I pray $h£’s always happy, I will have to be th£ naughty Khalid j√$t for h£r. I used to be naughty years [email protected]¢k but I changed all of a sudden.

But I th!nk I found that happ!ness aga!n. Leo was right, if I ever let h£r go th£n I might not be able to f!nd someone like h£r ever aga!n.

I walked to th£ liv!ngroom. Dason was try!ng to get through someone on phone. I th!nk h£ is worried.

Dan was ₱|@y!ng video game. Clara was deep !n thought.

“Dad aren’t we travell!ng aga!n”h£ asked on see!ng me.

“Yes, we will travel but not now. Maybe !n th£ summer”I answered and h£ p©vted th£n shake h¡s h£ad.

My phone beep, unknown number. I picked it up.

“Don’t forget I asked you to meet me. If you truly want to know th£ truth ab©vt Dan, th£ boy you claimed is yours”Th£ person said from th£ oth£r end even before I could say a word.

“Tell me who are you and why are you try!ng to create confusion !n my life?”I asked angrily.

“You will get to know tommorow, it will be cool I will be alone with my long time lover. Please don’t be late sweeth£art”$h£ said from th£ oth£r end, and I ended th£ call angrily.

And put th£ phone [email protected]¢k !nto my pocket.

“Who was that, and why are you so angry?”Dason asked.

“Yes Dad, who dare to provoke you?”Dan asked.

“Th£ person isn’t important so don’t both£r ab©vt it. Dason we should go to your school today. Tommorow might be too late as th£y may forfeit your admission”I said and h£ get up from th£ [email protected]

“Khalid, do you still th!nks N!na did th¡s, $h£’s th£ only one tak!ng ¢ar£ of h£r bl!nd mum. $h£ wouldn’t have wanted to tarnish h£r reputation like that.

Why don’t we f!nd ©vt if $h£’s guilty” h£ said with a sad look.

“We will surely !nvestigate, is that why you look worried?”I asked.

“That’s not th£ only reason, many th!ngs are go!ng on !n my h£ad. Firstly I can’t afford to see my sister fac!ng difficulty as each day pa$$es. $h£ deserves to be happy. I j√$t always want to see h£r smile, please would you do that for me”h£ asked hold!ng my [email protected]

So cute, I thought h£ was worried ab©vt h¡s school but h¡s first worries was h¡s sister.

“Is th£re anyth!ng left, that you want me to do for you?”I asked.

“Hmmmm, N!na, I th!nk we should !nvestigate. That’s all for now”h£ said.

“No problem, I will see to N!na case. But j√$t pray $h£ confess, only untill th£n can I temper j√$tice with mercy. I don’t bent on my decisions for someone but you are very h*g£ to me. So I can still a$$ure you if N!na speak th£ truth $h£ will be save and if not”

“$h£ will rot !n jail right?”h£ said before I could complete my statement.

“Exactly”I Replied. “I will speak with h£r if I am allow to see h£r, I am sure will tell me someth!ng”Dason said.

“You are free to see h£r anytime, j√$t make sure $h£ confesses”I said and h£ nodded h¡s h£ad.

Jasm!ne came d©wΠ.

“You guys are late, I th!nk is time to go” $h£ said carry!ng my briefcase.

Evan room

Evan POV

Nooooo, I can’t tolerate th¡s. No Khalid belong to me alone. h£’s m!ne. How dare h£r try to steal h¡m away from me? Who did $h£ th!nk $h£’s? I will kill h£r and dump h£r b©dy.

$h£ has to die, only th£n will I have peace of m!nd. Emma was right [email protected] is dangerous. No m©r£ [email protected] $h£’s has to DIE.

That world sounds repeatedly !n my bra!n. I put some water !n my [email protected] and spla$h£d it on my face. I raised my h£ad and look at th£ mirror.

Th£ water I used to r!nse my face was dropp!ng d©wΠ my jaw.

“Th¡s is how I will sqv££se you, and your blood would drop little by little till it dra!n”A smirks ₱|@yed at th£ corner of my l¡ps.

” 48hours that’s what you have left !n th¡s earth. Th¡s time no mistake as you will have to die” I smiled to myself !n th£ mirror.



Champions college

Dason POV

I must say college life was so sweet, it cool been among my age mate. College is fun than hi school. I was even lucky that me and Evelyn are !n th£ same cla$$.

I Love call!ng h£r Evie !nstead of Evelyn. $h£ didn’t make th!ngs bor!ng as $h£ !ntroduced me to all get friends, and h£r guy friends. I was surprised wh£n $h£ show me h£r ex boyfriend among th£ boys.

Like I never thought girls still speak with th£ir ex’s after breakup but I th!nk break!ng up is not a k!nd of forever hatred. We j√$t have to let th!ngs go.

But $h£’s j√$t 15 and $h£ has an ex’s. I trust Jasm!ne. $h£ will hit me so [email protected] if $h£ h£ars I have a girlfriend.

Well s!nce Khalid said I can see N!na I th!nk th¡s is a better opportunity. I j√$t need to get to th£ police station and ask h£r.

I was actually wait!ng for th£ driver Khalid said will come to pick me, but at th£ same time I need to get to th£ station.

I th!nk I should j√$t call h¡m to pick me up at th£ station. I brought ©vt my phone and dial h¡s number.

“h£y you are still h£re?”Evelyn ex boyfriend asked com!ng closer. What sort of question is that? Can’t h£ see I am still h£re.

“Yes, how are you? Do you stay !n th£ school hostel?” I asked.

Yeah, so what’s up with you”h£ asked as we shake [email protected]

“Noth!ng much, j√$t wait!ng for a taxi”I replied.

“Oh I see,I thought I saw you with Mr Walter th£ famous celebrity th¡s morn!ng, can’t you see how all th£ girls were runn!ng after you, it was because of that. You gat to be ¢ar£ful if not girl will be flaunt!ng @r0vnd you”h£ said.

“Oh, I never th!nk of that. Thanks I should go”I said stopp!ng a taxi.

“Do you like Evelyn?”h£ asked.

What! I look at h¡m and didn’t reply h¡m before go!ng !nto th£ taxi.

“I will j√$t advice you to stay off h£r, $h£’s m!ne”h£ said which makes me laugh. That guy can be so funny. That’s h¡s problem.

I th!nk I should get N!na someth!ng to eat by th£ mall. $h£ loves chips that will be good.

Authoress POV
At night

Th£ City club

A lady wear!ng a black t!ght trouser with a black jacket and h£r face partially covered get d©wΠ from th£ car.

“Wait for me up th£re, I will be [email protected]¢k with!n m!nute”h£r voice spoke but h£r face wasn’t shown.

$h£ walked elegantly !nto th£ club were everywh£re was noisy and sat !n a table for two, th£ waitress come to asked if $h£ needed someth!ng but $h£ decl!ned.

$h£ took h£r phone to call Khalid.

“Are you com!ng”$h£ asked. “I am h£re


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