Affairs Of The Heart

Affairs of the heart episode 39

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♥️Th£ h£ART

(Letters to h¡s celebrity crush✉️, search!ng for h£r)

Genre: Romance

Tags: Comedy, secret admirer, jealousy, hatred.

Sett!ng: Russia, Moscow city

Chapter 39

$h£ took h£r phone to call Khalid.

“Are you com!ng?” $h£ asked. “I am h£re,” h£ said from th£ oth£r end. $h£ stood up to look @r0vnd but couldn’t sight h¡m. $h£ saw a car arrives $h£ thought it was Khalid and sit [email protected]¢k.

Khalid Mansion

Khalid room
Jasm!ne POV
“You j√$t lied, you should j√$t have told h£r you aren’t com!ng, “I said to Khalid who was fac!ng th£ mirror.

“Did I need to tell h£r that! $h£ will leave wh£n $h£ gets tired” h£ said ₱v||!ng h¡s shirt.

“Please, why are you ₱v||!ng your shirt now, you can do that later wh£n I leave your room.

You know is not good, I can’t be look!ng at your bare ch£st” I said and cover my eyes with my palm.

h£ didn’t say anyth!ng but I feel h£ was com!ng closer to me.

“Says who, who told you that you can’t look at my ch£st? if you don’t do that th£n who will? “h£ rem©v£d my [email protected] from my eyes.

I am so really shy now.

“You are weird. Will you sleep h£re tonight?”h£ asked.

“Hmmmm!” I furrow my brow.

“Yeah, can’t you. I want you to sleep h£re with me” h£ announced.

I stood look!ng and stumbled. h£ brought h¡s face closer to m!ne. I thought h£ wanna klzz me, and I gradually close my eyes.

“Are you s¢ar£d that someth!ng might happen?”h£ asked. I try to calm d©wΠ, I couldn’t absorb th¡s. I turned to leave but h£ dragged me [email protected]¢k.

“Please” h£ begged. I don’t know what to say, but I j√$t need to say someth!ng.

“So why aren’t you go!ng to meet th£ lady aga!n. Don’t you th!nk $h£ might be right ab©vt Dan” I said to cover up for myself.

“$h£’s not important, Dan is my son, can’t you see how smart h£ is. j√$t let that be, $h£ will sit th£re for long. No, less I forget Leo will be th£re. I told h¡m to go !n my place, so h£ will tell me who th£ person is s!nce $h£ says $h£’s a college mate” h£ said while I j√$t nod my h£ad.

“I th!nk I have to go now, I want to go and ch£ck on Dan and Dason. I will be right [email protected]¢k” I ru$h£d ©vt of h¡s room.

“Common” h£ sh©vted but I didn’t stop. I don’t even know why I was shy? But I am th£ one who !nitiates th£ klzz!ng stuff !n th£ morn!ng. Why did I do that? maybe because I was try!ng to make Evan jealous?

I was still stand!ng !n front of h¡s door wh£n my phone beeped, and I brought it ©vt of my trouser’s [email protected]¢k pocket. Is an unknown number. I picked it up.

“h£llo, who’s th¡s and how do you get my number?”I asked. But I didn’t get an answer.

“h£llo why are you not speak!ng, are you s¢ar£d”I asked furiously.

“I am not s¢ar£d, I j√$t wanna listen to your sweet voice, it’s been a while, how are you do!ng tonight”Th£ person asked.

I have no doubt even if th£y wake me up !n my sleep, I won’t mistake Steve’s voice for someone else.

“Steve, why do you call me? And how did you get my number?”I asked angrily.

“Simple, your number is easy for me to get. But why are you prov!ng to be stubborn?

Why don’t you j√$t surrender yourself before I decide to use force on you? You can come to me yourself If not I will kill your uncle, you know what that means”h£ threatened from th£ oth£r end.

“Stay away from me and leave my uncle alone. Don’t try to harm any of my family not even Khalid. I will so deal with you, I vow on my life, you will die if you try to hurt any of th£m”I yelled at h¡m as h£ can see me.

“Why do you mention that name, well I th!nk maybe I am dest!ned to always h£ar that name. But will you do me a favor or save your family? If not you will not like it if Khalid, Dan, and Dason died. I know how awkward that could be”h£ said from th£ oth£r end.

“You are cruel, but you shouldn’t worry too much. j√$t face me !nstead, th£ fight is b£tweeΠ me and you. So count th£m ©vt”I growl.

“That’s smart of you, you can save th£m by gett!ng married to me. That’s all. You know I and that idiot have cla$h£d !n th£ past. So I shouldn’t have spared h¡m, but if you agree to marry me, I might reconsider h¡m” h£ said from th£ oth£r end.

“Get lost”I hang up.

“So h£ has th£ gut to call and threatened you”I h£ard h¡s voice speak from beh!nd.

I faced [email protected]¢k to look at h¡m.

“You shouldn’t worry, I will be okay Steve isn’t a threat”I lied know!ng I was a bit s¢ar£d.

“I can see you are s¢ar£d, you are s¢ar£d of what h£ will do but h£ can’t do anyth!ng to hurt us. I th!nk is time I let you know what happened b£tweeΠ us, I never wrong h¡m but h£ refused to understand, so If I take action aga!nst h¡m h£ would hate me m©r£ than th£ hated me before “Khalid said furiously.

I can see how angry h£ was. I hugged h¡m t!ghtly cry!ng.

“I am s¢ar£d” I cried as h£ $tr*med my hair.

h¡s phone rang, at first, I thought it was Steve.

“Leo, so what’s up. Who was th£ person”h£ asked why I look !nto h¡s eyes with©vt dis£ngag!ng th£ hug
h£ stops talk!ng which means Leo is th£ one do!ng th£ talk!ng from th£ oth£r end.

“So, you are not able to see h£r face. No problem. Thanks alot, you can go home. And it will be better for you If you follow my advice and asked Clara ©vt before it’s too late” h£ said to Leo before hang!ng up.

h£ carried me !nto h¡s room and locked th£ door from |ns!de. h£ ₱|@yed with me on h¡s b£d and went to sit !nfront of h¡s mirror.

I stand up and stroll to h¡m. h¡s eyes were teary, h£ looks like someone who wanna explore h¡s tears.

“Girl is what caused our clash” h£ beg!ns.

Authoress POV

Many years [email protected]¢k

“Yo bro, you mustn’t be serious, don’t tell me you are quitt!ng th£ life of a ₱|@yboy because of th£ girl who hasn’t accepted you. You’ve not even proposed to h£r”Khalid said as h£ and Steve walked d©wΠ th£ street with th£ir [email protected]¢kpack by th£ir [email protected]¢k.

Th£y were com!ng from h¡s school.

“I swear d©wΠ, I didn’t f!nd !nterest !n girls aga!n s!nce I have known h£r. I am madly !n love with h£r. But I don’t know how to meet h£r !n person” Steve said, as Khalid mock h¡m.

“I know you deserve to mock me but that’s th£ truth,” Steve said walk!ng f*ster.

“Common bro, j√$t kidd!ng. If th£y even told me you will change I won’t have believed it. I don’t know anyth!ng ab©vt love but it could be so funny” Khalid said.

“h£y, guys”A boy of almost th£ir age group greeted. Steve h¡ssed angrily and wanted to walk away but Khalid asked h¡m to wait.

As th£ boy walked closer to th£m.

“I am Leo, I always see you and your friend, I am envy!ng your guy’s friendship. I wish I could be one of you. Please”h£ pleaded.

“That can’t work, we don’t need you amidst us. Th£ two of us are enough”Steve disagrees.

“Bro chill. Well, I am Khalid. You have my number we can hang up later”Khalid !nput h¡s number on Leo’s phone.

Steve leave, and Khalid runs after h¡m.

“You are truly a mad guy, like what th£ fv¢k! You know that boy always watch£s us every day, h£ j√$t wanna be a friend but you j√$t blasted h¡m !n that way”Khalid tries to correct h¡m.

“Khalid, can you h£lp me plan a way to make h£r hang ©vt with me? I mean on a date” Steve asked. “What!”h£ exclaimed.


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