Affairs Of The Heart

Affairs of the heart episode 41

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(Letters to his celebrity crush✉️, searching for her)

Genre: rom-nce

Tags: Comedy, secret admirer, jealousy, hatred.

Setting: Russia, Moscow city

Chapter 41

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The aura of pain filled the air as Steve shout out her name. Steve cried as Khalid does.

Khalid tries to comfort Steve and touch his shoulder. He jerks his hand.

“You killed her, you killed her. How could you do this to me” Steve shouted with a painful grin.

“I didn’t do anything, Emily lied against me. I am pained right now. But trust me I didn’t do anything wrong with her”Khalid tries to prove he’s innocent.

“Liar, you have eyes for her, and this is how you are. I know you more than anyone. You wanted to flirt with her right, and you end up killing her”Steve cried.

“How could you not trust your friend, we’ve spent years together. I thought you know me more than I know well, but that’s the opposite. You don’t keep to your words. You vow that nothing will ruin our friendship not even Emily. So what’s happening now, where is the trust gone?”Khalid asked with teary eyes. Steve dropped Emily and stand up.

“Trust die in there, they die immediately I saw what you wanna did to her. You Killed her, Nooooo” Steve shouted and hit Khalid so h-rd on the face. Leo was passing by that minute and saw people crowded. He rushed to the scene and saw Steve hitting Khalid who didn’t retaliate.

“Hey what are you doing? Why are you hitting your friend?”Leo tries to separate them.

“How dare you intrude here?”Steve bl-w him and he fell to the ground. His mouth hurt and blood start coming out. He spat it away.

“Steve I am innocent, can’t you get that”Khalid asserted without charging back at him.

“I said stop, do you want to kill him”Leo shouted angrily and held Steve t¡ghtly.

Steve leaves Khalid and faced him. They both start to combat. Khalid tries to separate them.

“Hey, Leo, why don’t you leave us? We will sort this out”Khalid tried to stop him.

“I don’t know what happened but he’s not doing the right thing. Someone is lying lifeless and you guys are here fighting each other. But he made a mistake trying to pick a fight with me” Leo let out breathing heavily.

Steve stopped when he remembered Emily’s body was still there. He bent over her body and pull his shirt to cover her uncladness. Khalid also pull his shirt and covered the remaining part of her body with it. Steve took it and threw it on his face.

“I hate you, I hate you” Steve shouted. Khalid was so hurt and fidgetted. He moved backward and ran from the scene Leo followed him.

Steve stop talking to Khalid, but Khalid was also trying his best to prove himself to Steve but he couldn’t gather any proof. Leo advised him to stop as he will be thinking too much of himself and won’t stop embarrassing him each time he tried to make him understand. But Khalid didn’t heed as he thought Steve is a part of him.

Later he gave up. Days passed and Steve didn’t change his attitude towards Khalid. Khalid gave in and stopped begging him to trust him.

Weeks later it was their graduation from high school Steve came to Khalid who was with Leo. Khalid asked if he has finally changed his mind and if he trust him now.

“I only came here to inform you that this is the beginning of my hatred for you. You’ve not felt it yet because I am still trying to get over her death. She was supposed to be here with us today planning to go to university.

And you should know this, you are not going to find love because I will make sure I take away any lady you like I will so much deal with you till you die ‘” Steve threatened.

“Why are you so mean, did you want to break years of friendship because of a girl you h-rdly know, you guys haven’t dated for a year and you are already like this. And he has been apologizing but you proved to be a strong head.

See do whatever you have to do. You won’t be able to harm Khalid. I bet you”Leo fought in place of Khalid.

“Then let’s wait and see who wins this, I will make you live a living hell that it will be so miserable than you imagine”Steve threatened.

“I am not shaken by those words, what will I do to prove my innocence to you. Like I am fed up. If this is how you want it then it’s your decision. And if you still want us to be friends I will always be there to accept you warmly like a brother will do”Khalid spoke his mind.

I “You are now my Enemy, if there are any other words that could be used that are bigger than the enemy I will use them, you are disgusting,” Steve growled and turn to leave.

“I am sure when the truth comes to light you will be the one begging not me,” Khalid said and leave them on standby.

“Hey! Khalid are you mad, why would you leave me alone? don’t you have respect for elders” Leo shouted?

Back to pres£nt

Khalid POV

I rested my head on the table and sighed heavily.

“This is so sad, Emily got what she deserves. But she shouldn’t have died, she left but ruin your guys’ friendship. That’s bad. Hmmm”Jasmine raised my head.

“I thought Steve will back out, but he became more dangerous than I imagined. He wanted to ruin things for me, and he did most time. I have always wanted to go to university but the situation at that period couldn’t make me focus on my exams. I got poor grades.

Mum wanted to s£nd me out of the country but I refused. My dad is very understanding. I miss him so much he’s the main reason why I am a successful man today.

But why didn’t I go abroad, college was a mess falling in love. I haven’t fallen in love before, and I didn’t want to after what happened, I thought girls are bad, and maybe ruin the relationship between me and Leo again, but Leo told me when we fall we should try to rise again.

Evan was actually in my school but we aren’t on the same faculty I met her through Emma who was in the same business faculty as me and Leo.

I fall in love with her, I think that was our second year in school. I asked her out and we start to date.

But that time I didn’t notice Steve, I thought he wasn’t in that college Maybe he gain admission to some private university not until we are about to leave school, I got a note that Evan was double dating, and he was dating a guy in her faculty.

I one’s has a bad experience with Emily and Steve, so I decided to do my investigation, and I found out it was Steve.

I wonder why he chooses not to disturb me during those times in school.

Not until he walked to me and said he want to make it a surprise and how he has been going in with the person I loved, did he laugh and said that’s just the beginning.

He said he took my first love like I took his. I was so furious but thanks for Leo. I did hurt but I got over it with him. And about Leo, he loves Emma back then, but she rejected him and since then he got so scared to ask a woman out “I explained.

“But why is it always lady, and now I am involved, how I wish I didn’t meet him, I used to be troublesome. Why did I spit on him? I am so foolish for doing that, why can’t he see you are innocent. Why should you guys always have issues because of a lady” She pouted with teary eyes.

I laughed, and she was so confused. “Why are you laughing?” She asked.

“Because the way you did makes me laugh, you know that are old memories. You are mine, and trust me you aren’t in this alone. We would fight against the world together, you made me understand how deep it is to be in love. I couldn’t believe I have started to bend some of my principles these few days. After the fight between me and Steve, I made new principles for myself, I became boring, dreary, and h-rdly make friends. I stop smiling, even my sister get pissed about this, but Leo wouldn’t give up, he’s so funny and always try to make me laugh but I wasn’t vibing with him, but after I started getting your letters I began to smile again. You are a sweetheart. I never knew this dull head could write something good like that” I smiled.

“Don’t you think I should see Steve in person?” She asked.


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