Affairs Of The Heart

Affairs of the heart episode 57

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(Letters to his celebrity crush✉️, searching for her)

Genre: rom-nce

Tags: Comedy, secret admirer, jealousy, hatred.

Setting: Russia, Moscow city

Not Edited

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Chapter 57

Lemme just eavesdrop maybe I will hear anything” I put my ear closer to the door.

“Are you really eavesdropping on him?”Dason asked, I know from his voice. Oh my goodness! This stupid boy. He will surely mocks me of being a gossiper. I pull myself together and clear my throat.

“What did you say?”I asked.

“Are you asking me that question. Don’t tell me you are real gossiper. So you do pucknose in people’s life. I need to be extra vigilant so you won’t find out my secret”Dason replied In a teasing manner.

“So you have secret?”I asked.

“Are you being serious, I am not child again. I am sixteen”He snapped.

And what, you are still very young. Wait don’t tell me you like someone. Do you mean you are in love? Are you kidding me? small boy like you” I shouted with my eyes wilder.

“Hey! you are a real gossiper and narrow minded I am not In love, just that I have someone I like” He said.

“Who? no that’s not necessary now. I should finish my business here” I said and take my hear closer to the door.

“Wait what are you listening to gossiper. Lemme check”He said and dragged me.

Imagine this small boy have so much power. “How dare you? You meet me here. So lemme find out what I came to confirm “I said angrily.

“Shush small girl, can’t you lemme listen in peace. Aren’t we supposed to be sharing gist together since we are team. I hate girl’s like you”He whispered silently with an eyeroll. How will I get him from there. I does some thinking and smirks.

“Dason do you know Leo like Clara?” I asked.

“What! How do you know?”He asked. I Know he will asked. Idiot he said am I gossiper, aren’t we the same?

“I am serious, you can’t imagine how he was blushing earlier. I even greeted him but he didn’t answer. And if you see how his perfume was suffocating, you will be shocked.

And when I checked. He was behaving so caring towards Clara at the hospital yesterday. Imagine that, but why is he shy?”I asked.

“it’s normal, when you are attracted towards someone you look shy. When you are some kind of a naive person. You know Leo is funny but he’s naive, so we need to help him”He said.

He seems to know more about love. “Are you sure you aren’t in love? you really know so much about love.

I am suspensing you,. Oh! So that’s why you are always on you phone. I gat you spoilt brat.

How dare you love when I haven’t find someone.

And I don’t believe in all this guy’s. There are scam except from my three brothers”I said with a smile.

“Good girl, thanks for believing in me. I am a good boy you know”He said smiling.

I gave him a kind of ‘Are you alright look’.

“Who dashed you that, I am not referring to you, I’m talking about Khalid, Leo and Steve. I don’t like you”I announced, and he fumes.

“I hate you too, get lost. But why don’t you included me. I will protect you like I always protect my Jasmine. You will see how protective I could be”Dason bursted.

“Really! But sorry to disappoint you. I don’t need your protection, I can protect myself and I will also be protecting you from corrupt things you are into.

I don’t even want to have a boyfriend but you already fall in love”I said.

“I think I got an advice for you. Why don’t you become a nun. It’s suit you ?”He pouted and walked out of me.

“How dare you small brat”I shouted abd ran after him.

Dinning table

Authoress POV

Maddy, Dason, Mrs Walter, Leo and Clara were having thir meal. With silence everywhere. Dason break the silent.

“Aunt, please I have a question. And I will really like to know the right answer”Dason said.

Mrs Walter look around to he sure if he’s talking to her.

“Are you talking to me or Maddy?”Mrs Walter asked.

“How can this small girl be my aunt?”He snapped.

“Or really! Do you know my age. I am a young adult, I will be 20soon. You are still a teenager. What do you know? Nothing, big Head”Maddy said with a pout.

Clara and Leo smirks.

“And so what? You aren’t mature at all. Well as I talking before the intruder barged in”He said but wasn’t allowed to complete his statement.

“Refer me as mother, If not. I have no reply for you”Mrs Walter pronounced.

“Just that, right?”He asked.

“Yes “Mrs Walter replied.

“Okay mum. It’s it good to like someone and you shouldn’t express your feeling to her?”Dason asked.

Maddy coughed. Leo start to ponder if he was actually referring to him.

“Yes, my dear. If you don’t tell the person earlier it might be too late when you decides to tell him/her”Mrs Walter said.

“Oh really, hmmmm. Mum you are very s£nsible. I wanted to asked before, but it was just like this small boy read my mind”Maddy said.

“But why are you both eager to know this”Mrs Walter asked.

“Maybe there are in love with someone and are trying to confess there feeling but it looks difficult, but this is just as easier as holding you breath.

Heave a sign of relief and confess your feeling”Clara said with a smile.

Dason and Maddy winked at themselves.

“Clara have you even being in love. I mean do you have someone in you heart?”Maddy asked.

“If I said no then I am lieing. I love someone but I am waiting for the person to confess his feeling. Oh my God I will be super excited”Clara said holding her heart.

Leo was glaring at her fuming. she’s in love with someone. Maybe not him. Emma is right no lady can fall for him. Those are the thought rummaging in his mind.

“Are you really in love with someone?”He asked playing with his food.

“Hmmmmmnm, the person is such a sweetheart”Clara replied smiling.

“Leo I haven’t ask you about your woman. Don’t you have any one in your life?”Mrs Walter asked.

“That’s a good question”Dason and Maddy said in unison.

“Hmm, huh huh. Well ma is not like I don’t love someone or I haven’t fall in love before but I keep getting rejected.

Is it not better to keep mute than getting rejected over an over again? “He asked.

“But do you know that getting rejected is better than regretting. So for you not to regret that you didn’t tell her, before someone take her from you, then you should go ahead and do that.

If you need my help, I will be willingly to help you. Don’t hesitate to call me “Mrs Walter advised.

“Okay ma, I will try my best. I am leaving for the office. Khalid would get angry seeing I haven’t go to the office.”Leo said and stand up.

That’s just a way of escaping from what Dason and Maddy was trying to do, because he actually saw them winking at each other.

“I will help you with your suitcase”Clara said and stand up.
Maddy and Dason gave each other thump up.

“No, I am cool. I can do that. Take care of yourself pretty”Leo manage to let out. He picked his suitcase and rushed out.

Clara smiled. “Khalid and Jasmine will be home soon with Dan. Why don’t we host a welcome back party”Mrs Walter opined.

“Mum, it was just yesterday. Is if necessary?”Maddy asked.

“Mum I support you”Dason said.

“I am in ma”Clara said with a smile.

“Okay everyone, let’s arrange everywhere quickly”Mrs Walter said and everyone stood up.

Thirty minutes past.

Khalid, Steve Jasmine, Dan and Mr Clark arrives at Khalid compound.

They all walked in. They blew ribbons on them.

“What’s going on here?”Jasmine asked.

“Welcome back home everyone”They shouted coming out of their hideout.

“Wow, I feel so blessed being welcome back like this”Steve said smiling.

Dason sighted Mr Clark. He looks provoked.
“Uncle are you still alive? I thought you will have die in Steve hand. How come you are still alive?” He asked with a change of expression. From this someone can figure out he’s not happy to see his uncle.

“I know you aren’t happy to see me. But you have to start seeing me everyday again”Mr Clark said with a smile.

“Is good you know I am not happy to see you. You will start making our life’s hell again.

You are even old enough to die, after all my parent didn’t use up to your age before they pass away. Maybe you should also join them”Dason said angrily and was about to leave.

“Wait Dason, don’t be rude. Uncle is now a change person. He’s now the uncle we knew before our parent passed away. He’s really sorry.

Saying he should have been dead is so rude. So you should apologise”Jasmine said in an authoritative manner.

“Do you really want me to apologise. This man will make your life hell again. Why cant you see that. I can’t let anything happened to you because of him”He shouted and looked back.

“Boy, i really love you for all your care. You are the best brother and my first love. do you know that?

But why are you losing all your manner’s just because you want to protect me. Listen this is our uncle, don’t be mean”Jasmine said and walked closer to him.

“You know I will always protect you. And I always listen to you. So I hereby accept him back”Dason agreed.

“Thanks my dear. I can see how much you care for your sister. It was just the way my brother used to care for me when we were like you age.

But I pray you will also protect her children and won’t turn out like me”Mr Clark said and walked closer.

“We are different, I am Dason while you are Clark. So I won’t turn out like you.

Sorry for being rude like my sister said “Dason said with a smile.

“Unserious boy”Me Clark hugged him t¡ghty.

Rated 🔞🔞🔞
Jasmine POV

I was lieing on the b£d with Khalid when I remembered how those idiot wanted to raped me.

“Nooooo”I shouted and hugged him t¡ghty.

“What happened to you honey?”He asked.

“No, I just remembered how those guys would have raped me”I said timidly.

“What why do you tell me this earlier. Are you sure they didn’t do anything”He snapped checking my body.

“Not at all. I am fine. They are dead, right?”I said and relax on his chest. He stand up and knee on the b£d. He raised my head.

“Don’t be scared, I will always be here to protect you”He said while I was busy staring at his innocent and pure face.

I will rather get disV-rgin by him to being a victim of rape.

“This will keep you cool” He brought his l-ips closer to mine. And gave me a k-ss. He wanted to take back his l-ips but I urge him into a deep k-ssing.

He try to stopped the k-ssing because it was getting more desperate that we can do anything. I hold him back.

“Please do this, I love you”I whispered to his ear. He stopped to look at me for a while then pull me into a deep h-ot, and more rom-ntic k-ssed.

He managed to get ride of the nightie I was putting on. I didn’t know how. But I know I am n*aked right not except from the p-nt I still have on.

I haven’t felt do good like this in my entire life. And for the first time, I think I am getting w€t.

From the k-ssing he move to my bre*st s-cking my ni*ples, while is soft hand keep running through my abdomen.

“Huuuuuuuuuu”I mo-ned to the pleasure I am feeling right now..I feel is hand was going down into my c*re.

I was wearing a rope p*nt which will make it more easier to get to the passage.


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