Affairs Of The Heart

Affairs of the heart episode 6 – 7

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(Letters to his celebrity crush✉️, searching for he

Genre: rom-nce

Tags: Comedy, secret admirer, jealousy, hatred.

Setting: Russia, Moscow city

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Chapter 6

“What’s going on here!. Who are you mourning?

Jasmine, I have finally found you a suitor and he wants you both to get married within two weeks. So get ready”My uncle who just entered said. I gaped with rage.

“Uncle what do you mean by a suitor. You just said this yesterday and today you’ve found someone?”Dason asked while I was still shocked.

“Yes, the person is very rich. He promised to build me a big mansion if Jasmine get married to him.

You will also complete your education. Isn’t that a good thing”Uncle asked Dason?
“What are you saying, uncle. How can you do such a thing?

Are you trying to sell me off to someone? That won’t happen, I don’t want to get married. I also have my plans”I yelled.

“Hey! shut up. Who gave you the right to make decisions for yourself. I am your uncle, the only family you have. Your dad will do the same thing if he’s alive.

Don’t think you are stubborn. I am more stubborn than you”He thundered.

“Yes, you are a beast!”Dason said, and covered’s his mouth with his hand. But it was too late

“What do you say? How dare you call me that!”He thundered and gave Dason a h-ot slap.

He tripped off his feet. He wanted to hit him again but I ran to block him.

“No uncle Please don’t hit him. You can hit me if you want to. He’s sorry for calling you a beast” I begged, and hold his leg.

“I will leave him on one condition,” He said, while I looked up at him.

“What condition uncle, just tell me please, “I asked with teary eyes.

I stare at my little brother who was fuming in anger.

“No, you won’t give her any condition because of me. Uncle, I respected you because I consider you to be our father.

But if you try to force my sister to get married to a stranger. I won’t mind going against you.

You wanna separate my sister from me. She’s the only one I have in this world. And she won’t be getting married to the man you choose”He said angrily, I looked at him lvstfully.

He has lost it. I have never seen him so angry like this. No, I won’t let this man hurt my brother.

Uncle grips his neck t¡ghtly. “No uncle Please don’t do this to me. He’s your son. Your brother’s son does not kill him. Please” I cried trying to release him from my uncle.

He will kill my brother if I don’t do something. This man is evil. My eyes meet a long rod.

I wanted to go and get it but I heard him gro-n holding his d*ck. I smiled seeing how pained he was. I know my brother is very smart.

Dason coughed. I rushed to him and make him drink some water.

“I will kill you little brat. I promised I won’t spare you”He growls still holding d*ck.

“Sis let’s run. Let’s run from here” Dason said and drag me.

“Common,” I said and we both headed outside. On getting to the door. I halt when I saw the guy I spat on his face right Infront of me. I moved back my pace.

“Sister Common, what happened. Why are you going back?” Dason asked. “Hey, he’s… the.. guy I spat on his face. The person who wanted me dead” I said manage to speak $h¡verying.

“Then he will have to kill me first before getting to you,” Dason said and stood right Infront of me. I don’t even understand where he got all this strength from.

“Came down boy. I am not here to hurt your sister. So chill! am not that bad. Do I look scary?” He asked, and raised Dason’s jaw.

“Even if you look like the most dangerous monster, I won’t be afraid of you as long as it is for my sister”Dason stood boldly.

“I like protective brother like you. Am so happy I will have a guy like you as my brother-in-law” He said, and my spine $h¡veryed.

I regain myself in that instance. “What the heck is talking about!” I yelled and move closer to him. I hold his shirt. His guards wanted to come closer but he stopped them.

“The main reason I like you is because of your attitude. I don’t like naive girls. I like smart girls like you. I came to show am your husband to be.

I can simply stay in a stinky environment like this. Clark gets ready for the wedding preparations. This building will be demolished tomorrow.

So you should move to my place. The wedding preparations will hold there while your house will be reconstructed”He said to Uncle, while I gaze in disbelief.

“Everything will be as you said. But I will like it if you take this boy with you, and keep him hostage. If not he might convince her to run with him before tomorrow morning” Uncle said to them.

He signals his guards to take my brother.

“No, my brother won’t go anywhere” I yelled.

Evan POV

You are yet to tell me your plan B. I mean our plan B” I said glaring at Emma. “Just keep calm. I have already told you to chill!” She said.

“Common, why will I chill. Just tell me what your plan is. You are the one who gave me the idea of posting this, and now you said he can go against it.

And now plan B. Common this suspect is too much for me to bear” I said with a pout.

“I have made moves to make him say yes to this marriage instead of going against it. I have someone keeping an eye on him.

She will let me know if he was about to leave the office. And we will sit down here watching what his comment is live-action” She said and drip a small out of the beer in the glass cup.

I watched her in amazement. She only told me half. But am very sure her plan is the best. She hasn’t failed me before, am sure she won’t fail me now.

“She already messaged me. Put the channel in the world news” She said and crossed her leg.

She doesn’t care. That’s why I like her. I changed the channel to what she asked me to, but to my greatest surprise, I can believe what I am seeing.

Khalid POV

I walked out of my company planning to go home, and warn Evan to stop this. Leo told me I should sit her down and make her understand we aren’t compatible.

But If she seems not to care, then he would s£nd some people to inject her with an injection that will make her not remember anything.

Then flew her out of the country for good. Even before she would remember anything, I will have to get married by then.

But to my greatest surprise. Has I was about to open my car door. A large amount of press ran to me.

I look around and see the live camera is on. I was so furious.

“Sir, people want to hear from you about the marriage. Was it true that you wanted to get married to Evan Peters?

Was it true that the child you both have together was due to rape, and you’ve decided to marry her because of this?

Are you ready to marry her or we should call for justice for a charge of rape? Answer us. Is this marriage going to be real?

Tell us now “Different comment keeps coming From them.

How could she say such a thing?

Rape of all things. I was shocked by the gravity of lies, that I just stood, looking like a fool.

“What’s your reply to this”Someone among them,” asked.



(Letters to his celebrity crush✉️, searching for he

Genre: rom-nce

Tags: Comedy, secret admirer, jealousy, hatred.

Setting: Russia, Moscow city

Chapter 7

Khalid POV

“What’s your reply to this”Someone among them asked. I frown.

“What the heck are you saying. Who gave you that fake news” I thundered and held one of them on the neck. I jerks off my hand when I realized he was suffocating.

“Everyone should get lost right now. I will not marry her. She’s lying to you all, let her bring evidence of rape, If you don’t vacate these premises, I will kill you all. How dare her to tell such lies”I yelled and hold my head.

“He will marry him. He’s just frustrated. Why are you all rushing him? The marriage is true. They will be getting married very soon. But you all aren’t invited. So leave now” Leo said coming out of the company.

I glare at him angrily. “What the heck are you spitting out of your mouth!. Will you keep quiet” I yelled.

He moves closer to me. I felt like hitting him as I already made a bl-w ready to hit him on his stupid face.

He brought his mouth closer to my ear “Come with me just for a minute. You can hit me later” He whispered, and held me.

“I can walk, go and I will follow you. I can trust you again after what you did just now” I said still angry at him.

“I think you guys have gotten your answers, why are you still standing glancing like a fool. Withdraw from this premises right now”He shouted at them.

And they all leave. “Khalid let’s go to your office. No, I think the car will be better” He said and turn to the other side of the car.

He opened the door and entered. He waves at me to come inside. I entered and gave him a deadly glare.

“Common Khalid do you think I will do that on purpose. I have to save you from this mess somehow. And that’s the best way to do that”Leo said scrolling through his phone.

I clasped the phone from him. “Is this phone better than my life? We are talking about a serious issue here. And who gave you that right to say such a thing in Infront of the media?”I asked angrily.

“The situation we are in makes me do that. She has planned far ahead of us. She s£nt a video to my phone immediately after you left. It was a fake video of you raping her some years ago. It was well edited that only a perfect hacker will know it was fake.

I didn’t understand what the video means not until I came running to you, I found out the media are here. Then I realized you are in a big mess.

.She is more dangerous than we thought, we can’t get rid of her easily.

We just have to make sure we delay this marriage so we can get the truth out of her.

If we are don’t plan well and go against what she said. She might post this. You know she’s shameless. She will make people believe you raped her.

That will ruin your image. You work h-rd to get all this. Everything we are taken away from you. Society will start saying harsh and intolerable words to you.

Then all your dreams to live a happy life would be shattered. So you will have to tolerate her. All this mess will be clear soon. Am giving you my words.

A lot happened today already. Is a new mouth. Wait a minute don’t you receive your usual letter today.

This is strange you always got a letter every new month but what’s wrong today” Leo said with such much concern.

“I can’t think straight right now. But please just promised me I won’t marry that disgusting fool. I hate her with passion.

She left me because of that shameless guy back then in school. And now She’s attracted to my wealth. Please save me” I said and hold Leo’s hand.

He placed the other hand on my hand. Nothing we happen as the bond of brothers is still very strong” He said, and a smile escape my l-ips.

I don’t even know if I should be happy for having a friend like Leo, or I should be sad forever meeting someone like Evan. I am just in mixed emotions.


Khalid Mansion

Authoress POV

“Common let’s celebrate our Victory. I am glad. Seriously I am overwhelmed. I don’t know how to react to this.

I can’t imagine you planned all this for just me. Thanks a lot. You are the best”Evan shouted dancing around the living room.

“I have a feeling that Khalid would go against us. That’s why I quickly s£nt Leo that video.

That fool! He looks older than his age. Lemme say he’s just like my grandpa. The one’s told me that he’s attracted to me I think I told you about it. Did he think I will date a fool like him” Emma said smiling.

She picked up the tissue paper on the tray and clean her nose.

“You told me everything. He’s mad, it was because he’s s£nseless, that’s why he’s going to be serving Khalid all his life.

They are friends but it seems not to have dreams like Khalid. He always runs after him like a pet.

Khalid doesn’t even think of helping him to establish, and they are claiming to be a best friend.

They are fake friends. Friends like us are real” Evan said p-ouring beer into the cups.

“Yes my friend fake friends everywhere,” She said and sneezed.

“What happened why are you sneezing. Have some water”Evan said and gave her beer.

“Because I sneezed doesn’t mean I need water, and that’s beer not water”, Emma said and sneezed again.

“Sorry lemme get you water,” Evan said and rushed towards the kitchen.

“No, I think something I am allergy to is around here,” Emma said as her sneezing became more frequent.

“Banana. Banana “Evan said, looking around.

Clara was seen in a corner smiling with a banana spray in her hand. The flashes of how she overhears Evan asking her if she would have a banana pudding recipe.

But she said no by telling her if she forget she’s allergic to bananas. So she decided to punish her for treating her with disgust.

She quickly went to get banana spray from her room. She then sprays a little on the tissue paper.

She smiles as Emma keeps sneezing frequently.

“Even if you both find out I did this, I will still be happy because I have my Revenge already. Butch of fools!”Clara smiled and walked happily to her a room.


Jasmine POV
“Uncle Please bring my brother back to me, those people will hurt him. Please spare him from this. He’s innocent” I pleaded crying.

“He will okay, you just have to think of your wedding now. Am very happy, I am a lucky man.

Your parent dies because they think this benefit will come to me. ” My uncle said with so much greediness and cruelty In him.

I hate the day I ever know him. How can he keep my brother away from me when he knows I can’t do without him in a day. I cried my heart out but he refuses to listen to me.

A big mansion in Russia
Authoress POV

“Leave him. Young guy, you can have all this to yourself if you allow me to marry your sister.

I do want t to marry her. So don’t try to be a wave that will stop me. Stay within your limit if you don’t want to end up in the darkroom” The unknown man said.

Dason burst out laughing.”What do you think, that I will be curious to have this house to myself after seeing all the luxury in this house. But you have forgotten that I am not Clark’s son.

We both share the same surname but we are different. The Chaz are not greedy, but I don’t know where he inherited his own from.

I refuse to let you be in any relationship with my sister. She’s worth more than this luxury in here.

So stay away from my sister young man. You haven’t reached your destination. You’ve taken the wrong part” Damon said nonchalantly.

“Lock this brat up In a room. Give him anything he wants. He won’t be attending my wedding. And don’t also let my Jasmine know the room you will keep him” He said and winked.

“You can do as you wish, but I promised this is the beginning of your doom. You will be doomed soon” Dason yelled as he was taken away.


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