November 29, 2021

After Her Body episode 1 – 2


🏃After her body🧖
(I want to fvck her🍆🍑)
Episode One

Kira pov
Grandma am off to work, your breakfast is the dinnering table. See you when I come back. I shouted from the outside.
“Kira get back here, I hope you ate something as you are going out” granny said .
“Yes granny, I took my breakfast”.
‘ok be careful and please don’t fight’ granny said.
” Ok grandma”, bye.
My name is Kira, am half America, half Korea. Well my mum is from America while my dad is a Korea.
My mum and dad died in a plane clash, so I started staying with my grandma. I lost everything to my dad’s PA , he took my name’s company, money, every fvcking thing my dad owns.
Living with my grandma was not that fun but she always try her best to happy .
“Hey watch out, you almost got hitten by my car”, a guy said.
That was when I know I was working in the middle of the road.
“Am so sorry” I apologises to the man
“Sorry for your fvck self bitch” he said.
Wait did he just call me a bitch. Am going to show him what bitches do to niggas like him.
“Did you just call me a bitch” I asked to be sure of what I heard.
“Yes I called you a fvcking bitch what can you do” he said.
I give him a hot slap and kicked him in his forbidden zone. I started running cos I don’t want any problem that will get to my grandma ear.

Jung woo POV
I was rushing to office cos I have an important meeting, when I saw a girl walking in the middle of the road. I had to blow my horn for her to get out of the way but she didn’t move.
“Hey watch out you almost get hitten by my car” I said.
“Am so sorry”she said.
“Sorry for your fvcking self bitch” I said .
“Did you just call me a bitch ” she asked.
“Yes I called you a fvcking bitch what can you do about it” I said.
She gave me a sound slap and kicked me in my forbidden zone. Before I could say anything she ran away. I took a picture of her immediately she turned her face.
For kicking my d!ck, I will make you fvck and suck this d!ck. Just watch out I said with a smirk on my face.


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her body🧖
(I want to fvck her🍆🍑)
Episode Two

Kira pov
When I got to much working place it was 7:56am, Thank God I made it. Went in and started my daily work but I was not concentrating on my work.
I ended up adding alot of sugar to the coffee I was making.
“Who the hell made this nonsense and called it coffee” the customer shouted.
“Pls am sorry sir don’t let my manager hear you” I pleaded with my head low.
“Do you want to kill me bitch$ he said.
This sounds familiar and the voice too. I looked up to the nigga I bumped into in the morning.
“What the hell are you doing here and did you just call a bitch. I asked.

” I came to drink coffee and beside you don’t own here so why asking bitch. He said.
“Will you stop calling me a bitch” i said.
“And what if I don’t stop…. Will you slap me again, do your worst bitch” he said.
This nigga is really testing my patient
The manager came out and the stupid man told him about my mistake, even after apologizing and him calling me a bitch, he should have kept his stupid mouth shut.

Now am fired . “Kira you are fired”my manager said. I went into he storage room and took my bagpack an left the coffee shop.
Walking on the road I noticed a care following me. Who the heck is that well that is not my problem. I have other important things to think about, the way of getting another job and what to tell granny when I get home.
Well am not going to lie to her about what happened.

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….. TBC

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