Age - It's Just A Number

Age It’s Just a number episode 29

AGE ( it is just a number)


Written by Princess Juliet


Episode 29




Hazel Dakota



I was not frightened nor was I afraid, what I felt was beyond such mere nouns as i sat in the reception waiting for the doctor’s report ….

a feeling of dread crept up from the pit of my stomach and a cold shiver went down my spine ….

It could have been me! I could have been the one fighting for life! I could have been the one in a critical condition but my baby miraculously saved me!

A sharp pang of guilt shot through me as I beat myself up in grief

My stubbornness! see what it resulted into !arrgh! how I wish I had listened to hærdin! how I wish I never pleaded on “the snake” behalf!

Wiping off my tears, I shifted my attention to hærdin who was pacing up and down the reception restlessly …..

he was sweating profusely despite the air conditioning and his white sleeveless shirt clung so tightly to his body exposing a little bit of his tattoos!

he was clearly nervous!

heaving a deep sigh, I got up from the leather seat and walked up to him

” hærdin!”I called softly as he turned sideways to face me

his eye contact was intense! his jaw clenched!

his brows furrowed! ….. dang it! he was angry!

“What? Are you satisfied now?” He rasped and I took a step backward in shock

Did he just put the blame on me?

“Can you see what your stubbornness resulted into? Rebecca is badly hurt and no one knows what will become of her”. he vented his anger on me and I swallowed hærd , staring at the angry veins standing on his neck

“how could you defend Nina! the b—h tried to poison you and almost succeeded ….. jeez! I nearly lost you Haz, I nearly lost the tiny child growing in you”. he half yelled as I sniffed , shaking my head

“That won’t happen ! That will never happen”

“Sure! It will never happen”. he agreed , banging his fist on the wall and I moved closer, trying to stop him

“No baby! you can’t do this here”

“F**k off!” he barked at me as I wrapped my hands around him in a back hug

“No hærdin! Please stop it”. I pleaded breaking down in tears and that did the trick , he stopped exhaling deeply as he turned around to face me

“Your tears, I don’t wanna see it” . he simply said and i nodded sheepishly , struggling through a hiccup as I wipe off the tears

he stared at me silently for a while and then ran his hands through his hair

“You with a phone?” he asked calmly

“Yes”. I answered

“Good! Let me have it”. he said , stretching out his hands

quickly, I brought out my phone from my gown pocket and handed it to him

he typed in a number and on dialling it , he placed the phone on his ear

“hi dad!” I heard him say and I leaned against the wall , watching him silently as he scre-m into the phone ……..



hærdin Castillo



Holding the phone to my ear, I listened to my dad as he explained to me about Anne critical’s condition

I scoffed silently

“So! why are you telling me all this?” I snapped, cutting him off and he sighed

“I thought you might be interested in seeing her ”

“Me! Interested! and why would I? the b—h can die for all I care” . I scre-med into the phone not minding the awkward stares on me

“Fine!fine! I know how much you despise her.well!you should but at least you should listen to her confessions, it will be shown on the news by 22:00pm”

“News! Has the story gone all viral?” I asked in surprise and he chuckled lightly

” Of course it has, the reporters are interviewing both she and her sister at the moment and believe me when I say there is no escape for them”

confused, I exhaled deeply

Is this a good idea? I really don’t know!!

“Rebecca! any news about her?”he asked , changing the subject

“No”. I answered dryly

“Alright Son! Just keep me updated and one more thing, don’t be too hærd on Hazel , it is more of your fault than hers”.he advised and yes , he was right …..

I was the one who brought the b—h into our lives after all

“Okay!” I simply said and ended the call

“What did he say? Did Anne confess? Is she already behind bars?” Hazel asked in a rush as I handed the phone back to her

she is in the prison infirmary”. I answered and she shot me a confused look

“Infirmary! why! Did she get injured?”

“No, she had a miscarriage”. I corrected and her eyes lit up

“Miscarriage! Are …you …trying ….to say there is no baby is her womb?” She asked picking her words

“Yes, that is what I mean”. I stated with a light smile and just then the door to the emergency flew opened and the doctor came out sweating

“The doctor is out”. I told Hazel as I rushed to him

“Doctor! how is she? Is she alright?” I asked in a rush and he mopped the sweat off his face , looking at me , Hazel and then back at me

“Is it just two of you here?”

“Yes, is there any problem?” I asked , searching his gaze for any hint but didn’t find any

“There is no problem Castillo, I just need to talk to an adult”

“I am an adult”. I insisted and he laughed softly

“By adult, I mean a mature one and not a teenager”.he drawled

What an insult!

Opening my mouth, I was about blasting the hell out of him but Hazel was quick to interfere

“You can talk to me sir , I am mature enough”

The doctor laughed, “Are you kidding me?

“No I am not , I am 21”.she snapped at him

“21! Is this suppose to be a joke? I mean you are hærdin’s girlfriend right?

“Yes she is , Can you now tell us what is going on?” I barked at him and he tilted his head a little as he adjusted his glasses

“Erm actually the girl is stable for now but she has lot of complications”

“Oh God!” I exclaimed softly as he continued

“her internal org-ns were severely damaged , her uterine ruptured and I am afraid to say that she will never get the chance to”. he paused , staring intently at me

“Get the chance to what”. I yelled, breathing hærd

“To have a baby of her own”. he completed and my heart skipped a bit

Barren! oh no! this isn’t good!

“No doctor it can’t be , is there no other way out?” Hazel asked in panic as she clung to me tightly and the doctor sighed softly, shaking his head

“I am sorry but I tried my possible best”

“This is bullshit! You mean to say the kid in there became barren all of a sudden?” I retorted in huff , I couldn’t bring myself to accept the trash

“It happens like that , you both need to be strong for her”.The doctor said , patting my shoulders gently and i sighed in frustration

“Fine! Can we go see her now??”

“No!I still need to perform a major surgery on her and she needs to rest first”. he explained and that was the exact moment my mum rushed in

“Doctor!”she called , p-nting and immediately, the doctor walked past us to her……


“hærdin!” Hazel called softly and I shifted my gaze to her

“What will become of her?” She asked referring to Rebecca

“I don’t know”. I answered truthfully as I shifted my attention back to my mother

She was talking in whispers to the doctor and when her gaze met mine , she nodded signalling me to go home

“Alright!” I mouthed at her and then faced Hazel

“Let’s go home”

“Home! Why? who will stay with Rebecca?”

“My mum”. I answered , taking her hand into mine as we both walked out of the hospital to the car lot ….



The night was far spent and the streets were des**ted

I glanced at my wristwatch, it was 12:00am on the dot

Phew! I never knew we stayed this long

Opening the car door, I got in closing the door behind me and Hazel also did the same at her own end

” I am freezing”. She complained, hugging her arm around her body and I leaned over backward to get a sweatshirt from the back seat and when I did , I handed it to her

“You should put this on”

“No! I want to feel your warmth around me”. She said , tossing the sweat shirt back at me and I scoffed

“And how do you intend on doing that!

“simple! she remarked, moving closer to rest her head on my shoulders

“Are you comfortable that way?” I asked , glancing at her and she nodded, clutching to my clothes tightly


starting the ignition, I drove heading to the mansion



Finally! after a long drive, we got to the mansion and on honking the car horn , the security man opened the gate

I drove into compound and parked out roughly

I was feeling dazed and tired!

“Hazel we are home”. I said softly and instantly, her eyes fluttered opened

so you should know , she fell asleep on our way home and being a loving boyfriend , I chose to let her be

straightening up , she stretched her arm without making a move to alight

“We are home”. I repeated and she nodded slowly

“I know , I am just too weak to walk”

And without saying a word , I alighted from the car , went over to her own end , opened the door and lifted her up in my arm as I carried in a bridal style

“Close the door”. I instructed the security man as I walked into the house

The house was so f**king quiet and I wasn’t surprise , there was nobody in,side it …. well! except Hazel and I

I climbed up the stairs to my room and on kicking the door opened, I walked in just in time to hear my phone ring

gently, I placed Hazel on the bed and sat down beside her as I reached for my phone

I checked the caller, it was Steve

Why is he calling? I wondered as I received it

“hi man! what is wrong? where did you keep your phone? I have been trying to reach you , Are you alright?” he asked in rush

“Yes I am , I was just too busy with some stuffs”

” oh! I thought as much, anyways i called to check on you after watching the news”.

“The news!”I muttered as I recall my dad saying something some news

“D–n it! I completely forgot

” I am glad you are alright ! you coming to school today right?” he asked

“School! I repeated in surprise

“Yes man! Beacon hills reopens today”

“Oh! If that is the case , I will be in school”. I agreed

“Alright! Good night”. he bade as I ended the call

Removing my phone from my ear , I scrolled through to see 24 missed calls

4 from my dad , 2 from Richærd, 6 from Steve and 12 from Kim

Oh Kim! I promised to Skype her but all thanks to my jealous girlfriend, I failed to keep the promise

Speaking of which , I shifted my gaze to her to see her staring at me

Seriously! I thought she was already asleep!!

” you going to school tomorrow?” She asked with a low voice

“Today”.I corrected, pulling up the covers as I laid on the bed

“Oh!” She exclaimed softly as she cuddle up close to me and in return, i wrapped my hands around her

“Good night baby” I bade and soon drifted up to sleep




Mike Peterson


The hotel room was little but it has a large window looking out onto the gardens and i spend most of my day staring out of the window as i ponder on the question on what next to do ….

I was eaten up in rage , I wanted my revenge to be deadly , I wanted Jayden to Perish in pain ……



After showering, I returned to the room and joined Noah who was seated on the bed , eating

I scoffed, really!eating for the umpteenth time today ,he should be nickname foodie coolval stories !

“Aren’t you gonna take your bath?” I asked , dusting the covers as I laid on the bed

“I will”. he simply answered with his gaze fixed on the food,munching it as if his life depended on it ……..


Gluttonous pig!

Reaching for the remote,i switched on the television and the headline of the news being shown caught my attention

” Trouble in the Castillo’s mansion as maid lands in hospital”

Poison! they are sure in for a lot of trouble!

I sat up on the bed in a huff , increased the volume as I watched and listened to the news with keen interest but to my dismay, not much was said , the details was not even given ……

“D–n it!This is bull shit!” I retorted in anger and Noah sighed

” Is this still about Jayden?”

“Of course it is! that kid humiliated me, turned me into a fugitive and I need to destroy him ”

“Then I think this is the best time for your revenge, I mean they wouldn’t even expect it”. he stated and yes , he was right

The Castillo would be busy their problems thereby letting their guards down

Perfect! but how will I get hærdin’s this time around without him alerting that annoying father of his

tilting my head to the left , I racked my brain for an idea and soon a good one came up ……

I smiled inwardly

Noah! I called and he shifted his gaze to me

“Get ready we are gonna end everything tomorrow”

“Tomorrow! and how are you ….. he tried to say but I cut him off ..

Hazel! I am gonna make use of her and her little sister…..Alexia …….




Alexia Dakota



The sound of the alarm clock disrupted my sleep

hissing , I let it ring without making a move to get off the bed

It soon stopped ringing and the continued again

Jeez! Can’t I sleep in peace!

Stretching, I sat up on the bed as I glanced at the huge wall clock

holy moly!8:10! I am running late to school, no I am already late!

I jolted up from the bed and then rushed into the bathroom to freshen up

The bathtub was spacious and alluring that I spend hours bathing but that won’t be possible today ……


Taking a quick bath , I returned to the room , went over to the wardrobe, opened it to search for something comfy and soon found one

It was a short green gown with flare edges

I hurriedly wore it , put on a white sneakers , comb out my Long hair and on arranging my books into my backpack, I sling it across my shoulder, pick up my phone and then dashed out of the room , scurried down the stairs to the sitting room where I met my mum setting the table for breakfast

“Good morning mum!” I greeted as she turned around to look at me

“Morning baby! how was your night?” She asked with a light smile

“It was fine ma!” I answered

“Good! then come sit let’s have breakfast”

“No mum, I will pass”. I stated and she frowned

“but why! You have been skipping breakfast for the past two days and I don’t like it”

I sighed softly, I know mum but you gotta understand me , I am gonna be late to school”

She stared at me for a while and then nodded slowly

“Fine! You still have money??”

“No! I answered, holding my breathe.

I was expecting her to scold at me for being a spendthrift but to my surprise she didn’t , instead she picked up her purse from the table, opened it and then handed me a $100 note

I let out my breathe as I stared at the money in surprise

$100 again! Omooo! Amazing!

“That is your allowance for two days”. She warned as I smiled mischievously

Lies! She said the same thing yesterday

“Alright mum! I simply answered as I moved closer to peck her cheeks lightly; and then ran out of the house to the taxi station…..


Getting to the station, there was no available taxi

D–n it! I cursed silently as I sat down on the waiting bench and to make the matter worst , I was the only one waiting…….

Just then , a car came into view and I sighed in relief, standing up as I flagged it down ….. but wait a minute! It was a private car not a taxi

“Arrrgh!”I grunted , biting at my lower l-ips in frustration as I looked away but when the car got nearer, it pulled out in front of me ……

Is it a taxi? I thought within

“Get in girl!”the driver instructed, winding the car window and I gasped audibly in shock at who I saw …. Mike !!!

he wasn’t even alone , there was a fat pig beside him

I became alarmed

Taking two step backward , I adjusted my back pack as I made to run but the fat man quickly got off the car , rushing to me with larger steps as he caught me by my hand ….

“Let me go! let me go!” I scre-med , kicking him as I tried to wriggle out of his grip and the next thing that followed was the c*cking of a gun

I swallowed hærd as I stared at the black gun in his hands

“Follow me quietly or I will shoot”. he threatened and I nodded sheepishly

“Good girl!” he remarked as he led me back to the car , opened the rear door and pushed me in roughly

I hadn’t noticed the goosebumps creeping until now

I could feel the flight responses kicking in, increasing my heart rate , I was so d–n scared

“Hello Alexia”! Mike greeted and I raised my head to see him staring at me

“Mike!” I called but my voice came out in whispers and he chuckled softly

“Don’t be scared Alexia, I won’t hurt you”. he assured, leaning backward to wipe my tears

“what do you want?”

“Simple! do you have a phone?”he asked and I nodded slowly

“Good! I want you send a text message to your sister telling her to meet you in front of your school”

My sister! Hazel! Oh no! Did he want to kill her?

“No way! I can’t do that”. I barked at him

“Really! then get ready for a blood bath , I am gonna kill your mum and every single person related to you”. he threatened and my heart skipped in fear

“Please don’t kill my mum”. I pleaded as tears welled in my eyes

“Then do as I instructed you to do , message Hazel”

Panicking, I brought my phone out of my gown pocket , unlocked it and scrolled through, looking for Hazel’s name and when I saw it , I clicked on it ….


I exhaled deeply, the man in front of me is a beast , I need to warn Hazel and I am gonna do it through the message…..


“I am done”. I announced , holding up my phone to him

he titled his head sideways as he read through it and I held my breathe, praying he won’t get the hint

“Wow! Wow! I love this! you even added a party , good work Alexia”. he praised and I smiled inwardly, letting out my breathe

“Can I send it?” I asked hoping he would say yes and he did

Immediately, I clicked on the message and on sending it , he grabbed my phone from me and kept it in his br-ast pocket

“I will give it back when everything is settled”

having said that , he started the car and drove off to only God’s knows where……

Leaning in the seat , I prayed for a miracle

Hazel! Please get the hidden message…….



Hazel Dakota




Opening my eyes, I looked around to see hærdin standing in front of the huge mirror

he was already dressed and believe me when I say he looked so cute in his outfit …

I smiled lightly, i caught him today!

Stretching, I sat up on the bed yawning and he turned sideways to look at me

“Good morning!” he greeted first

“Morning! how was your night?” I asked, rubbing the sleep crust off my eyes

“Fine!” he answered,picking up his backpack from the bed as he sling it across his shoulder

“and Yours???”

“‘Twas fine”. I answered, getting off the bed to receive his k-ss

“Alright baby! I am already running late , see you in the evening”. he bade , k-ssing me again and then walked out of the room …..

I sighed softly , I was already missing him!

Lazily , I went over to the bathroom to freshen up and when I was done , I returned to the room with a towel wrapped around me and sat down on the bed ………


I reached for my phone and scrolling through it , a text message came in

I clicked on it , it was from Alexia

“Hazel! we are having a fun party in my school and I need you to be here ASAP, it is going to be a killer party, come prepared with gifts”

Oh God! A killer party! It is so gonna be fun!

quickly, I got off the bed , rushed out of hærdin’s room to my room and on entering, I went over to the wardrobe, opened it and pulled out a beautiful black gown …..

This will be perfect!

Towelling off , I hurriedly dressed up in it , put on a low white sandal , picked up my phone, grabbed a white handbag and rushed out of the room to the sitting room where I bumped into hærdin’s father…..

“I am sorry sir”. I quickly apologised and he smiled weakly

he was obviously tired as his work was taking a toll on him!

“It is alright child , where are you going to?” He asked seizing me up and down

“Erm … actually … I am going to take a stroll”. I lied

“A stroll! and you dressed like this? he asked , staring intently at me and I chuckled nervously

“I just want to have some fun!

he was quiet for a while and then asked

“Is hærdin aware of this?”

“Not yet , but I will call him”. I answered and he nodded

“Alright then! have fun strolling”. he drawled, obviously he didn’t believe me….well!that is his headache, I am tired of staying home all alone!

And without wasting time, I scurried out of the house to the taxi station ……….



On getting to the station, I flagged down a taxi and hopped into it

“Golden middle school!” I called and the driver nodded before driving off ……

I leaned in the seat as I brought out my phone to dial hærdin’s number

he picked it on the second ring

“Hey! My first class is about to start , let’s talk later”. he said and ended the call

Oh right! he doesn’t even have my time!

Then I clicked on Alexia number and dialled it and it rang until her voice mail picked it up

Impossible! If she knows she won’t pick , why did invite me to her school party ?or is she trying to play a prank on me ?

Scrolling down , I clicked on the message and read it again

“Killer party! ASAP! Come prepared with gifts!

See!!she invited me to a party , this is no prank …. well! I didn’t come with gifts!!!

“We are here”. The driver announced snapping me out of my thoughts and I looked out of the window to see the path leading down to her school ….

I nodded in satisfaction, paying him as I alighted and before I could say Jack sparrow, a fat man came out from no where holding a gun

I became alarmed, what is going on here ?

“Hi pregnant lady!” he greeted with a smile and I froze on the s₱0t

This man! I have seen him before! South Tacoma, he was with …….. Mike !!

Oh God!i exclaimed softly and that was when the realisation hit me

I am about to be kidnap!

A surge of adrenaline rush through me and I made for the busy streets but it was of no use , the man easily caught up with me and then he dragged me by my hair like an animal

“Let me go! Let me go!” I scre-med , biting his hands and he grunted , giving me a thunderous slap

“Arrrgh! I winced in pain as I tried to wriggle out of his grip

“You b—h!” he cursed and the next thing that followed was a cloth pressed to my nose

“No! No! No!” I scre-med loudly and on inhaling the toxic stuff on the cloth, my vision became blurred, my legs weak , my breathing faint and I soon black out …….




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