Agent Brynx

Agent Brynx – Episode 10

Agent BrynX – Episode 10
Family, matters.

By Brian Ngoma

She slowly opened her eyes. “Baby,” she smiled. “You are back?” she held my hand tightly.

“Yes baby I’m back. Are you fine?” I asked.

“Yes i think,” she car-ssed her baby bump. “We are fine.”

I was now breathing properly. “Where is your sister?” I asked.

Me mentioning her sister brought her back to full consciousness. “The p-ntry,” she answered. “They locked her in the p-ntry. Bryn what’s happening? That man and a woman, Who are they?” she asked with terror in her eyes.

“I took care of them baby,” I said. “Don’t worry.”

“Babe you are hurt,” she saw the h0le in my ear.

“It’s nothing baby,” I said. “Let me find your sister.” I got up and looked at where Marie was, She had escaped. Mr. Imp was lying unconsciously on the floor. I went to the kitchen and broke down the door to the p-ntry. I found Triza curled up crying. As soon as she saw me, she stood up and hugged me.

“Where is Floyd?” she asked letting go of me.

“Let’s go,” I told her. I went to get my wife from the bedroom . We got outside and the sun was rising from the East. I walked to my car when a police car pulled up. Leah and her sister were confused. They had no idea what was happening. “Hello officer,” i said.

“Bryn?” he asked.


“I received a call to check up on you,” he said. “Is everything fine?”

“Yes but there is an intruder in my house.”

“Okay, are you sure you are all alright?” The officer asked.

“Yes sir,” I opened the car door for Leah and her sister to enter. “Baby you have your phone with you?” I asked.

“Yes, i had it with me when i was knocked out,” she handed it to me. I called Olivia. She didn’t answer the first three calls. The fourth one she answered.

“Hello who is this?” she asked bleakly.

“Bryn here,” I answered. “Still upstate?” I asked her.

“Yes, we are at the hospital.”

“Which one?”

“Vintage Hospital.”

“How’s Floyd and James?”

“Not good Bryn,” she answered worringly. “The place is flooded with policemen. After you had left, Your Friend called the police. Noob and his friends are also here but one has died. Even Noob doesn’t seem to make it, he got shot in the neck but i don’t care if he dies or lives. What’s worrying me is your friend and James. They seemed to be doing fine but instantly got worse. Your friend even stopped talking. He’s worse than James. I overhead the doctors saying something related to his heart.”

I stiffened. I looked at Triza who was busy staring at me. “Okay we are coming,” I said and hung up.

“What happened Bryn?” Triza asked.

I didn’t answer.

“Babe what’s happening?” Leah asked.

“Bryn!” Triza shouted. “Is my husband okay?”

I wished i could answer her but i didn’t know what lied ahead of us. With what i had experienced the wh0le night, anything was possible. I drove as fast as I could to the hospital .We reached the hospital around 7am. Just like Olivia had said, the hospital was crowded with officers. We found Olivia in the waiting room. “How are they?” I asked.

“They are both fine thank God,” she answered.

“Where is my husband?” Triza asked.

I looked at Olivia and she led her to where Floyd was. Leah wanted to sit down. We sat down and she said, “You have to get that wound checked Bryn.”

“I will,” I said. “It’s not even hurting.”

“Still. Have it checked,” she checked my ear and went on. “Tell me what happened, we thought you went to look for Floyd, what’s all this?” she looked around.

“You won’t believe me when I tell you,” I said.

“Try me,” she said holding my hand.

I told Leah everything that happened the previous night and the early morning. She just looked at me with her mouth wide open. She couldn’t believe everything but when i mentioned Mrs. Dakas killing, she was speechless. Her death came as a shock to her.

A week later, she gave birth to Zoey. She brought so much joy in our lives that we forgot how s***ty our life was. Now that we were three, I needed a job.

“What are you thinking about?” Floyd asked entering Zoey’s room with some tools i had asked him to bring.

“The fact that you hid it so well that you are a detective,” I laughed.

“I work undercover and I’m not supposed to tell anyone,” he laughed too.

“Not even Triza?”

“Not even her,” he sighed.

“So she doesn’t know up to now?”


“Then what did you tell her happened?”

“I had to fabricate a story. I hope you also did the same,” he intently looked at me.

“I told my wife everything,” I said.

“What the hell man?”

“I don’t withhold anything from my wife.”

“Damn, she will tell her sister everything.”

“Don’t worry, she won’t. I told her the risk. Told her you might lose your job and she doesn’t want her sister to suffer at her expense so you are safe.”

“Thanks man but You have to reconsider that thing of yours telling your wife everything, ” he smiled.

“I’m done with these kind of works man,” I said.

“If you say so,” he sat down. “Oh and by the way, there is someone outside waiting for you.”



“Why didn’t you say when you got in?”

“I forgot.”

I rushed outside and found Mr. White in an all-white suit. He looked at me walk to him and he composed himself. I greeted him.

“Olivia and James were saying hi,” he said.

“Thanks Mr. White,” I said. “To what do I owe this visit?”

“I’m sorry about MadamX. We knew how much she meant to you, it was a tragedy.”


“We want you back at the agency,” he paused. “We could use someone like you.”

I laughed.

“Serious,” he said. “Mrs. Vimbuzi would have loved that especially after what happened.”

“Mrs. Vimbuzi is dead sir, no offence.”

“Yes. Did you know Mrs. Vimbuzi created Agency X Corp?”

“Get out of here!” I said.

“Yes, it’s hers.”

“That cold woman?”


“What do you say about the offer?”

I looked at Mr. White and heard the laughter coming from my house. My wife was happy. I didn’t have a job then but I knew I wasn’t going to stay Like that. If any consolation, I was good at plumbing. Risking Leah and Zoeys lives was a no go zone. “I’m afraid I’d have to turn down that offer Mr. White, thanks anyways.”

“I understand, family, Matters,” he obviously heard the laughter coming from the house. “It’s their safety before everything,” he said.

“Well bye, see you around,” I turned around.

“Bryn,” he called me and handed me an envelope. “You are always an Agent,” he smiled and walked to his car.

I watched him get into his car as I walked back to the house. i reached my house door, checked the envelope and it was written ‘Agent BrynX’ on it. I opened it and found a stack of dollars with a title deed of a house. It was Mrs. Dakas house. In her will, she gave me one of her houses. At least, i wouldn’t have to worry about house rentals. I got in the house and found Floyd together with the ladies talking and laughing.

“Who was that baby?” Leah asked.

“My former boss,” I said sitting down.

“What did he want?” She asked.

“He was offering me my job back.”

“I hope you turned it down,” she searchingly looked at me. “That job is dangerous. Look at Floyd, he’s still hurt and that wound on your ear. We don’t have to forget Mrs. Dakas death,” she said with pain in her voice.

We were all quiet as if remembering Mrs. Dakas life. I smiled and said, “I turned it down baby. I’m not putting anyone at risk,” i looked at everyone. “Now pass me my daughter,” I stretched my hands. Leah handed me Zoey.

Now in any circ-mstance, this is supposed to be an ending. And they lived happily ever after but in this circ-mstance, I’m afraid there is no happily ever after. Life doesn’t just let you have that happy ever after so easily. For me, this is the beginning of more s***ty stuff and meeting s***ty people like the dwarf and Hancy Kapito.

To be continued


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