Agent Brynx

Agent Brynx – Episode 12

Agent BrynX – Episode 12

By Brian Ngoma

We got home that evening with our thoughts obviously in all the places. Leah didn’t say anything but held Zoey in her arms like the way she did when she was born. I knew she was thinking of what she could have done had Zoey not been found. I was also thinking about that but the business card had me on the edge. Was it that Agency X Corps had changed its name? I was very sure they had seen me at their old offices and followed me. But why use my daughter? They could have just approached me and handed me the card. I didn’t tell Leah about the card. Floyd knew something was up but i couldn’t tell him either. What mattered was Zoey. She was found and that what was important.

“Let me take her to bed baby,” Leah said. “You have to tell me how your job interview was,” she left me.

Before she could come, i thought about what to tell her. I convinced myself that i would tell her that the interview was conducted and i would be called if i made the final cut. Thats what i told her and she was happy. We sat and looked at each other in bed. “You know i love you, right?” she asked.

She caught me unaware. “Yes Leah.” I answered.

“I don’t want you to feel pressured when i talk about you finding a job. I’m happy so long as I’m with you and Zoey. You are my life. Without you guys, i don’t exist,” she held my hand.

She had never been this sincere for a while and i knew she meant it. I felt exactly the same way she felt. Looking at her in that moment made me realize how far i could go for them. She was everything i ever needed.

“Make love to me,” she said pulling me close. I didn’t expect that. Thinking about how the day was with the minute missing of Zoey, i thought it was going to be one of those slow nights where you just reflect on life and fall asleep in each other’s arms. “I’m serious babe,” she said her pupils dilated.

I moved in closer and k-ssed her. Her l-ips were as soft as the day i first k-ssed her. Her love exposed my wh0le being. I became vulnerable whenever we made love and that night, she made love to me like her life depended on it.

I woke up early in the morning feeling all energetic and happy. I couldn’t stop thinking about the previous night. Leah was an animal; Freak at Night. I must have been stupid because at one point i even thought that Zoey could go missing regularly so that i could have those nights more often.

I was landscaping the yard when Leah called me. She was washing the clothes we had worne the previous day. She came to me with an expressionless face and stood before me. “Why didn’t you tell me?” she asked folding her arms.

My heart stopped. What did she mean? There were a lot of things i didn’t tell her. What exactly was she referring to? I had to be careful because i would rat myself out like the way i did with the discisplinary committee. I remained calm and wiped my sweat from my face and answered. “What babe?”

“That there was a business card in the trousers?” She stood still.

“Oh that?” I took in a long breath. If there is one thing i learned about women especially Leah was that they ask questions which they already know answers to. “I forgot. How can i remember when i had the greatest night of my life?” I stood up.

She smiled shyly and handed the card to me. “That card is strange. The way it’s created, no one can see those numbers.”

“Numbers?” I quickly took a look at the card. I didn’t see the numbers. “Where are the numbers?” I asked.

“Hmm Bryn,” she said annoyed. “Give it to me.” She got the card, turned it upside down and faced it to the sun. “Here, come and see.”

I moved closer and true, there were numbers on the Letters. “Woww! How did you see this” I asked her.

“Any fool can see the numbers,” she scoffed walking away.

“I love you,” i shouted.

“Whatever,” she said.

I just smiled. I stopped what i was doing and went in the house. I found Zoey playing with her dolls. I carried her and went with her to the bedroom and put her on the bed. “Play!” i told her. She smiled as she picked up her dolls.

I got a torch from under my bed and sat on the bed. I torched the card and could see the numbers. Where there was B, there was an 8 underneath; L was 7; C was 0; I was 1; E was 3. That was it. Only B, L, C, I, and E had numbers. The numbers were 87013. I sat on the bed thinking about what those numbers could have meant. I had no idea whatsoever. I had reached a dead end. Perhaps it was time to call Floyd and tell him i had reconsidered.

“Dada, Halo!” Zoey was playing with my phone. She was trying to give it to me. I looked at the number again but nothing clicked. “Dada!” she called. I turned and got the phone.

I tried to dial the number but there was no response. What did i think? I put the phone and the card on table. No sooner had the phone hit the table, than it rang. My heart skipped a beat. I slowly grabbed it.


I looked at Zoey who was playing innocently. I got up and checked the windows. All i could see was Leah washing the clothes and singing her songs. “Hello,” i answered. There was silence on the other side of the call. “Who is there?” I asked.

“Bryn Williams,” an automated female voice answered. “Is this him?” she asked. “Confirm?”

With my heart out of place, i answered. “Yes this is him. Who am i talking to?” The phone cut. “What the hell?” I shouted angrily.

“Dada,” Zoey said looking at me. She had the exact face her mother would have whenever i cussed. She was growing too fast. She had even recognized that i had cussed. Obviously she was telling me not to cuss in front of children. “Mama!” she pointed at the door.

Yes, she wasn’t happy with my cussing. She threatened on telling Leah about it. “Sorry baby,” i said sitting on the bed. I looked at the phone for some minutes. A text came. I quickly opened it and it read;

Go to this address in Hillpark North Central, 87013.

Was i being played? Who was this person? Was it the agency? What if this is a trap? My curiousity got the better of me. In an hour, i found myself driving to the said location. I got there and found a hærdware Shop. I stood in front of the store looking at my phone. I was getting the shop owners attention i could tell. He looked at me curiously. “To hell with this,” i said turning around.

My phone rang again. It was the same number. I answered but this time a male voice answered. “Show the shop owner the text,” it cut.

I hesitantly walked into the shop thinking about what happened the previous day. I was embarrassed and it couldn’t repeat itself. I had to be cool. I got in and greeted him. He had a curious face on. I didn’t say much but handed him the phone. I was prepared to leave right away if he started asking questions. “This way,” he said. I felt relieved. I followed him to a corridor which led outside. Behind the store was a big house. “You can go in,” he said returning.

I walked to the house and reached the door. Before i could knock, the door was opened and a young girl stood in front of me. “Welcome Bryn,” she said. I recognized the voice from the phone call. “Come in.”

I entered the house and the door was closed. Underneath, i was dead scared. What if this was my last day of being alive? I cussed my curiousity for leading me here. What was i even looking for?

“Mr. Bryn, you can enter the office,” she said pointing me to a office in the house. “He’s waiting for you.”

“Who?” I asked.

The girl just smiled and walked away. I opened the door and entered. Unlike most offices, this office was untidy. “Hello!” I shouted. There was no one in the office. Is this a game? I asked myself. I turned around to open the door, it didn’t badge. My heart started racing. Was this a trap? I banged on the door. How can i be so stupid to walk into a trap? From the start, it looked suspicious and i walked right into it.

I felt some movement above me. I didn’t move. I was dead scared to even check out what it was. Within seconds, i felt something fall on my shoulders. It was a person, a small one for that Matter. I grabbed him, and threw him to the table. Looking at him clearly, he was a dwarf no wonder he felt so small in my hands. I felt like i was holding Zoey. “What is this?” I asked. “Who are you?”

He didn’t say anything. The way he landed on the table, so swift and effortless. While trying to figure out what was happening, he jumped to me with a kick. It was like he was in slow motion. I watched him fly over to me with his face expressionless. I got hold of his small leg with my right hand and threw him again, this time on the floor. Again he landed like a superhero. I was becoming irritated. Whoever had sent this man didn’t mean serious business. Why send a dwarf to fight a big man like me?

He clenched his fists while i looked down on him. “Don’t be deceived by my height,” he finally spoke.

“It talks,” I laughed. “What’s your deal?” I asked.

He smiled furrows forming on his face. If i had known better, that was a time i was supposed to run. Everything that happened after that devilish smile, i had no idea. The way he ran to my legs, i don’t understand upto now. I just felt him in my legs punching them that i fell to my knees and we were now the same height but still i was still slightly taller than him even on my knees. What he did to make my knees so damn weak intrigued me. He looked at me and said, “You see? I told you.”

“I can’t fight a dwarf,” I said concealing the pain. “That would be unfair to the laws of nature.”

He laughed and said, “Really?” He went on. “I can kill you right now Agent BrynX.”

“You know me?” I asked.

“Of course i do Agent, I’m a big fan but you have disappointed me. I thought you’d put up a good fight, such a turn down.”

“I told you i don’t fight dwarfs. You are too small.”


“Didn’t mean it that way but that’s the only way to say it,” I shrugged.

He stepped away from me and started walking round the table. “Stand up, you look silly kneeling. You are too big to kneel like a dog.”

“Who are you?” I asked standing and feeling the last surge of pain in my knees. Damn, it hurt. The dwarf sure knew where to hit me but what was his deal? Looking at him, He was as tall as Zoey only that he had an old face. His all face had wrinkles written on it. His eyes were brown and puffy and he had a big mouth, literally. Only good thing about him was the clothes he had wore they fitted him perfectly. “Why am I here?”

“87013 brought you here,” i admire your curiousity. “I thought you wouldn’t take the bet. Welcome to Agency Black and White. ”

“Agency Black & White?” I asked curiously.

“Yes Mr. Bryn Williams,” he answered. “Take a seat please,” he said politely.

I sat down while i looked at him go around the table to sit aswel. He had issues getting on the chair but i bet he was used to that. “So what is this all about?” I asked after he had sat comfortably. “You sure went through a lot of trouble to get to me. Is this all part of Agency X Corps?”

He smiled and said. “No, this has nothing to do with Agency X Corps. I don’t know where they are. Think of Black and White as a sister to Agency X Corps.”

“What does that even mean?” I asked.

“By the way, I’m Mathias ‘The Dwarf’ Goma,” he extended his arm.

I extended mine to greet him. “Sister?” I asked.

“Yes,” he smiled. “Agency X Corp was created the same time Black & White was formed. I knew the owner, Mrs. Vimbuzi,” he nodded. “One tough lady that one. May her soul rest in peace.”

“That’s good, what am i doing here?”

“Good question Mr. Bryn. What are you doing here?” He looked at the ceiling. “I like a man who is straight forward. When i learned of Mrs. Vimbuzi’s demise, i was stunned. I couldn’t believe it. I also learnt about what happened. One thing that got my attention was the name Agent BrynX. Everyone was talking about it. The man who put Mr. Imp in prison. The most wanted Blackmailer. I was impressed. Ever since, i started looking for you till some weeks ago.”

“What do you want Mr. Goma?” I asked.

“I want you to work for me,” he said calmly.

“You almost broke my knees and you are talking about working for you?” I asked. “Are you serious?”

“That was just a technique i learnt a long time ago. I’m sure you are feeling alright. I was pampered to meet the Infamous Agent BrynX so i thought I’d test you before we talk,” he said smiling.

“I told you i don’t fight small people. If i wanted i would have thrown you off the window the first time you got on my shoulder,” I said and went on. “Working for you, No thanks,” I got up and walked to the door. I didn’t know why i did that but i wasn’t going to go back in this business again. I know i wanted to but i got scared when i thought of everything that happened. How dangerous it was. I got scared not only for me but for my family too.

“Agent BrynX!” he stopped me. “What if i tell you that the people you stopped were just a part of a larger underground org-nization? What if i tell you that your life is in grave danger as we speak now? What if i tell you that right now, your wife and daughter are being watched? Do you think you can just step on a snake and it leaves you just like that?”

The dwarf was serious. I could feel his seriousness in his voice. I stopped.

“Now i have your attention,” He said huskily. “Close the door please.”

To be continued

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