Agent Brynx

Agent Brynx – Episode 14

Agent BrynX – Episode 14
The Blackmailers

By Brian Ngoma

Marie stood at the door with an expressionless face. She wore a navy blue dress that was way over her knees. Looking at her made me angry. I relived that night again. I remembered the deaths so clearly in my head.

She wasn’t surprised to see me. She knew she would meet me that day and that irritated me. “What is she doing here?” I turned and looked at the dwarf.

“I’m sure we can talk about this,” The dwarf said calmly. He walked round the table and held Maries hand and led her to a chair beside him. It was like he knew what i could do to her had she been near me. “Mr. Bryn, may you please sit down.”

I could feel my heart pound. I tried to calm myself. Perhaps i was overreacting. What if i had everything wrong? I sat down intently looking at the two. “You didn’t answer me, What is she doing here?”

“We have been waiting for her, haven’t we?” Mathias asked getting comfortable in his big chair. “She’s the one i told you who knows more about the blackmailers but from the look of things, you have met.”

“I wish it was under different circ-mstances,” Marie said.

“Like me sleeping with you?” I asked sarcastically.

“Or that,” she laughed looking at the Dwarf.

“That would have been better,” he added. The dwarf’s face changed. I could see he was making himself look more serious. His seriousness showed in what he said next. “You two might have met under terrible circ-mstances but that’s in the past,” he stared at me making me uneasy. “Ms. Marie here,” he pointed at her and went on. “Was working for the blackmailers but after the last incident, she quit. When looking for you Agent BrynX,” he paused and inhaled. “I learnt that there was a girl and i used my resources to find out who that girl was and it was Marie here. It was difficult to make her work for me because she didn’t want anything to do with this business at all,” he looked at Marie who kept her gaze at me. “We eventually came to am agreement.”

“Why are you telling me all this?” I asked.

“I’m creating a base here. A basis and a common ground where we can work together,” he looked at Marie and then me. Marie nodded in agreement while i didn’t show any approval on my face. “The thing is, we all have the same enemy; The blackmailers. So instead of being on different sides, let’s work together.”

“I don’t trust her,” i said looking at Marie. “She almost killed my wife.”

“It was just some sleeping pills…..”

“Marie shut up!” the dwarf yelled paying no attention to her. “That i know,” he said to me. “I’m not asking you to trust her but I’m asking you to work with her. As simple as that. No one needs to trust the other. Trust is as deadly as a crocodile in the river,” he smiled.

Did he just shut her up? I looked at the dwarf bewildered. “Can i talk to you?” I asked him and went on. “Alone?” I looked at Marie. She got the idea and left the room. “Do you trust her?” I asked the dwarf.

He got a glass of water, sipped on it and relaxed in his chair. “Surprisingly, yes,” he answered. He saw that i was disgusted. “I didn’t trust her at first but hearing her story and what that Noob of a guy did to her, i felt sorry for her. She’s a good girl beneath.”

What beneath? Did he have an X-Ray? He had to be screwing her. Why would a man as intelligent and as clever as him talk about a hooker so articulately? She gave him the cookie and he was under a spell. I could see the grin on his face whenever he spoke her name. Mentioning her name brought a kind of glow which could only entail a man who is happily satisfied with his s€×ual relations. Damn, the dwarf. “I cannot trust her,” I said.

“Like i said, you don’t have to,” he said. “She knows a lot of information that could help us get to the Main players. All I’m asking is for you to work with her, that’s it Agent BrynX, ” he said impatiently.

“She doesn’t have to know about my private life,” i said giving a Condition. “She knew my last place but she doesn’t have to know about where i stay.”

“That is sorted don’t worry but trust me, she’s not dangerous,” he had that grin again. It irritated me. He was showing me how happy he was to be screwing her. That disgusted me. “Marie!” he called her back in.

She came in and sat beside him. “So we start woking?” she looked at him. He nodded his head and she reached for her handbag and grabbed the phone from it. “I’m sure Mathias briefed you on the people we are dealing with,” she looked at me. They were screwing. She even refered to him informally. “So this org-nization has been operating for almost fifteen years. They had their humble beginnings in the 90s and it’s now an international empire.”

“Humble beginnings my foot,” I said.

She ignored me and went on. “So they have had stations mostly in brothels where they could catch the big fish and by big fish i mean; Loaded.”

“Yea i get it,” I said.

“The operation our Agent BrynX blew up with his friend Floyd was just a small but important one. It burned a lot of people and Mr. Imp in prison, Agent BrynX here was put on the watch list but what everyone wonders is why hasn’t he been taken down together with his friend Floyd who apparently was an undercover detective.”

“Wait, how the hell do you know all this?” I asked. The dwarf didn’t interfere but watched us.

“I have my sources,” she answered looking at Mr. Goma for his approval to keep going. She didn’t give a damn about me. “Rumor has it that Agent BrynX here will be got to as soon as the dust settle,” she smiled.

That smile was a grateful smile. She wanted them to get to me. She was patiently waiting for that moment for me to be taken down. My hatred for her even grew. “So what’s our job here?” I asked looking at The dwarf who seemed to be in thoughts. I admired the man. He seemed to be wise and had everything under control. I was just hate he was screwing her. He deserved better. “Mathias!” I called him.

“I heard you the first time Agent,” he said thoughtful. “We get to the top man, that’s who I’m interested in.”

“Who is the top man?” I asked looking at Marie.

“Hancy Kapito,” she answered. “That’s what they call him and that’s not his name.”

“Hancy Kapito is our man. We take him down and the wh0le operation will be no more,” the dwarf said confidently.

“Has anyone seen this Hancy Kapito?” I asked.

“No one has ever seen him,” Marie sighed. “I worked at the brothel for three years but all we could hear was a name.”

“That must have been a lot of s€×,” I said. “Three years. Damn!”

“Agent BrynX, be serious,” The dwarf said harshly.

“I’m just saying,” I shrugged.

“Not even the top men of the brothel have ever seen him,” Marie continued. “Noob and Mr. Imp had no idea who Hancy Kapito is.”

“That’s strange,” I said.

“Strange is what Black And White is all about. Agency X Corp did their part and couldn’t finish the job, we are finishing it,” The dwarf said assured of himself.

His fascination with Agency X Corps startled me. Whenever he mentioned His agency, he also mentioned Agency X Corps. Yes, he knew the founder, so what? There was something amiss with the dwarf.

“Recently, we have information that there is a brothel that has been opened in Hillpark South. It’s on a farm and it’s restricted. You cannot enter with no membersh¡p card,” Marie looked at me.

“That’s where Cyrus comes in,” The dwarf said and dialled his phone.

In no time a young man came. “Yes sir,” I recognized his voice from the call. It wasn’t so automated after all. “I have the membersh¡p card with me sir,” he showed it to The dwarf.

The dwarf smiled and looked at me. “Give it to Mr. Bryn,” he pointed at me. Cyrus handed the membersh¡p card to me. “That’s it for now Cyrus, thank you,” he dismissed the young man.

I held on to the card surprised. “What do i do with this?” I asked.

“That’s your membersh¡p card to the brothel for tonight,” Marie smiled.

I looked at The dwarf and he looked at me nodding his head. “No one knows what’s really going on in that brothel. We don’t know if the blackmailers operate there so it’s an easy task,” Marie said.

“Easy task?”

“Yes,” she said. “Just go and probably screw a hooker. They say a lot when you do them good,” she said.

“I’m married,” I said. “I love my wife.”

“All men at these brothels are married. You will find out. Apparently their wives don’t do what hookers do,” she smiled.

She was enjoying this. It was obvious she missed what she used to do. Three years? No one came out sane after that. No wonder she had taken advantage of The dwarf. I pitied the old man. “What time do i go?”

“7pm. You are going with the Agency car, leave your car here. You cannot go with your car,” The dwarf said. “Come on let’s go,” the dwarf stood up. Standing and i couldn’t see him behind his table. “Follow me Agent. Marie I’m coming back,” he told her.

We went outside the house to the parking lot. There, we found three cars in the garage. There was an Audi, Land Rover and a Mercedes Benz. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Was this man very rich? I stared at him as he walked to the Rover. “My friends say I’m too old fashion because i got this old rover. They say i should have bought a Range Rover but you know old is Gold.”

How did he fit in the cars? He was the same height as my daughter Zoey. The cars were huge and he looked like an ant underneath a mountain. He walked to a door in the garage and opened it. He surveyed it for a while and got a box. He came back to me and opened it. He removed something that looked like a vest. He gave it to me and it was stiff. In ones eyes it looked soft but in the hands very hærd. “What is this vest for?” I asked holding the vest.

“I understand last time you encountered the blackmailers, there were a lot of bullets involved. That one is for your safety, it’s a bulletproof vest,” he answered. “Wear it all the time.”

“Thanks, don’t they come in different types. My wife wouldn’t allow me to wear the same vest all the time,” I smiled.

“With that one, she has to compromise. Danger lurks around in your line of work but never reveal what you do, you’ll put her at risk.”

I nodded my head. The dwarf had an authoritative type of leadersh¡p. He showed he cared but at the same time, demanded respect. I admired that in him.

Driving the Mercedes into the premises of the brothel. It was all flashy and one could tell it leaked dollars. I parked and walked to the reception and showed my membersh¡p card. Some woman directed me to a room and told me to wait. A moment later, a beautiful blonde came in with a flashy smile. This place even had white hookers, The Blackmailers were taking their operation to another level.

To be continued

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