Agent Brynx

Agent Brynx – Episode 15

Agent BrynX – Episode 15
The Price of Gold

By Brian Ngoma

The blonde looked at me despairingly. Apparently, my membersh¡p card was a gold one. I don’t know how The dwarf pulled that off but i was given the finest of wicked things. She bowed her head on the other side of the bed and asked, “Then why would you pay K15,000 if you don’t want s€×?”

“What did you just say?” I felt my heart pound.

“Yes, K15,000 all for what? For company?” she asked.

I couldn’t fathom the fact that The Dwarf paid K15,000 knowing that i wouldn’t screw her. Perhaps he wished i did but that amount was too much and all for what? Knowing if the Blackmailers were the ones operating the Brothel. I was hurt. I know i wasn’t supposed to but K15,000 is a hell lot of money. I gulped and composed myself. “There are other ways you can make me happy,” i said. “Of course not the weird fetishes.”

“What do you want?” she asked.

“I need some information on who is operating this joint,” I said carefully not to alarm her.

Unluckily, she was alarmed. “I would rather you are one of those guys for fetishes than what you are asking me for,” she said.

“I just need to know who is running this place that’s all,” I said observing her.

“You could have asked from the reception,” she looked away.

She was trying to be tough. What she didn’t know was i had dealt with people like her before. Before i met Leah when life gave me a lot of lemons i would go with a couple of friends to a club and have ourselves some hookers for the night. I studied their vulnerability. They really treasured their job. It was like they had tried all else and pr-stitution was the only thing they had to hold on to. “Okay then, i will tell your bosses that you didn’t treat me the way you are supposed to. You gave me a hærd time and once he sees my membersh¡p card, i don’t know what will happen to you,” I said and stood up.

She jumped off to her feet and grabbed my hand. “Please don’t,” she begged. “What do you want to know sir?” she asked politely.

I put her in a tight corner. I acted like it wasn’t all planned and sat down on the bed. “Who owns this place? Who runs it?”

“Our boss is Mr. Tembo,” she said.

“Who is this Mr. Tembo?”

“A family man. Faithful to his wife obviously. All the girls here say he’s impotent. He can’t get it up unless with his wife.”

“Does he run it alone?”

“Ofcourse not,” she scoffed. “This is a company and I’m sure you know how companies operate. There is a manager, the deputy manager, the accountant etc. There is an hierarchy duh.”

At least she went to school. I thought to myself. “How did you find yourself here?”

“What do you mean?” She asked. I could see she was offended. How dare i ask her about life choices. That’s what not what i meant anyway, it came out wrong. “You mean how did i become a hooker?”

“No i don’t care about that. Where were you working from before here?”

“I’m not allowed to disclose that,” she answered scared.

I knew i had to play my game tactfully. I moved closer to her and touched her shoulder. “I won’t put you in any trouble i promise.” She was still quiet i could feel her shaking. “Okay don’t tell me where you were before but tell me something.”

“What?” she looked at me.

“Any strange things that happen around here?”

She didn’t answer. She started biting her nails. She reminded me of me. I had that habit. Whenever i bit my nails, i was nervous and i knew she was nervous. “Talk to me, we are running out of time, someone might come. Don’t you people work with time?”

“Every day on a Thursday, Two men come in. They sit in the lobby for a while and head to the managers office. After a while, some important clients are called to the office and the way they come out. It’s horrifying. It’s like they had been strapped off of all their things. Mostly the clients who go in there never return to the brothel,” she said. “Nobody knows what happens.”

The blackmailers. It had to be them. Who else would make someone petrified and never want to return to the land of s€×. A mans dream. “Why Thursday?” I asked.

Before she could answer, there was a knock at the door. The blonde looked at me horrified. “Today is Thursday,” she answered.

“Oh s***,” I quickly got up. I looked at myself and was fully clothed. I told the blonde to take off her clothes and get into the beddings. She abridged. I also got unclad and went under the covers. “Who is there?” I asked.

“Room service,” a female voice answered.

“We are good,” I responded. There was silence. She had left. I had the information i wanted. I knew with my Golden membersh¡p card, i had attracted the blackmailers. I told the blonde to wash off and promised her to never tell a soul about what happened if she kept her end of the bargain. She just nodded and i could see she was sincere. “You can leave now,” I told her.

“The rule is that we leave the room together sir. At least it would show that i gave you a good time.”

I didn’t want to argue with her. I got myself ready and we walked hand in hand to the reception. All eyes were on us. It was obvious she was known to be a high class merchandise and being with her attracted all the attention. I’m sure they were envying me. Hands down, the blonde was top class. I could understand why she was worth K15,000. It’s such a pity i didn’t do anything with her. I wondered how the dwarf would feel me using his money for just talk. That was none of my concerns. The blonde esc-rted me to my car. I gave her a hug and thanked her for the evening. She smiled and whispered. “Whoever you are, this path you’ve taken isn’t worth your life but it seems you are already in too deep. If this will be helpful, find Hancy Kapito and you have the wh0le operation. ”

Hancy Kapito again? Who the hell is Hancy Kapito? I asked myself as i got into the Mercedes-Benz. I drove to the gate. The gate was not been opened. I saw the security guard on the phone looking at me and motioned something to me. I couldn’t hear what he was saying. I got off the car and walked to his small office. “What’s the problem?”

“No problem sir. The manager wants to see you,” he said smiling. “I’m sure he wants to give you his compliments. It won’t take long, just park the car over there.”

My wh0le conversation with the blondie ran through my mind as i knocked on the managers door. I remembered what The dwarf said about my reputation. What if someone had recognized me at the brothel? I was instructed to enter. I entered the office and could feel the fresh air. Standing on the window was Mr. Tembo. A tall dark man wearing a denim shirt and a Khaki. Too contemporary for his age. He looked old. He smiled greeting me showing off his teeth which he obviously had the dentist check up. He was all smiley. “Mr,” he paused and looked at a list on his table. “Sitale,” he continued.

Sitale? Me? For a moment, i wanted to turn around and check if there was someone behind me. Looking at his facial expression, he had the man he wanted and he couldn’t be more happier. I had to play whatever game he was playing. “I’m sure you are Mr. Tembo,” i smiled shaking his hand.

“Yes that’s me, take a seat,” he said politely. For a man running a brothel, he seemed so content and proud. It was like he was running a Bank of high prestige. He sat comfortably. He offered me a drink and i refused. “So Mr. Sitale, we just realized when you were leaving that you are a new client. It was impolite of us not to introduce ourselves.”

The gold membersh¡p card. As expected, it raised suspicions. He acted like he was interested in me meanwhile he was interested on what i could do for him or how much i would pay for his hookers. “That’s nice of you. In fact I’m in a hurry,” I said looking at my watch.

“Ohh did you have a good time? The blonde is the best and with your membersh¡p card, that’s what you deserve.”

“Trust me, i had a good time,” I grinned. “The price of gold.”

“Good to hear Mr. Sitale,” he stood up.

That was a sign of him acknowledging me been in a hurry. I got up aswell and shook his hand. Leaving the office, two men entered and from what the blonde told me, i knew they were being briefed about me. They couldn’t show their wits on the first day i went to the Brothel. They had to wait like a hynae waits for it’s meat.

“Mr. Sitale? Really?” I asked the Dwarf on the phone.

He laughed hysterically. “That wasn’t me. That was Cyrus and what’s wrong with the name Sitale?” he asked.

“Nothing wrong but at least you could have briefed me. What if i was caught unaware?”

“An Agent never reveals his true identity. You are lucky your agent name seems so fake that no one could even suspect there is your real name in there.”

He was right. Who could suspect BrynX to be a legit name? Since when did they start making Bryns with an X. For what its worth, BrynX defined me. It defined what i did and i was proud of it. “Okay old man, see you!”

“It’s time you meet the people who pay us,” he paused. “Let me send you the location. We are attending a gala. Wear a suit not that thing you are putting on.”

“What’s wrong with what I’m wearing?” I asked and he cut the line without answering. The dwarf was a douche bag. I hated his guts. That short man. Who did he think he was? Ordering me around? I received the address and specific instructions on what suit to wear and even shoes. I got angry looking at the text. The dwarf had me in his hands. He was my boss and I was his servant. s***… But who could have thought that Hancy Kapito was at the gala?

To be continued

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