Agent Brynx

Agent Brynx – Episode 17

Agent BrynX – Episode 17
Today Is The Day

By Brian Ngoma

“If anything happens to my family, i will kill you,” I said.

The automated voice laughed. “Like you can Agent BrynX. Check the Kitchen,” the phone cut.

I ran to the kitchen and found Leah and Zoey sited in the chair she used to use to br-astfeed her. They were all fast asleep. “Baby,” I woke her up.

Leah opened her eyes and smiled at me. “My love,” She yawned and stretched herself.

“Yes baby,” I carried Zoey off her hands. “Why sleeping in the kitchen?”

“It’s your daughter. She kept crying and only settled when we got here. I guess we all fell asleep,” she yawned again.

“Let’s go to the bedroom,” I said checking the windows. We went to the bedroom. “Zoey is sleeping here too,” I said.

She looked at me weirdly. “Okay,” she said. “You will watch over her. I’m tired. How was the gala? Don’t mind, tell me tomorrow,” she laid on the bed.

I smiled looking at her. I laid Zoey. She stretched herself. I went in the bathroom and changed. “Olivia,” I said under my breath. “Agency X Corp was still operative,” I said with a grin on my face.

Looking at myself in the mirror, i felt scared. What could have happened to my wife and daughter? I took this as a warning. It was true these people were watching me. I had to be careful.

A month after the gala, my life transformed. I became more alert and my heart always had that one beat which alarmed me of any dangers. I guess it was because of my work because one slight mistake, my head could be blown up. Leah had asked me about the night of the gala. She had noticed that i was tense the wh0le night. She said she could hear my footsteps all night. I never slept that night. I kept watching Leah and Zoey sleeping. I couldn’t bear the thought of losing them. They were my responsibility and i had to protect them. This was one of the reasons that prompted me to sell the house and move into a more safe neighborhood. We bought a house the same street Triza and her husband Floyd were living in. Triza was deliriously happy that her therapists were now within her vicinity. At least i felt safe whenever i was away because that’s what usually happened.

The mission to catch the blackmailers proved to be futile time and time again. I’m sure our bosses were now getting pissed off because in that same month, three of them were blackmailed. This didn’t look good on us especially the dwarf. The dwarf had called me the morning after the gala.

“You left without telling me,” he had said.

“I’ll tell you when i get to the office,” I had said cutting the call.

When i got to the office, i found him waiting for me. He was upset with me but after telling him what happened, i could see his face sympathized with me especially after mentioning the part of the call threatening to harm my family. We got the number that called me and tried to trace it but it was a burner phone.

“These b******s,” the dwarf had yelled angrily. He paced around the office looking at the logo of Black and White thoughtfully. “You know it seems like these people know each and every move we make.”

I didn’t say anything but waited for him to calm down because i had news to break to him. I didn’t know how he would take it. Surprisingly, after telling him about Agency X Corp still being operational, he didn’t act surprised. He just said we were the biggest enemy to the blackmailers because we had a lot of clients.

A few days later, the dwarf called me in his office. Entering the office, he was on the phone. I sat in the chair and waited for him to finish talking. After he was done, he wore a sad face. What could have happened? He sat down and handed me a picture. “Know her?” he had asked.

“Yes,” I had answered. “This is Agent OlivX.” I didn’t know what the wh0le essence of that was until he showed me another pic.

“This is the same woman,” he had said with a sad face.

I grabbed the picture and it was the face of Olivia disfigured i couldn’t identify her. She was badly bruised and cut all over that pretty face. I couldn’t believe how cruel people can be. I didn’t say a word. I had figured that while she chased Hancy Kapito, she got in a showdown with him and brutally met her fate. It was terrible to think of it that way. Where was James? I’m sure he was now curled up in a room sobbing and blaming himself for the death of his girlfriend.

“We have to be careful now,” The dwarf had said. “Don’t worry, I’ll have someone watch over your wife and child 24/7.”

“Thank you very much sir,” I had said grateful. “Where is Marie?”

For the first time, when i mentioned Maries name, the dwarf seemed sad. I wondered but couldn’t put the pieces together till i saw the tension that was building between them. Was she denying him the cookie? Usually, when a man stops getting some from a lady, he becomes bitter towards her. That’s what started happening, they would disagree on almost everything and she would end up storming out of his office. I didn’t ask him. I would always wait for him to tell me but damn, that b****** never said anything to me. He would just act like i hadn’t seen everything. I still didn’t trust Marie at all. With all the tension between her and the boss, i just wished he could fire her. She made my heart pound everytime we were in the same room. She had that negative vibe on her. I could see she was on to something but couldn’t figure out what it was till it was too late, well according to me.

“Are you there?” The dwarf asked.

“Yes,” i answered parking outside the brothel in Hillpark South. I breathed heavily and looked myself in the mirror feeling nervous and on the edge.

“Today is the day,” the dwarf said excited. “Let’s get these b******s. A month has been enough, today we end things,” he added. There was some excitement in his voice. He was pretty sure that everything was going to end that day. “I rely on you Agent BrynX, do your work and come to the office afterwards,” he cut the line.

I sat in the car for about twenty minutes thinking about the plan. Marie had information that today, they were going to blackmail me. Mr. Sitale anyway. Thats what i was known to them. The plan was to let them take me into the office and ask me for money threatening they will publicize my private life and whilst at it, they won’t find anything they can pin on me. Instead, all they will find was that Mr. Sitale was a degenerate gambler, alcoholic, had no family and pretty rich. I would then lead them to a safe at my alleged house which the dwarf had arranged for me. Whilst there, the dwarfs other secret men would come to my aid and we would abduct those men and question them.

The plan made me really nervous. What if it would not work? That meant my brains would be blown out. Last time,my ear was left with a h0le in it. I couldn’t afford to die, i shook to the core. I thought about Leah and the conversation we had in the morning.

“You seem to be enjoying your work,” she had said looking at me with her usual straight face.

“Yes I’m enjoying,” I had said. “It’s interesting. I now feel adequate. I can provide for my family. I don’t have to worry about anything. ”

“We are happy,” she said. “We have always been happy. I don’t know what we could do without you. Me and Zoey.”

That stung a little. I thought of me not being around my family. Zoey growing up with no father and my wife probably getting married again and Zoey calling someone dad instead of me. I felt jealous. They were mine and i had to grow old with them. “I’m not going anywhere, ” i told her.

“I know you are not,” she smiled.”Now hurry up. I hope you didn’t wear that black vest of yours.You know how much i hate it and it really bothers me that you wear it all the time. You have a lot of vests.”

Now sitting in the car smiling at that conversation with Leah, i even loved her more. I got into the brothel and everything went as planned. I was taken to Mr. Tembos office and those two thugs came in. They threatened me while Mr. Tembo checked my background information. He was stunned at how rich Mr. Sitale was. They had scored a jackpot. I told them about the money at the house and they agreed to go with me. They drove behind me and i was excited that we were finally cornering them till their car stopped. I couldn’t see what was happening in the car but it made a U-turn and drove back. I lost heart and called the dwarf. “I don’t know what’s happening,” I said.

“Come back here now,” the dwarf said urgently. I could hear the urgency in his voice. Something was wrong. My stomach felt sick. “Now Agent BrynX,” he yelled.

I drove the car to the Agency hurriedly with my heart pounding. After parking, i ran to his office. I knocked but there was no sign of me to enter. I followed my guts and kicked the door. What i found was no surprise at all, i had expected it from day one. It was Marie pointing the gun at the dwarf. She had betrayed us, that wench. “What’s happening?” I asked looking at the both of them.

“You were right Agent BrynX,” the dwarf said regretful.

“Close the door Bryn, ” Marie said still pointing the gun at The dwarf.

I closed the door. “I knew i couldn’t trust you,” I said.

“You ignored your instincts,” she laughed. She had that evil laugh from the movies. For a moment i thought she was imitating one of those characters. She thought she was in a movie because of a gun she held in her hand. “Close the door and move to this side,” she ordered me.

I slowly moved and stood before the window. The dwarfs face was miserable. It was filled with remorse. I was pretty sure he was thinking about the first day i told him i didn’t trust her. “So it’s you?” I asked.

“Yes, i tipped those guys not to follow you. I told them it was a plan and you are Agent BrynX,” she smiled. “At first they fell for your plan,” she looked at the dwarf. “It’s sad that you would never know who Hancy Kapito is.”

“The gala?” The dwarf asked.

“Yes he was there and he was watching you all the time,” Marie said. “So here is the thing, i have been ordered to kill you both.”

“You wh-re,” I said angrily stepping towards her.

“Don’t move Agent,” she yelled stepping back.

In that moment i wished i knew some kind of Kunfu or Karate because i could have just acrobatically thrown myself at her and beat her up. Now with no combat skills whatsoever and her holding a gun, i was at a disadvantage. I thought of negotiating with her. I looked at the dwarf and he looked sick. He couldn’t even speak. It must have been terrible to be betrayed by your lover. Someone he shared his soul with. It s-cks. “Marie we can talk about this,” i said.

She just looked at me and the next thing i heard was a gunshot. The dwarf was knocked out. I couldn’t even see him. “Jesus,” I shouted. “You shot him?” I looked at her terrified. The wh-re is serious.

“You think I’m playing. Hancy Kapito is too powerful to be taken down especially by you. You thought you could take him down?” she asked me.

“Mathias!” I shouted. I couldn’t see the dwarf. He was laying on the other side of the table and him being too short, not even a leg could be seen. “He trusted you.”

“That was foolish of him,” she pointed the gun at me aiming for my head. I was done for. That was it. My precious life coming to an end. How tragic. “You irritate me you know?” she asked.

“Yes i know,” I responded looking around.

“You think you are all that. Because you have a small pretty family you think you are better than us. You even judge us because we led a different life compared to your perfect life. Some of us had to survive and to survive we had to do nasty things. You cannot get that,” she paused. “All along have been working for Hancy Kapito and this man thought i stopped, ” she looked at the dwarf. At the time, i didn’t know if it was a corpse or body because i didn’t know whether he was dead or alive. “When i met you at the brothel a year ago, i knew you couldn’t be one of those guys. I could tell you were a family man.”

“Get it over with slut,” I said.

“Oh, the cat is now out of the bag,” she laughed hysterically. “Okay Bryn.” She pulled the trigger and bang.

My chest felt like it had broken into pieces. That hurt more than a heartbreak. The bullet was powerful that it dragged and pushed me out of the window falling to the other side. I felt my head hit the dirt and my face was buried in it. The excruciating pain on my chest made me beg to die. In that moment, life flashed in my face. Surprisingly, i didn’t feel sad but happy. I had done what i could and my family would no longer be in danger. I was going to be out of the way. Me being alive meant that they had to live their life in danger. I felt relieved as the pain surged across all parts of my body. It was time to go. I closed my eyes. Oh they were covered with dirt, i couldn’t close them, they were already closed. At least i would die a happy man.

To be continued

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